Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

16 GM microSDHC
By Joseph Holder on 1 Mar 2011 12:00 pm EST

One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these.  Read on for details. 

Did you know that your BlackBerry is a voracious, memory-eating machine? Stills and videos taken with your BlackBerry camera, ringtones, music, email attachments, and even emails themselves take up memory. You need a memory card. To get the full use of the multimedia powers of your BlackBerry, you're going to need some space.

Once, I figured 8 gigabytes of storage would be enough. Then I started added entire albums, entire anthologies of work - twenty-six albums take up a bit of room. Digital backups of shows I own on DVD - every Simpsons DVD to date - take up their share of room, too. With 16 gigabytes of memory, I can store over 2,500 6-megabyte MP3's or more than 80 half-hour shows (about 175 MB each).

San Disk is a name I trust and with's reputation, I know the card is good. Twice, I've been burned by bad memory cards bought on ebay. Never again. The 16 GB strikes a nice balance of providing lots of space without breaking the bank. I know I'll certainly put it to good use.

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Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



I will put any type of music on my card. I love country, enjoy pop, tolerate rap and I even like to listen to old school tunes from generations going way back.

Music: mostly soundtracks from films and games, Beatles too.
Films: my daughter - she's 16 months old and I miss her when at work.

I would put on all the episodes of The Big Bang Theory or The IT guys and still have some space left!

I'd fill it with the movies I LOVE and also like 200 songs of different genre mixed up. Oh and like 1000 pictures of my life and around! :D Gimme that :P

I would put my vast array of rock, rap, country, oldies, alternative, and my own songs on it. Would love to be able to tote my whole audio library with me! Great Contest!

a little of everything Dexter,GG, Glee, some anime episodes Bleach, Naruto, music from Panic at the disco, the rassmuss usher rihanna and thing s like that

I would put all my favourite tv series in it namely gossip girl, pretty little liars & vampire diaries :D :D

My BlackBerry is my MP3 player. I hate that I can't put all my music on the card I have now. So all that would go on there along with any videos and pictures I take, as the BlackBerry is also my camera and camcorder.

I would start with a portion of my mp3 collection, add in all the videos and pictures of my kids and finihs it off with a few movies to entertain them on the longer raods trips we tend to take in the summer!

Would love to put on it Skunk Anansie discography and all of Duke Ellington, some cult movies (useful when out for job) and every doc I'd need on the go!

I didn't know I could watch movies on my Bold. I need this memory card to for vacation. My current 8 gig card is full of music.

Music would have to be whatever I'm listening to at the time.

But video, no question there. My collection of Get Smart episodes would have to be moved over to the card. Imagine how much better a spy Agent 86 would be if he and Agent 99 had blackberries!

I want to save lots of youtube videos on it to help me with my math homework on the go lol. College math isn't a joke lol

You can never have too much memory. I would put all my albums on there and add some videos I have been meaning to load too. Count me in!!

I'm using an 8GB card at the moment, and it's completely full up. Mostly with music, so I'm having to rotate what I put on there.

My new Turisas CD just arrived so that would go on there straight away, as well as the entire Black Sabbath discography and loads of other (mostly) metal albums.

Perhaps I could see if I can get Star Wars (originals) to fit on it.

Being kind of an old f**t, I'd put all my 70s rock on there, and also U2 which to me has the same spirit. Also a whole bunch of Irish and Quebec fiddle music.

i would put a mixture of music for when I am working out , videos of my son and episodes of Family Guy so I can have something to watch when I am traveling.

all the GirlTalk i got, and maybe Inception. I got a digital copy that's burning a whole in my movie case. left over room goes to my boys, rolling stones.

yea i'm all over, deal with it.

I like to save music videos I've downloaded off of youtube to play on my BB. They're formatted perfectly to play on BBs.

I'll put more musics from the 80's and 90's (Phil Collins, Aha, Switchfoot, Genesis, etc.) and of course more hilarious videos from YouTube (Axis of Awesome will be included) plus the videos with my buddies and family around Indonesia (yes, I live in there)

* some snowboardinf videos (it´s the session)
* new the office, entourage and south park ep.
* some punk rock for road tripping


Pics and Vids of my children (of course), lots of music (dream theater, killswitch engage, mudvayne, the human abstract, the agonist, avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, slipknot, mushroomhead, shadows fall, sevendust, otep, hellyeah, and too many others). I also keep many personal, work, and legal documents and PDFs on my memory. This would be a nice addition to the phone.

I completely feel the pain of only 8GB. With another 8, I'd cache a lot more Slacker Radio, load up a few more E-books for my long commute. (I'd listen to Atlas Shrugged (in the morning!) )

I'd also take a few new videos of my new puppy to make my co-workers jealous of the semi-load of space I now have!

Wow, 16GB! That's bigger than my mp3 player! I'd put all my music on there, give myself more background images (right now I'm on the BB default ones), and then save some room for more music and, of course, pictures and videos of anything exciting since I always have my Blackberry with me.

I would store my favorite play lists which range from Conway Twitty to Alice in Chains and everything in between and I'd have room to take videos of my nephew playing baseball and testing for his black belts !! It would be so much easier to travel.

I'd put all my obscure but totally rad indie music on it. Everything from Sufjan Stevens to Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps. Please let me have it!

I would put all my episodes of glee on it so that I can watch them on my 15 hour flights to and from Australia!

Dave Matthews Videos and Music

Video Airchecks of my Radio Gods Bruce Vidal, Big Ron O'Brien, Tim Kelly.

Clips of WKRP with Johnny Fever :)

Dan o'Day Youtube videos/clips

The Boat that Rocked
The Lord of the Rings
Something's Gotta Give
Don Juan De Marco
Breakfast Club

The Purpose Driven Life
The Alchemist
Tuesdays with Morrie
Band of Brothers
Black Hawk Down

BlackBerry Commercials Old and New

Some classic videos of Disco hits from 70's.

The good ones from the 80's

Lots more videos from the time when there was a lot of music from MTV

My loads of mp3 downloads :)

I can now store my little ones movies to blackberry. Oh how it could save me as I am on the road with him

Family pictures, more podcasts, jazz music - and of course, episodes of Sports Science for the kids! More memory, please!

I work at a music store so I have a nice collection of Music I can put on a 16GB card. Hundreds of albums to choose from so the possibilities are endless and would take up a lot of space and time on this comment.

I'll go with Genres instead. Metal, Punk, Hard Rock. A lot of new age stuff but can't forget the classics!

Of course I would put Music and Ringtones but one new thing i would do is I would use my Blackberry take more crazy videos of my family and friends with that kind of space. I think that would be the greatest use is for memories.

It will definitely help to load more apps & cut out all speed issues currently being experienced!!! What will it price at should one have to purchase it?