Review: Sennheiser-Adidas CX 680 Headphones

By Michael Hepples on 22 Apr 2010 01:28 pm EDT

Sennheiser-Adidas CX 680

I had the opportunity a few months ago to meet Jeff from Hummingbird Media, and had a great talk with him regarding the Sennheiser brand of headphones. I expressed an interest in checking them out, and was pleasantly surprised by the product. Recently, Sennheiser partnered with Adidas on a new line of sport earbuds, and I gave them a whirl to see if these two top names in performance could mesh together to keep that tradition alive.

Out of the Box

  • The earbuds themselves
  • 2 sets of extra earbud sizes
  • 2 sets of extra earhooks
  • Cable extension for the earbuds, with included volume control.
  • Alligator clip for securing cable.
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying case
  • Cleaning tool 

    Initial impressions

    I have to say I was impressed by the fact that these came with an instruction manual. This is the first time I have ever owned a set of earbuds that came with one. Containing clear instructions on proper fit, care, and cleaning, it shows an attention to detail I appreciate from a manufacturer. The earbuds themselves are stylish and sporty, and the design of the buds combined with the hooks makes for a sleek effect that really appealed to me. Having the option of using the short cable to prevent tangles and yanks, or plugging in the extension to take advantage of the volume control was a definite plus.

    The amount of included customization pieces added an extra attraction, and the carrying case rounded the package off nicely. I'm a big fan of headsets that come with carrying cases personally, as I'm one of those people that tends to toss my headset in my pocket, spending 5 minutes untangling it every time I need to use it.

    The only complaint I have regarding the design is that I need to use the extension in order to have volume control ready to hand. I would have preferred having it incorporated into the standard cord, with the extension staying as merely that, an extension.

    These have to be some of the most comfortable and functional earbuds I have ever used. They fit snugly into my ears, thanks to the earhooks, not coming loose even when running or shaking my head vigorously from side to side in a "torture test". Even wearing them for a few hours caused no discomfort. The sound is fantastic, as was expected from a Sennheiser product. One bonus that I found with their design is that they provide excellent sound, while allowing you to remain aware of background noises, a must for those who use them while active outdoors.

    Other features to note:

    Water resistant - this particular set is manufactured to be water resistant, to avoid issues from being in the rain, or excessive sweating.

    Tough cord - I am constantly yanking the cord by accident on a headset, and these are manufactured with a stronger cord to prevent damage should that happen. At the time of this review, I've been using them for 2 months, and they are still going strong.


    For a casual audiophile, these midrange earbuds may be more of an investment than you want to make in your audio experience, but they are well worth the cost. For any user looking for a set of earbuds that will get them through their workout, these are hands down the best I have seen to date. Selling for an MSRP of around $120, they also include a 2 year warranty, so you get some peace of mind along with your great new set of earbuds.

    Reader comments

    Review: Sennheiser-Adidas CX 680 Headphones


    Not sure if you're specifically advertising for Sennheiser or just trying to get some info on a good product out, so if I'm not allowed to say what I'm going to below, please delete my comment, I won't be offended.

    They have these same headphones on Amazon for pretty cheap, $85 with free shipping. The $120 seemed a but much for me, but bringing it down to $85 I will probably check them out soon, need a good strong pair

    I'm not advertising for anyone. I know there are plenty of audiophiles on this site, and I know I have spent a lot of time looking for my "perfect" headset. I found a good product, and figured I would pass the word on regarding my experience with it.

    If you can find a deal, rock on, that's the joys of the free market. :)

    Alright thanks, not saying you were going to, I know a lot of sites trying to sell their own thing or get a commission or something and they get pretty sensitive over this kind of stuff where, "hey go to x site, it has much better prices than here!" which I do understand, just making sure :D

    Thanks for the review!

    Nice write-up about what sounds like a quality product. I especially like the facts about them being water resistant and resistant to excessive sweating. Would we be correct in assuming this product is also resistant to dust?

    These earbuds could be great for a lot of the people working in all of the various construction trades, as well as all who use them for running and working out.

    Thanks for the responce, michaelwpg, much appreciated. And good info to know as well. Seems like a very solid product.

    You have obviously never heard sound come out of a Sennheiser product. There is no way a Sony set is better than these. I don't care how much you pay for it.

    Hi, Im not sure if youve heard the sound quality of high end headphones vs entry level. but there is a difference. especially once you get into bass levels.. Listen to Beyonce Deja Vu on Sony and bose. or daft punk is good for it too..

    Bose earbuds are barely, if at all, cheaper and most likely not nearly as durable. Sennheiser makes some of the best headphones out there. While the review states he didn't like that the extension includes the volume control, this might be the very reason I buy them. When I'm doing work with my iPod (sat mowing, cleaning, actually at work) I tend to get the cord caught on everything, despite keeping it in my shirt. So I'd use the shorter cord. But when I'm just sitting and listening to them (say, on a car ride or waiting in an office) the extension and volume control would be perfect. The alligator clip tops it off, making this my next headphone investment!

    Bose headphones are by far the most durable headphones Ive used... out of JVC, Panasonic, Beats by Dre (Monster), and Sennheiser. I have put my beats through the laundry.. serious I pulled them out of my washing machine the headphone jack was a little bent.. still worked and sounded just as good once dry. Ill try these mabye... depends the range on them.. I like my bass..

    Nice headphones but I'm looking to replace my JB-200, which is an AWESOME BT headset for working out, with something that's better. Maybe if these were wireless BT they would cut it.

    Sennheiser is a great company, I've used their microphones as well as their original lime-green earbuds. And I have to say I had NO complaints at all!

    Whilst these particular ones are a bit too sporty for me, I have been using Sennheisers for over 10 years. I love them. From HD-25 monitoring headphones to lower end CX300's, I never been unhappy. Sennheiser mid - high end are better than Shure's when you consider pprice/performance. If you have never heard of them or think Sony's are better you don't appreciate sound quality.

    Sennheiser really make good headphones and mics.
    Ive had a pair of eh350 headset for more than 5 years and they still sound just amazing. This type of brands help u listening to ur music just the way its supposed to sound.
    There are also some consumer-level headsets from akg. You should thest those too.