Review: Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening for BlackBerry Curve

By Gary Mazo on 31 Jul 2008 12:37 pm EDT

Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening for BlackBerry Curve

Not too long ago, I posted my review of Seidio’s Rubberized Hard Case.  I just like the way this case felt in my hand and it didn’t have the bulk of some other cases out there.  Sometimes, though, I don’t want a case at all – I like the feel of my Curve just that way it is.

The problem with that, of course, is that it is prone to scratches – especially on the back side of the device.  So, what’s a guy to do? Well, Seidio has another answer for those situations – a rubberized back door – giving the user the feel of the nice sturdy rubberized finish – but not adding any extra bulk to the device.

About Seidio

Seidio is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of SmartPhone and PDA accessories and enhancements that enable users to utilize their devices to their full potential.

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2002, Seidio has grown into the leading developer and manufacturer of PDA and Smartphone accessories. Seidio offers solutions that enable users to get the most out of their devices, such as extended battery life, outward protection, syncing and charging options, and extended memory for devices.

Here is the “Company Line

Tired of muffled conversations, or just need a new battery door? Either way, the OEM sized rubberized battery door with speaker opening for BlackBerry Curve 8330, Curve 8320, Curve 8310, or Curve 8300 is the solution for you!

This replacement door has a speaker opening so that you are able to hear ringtones and phone conversations better and it's made from Seidio's signature rubberized material that provides a firm grip and matches the side grips of the device. This replacement door also includes the necessary cutouts for the camera and has a mirror.

Design and Function

There is nothing too fancy here –just a replacement door for your BlackBerry.  It fits perfectly.  There are some nice touches that Seidio has added here: The material is a thick black rubber that looks identical to the rubber on the sides of the device.

Thoughtfully, Seidio has a cutout for the BlackBerry speaker (if you didn’t know you had a speaker, that’s because the stock case totally covers it up!) Seidio also has a self portrait mirror and cutouts for the lens and flash of the camera.

Fit and Finish

Like other Seidio products I have tested, this battery door cover does exactly what you would expect – it feels great – just like the rubber on the sides of the curve.  Cutouts are perfect and the cover looks like it could be “stock” on the device. My only small gripe is that the self portrait mirror is not flush with the back of the case – it protrudes just enough so if you lay the BlackBerry down on a hard surface, the first thing that hits (and the first thing you hear) is the mirror.


Unlike the relatively cheap feeling plastic back on the standard Curve – the Seidio battery door cover does seem more sturdy – it is more resistant to scratches as well.  I’m not sure that it would protect the interior of the device any better if you dropped it – but it does somehow “feel” more sturdy in your hand.

Overall Conclusions

The Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening for BlackBerry Curve is a great solution for those wanting the feel of a rubberized device in your hand, but not wanting any extra bulk from an external case. It looks like it came with the device and the fit and finish are great.

Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening Review Summary:
Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening for BlackBerry Curve
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  • Great fit and finish
  • Feels great
  • Provides solid protection


  • Self-portrait mirrow isn't flush with back of the case
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Reader comments

Review: Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening for BlackBerry Curve


I love this battery door, the cut out for the speaker is the best part. One thing that I DON'T like is that I also purchased the seidio rubberized case and it does not work well with the battery cover. Why would seidio make the battery cover w/ the awesome speaker holes and then not have the case w/ the same holes? Very poor design. However, that's more a fault of the case then the battery door, so.... on it's own merit the battery door is great.

First accessory I bought for my Curve and the best.
It looks and feels great, keeps it from sliding around and the speaker works better than with the stock battery cover.

I highly recomend it.

I love the looks and feel of this battery door. Its the way RIM should have built the Curve.

However, the circular mirror lasted about three weeks before the reflective surface rubbed off to reveal a copper colored plastic with no reflective properties at all.

If the disc were recessed instead of sticking out, it would be fine.

Its not that I use the mirror that much, it just looks ghetto now...LOL

1) so its a mirror, I didn't know that ! The mirror's plating wore off quickly so it now looks like a copper disc

2) you can drill a small hole for a lanyard near the top center - or even better - offset so you can carry the BB in a shirt pocket. I like the flash-drive types w/ a string and plastic quick-release latch. If you drill the original cover, you may get a charge at trade-in/up grade.

3) I give it 5.0

This is a perfect fit for my curve, ht feels great in my hand, gives it better grip, gives it a sort of different look. But I will reiterate what was said above, the chrome looking "mirror" rubbed off after a few weeks, as did the "SEIDO" logo at the bottom, which isn't a bit deal.

For me this didn't get the job done,not only did the mirror crap out so did the rubber coating!Also I have the clear case and the rubberized back door would not allow the the case to fully close,it's ok but not a buy!

I purchased this product for my Curve for better sound quality and received exactly that. Unfortunately I have noticed the battery door to come loose fairly easily. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or is it just me?

Had this battery door for a couple months. I have the same issue with the mirror reflection rubbing off....but no big deal because I don't use it. However, be careful when removing/replacing the battery door. One of the little clips that holds the door to the Blackberry has weakened (not broken off yet), so now my door flexes...very irritating.

sorry to scrutinize, but i feel like these review ratings are almost entirely arbitrary... this product has better sound quality, indeed as good as the curve is going to get so why does it only receive a 4 for sound quality? and if the mirror protrudes and is noted as a flaw, then why is "design and function" rated 5 when there is a noted flaw?


Reviews are always subjective - the is the nature of someone looking at something, testing and giving it their opinion. I do think that "arbitrary" is a bit unfair. I and the other reviewers here spend lots of time with the things we review - we compare them to other products and give our best opinions given what is out there in the industry and our own experience. You can certainly disagree - but please don't say it is arbitrary, because it isn't.

Also, "Sound Quality" should read "Fit and Finish" - not sure what happened there - and then I think that would make more sense for you.

I dig this item .. I've had it since I got my 8330 and I love it. Makes it feel so much better and I'm not worried about it scratching. I, like others, wasn't a big fan of the mirror at all, so I removed it and haven't thought about it since. It isn't held on very well regardless - and it stood out and was just bad for the design IMO.

I would assume no since the Pearl doesn't have the rubber-ish black sides like the Curve does. This is intended more for the 8330 (I believe) since it flows with the device, so I would doubt on seeing one for the Pearl anytime.

I bought this and then 2 days later got an otterbox so I took this off and it's sitting in a drawer incase I decide to take my curve out of the otterbox use it some day. looks great on and feels nice.

My phone fell from a park bench, which is probably a 18 inches or so. The cover popped off and I ended up with scratches on the bottom of the front of the device. Unfortunately all of these "pop" cases seem to have the same protection problem and that this will happen, limiting protection to shock damage and not scratching. I was lucky to cover my screen with plastic and it was relatively unharmed. The only way to truly protect the device completely seems to be with skin cases which absorb perhaps slightly less shock but stay on the device.