Review: Seidio Innocase Active Holster and Seidio Innocase Active Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Joseph Holder on 4 Mar 2011 02:59 pm EST

A couple of weeks ago, I realized it was time to replace my old case. I'd never let my BlackBerry go anywhere without one, but this case was looking pretty ratty. I knew I wanted something to protect against my arch-enemy, gravity, as well as everyday dings and scratches. I found what I was looking for in the Seidio Innocase Active Case. Trouble is, I hate carrying by BlackBerry in a pocket. That's where the companion holster comes in to play.

The Seidio Innocase Active Holster is specifically designed to securely hold your BlackBerry while it is protected by the Case. Using these two products, I get the security of a case with the convenience of a holster. Featuring a strong multi-direction belt clip and sleeper magnet, the holster comes with the best securing clip I've ever used. Using not one, but two springs; the holster firmly holds your BlackBerry in place and is easily opened when it's BlackBerry time.

Researching the Case, I found a number of people who claiming it caused their BlackBerry to lock up. This happened to me as well; the case just holds too tightly to the body of the phone. By carefully stretching out the case around the exterior buttons, I was able to prevent it from happening again. It's also useful to put the flexible inner bit on before adding the outer shell. This is certainly a situation where "tight and secure" is both a good and bad thing.

From Seidio comes an amazing pairing of products that combine to give me the ultimate in convenience and protection. It certainly saved me from a cracked screen when my Torch landed face-down on concrete last week. With the holster, I can have my BlackBerry ready to go faster than you can say ""

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Reader comments

Review: Seidio Innocase Active Holster and Seidio Innocase Active Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


The worst time i dropped my BB was when I have a lots of thing on my hand with the phone, i had no where to put the stuff away and it fell off and drop on a stair step and bounce it off on some snow.

The worst time I dropped my BB was when I was working for Asplundh (A Tree Trinmmming Company) I was working in front of a skytrim (A very BIG cross country trimming machine) my job was to stay in front of it cutting low branches it couldn't get to and brush, one day my BB falls out of its holster and gets ran over by the front and back tires of the skytrim (thankfully well protected by an Otterbox case)Mind you this machine weighs in at well over 2 ton, my BB managed to survive this encounter and still functions like new to this day.

Mine is back a few years when I had my 8703e. You remember the plastic holster that came with the thing? After a few months use, my cell would fall out of it pretty easily, so, as you can easily guess, it did once, directly on pavement. The screen cracked, and couldn't use my device for anything else but calls all day.

Fortunately, I had a few 8703e's lying around in my office, so I could replace the screen easily and be on my way.

Now, if I could just get that case to protect my Torch... That would be sweet... :D

My worst experience with dropping my Blackberry was last April when we had massive flooding in Connecticut. I had been called to a friends house to help her get water out of her basement. I began by trying to stop a leak in the basement wall. About a half hour into my fruitless efforts, I went into the garage and the water in the driveway was up to my knees. I took off my phone (Bold 9000) and set it on a plastic playhouse that the children had in the garage. I proceeded to try and unclog the drain in the driveway. At this point I am soaking wet and realize that the water is now in the garage about a foot deep. I see the plastic house is now floating from one side of the garage to the other. It took a moment for me to realize I had set my phone on it. I ran (sloshed) my way to the garage and my phone is nowhere to be found. After blindly feeling around the floor of the garage I found the phone...and to my surprise, I had a new voicemail. After a night in a bag of rice, my 9000 still works great and is a good backup to my 9800!!!

I could really use that case so the same thing doesn't happen to my Torch!!

Worse time so far was with my Torch in a Forensics class.. Dropped it in the auditorium, it slid down three levels on the screen with no screen protector or anything. Got two scratches on the phone screen and a few dings on the phone itself. It made my heart skip a beat.

It was Day 4 of owning Torchie. Headed out to the parkin lot after work and my briefcase knocked my pocket as I got into the car. I heard something hit the pavement and thought there was NO WAY it could be my beloved new friend. Sure enough, there he was screen planted faced down on the gravely pavement. Picked it up gingerly and there were the ugliest chrome bezel gashes my eyes had ever seen. Luckily no damage to the screen but he was never the same after that. :( Please help me...............

The worst time I dropped my blackberry was at a friends house in the toilet. Put it in a bowl of rice overnight. Still works!

First off, that video was pretty funny, and got the point across!
Now, the worst time I dropped my Blackberry: I was in the Ottawa airport and had just gotten off the plane and was making my way to the baggage area. (Just a bit of background information, the Ottawa airport has this HUGE stairway down from the boarding/arrival terminal down to the baggage pick up area) I'd been on the flight for a few hours and had been good enough to turn my blackberry off for the entire trip! (I know, who does that nowadays?) So I'm passing through security and as I'm turning to start going down this flight of stairs I pull out my old storm. Unfortunately for me, it slips out of my hands and starts to fall. Soooo what do I do? I reach for it with my hands but miss, and as It's approaching the floor I shoot my foot forward to prevent if from hitting the floor! (You know what I'm talking about! As it falls, you miss it with your hands but try and move your foot in position so it falls on your foor instead of on the floor?) Right well it didn't land on my foot, but in front of it, so I pretty much shot it straight forward and in the air down a flight of concrete stairs.. Swearing followed, and my phone was decimated.. Not my proudest moment. Moral of the story, don't have that Knee Jerk reaction (with your foot) when your phone falls AND put a case on it so (a) it doesn't slip nor fall and (b) if it does, no big deal!

When i had my Torch for 2 days, I was charging it by cable... When I walked away from my chair, the cable was wrapped on the chair so my Torch fell on the floor... and guess what.. ofcourse not on the back! on the screen side -.- !!!

It's like falling bread, always falls down on the wrong side.

At least my torch is still working and hasn't got that much scratches yet..

My previous BB I had in my lap while driving. When I got out of the truck I didn't realize it was there and threw it out onto the ground, and in a fluid motion I stepped on it as I was getting out of the door. :(

I need a case for my Torch.

Only had the Torch for 2 days dropped it while getting out of my Jeep, didn't see where it went until I kicked it into a puddle of melting snow. Bezel, got dinged up, but still works with no issues.

one time i was at a wrestling tournament and i just got done wrestling and was in the stands i was all sweaty and my hands were shaky from all the adrenal and for some reason my mom handed me my phone. i was sitting towards the top of the bleachers so it was pretty high. the phone slipped out of my hand and went soaring down and smacked the floor. i am pretty sure that you can imagine what that phone looked like.

My worst droppage was when I had too much stuff being carried by myself and the BB was on top and while opening the door, there it went, down to the cement and died. I believe with a case, it would have survived although been a little beat up. I would love one of these.


The worst drop was way back I had my 9700 last year, I was texting my way down the stairs when I misstep my right foot causing me to slip and drop my 9700 because I grabbed the handrail and my 9700 dropped like a can in the stairs, it was about 12 steps.

Good thing I got it insured and got a new replacement =]

It all started when i had it in my jacket pocket and decided to jump on the quad. It fell out of my pocket and i didn't notice it was missing when i came back it was getting dark and i saw the light of my screen come on just as i passed it. good thing my wife was calling or i would have never found it. it had some minor scraps on the back housing, but that was it.

the week i bought my 9800, everytime i remember, in shudder. i dropped it walking up to my front door. luck was, it landed on my front foot mat and bounced over the rails and fell into the snow. the snow cusioned the fall. still works, with no dings / scratches.

Worst fall....the thing slipped out of my shirt pocket when leaning over to open my car door....hit the blacktop and slide about 5 feet under my car. Had to get on my hands and knees to get it, and it looked just like it it hit the ground and slid five feet on bumpy but hard blacktop!

Worst time I dropped by BB: I'm a Police Officer and responded to a serious motor vehicle collision. My job was easy and was to block off a road. I get to the road, park my cruiser across with emergency lights on to block traffic. The road is rural and completely dark and kinda wet. I get out of my car to grab some pylons and dont know how but I dropped my BB and somehow managed to kick it at the same time it fell and slid directly under the middle of the car. Now I'm panicking because the ground is all wet and I just got my phone new, I have people trying to drive around my cruiser that has emergency lights on so they can drive on the road that I just blocked. I have people asking me what's going on, all the while I'm on my hands and knees on the wet ground trying to reach the phone but cant! Not wanting to scratch it any further by using something to drag it out, I have to slowly reverse my cruiser into the middle of the intersection (as I didnt want to drive over the phone and the road was a tight area) and completely stop traffic. Grabbed my wet scratched phone and got back to my road closure that lasted about 7 hours and didn't get to eat dinner until about 3am! Wasn't a great night, but phone actually wasn't too badly scratched. Just a little on the corner.

My BlackBerry's worst drop was while I was at the store putting my phone back in my breast pocket after responding to a BBM. I guess I miss the pocket completely and my BB free falls down to the marble floor.
Luckily, absolutely nothing happened to it!

ok, worst time i dropped my COLORWARE blackberry 9700 was when i was at Canada's Wonderland (like six flags up here in the north) i was just walking, msging my buddies to get everyone in one central place, a little kid runs by me and bumps it out of my hand...and (everything was in slow motion) it flew out on to the concreate pavement.

i just stopped, kid stopped, looked at it and kept running (kids these days) my friends were in shock,

but i just picked it up and said, "dont worry guys, its a blackberry" *puts on sunglasses*

Worst was first time. Waist level onto asphalt parking lot. And I mean rough asphalt. Bounced in the air after shattering my OB bezel cover, then proceeded to bounce and skid face down. Two weeks old and I've had deep chips all around my bezel ever since.

I was working with my grandpa who is an electrician. In the wake of trying to text I pulled my blackberry curve 8310 out of my pocket and dropped it without a case about 2 stories to the pavement below. That was devastation. It split like a watermelon. After that very moment I started using belt holsters but never could find one that incorporated the case and the holster into one.

I dropped my BB 9700 in last December between the train and the platform at -40C in Calgary Winter. I waited for the train to pass by and when I look down; my phone was still there between the platform and the near end rail. I went down there and pick it up and there were few scratches, and it didn't turn on.... I had my new school time table there so it was a nightmare for me... I had to run down to a computer lab at school and print off my time table. Then, I didn't have money on my campus card so I had to walk to admin building to put money in to my card, so I can print. Then when I went home my dad pull the battery out and put it back again and it still works!

Please pick me! :) If this is just for the 9800 then DON'T pick me and give it to some other lucky crackberry user :)

i had my 9800 a few days and one of my friends who was still on the 9000 then wanted to take a look. i have it to him. he was like, it is heavy,some one else wanted to fell it and before we knew waht was going on, my 9800 was laying down on the floor in pieces. nothing i could do to retrieve the phone. bought a new one( of course everyone present chipped in a few buck and i only had to add a few more dollars to get a new one.

My BB fell out of my jacket pocket right into the toilet! Needless to say it died. I don't think a case would have saved me in this situation, but would still love to win this!

The worst time I ever dropped my blackberry was taking it brand new out of the box! I guess I was a little too excited and all nerves or something and I tried to treat it like a delicate egg and there it went slid right off my hands. I was lucky nothing was damaged.


Worst time AND best time i dropped my BB Torch:

2 days after i recieved my Blackberry Torch, while i was getting on my jeep (A DAMN TALL ONE) i dropped my Blackberry (i had my hand on the top of the jeep) and my poor little baby hit the concrete :'(!!!. after that, the phone became very loose, almost to a point where i was feeling like i was using a storm 2 when i used the screen (loose screen felt like i had to click it). oh and of course, some pretty ugly scratches.

2 weeks later, Just when i was about to sell my torch and buy me a new one (it felt too cheap), I DROPPED IT AGAIN!, i yelled and curse a F*#&%#$% lot.. but a BB-loving voice giving me hope put this idea on my head "What if this ocurrence happens to fix your Blackberry?, like magically rearrange al the parts and the looseness goes away?" and when i picked it up.. GUESS WHAT!?!? the phone was FIXED!, yup just like that, believe it or not. All the looseness the phone had after i dropped it for the first time, they dissapeared, making my torch feel like brand new :D:D:D:D:D (minus the scratches :P).

Well there you have it, once in a lifetime miracle and a day full of feeling-good sensation hahahaha.

My worst time was when I dropped my storm 2 (9550) and the screen shattered :(. Went to talk to Telus and they wanted $200-300 to repair it :( So i bought a new BB 9780 instead

The worst drop on my Blackberry resulted in some minor nicks and scratches (when it slipped out of it's case and went flying across the concrete driveway) since Blackberry can take a beating but the best drop for my was when I dropped my Palm 755 and the screen cracked in multiple spots....goodbye Palm and HELLO WONDERFUL BLACKBERRY!

worst drop on my blackberry was when i was getting out of my car and forgot that I had my blackberry on my lap and it fell out into the snow. good thing i reacted quickly and took the battery out as I tried to dry most of it as possible. it was working as new half a hour later :]

The worst drop I had was when I was driving and talking on my BB, (No, not using a headset) and was holding it with my left hand against my ear, with the window open, with my elbow on the sill. You guessed it, hit a big pothole, truck bounces, BB flies out the window to the pavement. It was pretty wrecked. Now I always use a headset and keep it in it's holster. This case would be sweet for my 9800!

Well, sad moment to remember but here it goes. Once I was on my way to the grocery store close my home walking, repently two guys appeared kinda jogging and tried to steal my Torch. But when he tried to take it from my hands, the phone slip and fall in the floor.. and that was my perfect moment to run "as a fat guy playing dodgeball" away from the robbers. Thanks God, and my daily training the were not able to reach me. And here are the actual pics of my Torch after the event. & . Pls CB dudes I hope you can consider me for this contest since my Torch is in need of a case.


Had just got my new Torch. Like an idiot, didn't buy a new case for it. Figured would get one a couple days. So, off to work, with Torch in pocket (I don't like to carry my BB in pockets anyway). Of course up here in the Northeast, it was also winter. Just as I was going to get out of the car, I got a call. So then with Torch to my ear, I get out of my car, and about then finish my call. Being cold, I tried to just stuff it back into my coat, and missed the pocket...and down it went. Right into the some ways that saved the screen. But I decided to get a case much sooner, but I'd replace that case instantly if I win this one.

As my phone was on its way to the floor from flying out of my hands, I lunged forward to catch it in mid air, but my buddy tried to be a hero first and as he was going to save my beautiful blackberry, he managed to kick it while it was in mid air and there I saw my life flash before my eyes...thank god that the area it was kicked in was heart skipped a few beats after that one...this case would have given me the reassurance I needed because I was going to kill my'll take one for sure

I am a chef and I had my 8900 in my front pocket of my chef jacket. As I was using the giant blender to mix the soup of the day, it fell ( I kinda saw it in slow-motion, you know...) and landed in the soup.
The taste was not so bad, it could have used a little bit more salt....
I could use it.
Good luck to all.

My worst drop of my Torch:

I'm downstairs in our unfinished basement.
I have my phone, naked, in my soft leather case. I buzz for an incoming call or email, I flip open the magnet case and grab the sides of my phone. It slips, I fumble as it comes up out of the holster, I lost Torch slips away, up , then down, thanks to the gravity....seconds seem like...seconds...the phone falls toward the hard concrete floor.....what do I do????
I slide my bare foot slightly forward....CRACK!!!! The Torch comes to a halt, one of the four corners slams into the top of my foot....OUCH!!
Good news was it came to a rest on the top of my food, unscathed. Bad news is the bump and bruise on my foot. Small price to pay to save my Torch.

I would love a nice case like this to protect my will save my foot!


The first and worst time I dropped my BlackBerry, it was in the Otter Box for Torch and the case broke! What a crummy case. >_<

Went into the toilet when @ a party, picked it out took the battery out and put it in a bag of rice for 2 weeks, worked as good as new :) + whiped it down with 10 lysol whipes.

My worst time was when I was purchasing tickets to an event from the box office at a major arena. I turned to walk away, all happy about getting my tickets and I walked right into a 24" concrete pylon. I fell directly on my knees, hands and (almost) face. My first thought was not about my own safety, but the safety of my 2 day old 8350i Nextel BB. All was well, except some minor scratches on the screen and the ALT button was rubbed off. My pride was another story though.

The worst time I dropped my Blackberry was when I was in a crowded place and someone bumped into me and it fell face down on the concrete.Luckily the screen was ok but the paint got scratched off a bit...

Well, let's see... just today my 9700 fell out of my Krusell Cabriolet case 4 times and took more battle damage in one day than all of the other BlackBerry devices I've had over the years combined, and I started with a 7520! My Bold is still ticking after literally pounding the pavement several times, but now I'm just tempting fate... bring on the Seidio Active gear!

I now have a Bold 9700 because my Curve fell into the toilet. All because I stood and turned around with it in my lap. I had (once again)lost my holster, so it certainly wasn't a good day for me.

So far I haven't dropped it on any hard surface... But I know there will be a time it meets the hard nasty floor. And I hope Seidio Innocase would save more torch that day =(

Have not broken one..........but............right after I bought my 9700 I dropped it while getting in the truck and it went boucing like a all right up under the truck. I had to crawl under to get it out. It survived and I had in a case shortly after. Pic me!!

I was in Mobility School and pulled my phone out to use it and it dropped to the pavement and messed up the entire corner of the phone.

The worst time I dropped my BB was when I was at a job site, running cable in the ceiling from a ladder and I accidentally hit my holster in just the wrong way to have it pop off. My BB hit the cement from quite a ways off the floor. :-( The case was worthless and just cracked into pieces, leading to many scratches on my BB, but luckily the screen didn't crack/shatter.

Great review. Real glad you are writing for CB!
The worst time for me was a concrete job too and it broke the facia off!

Dropped my bold 9000 a fair few times as well. Always onto contrete lol!

Dropped my bold 9000 and it skidded and scratched the living crap out of the silver bezel. Made me so sad...

The worst time was @ work it fell on a cocrete floor. I could not believe it. Luckily it slid on its back. Still looking for a case.

Awesome looking product, had the Otter Box for the torch, and don't like it, fat thumbs can't use the keyboard on the top row.

Love to have this holster case.

I dropped my beloved Torch 6 days after I got it. I was taking it out of the leather oem holster and gravity took hold. I was so upset to see the top corner chipped. I've been looking at the Innocase Active for quite awhile and would love to get my hands on one.

My bb fell down the stairs at my sons football game. My 8900 took the beating, but my torch can really use this case!

Worst drop was with my two day old Torch, went down a flight of stairs like a slinky on crack, hitting on all the corners on the stairs before smashing face down on the concrete. The Otterbox Commuter case gave it's all to protect the BB, only letting a small scratch on the bezel through after the front of the case popped off.

I had the Innocase Active for a bit, but returned it for the same reason I dumped the replaced Otterbox - no mangnet for in-holster sensing. The Innocase Active and holster combo is almost perfect and would be my otherwise. I'm still looking for a case/holster combo that will protect well and has a magnet in the right location for the torch.

Oh my, the worst time for me was on New Years. I was getting chased by a dog and when I was trying to climb a fence my phone feel out of my pocket and hit the ground sooo hard, but that's not it. The phone start ringing and the dog start freaking out, I think he was scared to put it in his mouth because of the vibration but he licked and drooled on it like crazy. My Torch still smells like dog ewwww lol.

I was doing some remodeling work at my home and I was talking on my BB. While in the middle of a conversation, I dropped my phone which landed face down on a hammer lying on the floor. Sadly to say, this drop cracked the glass on my BB. The only fix for this was to replace the glass on the BB.

I am in need of a new case is like the old one in the video...

Worst drop I have had with my BB ( and I have had many)..was my original Bold 9000 on the golf course...lost it with a swing! Didn't notice until two holes later...was like a needle in a haystack...found in facedown in some mud! Not a nice situation~

My girlfriend and I have both blackberry. She have a curve 8300 and i have a Torch 9800.
The worst "drop" happened to my grilfriend.

We where on car (in winter) and, whitout knowing it, she drop his blackberry out of his pocket. It drop in the carpet full of snow, slush, dirt and sand :S.

When we discover it, the keyboard had some stuck button.

We had to use some Q-tips with 90% alcohol (without batterie in) to remove all dirt and clean the keyboard. It's now ok but she keep an eye on it since that.

Mine drop from by bed (screen firts) but , with chance, nothing happend.

And count me in for the case (for my torch since my case is about to break).

Bought the Torch at the AT&T store, decided the cases were too expensive, and DROPPED IT later that day when I was getting out of the car. Luckily the phone didnt suffere too badly but it was such a bummer to have a brand new phone with a scratched up, dent on the bottom D:

I work for a sound and lighting company in the Atlanta area. i was up on lighting truss about 25 feet up one day with my BB9650 on my hip in an otterbox defender case. i had moved forward and realized i had to go backwards to fix a light at which time my clip got caught on the truss and fell to the ground 25 feet below. thankfully it landed on the clip part as it hit the ground. it busted the clip apart but the phone was safe. still works to this day. ;-)

Nothing dramatic - tried to put my Tour in my after-market belt clip, and missed. At the top of a flight of stairs. By the time it got to the bottom, the Tour was dented, scratched, but most surprisingly, still worked fine. Except for the track ball. that quit working altogether.

The worst time I dropped my BlackBerry was about 6 months ago and it all happened in slow motion... I pulled it out of my pocket and it caught on something and began falling to the floor... the floor was soft carpet... however, in my infinite wisdom I subconsciously decided to do a David Beckham and intercept its fall with my foot... my lightning reflexes connected my foot and blackberry midway between waist and ground flicking it back up into the air where I connected with it again... and a third time... which belted it above my head and then smack down onto a stone tiled area... The end!

The worst time I dropped my bb was while I was on patrol at work when I received a call that required me to run while I ran my bold 9700 came out of my shirt pocket and hit the asphalt destroying the bezel and cracking the screen I knew I should have had it cased stupid me...

was at lake fishing, had it in pocket of flannel shirt. leaned over and just caught the slippery guy before he went for a swim

i was eating hamburger pizza outside and feeding my dog with the hamburger toppings,by dropping it in his mouth,and while i was feeding him my blackberry slipped out of my hand,and before it could even hit the ground,my dog caught it in his mouth,bit down and cracked my screen and my battery cover

It seems to me that there is a magnetic attraction between smart phones and water.

My last phone, a Blackberry 8530, had to be replaced twice.

The first time was after I dropped it into a cup holder in my car immediately after i spilled a cup of water into it. Even after the immediate removal of the battery and letting it sit overnight in a ziploc full of rice it was toast.

The second time was when I was going into the bathroom and I was in one of those hurries that you get into when you go in there. I was talking on the phone, which I know better to do, near the toilet. I fumbled with my phone trying to get ready to go and sploosh, another 8530 got all wet. It also didn't survive it.

I'm not sure this case would have helped but I sure would like to win the set.

Thank goodness for phone insurance.

I would love one.
Wife dropped my Torch on a hardwood floor but it survived. !!!! thank goodness!!
Can"t take a second chance.

i'm using the original slot pouch for torch , while in a meeting presenttion i get a call, i had a hard time pulling my bb out of the pouch , i had to pull it out hard and it fell on the ground where i had to bend down and look for my phone in the dark room . it's very embarrassing . this seido case looks awesomely fit my needs

Worst time I dropped my BB was with my old 8830. Fell of my nightstand charging and broke the charging port.....was not a happy camper.

The worst drop I had was with my torch the day I got it. It couldn't have been more that 30-40 minutes since I finished the set up in the store when I rolled into my buddies driveway. I grab the phone from the dash and get out to show off my new prize. As I step out of the car with phone in hand and my buddy a few feet away I reach forward to hand it to him and all of a sudden the phone seems like a wet bar of soap. It slips out of my hand over to the other back and forth between the two. Finally it starts heading to the concrete so I give one last attempt by catching it with my foot. No such luck. Smashes to the ground chipping the top of the bezel. My buddy stood there laughing his @$$ off.
On the bright side I got that first drop out of the way real quick.
So that is why I need a case.

My worst BlackBerry drop was straight into the toilet...needless to say, it had to be replaced.

Yes, my crackberry addiction follows me everywhere.

Would love to win of these cases! Thanks!

Ok so one night I came home from the bar and my wife ended up with my phone...... I really don't know what happened but the next day my screen was busted. There is a dent in the table that might be from my phone but I guess I will never know. It sonds bad but the truth is that is how I ended up with the torch in the first place! I guess she felt bad! I would love to have a case on this phone just in case she ever decided to do whatever she did again!

I was at school on my way to loblaws with my phone n ym sweater pocket. I had cared for this thing for months and was Unwilling to shell out the extra money for a good case and was waiting for the cheap cases from china to arrive. I decided to jump over a barrier dividing my school from the loblaws and as I did it, my baby popped out. The chrome finish along her edges were damaged severely and now have learned my lesson. Pay up or regret.
BTW, its a 9700 :)

Just when I untie my belt to undo my fly ... plat! and my beloved Torch is on the floor of that dirty dirty loo ....grrrrr

I dropped my phone down gutter in the street and if I had a case on it then it would likely not have fit and I wouldnt have had to buy a new one.

I was working commercial installations for windows on high-rise buildings. I was working one day and i took my phone out to check the time and dropped it 12 stories down. It was destroyed.

Every Blackberry I've had I've destroyed at least once. Stepping outside, the screen door handle catches my cheap department store case. Flipping the Torch 9800 out like a master pickpocket I have only a split second to react. And what do I do? Send my foot out in hopes of breaking the fall. Yet, we have evolved past using our feet as second hands. So what happens? I don't get there in enough time and strike the poor Blackberry with the tip of my shoe only an inch above the ground. This momentarily saves the phone but sends it like a soccerball down the outside concrete stairs. Pure luck it survived with only scratches and dings. But my virgin phone now looks like its brothers in battle.

I once had my 8320 on my dashboard in my Jeep, and pulled a quick U-turn. The Berry flew out the (non-existant) window and skidded across the street and into the curb. A battery pull make everything good again...

Worst time I dropped my Torch was when I first bought it. I fumbled the Torch pulling it out of its holster (which I bought from Crackberry, by the way).

Fortunately, the Torch didn't land on anything too hard, so it survived ... and so did I. :-)

My worst, got bumped and my work 9530 knocked out of my hand. When dust settled, battery cover over here, battery over there and small chip from screen somewhere. Put battery back in with cover and unit still worked but never the same. Co-worker had an 8700 he dropped on factory floor; lots of pieces and never worked again but as a courtesy, provider and RIM replace free of charge even though they knew it was a 'user incident'!

The worst time, i´ve dropped my BlackBerry (eben twice in a row) was when i first got out of my car and while getting out, grabbing my BlackBerry from the car holder and smashed it to the ground by not really getting the grip. About 10 minutes later a was using twitter, while i was on the go and dropped the BlackBerry on the ground, by (again) not really getting the grip.

Obviously, what is wrong?
Maybe a Seido Innocase might help me just fine. ;)

the worst drop my bb endured was when i forgot i had it in my lap and when i got out of my jeep down she went. luckily nothing more than some surface scratches. that was ages ago on my 8820 i now have a torch and need some protection. fingers crossed.

oh man the worst time i dropped my phone... it was my first blackberry 7100T... I got a txt and with excitement I reached to my holster and got my phone but i ended throwing it over my head and passed a couple of people. keep in mind I was in a mall shopping. the phone cracked a little and kinda of separated but it still worked! and i couldn't get it fixed so i waited for an upgrade.

I need a new case! I've been pretty good lately, but I've had a few bad times dropping my BB. Worst one was probably when I went skiing and I was cruising down the slopes and changing my music on my old Curve and caught an edge and basically faceplanted into the snow, BB flying out of my hand and flying into a tree. Still worked afterwards, but not the same at all. Was really hard to navigate. Good thing I have my new torch. I would love a new case to keep this from happening!

The worst time i dropped my BB was when i jus got a new case jus put it on had a holster too put the holster on my side and my bb on my lap went drive some where in my car got up and out my car wit my bb in hand and then it jus slipped out my hand and feel on the ground scracthed the case up that i had jus got and put on already i started jumping up and down like a kid throwing a tantrum cuz i feel played :(

I was running down a hill from my house trying to catch a taxi(I live in rural jamaica so I hard to get a taxi) in a pair of shoes that weren't too 'hill friendly'. With a slip of the foot I landed on my buttocks. I tried to use the hands to kinda break my fall not even thinking the phone was in my hand. I end up with a few scratches on the front of my phone. I was so thankfull my screen wasn't affected.

I was walking home late at night, while using my blackberry. When I stopped to get my keys out, I just dropped it. Not sure how, but it fell onto the pavement and scrapped along the rough surface a little, causing a number of dents in the top. Admittedly, my reactions were not at their best at the time.

Last year I was guiding some clients on a safari in Southern Africa. I had my blackberry with me as I always do to manage my logistics as I travel around Africa my clients. We were in the landrover watching two lions that were up close to the vehicle, I moved to talk to my clients and the case caught the edge of the door and flipped out onto the ground. luckily the big cats did not show an interest and I was able to retrieve my blackberry (after the lions had moved on).

I was at the movies with my girl and I stood up, my torch dropped hit the cross bar of the seat.....bounced down about 5 steps and the back had popped off....

With MTS about to launch 3G, and my BB Pearl going to be retired and a new BB Torch to be in my possession, I would really love a new case for my new BB!!!

Nothing worse than getting an emergency call while doing an inspection on a roof! Dang thing snagged on the way out of the BB case, and took a slide down the pitch of the roof, bounced on the gutter, and planted - fortunately - in a snow bank beside the building. Another few inches and it would have been so many pieces on the driveway!! The screen had a film on it - now toasted - and the casing (9700) is, you know already. YES, I do need this Seidio casing for my 9700!!!

Once I drop my torch while getting out of my car and it drop with holister and guess what its totally messed up... Thanks I had to gave to aftersale service because of battery problem and they replaced battery and whole housing for free ((=

Hands full of supplies, walking across the pkg lot to go into a patient's home- "RING" and as I shuffled stuff in my atms, the phone flies out of my hand and skims across the pkg lot loke a hockey puck right towards a drain! It slowed up but just enough that it gave the image of a sudden death putt at the Master's! It dropped right in and who knows.... Some lucky mermaid found it? Maybe?

Client on a million-dollar call, dropped my Torch in a crowd, battery compartment gets apart - took 5 minutes to screw it back on and get it back online :), almost missed the deal, would sure have if I was on my old 8310 curve - but thanks to Torch, it boots fast !

Haven't dropped my Torch yet, but you should see my Bold 9000. Looks like it's been thru a war zone and it still works.

I NEED this! I dropped my old Storm off the roof of my shed while building it, and it fell into a wheelbarrow full of stone, rocks, and broken cement...Storm didn't like that. =(

Dropped my Torch in the grocery store.....fell out of my pocket. I was lucky enough to have some protection but the case covering the slider portion is cracked. I could really use this....the holster would be a huge bonus.

Dropped my torch about a month ago in a rock pile
It couldn't just land it had to bounce 4 time scratching the screen and putting chips in the chrome :(

Knocked it off the bathroom sink and it flew (amazingly fast) toward the toilet, hit the rim (husband left the lid and ring UP), AND CAUGHT JUST BEFORE IT SPLASHED INTO THE DEPTHS___HOLY MOTHER***&^*%&%(

I would love to win, I just do a lot with my phone which requires battery pulls as the only solution many times a month. My concern is this, I have had several Otterbox’s break for no other reason than multiple removal and replacement of said case, will this case do the same?; if so, please forgo my entry, for I need to be able to pull my battery on occasion.

My worst - and only - time I have dropped my Torch was a couple of weeks ago. My holster was in may hand, I (attempted to) pull it out to answer a call, and it squirted out of may hand like it was greased. In what seemed like slow motion, it hit the textured tile floor diagonally on one corner, bounced to the other corner, and finally came to rest - face down. Amazingly, there were only a couple of pieces of chrome chipped off, No loosening of the slide, no loose bits inside. I figure I got off lucky and better case the little devil before anything else happens!

One please, Torch.

well it fell into the toilet, I was so upset but the good news is it was a "fresh bowl" so I just didnt turn it on for a few days and it still worked.... sort of :)

thank goodness i havent dropped my blackberry. it cost me quite alot of money so, a case for it will be nice.

The worst time I dropped my 9800 was yesterday!! I was driving and left it on my lap, arrived to the parking lot and forgot that it was there, so when I walked away, just heard the crack sound!! The 9800 was thrown on the floor and now the battery cover is a mess!!

My worst drop... so far: Holding the dog's leash and my BB in one hand. The pup bolted, jerking the leash and the Torch out of my hand onto the concrete driveway. Luckily, both the dog and phone survived. With this case, it will be on my belt next time.

Dropped my BB from my lap as I was coming out of my car...on it's 3rd day in use!!!

so..why do I need a Seidio??it's free isn't it??why not??!!lol

Since I've only had my 9700 for a few months, I've only had one bad fall...but it was whopper! While I was at work I took my phone out of my pocket, lost my grip and watched it cart wheel down 15 stairs. I put on a case the very same day, not 2 hours before. Needless to say, the case is the only reason my BB is still in one piece.

Some people need to read directions before commenting. Geez. Lazy.

My worst drop was more emotional than physical. Got out of my car and the BB falls out of my pocket. I was in such shock, it was like it was falling in slow motion. Hits on a corner. Almost does a full flip. Hits another corner. Finally slides to a stop. Got scrapes and scuffs on the bezel, but that's it. What made it emotional was the BB was less than a week old and in my pocket was a set of full body skins that I just got in the mail.

I still put on a skin. ;]

After caring for my Torch like a baby for 6 months, the "drop" day finally came.
I needed to clean the windows on the 2nd floor and thought it would be easy as there was a small roof section that I could stand on while working. As I climbed out the 2nd floor window to start my work, the belt clip on my Torch caught on the window blind cord, which pulled the phone off my belt.
With horror I watched my Torch bounce 3 times on the roof surface, each time gaining more speed, before dropping from the roof to the concrete below. Pieces everywhere!
It was scratched, dinged and the slider is looser that before, but it still worked.!!

I had a holster that I liked because it was low profile, the only problem was that the flap would sometimes open and let the phone slip out. Walking up my driveway in Edmonton winter I felt the wagging of my phone about to fall out of its holster. I panicked and as I fumbled to get a hand on it before it jumped I tripped and felt it release from its home. Not giving up I managed to get a finger on it mid air as I was falling but only tipped it enough to move it about 1m in front of me. Unfortunately that's where my right foot was about to land. Too late to stop it, my foot sandwiched my beloved BB (face down) between my boot and the sanded ice and saved me from an embarassing fall. I've never seen it in a review or a brochure so I should probably mention that BlackBerry's don't offer much traction on ice. My boot clung to the back of my BB and I pulled my groin as it slid about 30 cm on the jagged ice and sharp sand. Have I mentioned that I like my BBs naked? No screen protector or case for me. My body was jerking like a live fish on a counter top as I slipped but I managed to stay up. Given the choice I would fall 50 times to spare my phone but that's not the way it played out. I bent over to pick it up, shook off some snow but couldn't bring myself to actually look at it right away. I quietly cursed myself before turning it over so I could see the real damage through 1 squinty eye. Blank screen and no keyboard lights, gouges and scratches. I thought it was over but then I hit ny space bar out of habit and my BB sprang to life. I quickly noticed that everything seemed to work just fine and amazingly the screen was perfect; the keyboard and bezel were a mess aesthetically but everything worked great wow. lucky lucky. I've replaced that phone with a 9800 now and I'm in the market for a case. Live and learn I guess. This one seems great and I'd love to win it.

The worst phone drop was just last Monday. I got our of my car, and managed to drop my Torch on the ground. Unfortunately, the OtterBox failed to do anything but pop off my phone leaving it to bounce off the pavement naked. My Torch is now all scratched up on top thanks to the OtterBox failing. I need a new case, I'm done with OtterBox!

Had my Torch protected with Otterbox and dropped it from waist high onto tile floor. It sounded like the crash heard round the world. It landed on the corner and split the case in two, no damage to phone, didn't even reset. But.need a new case now...

dozed off on the couch with the torch on my lap. woke up because of the doorbel and forgot all about the torch.... broken screen

One time I left my phone on top of my car and forgot to grab it before driving off.

It was a messy product :(

I have a combo bathroom, that has the shower and the toilet in the same room. It's very small and cramped. It also has a cabinet, which I put my BB in while I'm in the shower. Got out of the shower, grabbed my BB, turned to open the door....and my BB flew out of my hand and into the TOILET!!! Oh NO! Poor BB! Luckily I had CRACKBERRY. Ran online to find out what I needed to do to fix it. Immediately found the put it in a tupperware with rice trick and was able to save it from death. But it needed to be completely STERILIZED before I could use it again.
Help me keep my new Torch Safe from falling into strange places!

Thanks, CB

Well, embarrassing as it is, it's a very difficult conversation to have with your boss when you drop your company BB on the street when running across it chasing confidential documents that flew away on a windy day. Blackberries can bounce, that's for sure!

oh i would love to win one.

Worst was a cupple of days after i got my shinny new torch, i was at home and hadnt yet got any case for my torch. I went to pick it up and some it slipped, my floor is basically concrete with tiles laid over top i was horrified that my new bb would break, thank god it didnt.few!!

I have a cupple of cases now , but you can never have to many,lol.

I was walking fast on a job and my BBcurve fall out of my case on concrete floor and slide about 15 ft on the screen. It was still working but screen was all scratch. I dont want this to happen again to my torçh.

worst time i ever dropped my BB, was in a grocery store parking lot. 2 year old in one hand, mother's day breakfast groceries in the other. didn't notice i'd dropped my beloved BB until i got home. needless to say, went back, couldn't find it. never saw that BB again.

Outdoor hockey rink, fell out of my pocket, didnt notice, almost took a slapshot with it, right before hitting it I noticed it was not a round puck, but a rectangular beast of a 9000 in a case. close call!

The worst time I dropped my berry was on the launch day for the torch. As I left the store some meathead came out of no where and ran over me. Torch left my hands and flew a good 5 feet. Meathead didn't slow down and kicked my torch a good 20 feet further. That's when he stopped and realized what he had done. He picks up my Torch and tinkers with it and hands it over to me and tells me it still works and that he had to rush to his interview! WTF?!?! He didn't apologize. I got a handful of his shirt and wound up ripping his shirt open as he was dashing away. I picked up some of the buttons that popped off, looked at them and tossed them to him and said to him, "looks like they will still work!"

Good luck everyone! :)

I dropped it on the kitchen tiles when i went to get a water bottle before i went to the gym

I have dropped my my nightmares only.
I am a new BB owner and I have never dropped it (yet).
but I that's exactly why I need one on these because I fear that days will eventually come.

Thank your CrackBerry for this gift I hop I ll win.

well, I have been opening door while holding my torch in the hand... now is my top left glossy corner missing....

the worse time i ever dropped my blackberry was when i jumped out of a car at about 25mph. i was doing stunts and i decided to jump out a car. i landed the jump and was running down the street and then i tripped over my foot out came my blackberry and it hit the ground and slid down the street, and when i picked it up most of the paint was gone the screen was scratched up. it was a devastating day for me

Worst was then I was riding the zipper ride @ the fair. Phone slipped right out of my pocket and hit the metal railing. Battery cover, battery and phone flew in all different directions. Couldn't pickup the parts unti the ride was over. Freaked me out, but the phone was still working afterwards.

sign me up please! Otterbox makes the best most protective cases and while i haven't dropped my phone yet, i've come close a few times and gotten lucky by having it land on soft items. i'm not sure how long i can push my luck!

I have a bad habit of droping my phone out of my shirt pocket this case would help out a lot. Happy birthday CB

The worse time was when I was getting in my truck and dropped my torch and did not relize it until I ran it over and CRUSHED IT!! then had to go bye a new one.

The worst time i ever dropped my blackberry was on a business trip in Denver. Not only did i destroy my BB i also ruined the sim card and had to buy another phone. AARGH and I paid full price for another BB.

Dropped my 9700 from a 60' bucket truck at full extension. I didn't know it was still in my pocket and as I reached out to the pole I was working on it slid out. Needless to say the fall was terminal, hence I now own a 9810 Torch.