Review: Seidio 2600mAh battery for the 9650 - Enter to win an extended battery!

By Jared DiPane on 22 Mar 2011 12:28 pm EDT

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If you are like me, and struggle to get a full day per charge on your standard battery that came with your 9650, then you are probably looking for new battery options. While hunting around, I came across the Seidio 2600mAh battery for the 9650, and while initially I was rather hesitant to add the size to gain the capacity I decided the pull the trigger on the battery anyways, and give it a shot. This decision is one that I am forever going to be happy with, and let's hit the jump together to see if this battery is also right for you.

Initial Impressions

Upon first glance of the battery door I immediately thought it was going to be too bulky, and would become a pain to carry around, but after putting the battery in the device, and adding the door I began to think otherwise. The battery unfortunately requires a new door, which many people don't seem to like because it has the Seidio logo instead of the BlackBerry one that we all know and love, but the flow of the door is actually very smooth, and assists in holding the device.

The Size


We all know, the biggest thing that is holding you back from just placing the order right now is the size that will be added to the device, but think beyond just the size. The extended battery door only adds 3 to 4 mm to your device, which when you think about it is really nothing for the amount of battery life you will add to your device. The bump that is caused by the new battery door actually provides a place which was used to rest my index finger during phone calls, which made holding the phone more comfortable.

If you are a user of the device with big hands, you have probably noticed that the device is extremely thin, and after holding for a period of time can be uncomfortable in your hands, but the additional bulk that is added by the battery allows for a more comforting grip, and allows for long term useage without hand cramps. So, how much more will you gain per charge with adding this bulk?

Battery Life Enhancements


A big part of accepting the additional bulk was the hope of all the additional battery life, and knowing that the device would last more then a day, even with heavy use. The D-X1 battery that comes standard in your device is a 1400mAh battery, and this replacement is a 2600mAh battery, nearly double the size capacity, so my hopes were held high.  On the standard battery I had Twitter set to only a manual refresh because I could not afford the battery hits, as well as Facebook set to manually refresh, and had to limit my browser use, so I was excited to put these all into full force. Immediately set SocialScope to auto refresh, and 1 hour refresh on Facebook, and turned the brightness back up to 100% instead of the 30% that I was used to. 

It is recommended by Seidio to charge the battery for a full 8 hours prior to use, so I installed the battery before heading to bed, and took it off the charger when I woke up the next morning, excited to see the life I would get. Generally my daily use, which starts around 6am, includes less then 30 minutes talk time, at least 100 inbound emails that are read, mild text messaging, BBM, and Twitter. Generally, by 8pm my device is in the yellow, shortly followed by that fun red battery that we all know and hate.

Day 1, which we all know batteries take a few days to break in, I was left with 40% when I went to bed at 10pm, which is a rather significant improvement, considering all the changes. When heading to bed I put the device back in the charging pod, which it does still fit in, and charged it up for day 2. Excited as always I started my day, and went about normal use as always, and this time when heading to bed at 10pm I was left with 60%, so I decided to risk it and see if I could leave it off the charger and make it through another day. I won't lie, I was a bit worried about making it through day 3, but surprisingly I hit yellow around 8pm, and then put it on the charger shortly after.

Average battery life from then forward was around 2 full days, with my usage patterns. This will of course depend how many applications are used on your device, how much time is spent on the phone, and if you stream music, so results will vary, but on average I did notice more then double on the life, which was my anticipation in the first place. 


  • Comfort during phone calls
  • Extended battery life
  • Added size does not add much weight


  • No cool BlackBerry logo on battery door
  • Battery door is difficult to remove 


If you couldn't already tell, for me the negative of the size was outweighed by the positive of the battery improvement. The abililty to make it through a full day, regardless of how much usage was needed that day without worrying about the device dying was a huge plus. If you need more battery life then you can get from your standard battery, and think you can handle the size of this battery, don't delay the purchase any more, pull the trigger, you won't regret it.

Contest: To enter to win an extended battery for your device just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Reader comments

Review: Seidio 2600mAh battery for the 9650 - Enter to win an extended battery!



I'd love a Seidio extended battery for my Bold 9650!! It would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Europe, where I probably won't have easy access to a charger!

I was just looking into getting this...but as a college student on a budget I would GREATLY appreciate winning one for my 9650. Great review!

I've gotten an extended battery on most phones prior to switching to Blackberry. Maybe it is time to try one out.

I currently have to use 2 regular bartteries to make it through the day, so an extended battery would provide me much needed freedom.

I HAVE to charge my battery at least once in order to make it through the day. If I have to go out of town or go in and out of service coverage, my battery dies unless I can charge it along the way. This would be great.

It would be great to have an extended battery for my Torch. With all my beta apps and themes I run through the standard battery in a half day. Great to have on that will last longer.

This would be a perfect battery for my Bold 9650!! The addition of the thickeness doesn't look that bad at all actually, I welcome it! :) this would be perfect as I'm constantly on my phone and find it difficult to make it through a whole day without charging it in the middle afternoon. I would love to win one of these bad boys :D

I hate to say it, but the real drawback to that replacement door is the blackberry no longer fits in most cases. My Commuter case for example, a no go. That's a big drawback for those of us who need our blackberry protected. Mine went in a case within the first hour of use and has never come out. Too bad, an extended battery would be nice, but until they can get it to fit in a good case (NOT a skin) I won't be using one.

Search YouTube. I watched a video the other day that showed someone slightly modifying the Commuter case (the inside flimsy rubber) for the extended battery.

Looks like it would "Seamlessly integrate" with the Commuter!

I would love to win one, I only hope that this one will have a longer overall life cycle than the previous Seido extended batteries I have purchased, non of which made it over 1 year. This can be compared to stock batteries I have for a Treo 650 that is still running strong or any other of my many devices that have had the same results.

This would be great for my long study days, and I've never rly won anything b4. Please and thank you so much for offering this contest

Just started to have a battery life issue with my Bold 9650 the last few weeks...the extended battery would be a lifesaver !!!

I will love to have this extended battery. My normal battery last only up to mid-day with normal usage. Having a batter that will last at least a full day will be just unbelievable.

I'm curious about how it's holding up after about 6-8 months, as that's when I've started to notice the factory battery has lost some capacity.

Seidio and RIM should deal and make these standard on all BB's! Thanks Seidio and Crackberry for a great contest.

an extended battey wouldn't be a bad idea. That might help with being out and have no way of charging your phone.

It would be great to win because right now I am flipping through multiple batteries to keep me up and running.

The extended battery would work perfect with my busy days. I own a business and my phone is my connection to ALL, customers and employees. I constantly plug it in wether Im in the office, in the car, or at home. You just never know when you will be pulled away for an extended time and need it charged.

I'd love to have one of these. I work on the streets as a paramedic and use my phone all day and all night. I depend on having my phone charged at all times. Some extended battery life would help a lot!

I would love to win one of these. Ive been wanting one for a long time as I work in a location that constantly fights for network. Good luck everyone.

9650. Would love to have a battery that lasted a day. And maybe a cool Crackberry sticker for the battery door?

It would be awesome to win this. My stock battery last only 10hours on single charge. Count me in!

Winning this could possibly eleminate the need for me to carry a second battery while traveling. I could really use this win.

Thumbs up for seidio, used to have their extended battery on my old htc evo, would love this on my new Bold

I have never won anything...maybe my loyalty to Blackberry is about to pay off!....and this will be a huge help to get me through my day.

Big battery = big smile on my face!!

If i dont win, i might develop a stutter.. ppp pppp ppplease dont do this to me!

OH YEAH! Let me win that bad boy p p p pleeeease! I can smoke a battery in 3-4 hrs. I work outside & do ALOT of driving. All the GPS following kills my battery! Wife is pregnant so this would ensure she can reach me when the time is here for baby girl #6. Thanks!

My position as VP Worldwide Services for one of the North Easts leading Chauffeured Transportation companies requires that my Bold 9650 stay on 24/7...needless to say I am constantly charging my battery when in my car, office or at home...seems I can't go anywhere without my chargers. A Seidio 2600mAh battery inplant sounds like just the ticket to lighten my load and eliminate carrying one or maybe two battery chargers with me thorugh out the day.

I loved this review but the price is very steep. Maybe I will be lucky enough to win one of these. In the meantime, I will be looking for deals on this elsewhere...

I would love to try this out on my 9330, I charge my phone at least twice a day.
Summer is coming up and I will be back to work and I will be using the nav on my phone a lot and will need as much extra juice as I can get.
Goodluck to everyone!! Hope I can get this!

It's so ironc that I just was looking at my 9650 thinking how the battery dies so quickly, which in turn made me think to look on CB and this was the first post! Hope I win!

I HAVE to charge my battery at least once in order to make it through the day. If I have to go out of town or go in and out of service coverage, my battery dies unless I can charge it along the way. This would be great

I've had this battery for about 8 months, and I love it more every day. It actually works better now than it did the first time I used it. The phone feels more solid with this battery, and it fits just about all chargers. I try to run it all the way down every so often, just to get a full charge, but it takes a couple of days. The cover comes off a little easier with use. The fact that it doesn't just almost fall off, like the stock back with use, actually gives me a sense of security that it won't fall off by accident. The only thing is that it won't fit into the custom hard cases. But I hear Seidio is working on a case for that purpose. Hurry, Seidio! However, it will fit into soft skins AND the leather cases for the 9650. Overall, this is an excellent investment.

Would my BlackBerry with this battery door still fit inside the belt clip/holster that came with it?

I'm doing same as you (i.e., manual refreshes) to make sure I can get through a full day without worrying about my battery. I'd love a free extended battery to be able to set a few apps to auto-refresh with confidence. Pick me!!!

well if i were to win this would go awesome as i will be using this to tether my pb which i will need more power on my bb to handle it :)...

Although this battery would prevent me from using my beloved Otterbox Commuter case, I'll be thrilled to give it a try.

I just purchase the Seidio 2600 mah battery from LOVE it! No more having to charge the phone in the middle of a heavy use day. The only con is there are limited cases that will fit around the phone with the larger battery door.

I haven't used an extended battery on a BlackBerry since my 7100i days, but I wouldn't mind having one now!

Very cool. I could really use the extended battery on busy days that I cannot keep the phone plugged into an outlet or USB.


I'm seriously thinking of looking into this battery - but I can't find a skin or case to fit it - any ideas?

I'd love to win a Sedio Extended Life Battery! I have a Curve 9330 so I would need the model for that. Thanks in advance!