Review: Seidio Innocase Surface and Lock Holster for 9650

Seidio Innocase Surface
By Jared DiPane on 22 Apr 2011 12:11 pm EDT

The hunt for the perfect case appears to be a never ending struggle for me, some days I want something with max protection, some days I want a super slim case, and others I just simply want the device as is, with no case. While looking for a slimmer, form fit case I stumbled upon the Seidio Innocase Surface for the BlackBerry 9650, and was intrigued at the fact that it had a locking holster available that allowed the device in the case to still fit. Needless to say, curiosity killed the cat, I placed the order and was definitely eager to check it out.

As soon as the case arrived I tore open the packaging and slapped the case on the device, and my initial impressions were very positive about it. The case is a two piece snap on design, one from the back and then the front snaps over the top of the device, and clicks around the sides with some simple snaps. Once the case was snapped on the device, I took a glance around it to see how it fit and to make sure that it didn't interfere with the basic uses of the device.

Side Viewsideview 2

Above the trackpad there is a small cut out to allow for easier use of the trackpad, which is a very nice feature because if it got in the way of trackpad use it would have been coming off immediately. The top of the case has a cut out for the mute and lock buttons, which I personally would have preferred to have them covered with a way to press them like we have seen in other cases, but this was just personal preference. The left hand side has an opening for the speaker and convenience key, and the right hand side allows for easy access to the headphone jack, volume rocker, and convenience key. The back has a cut out for the camera and flash at the top, and the bottom allows for view of the charging dock contacts.

HolsterBack Holster

The lock holster is a very simply designed holster that holds the device in a front facing direction, keeping the screen protected while in the holster. The inside of the holster has a felt liner, so it adds protection while moving the device in and out of the holster. The holster is called a "lock holster" because once the device is placed inside there is a slider that allows you to lock the device in, or unlock for easy removal. On the back of the holster there is a ratchet style rotating belt clip that is very well constructed, and actually requires a bit of force to move it.


  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Firm, snug fit
  • Easy access to all ports and openings


    • Split is oddly placed in the back, separates at times
    • Clips are hard to undo, fear of breaking them while removing case

        As a whole the combo of the lock holster with the Innocase Surface is great for those who are looking for a slim profile case that will cover their device, and still allow for the use of a holster. One thing that I noticed during use was that where the two pieces snapped together in the back of the device, it always seemed as though the back piece would pop out from underneath the other piece, and it required constant repositioning. Had the case instead clicked together at the top of the device, instead of the back it is possible that this could have been prevented, and I am also not sure that it happens on all cases, or just this one. Overall the positive aspects of this case outweighed the negatives, and I would certainly recommend heading to the ShopCrackBerry store and picking one up for yourself.

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        Reader comments

        Review: Seidio Innocase Surface and Lock Holster for 9650


        The Innocase Surface for the 9650 case is fatally flawed. It breaks when you try to remove it to do battery pulls (which you must do periodically). I purchased several of these cases, and despite extreme care, there is no way to remove the case without breaking the very tiny tabs that hold it together. Wasted a large sum on these expensive cases.

        Do not buy this case! Innocase needs to fix this fatal flaw in this case. Or else modify the Innocase II from the Tour 9630 so it fits the position of the microUSB cable on the 9650.

        I have resorted to buying the Innocase II case for the Tour 9630 and grinding open the hole for the microUSB cable. Less sturdy afterwards, but at least I can remove this case without breaking it.

        OTOH, I really like the holster. Wish it worked with more of these cases.

        I have the case and holster for my Torch and it's been a good set so far. The case fits very well and the back pops off easily for battery pulls. I have no complaints and recommend it for the Torch.

        I have had several Tour and Bold cases like this and found both flawed and prone to breaking as described in the article and in the comments. It's the only case that I like with a decent clip though as well as the case is great otherwise so I keep buying them when Seidio won't replace them under warranty. If there was something better that I liked as much I would switch but I haven't found one yet.

        Case construction didn't impress me, although I do like the feel of the finish--grippy without being so sticky that it grabs your pocket. The clip fits my otter commuter (can't get the lock up, yet), making the otter and the clip my preferred combo right now.

        I use the pouch that came with my blackberry bold 9700 so far has been great so no reason for me to purchase a new one. Would like to win a beter one if there is a compitition for a new one though.

        I agree with the comments in every way. I give the Holster a 5/5 but the case is a 2/5.
        When taking it out of the holster, it does in fact split like in the last pic. Only god knows if there was ANY testing done at all with this case and there holster combined at Seidio. Looks like they made the case and just boxed and shipped them.
        When it comes to the opening at the top, I was able to get around this. I got one of those round neon stickers that they use at store to write that an item is on sale. I took a sharpie a colored it black and put it over the opening area. Not I have no issues whats so ever.
        Now your thinking, "what about battery pulls". I almost never do a battery pull because I use the ALT+CAPS+DEL. Yes I know thats a soft reset, but pressing that combo again after the phone reboots when u see the hour glass will do a hard reboot. I read that in a article somewhere on the forums.
        As for thehe tabs, they are very fragile and opening the case will snap them if your not careful. I am able to open my case without any issues and I do it carefully and it comes off fine. The trick is to use ur nails and push one tab in and pull one tab out.

        BRIANFRYS, I had the Tour case prior to this one and was able to make the cut out for the charging port, but after cutting the case, it left it very flimsy and broke about a month after.

        Someone explain to me. Why is it that the Bold 9650 is one of the most popular BB's out, but Seidio does not make a case that fit THERE holster without breaking or opening?

        I have always loved the Innocase but I bought it for my 9650 and I've really been disappointed in the fact that the case separates almost daily. It doesn't slide out of the holster the way my Curve did either.

        i bought this too. I thought it was great. But then with trying to take it off and on for battery pull, it started breaking. Now it only holds on one side. I like the holster too. Its great and easy.