Review: Seidio Spring Holster for the BlackBerry Storm

By Gary Mazo on 5 Feb 2009 11:21 am EST

Seidio Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry Storm

I love my Storm, but this thing is kind of big. It is just big enough to be uncomfortable in my front pocket - which is too bad. I sometimes feel uneasy about putting it in my coat pocket unprotected - I don't want to scratch the screen (or the nice shiny finish for that matter.) So, what am I to do? I have never really been a fan of "Holsters," I think they make me look like a 45 year old businessman, oh wait...I guess that's what I am. Anyway, I was please when the Seidio Spring Clip Holster showed up - it offers a nice way to "holster" my Storm and also use it without a case blocking features, buttons or the screen.

When the Storm is in the Spring Clip Holster - it is protected. When I take it out, it is au natural - a nice compromise.

About Seidio

Seidio is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of SmartPhone and PDA accessories and enhancements that enable users to utilize their devices to their full potential.

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2002, Seidio has grown into the leading developer and manufacturer of PDA and Smartphone accessories. Seidio offers solutions that enable users to get the most out of their devices, such as extended battery life, outward protection, syncing and charging options, and extended memory for devices. You can check out all Seidio BlackBerry Accessories here.

Here is the "Company Line on the Spring-Clip Holster"

Ultimate in convenience and functionality, this holster from Seidio will secure your Storm on all sides and will give you quick and easy access.

The unique spring clip holds your device in place and lifts for quick access, while the face-in design will protect your touch screen from scratches and other mishaps. There is also easy access to the connectors and function keys.

This sturdy holster, made from soft touch rubberized material, will maintain BlackBerry's "sleeper" function and will also fit with Seidio's extended batteries.

  • Unique Spring-Clip holds your device securely and lifts for quick access
  • Maintains Blackberry "sleeper" function
  • Unique soft-touch "rubberized" texture provides a unique look and extra protection
  • Face-in design protects your device's screen
  • Locking swivel belt clip with 7 rotating angles
  • Fits Seidio extended batteries
  • Easy access to connectors and function keys

Product Images

Storm Clip Holster


Storm Clip Holster


Storm Clip Holster

 Design and Function

I really like the way this Holster is designed. It has a magnet - so the "In Holster" profile settings will work. For those unfamiliar with this option, BlackBerry devices have magnets inside - when you use a magnetic holster, the profile settings can be uniquely set - usually to vibrate instead of ring. This is great for when you are in meetings or at the movies. A magnetic holster also allows for the "sleeper" feature which saves on battery life as well. As soon as you take it "out of the holster" you are restored to your normal profile settings.

Storm Clip Holster

This holster is a very sturdy design. It has a nice, rubberized feel and a soft felt lining on the inside. It is designed so the BlackBerry goes "face in" to the holster.

On the top is the spring Clip mechanism which gently rocks back to accept the BlackBerry into the holster and then springs forward to hold it securely.

The clip (for your pants or belt or purse) is also a very sturdy design with a good, strong spring. I was able to turn the clip to six different positions allowing for pretty much any situation or body size to be comfortable with this holster.

Fit and Finish

The fit and finish of this case (like most I have tested from Seidio) was great. The holster is not thick - but it feels very strong and sturdy. The "Face in design" is really preferable - not only because of the magnet feature, but it allows you to easily pull the Storm out of the holster and immediately take a call or check an email. The pins (in both spring units) seem to be secured very well and I felt like my Storm was cradled nicely and strongly with this holster.


Seidio seems to have really perfected the "rubberized" tough look while keeping their cases looking stylish - this holster keeps with that tradition. It is minimalistic in design - which is what I want in a "holster" and looks pretty cool when the BlackBerry is "holstered." Now, some of that "coolness" is due to the Storm - but we have to give this holster is due as well.

Storm Clip Holster

Ease of Use

A Holster should not be complicated - put the BlackBerry in - take the BlackBerry out - don't push any keys when going in or out - that's about it. The Seidio passes that test just fine. I found the Spring Clip at the top was very intuitive and easy to use.


If I were to drop my Storm while in this Holster, I'm not sure what would happen. The screen seems to be protected since it sits "face in," but the back is totally exposed. If this hit the ground the right way it could spell trouble.
The biggest problem with a Holster of this sort has nothing to do with the design - it is the "nature of the beast" - when using the Storm, it is unprotected. If I bumped into something with the Holster, I wasn't too worried - but once the Storm is out of the case - all bets are off. If you are a "butter fingers" with your BlackBerry - go for a more consistent form of protection because if you drop your Storm while typing there is nothing on it to protect it.

Overall Conclusions

This is a great holster - I like the design, I like the strong clip at the top - it allows for easy removal yet seems to hold the Storm pretty tight when in the holster. The inclusion of the "sleeper magnet" is a nice feature and a welcome one for diehard BlackBerry Holster users. I really wish I could have my BlackBerry in the Innocase II and still use the holster - but it just doesn't fit - then I would be "covered" if I dropped it out of the holster.

Summary: Seidio Spring Holster for the BlackBerry Storm


  • Design and Function = 4/5
  • Fit and Finish = 4/5
  • Aesthetics = 3/5
  • Ease of use = 5/5
  • Protection = 4/5


Reader comments

Review: Seidio Spring Holster for the BlackBerry Storm


Will a Storm using the Seido Innocase II still fit inside this holster? I have a lot of caution in general when it comes to holsters as I have had a few phones "pop out" of them in the past and go skidding across the ground so would not want to use one unless I had protection on the phone itself. (The holster would be more of a carrying solution)

Kevin, on the podcast, you (or perhaps a guest/co-host?) expressed a significant preference for one of the Seidio Innocases for the Storm. Which one did you prefer, and why? It seems one covers at the top of the phone, while the other doesn't. Am I missing something?

Thanks, d.

I got this holster from ShopCrackberry two weeks after using the OEM holster that Verizon carries. Before I ordered this one, I asked Verizon if they were going to crazy something similar and they told me that their clip holster was quarantined and wouldn't be out for awhile. So I saw this one on ShopCrackberry and I couldn't complain about the price. So I ordered it and 4 business days later, I had it. That was December and I been using it everyday since.

The clip really works out nicely, holding the phone firmly in place but allows for quick and easy access to your device. The sleep mode works just fine. The one thing to note, if you use any sort of protective cover (hard or soft) it will not fit into the clip. Seidio designed this product to hold the phone firmly and allows no room for additional protection.

If you are looking for a nice clip holster for your Storm, I highly recommend this product, well worth the price.

I have an Invisishield cover for my screen and I have the neat (,18191.htm) skin on my Storm. It's a little snug but it fits fine. The only problem (albeit small) is that when I put it in sometimes I have to push down on the spring clip on top to make sure that it's down all the way.

Other than that it works great! I've even took the holster (with Storm inside) and shook it really hard and swung it around and it didn't come out. Of course I did this over my bed so that it wouldn't hit the ground if it did pop out.


Brave, brave soul.

Smart move with the bed, but AHHH! I hold mine like a new born.

Again, brave, brave soul.

Oh trust me I was still nervous, I even went so far as to put blankets on ground AROUND the bed to be extra safe.

Havine had Seidio spring clip holster for past blackberrys I have to say they work really well. Article does pose a question about what happens when it is dropped. I can say from past experience that sometimes the BB gets ejected and suffers its own crash landing. So as a previous poster suggested, you should have some additional protection for your BB to go with the spring holster. In my case I have the invisishield. That said, the Seidio spring holster is a good device, and like I said I have used them on past BBs and will probably picke one up for the storm also.

You may want to check their website. You said "I really wish I could have my BlackBerry in the Innocase II and still use the holster - but it just doesn't fit - then I would be "covered" if I dropped it out of the holster."

They make a holster that specifically goes over the Innocase.

I bought one but returned it. The top clip is not very strong and my storm dropped out a few times when my
arm would graze it. I replaced it with a regular
hoslter which is so much more secure!

I've had this since I've had my phone (Jan 4) and I've had no issues at all. It holds the phone firmly, but the top spring clip hasn't put any marks on my phone.

After a month of use, my phone hasn't inadvertently fallen out of the case. And it seems low profile so it stays close to my body. The top latch holds the phone very snug, but with a light touch (it's not scratching or distorting anything).

I don't know how the Verizon one is, so I can't compare, though.

But I do love this holster! Much better than my $2.00 eBay holsters I used to buy for my LG flip phone!!

I had the holster like this for my Curve and it dropped out relatively frequently. The other problem with the Curve is that it would damage the top of the device where the spring clip goes over. Seidio's response to this was that it wasn't supposed to be used one-handed. That's pretty lame because the OEM holster that AT&T sells may not be rubberized but it allows for one-handed use. Now that I have my Bold, I am using the plastic holster from AT&T and have never had those issues (and I can slap it in the holster with one hand).

If there are no alternatives, then this may be OK but I will never use another one of these until they change the design.

I disagree about falling out of the holster. This is simply the best holster you can buy for you naked device. I had the seidio for my Treo and my curve and now Im getting one for my storm. 10/ 10 hands down! Now I will agree that it does start ot mark up the top of the curve, but the pros of this holster counter this con by far.

I agree with your comment on the spring clip damage. I used to have a Treo 700p and after 1 1/2 years of that spring clip sliding over the top of the phone, the silver paint has worn off. In addition, since the Treo had a manual switch to put the phone into silent mode, it all but rubbed off the little knob that catches your finger in order to slide the switch.

I brought this issue up to Seidio at MacWorld Expo and they said that shouldn't happen and that they would send me a replacement holster. That hasn't happened yet. Oh well. I still think their holsters are superior though.

I now have a BB Storm and will be buying the Innocase (version one) to make sure there is only damage to the case and not the phone when I slide it into the holster.

I have a BSE on my Storm and have this spring clip. Its snug and as mentioned before, you gotta give the top clip a bit of push to close it. But I dont mind, gives me some piece of mind knowing its closed.

I must say I love this holster. Its stylish, fits well, the belt clip is a good size, and it just works well.

Got this as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and I love it. I have had OEM holsters in the past. The clip on this one feels more sturdy than any OEM (or worse yet Carrier branded) holsters I have purchased in the past.

I have never had an issue with the phone flying out un-intentionally. (Butterfingered it once as I was attempting to take it out... heart stopped - thankfully I was on heavily padded carpet). The entire holster with the phone in it has gotten scraped off a couple of times, and protected the phone itself very well. I have never had the phone eject on impact.

Overall I would reccommend this as well.

This holster is nice, but the storm needs a holster like this that will fit with the skin on it. My last phone the 8830 had one and it was great!

...before posting might be a good idea next time? Not only is there a holster that fits with the skin on it, but there's a link to the page.

Thought this was a great case and 3 days after getting my new Storm my arm brushed the clip and it fell out on the asphalt. Just a scratch on the battery cover (lucky me!) but I switched to the Verizon rubber skin and a screen protector. Now I just put it in a pocket.

I used a Seidio holster on my Treo for over a year and had no problems. I ordered one for my Storm the day I got it (Dec 17). I have used it ever since with no problems whatsoever. I give it at least a 9.5 out of 10.

I love the Innocase holster. No offense, who carries the phone showing outside of their pants? I clip it to my pocket so the clip is showing and the phone is in my pocket. Obviously the phone cannot fall out because it is technically in my pocket, just secure in the holster. I had the spring clip holster for weeks, then ended up buying the Innocase II, so I then had to buy the Inncase holster. Two very awesome additions to the Blackberry Storm. I also bought the Ultimate Screen Protector and it is great. For some reason the one I had from Verizon was a little bigger than the screen, it didn't fit perfect.

Hopefully Seidio will come out with the larger dock that will work with the Innocase II.

I had one for my Curve and have ordered one for my new Storm. It's the best case around, easy to use and makes me look much younger!

I just bought the holster along with the inocase 11 from Seidio. A perfect combo to protect in and out of the holster, nice job, 5 out of 5 all the way around

I have this one and the innocase with holster. I prefer innocase because my phone has more protection when out of holster. In the past I have accidently dropped my phones when removing from holster...the innocase adds more "protective insurance"

the spring clip, however is a VERY good clip for the "naked" phone. no complaints at all.

I purchased a Seidio Spring Holster for my Curve about 6 months ago and it's really great! And it has high quality look and feel about it (To me, it almost feels like suede).

It does take a little getting used to, as far as "one-handed" insertion and retrieval of your phone (It'll take you about 1/2 hour to master it).

I also use the invisibleSHIELD to protect my phone from getting scratched up. Put these two items (Seidio Spring Holster & invisibleSHIELD)together and you're good to go.

I have had this for more than a month and really like it. I had one for my crappy treo before it. My only gripe is that you cannot plug in the charger while it is in the holster. It seems like it would be an easy fix to conform the holster around the charger input. BTW, I know there is a video showing how to "dremel" down the side, but that messes up the rubberized surface.

Nice review and the price is right.

I got a leather holster for the same price $24.95 at my Verizon Store when I got my Storm. It also has the magnet and is embossed with the Blackberry logo. Fits the Storm perfectly and appears to be very well made.

Just posting an alternative for those who love leather ...

I bought the Innocase II and the corresponding holster for both Storm and Innocase (you can buy them together directly from Seidio and save a few dollars on buying them separately). It makes battery pulls inconvenient, but the Innocase provides a nice feel when holding and using my Storm, and is nice and sturdy to protect against damage from bumps or falls. And it slips nicely into and out of the holster, which does a good job of keeping it in place--it takes a pretty substantial knock from my arm or my bag to dislodge it.

I recommend going directly to the Seidio online store and buying the bundle of Innocase II and holster from them. I give both the case and holster a 5 out of 5; it's definitely a good investment for a bit of extra protection for your Storm.

I too bought the Leather OEM Holster from Verizon and screen protector. I work outside alot and tend to bump into many things. The storm to me is just too big to have in my pocket along with my keys and what not. I prefer to have it clipped to my side on my belt. I love the OEM leather holster with the magnet, gives it total protection from accidental bumps and fits snug inside it. Only drawback is if it drops out of my hands, or forget I had it in my lap in my car and go to get out and watch it fall to the ground =( A couple small nicks around the edge came out of that lil incident, but the screen protector did its job and not a scratch was in the screen. I like the Seidio package, If I had that I would have probably avoided the couple nicks that came from the fall.

I was considering buying the Seidio Innocell 2600mAH extended Battery. I have the OEM holster but i figure that the extended battery on the Storm wouldn't fit in the holster.. so i was considering this, it looks like this clip and the extended battery would have no problem working together but was looking for some confirmation. Thanks. =]

Be prepared to replace this every 6-9 months. I've owned two of these, I won't own a third. The pin that holds the belt clip to the holster has slid out on two seperate occasions. The first time in a parking lot, the case was destroyed when a car ran over it. The second time at LAX. Both times, Seidio has refused to do anything about it. The have a 6 month warranty not the normal year most manufacturers offer which should be an indication that they know it will fail in a short time. I was lucky both times as my blackberry was in my hand. The comment you see above is a reflection of the attitude you can expect to see after the sale as well. Best of luck if you decide to purchase it.