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Review: Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo for the BlackBerry Q10

By James Richardson on 17 Mar 2014 12:19 pm EDT

When it comes to using a case on your BlackBerry Q10 I would imagine that us users fall into two categories. Those who love a case for protection and those who enjoy the naked feel of their BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The Seidio CONVERT Holster Combo certainly won't be for everyone as it's chunky and many folk don't favor a holster, but for some people in particular it's going to absolutely perfect. 

This one all comes down to the level of protection you need. You can't get much more than with the likes of the Seidio CONVERT Combo as you'll see in the following video. For the average person on the street you may well want something a bit more streamlined and less bulky, but if you're in a profession where your BlackBerry is at risk of knocks and drops then this one is well worth considering. I'm thinking along the lines of construction workers, police officers or EMS - jobs where you are going to want your device protected but also within easy access. 

This particular product from Seidio is made up of three main parts:

Seidio SURFACE Case

  • 1mm thin case provides scratch protection without adding bulk
  • Designed from a hard, yet flexible material
  • Seidio's signature Soft Touch coating
  • Simple slide-in design makes installation and removal easy
  • Precision cutouts for port, controls, camera

Rugged Skin and Skeleton

  • Fits over Surface case
  • All controls are covered to keep dust and dirt out and remain functional
  • Ports and camera are covered, but silicone covers can be removed
  • Plastic frame fits over the back of the case for tighter fit and added protection


  • Fits up to a 1.5" duty or utility belt
  • Securely holds your BlackBerry Q10 with locking mechanism on top clip
  • Swivel clip allows you to position your BlackBerry Q10 in 7 different ways

The above list pretty much sums up what you are getting for your money - and if you are prone to dropping your BlackBerry and are happy using a holster, this is as durable as it gets. 

One highlight that I was really impressed with was the holster itself. As you would expect - you can swivel the clip to have it in the position that suits you best, but it's how secure it is that got me. Once you place the BlackBerry Q10 in the holster there is a sliding lock on the top rear of the holster which once activated means the BlackBerry can not come out of the holster until the locking slider process is reversed - a nice touch. There's also the magnet inside the holster so in true BlackBerry fashion when you remove the Q10 from the holster the screen will automatically be on. Clearly the opposite happens when you place the BlackBerry back in the holster. 

The Good
  • Protection, protection, protection! 
  • Having the holster allows for quick and easy access to your Q10.
  • It looks pretty cool - like you mean business, in a tough way.
The Bad
  • Maybe be too bulky for some people. 
  • Not everybody is a holster fan. 
The Bottom Line

If you're looking for the ultimate protection for your BlackBerry Q10 you really don't need to look much further. With the choice of using just one or two parts of the case, plus the holster too, it's perfect for both the home and work environment. 

Order the Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo for BlackBerry Q10

Reader comments

Review: Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo for the BlackBerry Q10


Nice accessory, never saw one of those before...got me thinking...but I like to put Zagg Shieldz full body film on my BB's, so how would this clip be adhered to the film? Is it even possible.
I have this seidio series for my Z10, and the bare seidio carrying case for when I want to rock it naked, but that IS while the Zagg Shieldz is on it. I will no doubt get this same combo for my new Q10, but that clip...it's really growing on me...

Posted via CB10

James, you say 'you need not look much further', but at the same time you don't reference any other holster.

Sure, if this was the only holster available then clearly it's the 'perfect holster', but there are other options.

How does it stand up to some of the other available offerings? Not saying this should be a multi-holster review, but the alternatives should at least get a mention.

Posted via CB10

I have this exact case for the z10, and feel it's worth mentioning that the holster clip isn't the most sturdy. I sheered it off by getting in my car, as the hinge is only held on by two little plastic pins. That being said, this is the best dang case I've ever bought.

I have two kinds of Holsters. I have an otter box case for my Q10 and I have this case as well. I love them both, but tend to go for the Seidio case first. As the otterbox case can get warped.

Posted via CB10

Been using these for last few phones. Trick is to buy the Surface Combo (Surface Case in blue or other colors of choice + Surface Holster) AND the Convert Combo - (Surface Case - black only in this kit + 2pc Convert Case + Convert Holster). Convert Holster WON"T work with just the Surface Case on the phone, so that's why I get both combo's, as it gives me two different colors of Surface case and allows use of the holster no matter which level of protection I need. The Surface holster is available separately if you don't want an extra Surface case. The soft touch feel of the Surface cases is awesome, plus they give great protection (dropped my 9900 and my Z10 tons and never an issue) and come off VERY easily for nekkid use, docking, etc. (Seidio makes a dock for the 9900 that works nekkid or case on - so awesome, wish they had that for the Z10 or my soon to purchase Z30!)

I use the Surface combo for normal daily use, and add the Convert setup on top for rough weather, field use, riding my motorcycle, etc.

Nice review James.

These cases are great. Otterbox is great too but can be really bulk the phone up. These case provide pretty much the same protection but has a but more style and less bulk. Another accessory I use personally is a tempered glass screen protector. Available for Q10 and Z10. Not yet for Z30.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

I love this phone case. I had one for my Bold 9900. For both, I removed the clip. It does leave a hole in the case, but that has never caused me any issues and I can keep the phone fully protected in a pocket and not worry about cracking the screen, like I did my curve when lifting a ladder.

When I forgot my Bold, in the Seidio Convert case on a truck bumper, while working on the engine, and took the truck for a test drive, the phone flew off into an intersection, while I was turning. I recovered the phone. It had not been run over, but there was some significant trauma to the case. The phone was in 100% working condition, without any blemishes. I proudly showed off the scars on the case, whenever talking to anyone about phone cases.

Currently - I am using an otter for my case. This seido offers a feature that most other cases do not. It covers the camera.

Most of the rude and crude android and apple users run around with their cameras open.

The whole point of a blackberry is to be a trusted member of the family of trustworthy communicators.

Two benefits are received with this cover...

1) the lens is protected.

2) the blackberry user demonstrates trustworthiness in a meeting that requires discretion.

My otter let's me down on these two categories.

Posted via CB10