Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

16 GM microSDHC
By Joseph Holder on 1 Mar 2011 12:00 pm EST

One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these.  Read on for details. 

Did you know that your BlackBerry is a voracious, memory-eating machine? Stills and videos taken with your BlackBerry camera, ringtones, music, email attachments, and even emails themselves take up memory. You need a memory card. To get the full use of the multimedia powers of your BlackBerry, you're going to need some space.

Once, I figured 8 gigabytes of storage would be enough. Then I started added entire albums, entire anthologies of work - twenty-six albums take up a bit of room. Digital backups of shows I own on DVD - every Simpsons DVD to date - take up their share of room, too. With 16 gigabytes of memory, I can store over 2,500 6-megabyte MP3's or more than 80 half-hour shows (about 175 MB each).

San Disk is a name I trust and with's reputation, I know the card is good. Twice, I've been burned by bad memory cards bought on ebay. Never again. The 16 GB strikes a nice balance of providing lots of space without breaking the bank. I know I'll certainly put it to good use.

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review letting us know what music or videos you'd put on a 16 GB memory card. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will get this shipped direct from

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Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



Merle Haggard.......Conway Twitty.........Johnny Cash..........Hank Sr.......Hank'll hold 'em all and more! Maybe even fit in Patsy and Loretta!! Hook me up!!

I would put on all the Santana i could find, anything and everything dubstep, and all the music i have on my ipod already.

i would set my iPod to the side, and use my BlackBerry for all my music and videos! My collection of rap music and videos would also be included. Please pick me!!!! :D

I really want this sandisk 16gb ! I need it for all my hiphop, house and r&b music ;)
And of course the best show ever Two and a Half Men. I'm gonna put every season on there!
If you could only make it happen....
Thanks CB

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Nas - Illmatic

Lawrence of Arabia
The Graduate

Pink Floyd Discography
Led Zepplin Discography
Van Halen Discography
In Search of Sunrise... Collection

The Departed

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

...Plus Much More... =)

Thank you! =)

I would have the Entourage series on it :D we all know how many times those guys promoted the BlackBerry devices through out all the episodes ^^

pick meeee.
i only have a 2GB memory now and i'm running out. i gotta refrain from taking too much pictures from time to time, and no music or videos allowed no more

My BlackBerry is the sum and source of everything data & entertainment related in my life! I currently have an 8gb Scan Disk micro SD card and I have used 7 of 8 gigs so far! What would I store? Where do I start??

* I am in a network marketing business (Amway) and the education company I work with (LTD) provides business support materials, including MP3 downloads of the latest talks given by leadership and the rising stars. Currently I have over 200 of these talks loaded on my phone. I have another 150 easy on my computer, and because of the space limits of the 8 gb card, I had to pick and chose my favorites.

* I also listen to music, of course! I would store dozens of albums.

* I also like to have audio books from my favorite authors. I currently only have 3 audio books. I would like to store close to 20.

* I also have a wife and 3 kids, and LOTS and LOTS of picture opportunities! About once a month I have to transfer pictures from my phone to the desktop to free up space. I would like to have them at my fingertips anytime!

* Finally, I have 2 different email accounts on my BlackBerry and would like to be able to always keep every email on my phone, rather than having to do the "delete on phone only" and storing them at the respective websites.

I would LOVE to double down on the memory! Happy Birthday!


I'm waiting to win the Playbook later in the year, but this would certainly come in handy in the mean time.

I have a 2.5 year old daughter and as you can imagine there is not a day that goes by in which I am not taking 10 or more pics of her, and at least one video. My 8gb is basically full and I have to delete precious photos to make room for more. Well, not really delete, but move, but you know what a pain that is, and with a 16g I wouldn't have to do that for another month or so. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

I would put all of lady gaga's music videos and songs.. I might be the only guy in the world who think this but she is sexy!!!

I would put some of my collection on this card, but especially, all of my own backing tracks for when I perform live without a band. Oh - the simplicity of just having the BB connected to the sound system!

I'd put on all of Dan Savage's Savage Love podcasts, the RENT soundtrack, the Led Zeppelin discography and the Coheed and Cambria discography (in FLAC of course), and whatever else of my favorite music will fit!

I have a playlist with a whole load mainstream music and another playlist with some classical for those days where I have to get some solid work in. For videos I have some english premier league highlights, some snowboarding technique videos that kind of helped recently when i was on vacation and a movie. I really need a bigger card to store more of my music and video collection. 4gb just doesn't cut it. I'm hoping this 16gb would =)

I have a playlist with a whole load mainstream music and another playlist with some classical for those days where I have to get some solid work in. For videos I have some english premier league highlights, some snowboarding technique videos that kind of helped recently when i was on vacation and a movie. I really need a bigger card to store more of my music and video collection. 4gb just doesn't cut it. I'm hoping this 16gb would =)

I would put my favorite songs on my 16GB microSDHC media card:
Three's Company Theme Song
Full House Theme Song
Perfect Strangers Theme song
and Hit Me Up on BBM

I would also throw some videos on it including:
SNL Bigfoot and Neil Diamond (The Rock and Will Ferrell)
Almose Heroes movie. (The late and great Chris Farley's final work)

I think there would be more space for other things like:
Pictures of my transformers collection
Dungeons and Dragons strategy guide eBooks
and CB Podcasts.

I travel a lot with my job (long haul) and totally rely on my BB for music whilst away. Music varies, and with my 8g card it's a little limited so the 16g card would be super. Recently I've been listening to some old Foo Fighters (Colour and the Shape), Elliott Smith (Roman Candle), Jack Johnson (various), Fall Out Boy (Take This...), but have lots on there, including some hip hop, my Country playlist, and Wizard of Oz for my daughter! Also love audiobooks and podcasts.

Have young children and as well as taking pictures of them away with me, they love looking at pictures and videos of the countries I visit, so the 16g card will help me take even more footage to show them :)

Thanks for the great contest CB

I would upload as much of my music collection to it. Everything from Michael Buble to Lil Wayne to ACDC. As well as heading over to the Movies/shows section to get some...well...movies and shows for my blackberry!

i'd put my workout mixes and some small videos i've made. I'll also use it to hide some of my photos and other stuff i dont want people to see....shhh :)

Pick me! :D
My torch has basically taken my ipod's place in the music sector, haha.
This would be especially great for all of my podcasts! Those puppies take up a lot of space.

Would love this, my card is 256mb and is constantly running out of memory by all the songs on it. I wold put Taio Cruz, Rihanna, Big Time Rush, Ke$ha, and all kins of music!

Happy 4th birthday CB!!!!
If I had one of these bad boys I could retire my ipod and take hundreds of photos of my daughter!

Movies and music are my thing. Sure would make it nice if i didn't have to switch SD cards to select between the 2...

Happy Birthday, CB!

I'd put in my entire collection of 90's hip-hop and R&B music (ie. REAL music) plus all of DJ starting from scratch's (canada's #1 dj) podcasts and the whole first season of the walking dead.

Ps. I saved the best for last. The last two crackberry podcasts would also be a must and will be updated regularly ;)

I would totally ditch my ipod mini since thatss my source for music right now in the car.

with this 16gb microsdhc card I would dump all of my music onto the music folder and the remaining space would be used for the digital copies of movies that come with every blu ray I buy(which never get used due to not having a portable device).

The music would be The Beatles collection(yes the $149.99 one from itunes :) )
along with classic 80's and 90's music
and some techno along with mixes

I'd store my mp3/flac audio collection on it and then see what space i'd got left and maybe try storing a few episodes of Season 3 of True Blood to watch on the way to work.

Videos from the Onion News Network, URGH! A Music War... and a whole lot of industrial, punk, metal, trance & Devo.

Wow, I still have only a 2G in mine. I would be able to transfer all my ipod music and vids on to a 16G and be rid of that silly Apple ipody thingy

I've been needing one of these for a while. "But my iphone is my ipod too, you can't listen to music on your blackberry" what!!! Lol.

I'd throw the last 2 years of music on my phone and with my new headphone-rca cord Id rock it everywhere I go!

I would staore my mp3 files that i have been collecting for atleast 3 years. Also Pictures, Video's, Podcast's and the occasional movie or T.V show.

Okay, I want all my 80s, 90s, and 2000s classic albums from Creed, AlterBridge, 3Doors Down, Aerosmith, GNR, and of course, Led Zep!

As far as videos are concerned, I take a lot of videos but I don't put many on my BlackBerry. Perhaps if the BlackBerry did flash, I would.

Let's not forget my Podcast subscriptions, which consume over 1 GB of flash memory.

I just broke my sd card last week, so hopefully I can win one! I can't replace the pics I lost, but I'd love to be able to watch my TV shows (the office) and listen to all my Led Zeppelin on my hour-long commute to work...

I'd put soo many songs on it and put most of the "How I Met your Mother" seasons. Absolutely would love one !! :)

I would store Inception on it and watch it where ever i go i love that movie plus all my pics and documents that i need please pick me because i need storage



DodgeBall, 300, Labrynth, SinCity, Eddie Murphy RAW, Lord of War, SuperBad, YoGabbaGabba (I've got kids!!)

ALL types of tunes and audio books

DISNEY SONGS!!! (Litte girl LOVES it!)

Ample room for PodCasts, and OS leaks from native browser!! YES RIM, 100+ MB downloads right from the device!

MORE Videos, MORE Tunes!!!!

Cheers contestants!!!

I would put podcasts,R&B,Rock,Pop and Reggae musics
and Family Guy,The Simpsons,American Dad
And everything in my iTunes Library on That Micro SD

I would love to win so I can store my entire Frank Sinatra collection on it and have it with me at all times.

If i could win this prize... I would put on it the video of 2 girls and 1 cup to record the face of ppl on the street who watches over my shoulder when i am on the phone....then record the reaction to share with

I like anything that is mainstream billboard hot 100, and that is about it. I would load tv shows that i like, teen mom etc.

I'll need all the space I can get so I can put all that bryan adams and alanis morisette on there and the canadian athem as my alarm.

i would fill the SD card with as much metal as possible, everything from 3 inches of blood, to as i lay dying, devil driver, etc.

that and maybe some cartoons

I'd love to win this so I can use this to store all music and videos and also all my photos onto my device without having to switch cards. wont even need to own a ipod no more if i got this

i would load more death metal on to my stick, but i also keep themes on it so i can change it all the time. i also make my own wallpapers too.

My measly 4GB micro card is so full I have to delete pictures, music, files! Boy oh boy this would be awesome for my BB Torch 9800! I would load it with TONS of house music!!

The first season of Misfits and first 3 of The Big Bang Theory .. not to forget all my rock/Hip=hop music :D

I would load all my Itunes music onto it, so I can get rid of my stupid Iphone forever!! Plus with all the extra memory visiting Crackberry everyday with all that memory would make everything much smoother and faster!! *brownie points* ;-)

I would put every Johnny Winter CD I could find on it and if there were room... Most of the Pixar movies, but espcially "The Incredibles"... And John Wayne Movies... And Maynard Fergusun CDs...And "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" and....

With this storage capacity, I would load it up with enough MP3s to allow limitless music selections for my daily bus commutes to and from work.

I would love to snag this additional memory to show off my sweet jams to all others. Please pick me.

I would put tons of pics, my family videos, true blood seasons 1-3 , the hangover and other movies. As for music, beatles, lauryn hill and whatever I feel like putting on there. Lol.

I would definitely add my whole music collection, or most of it I would remove my wife's stuff. Then it would be nice to put on a movie or two, whatever is the latest new one. and I often store documents on their to. Now I wont have to say " I got that song let me play it....UHHH....I took it off last week to make room for another album." 4GBs just don't go as far as it used to.

PULP FICTION, DIE HARD SERIES, ENTOURAGE 1-7, JACKIE BROWN, THE SHINNING, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS....yeah ima QT fan the list goes on. ps i'm an android user past BlackBerry abuser dont judge i miss my Berry every time i have to communicate with someone but im comforted by my web browser and and dev support.

I have numerous classics i would like to move from my mac book pro hdd so it can be easily transferred from my college apartment to home when i travel. the list is numerous here are a few highlights

I'd love to have enough space to keep several of my favorite shows on it. The Twilight Zone, Fringe, Star Trek...and probably some music as well.

Kanye west ft rihanna & kid cuddi - all of the lights.

Defo the song n mayb the video ;) depending on hw riskay I'm feeling cos if e missus sees the video...

*thats it!*lol

I need this for pictures of my kids and my music like Black Label Society,Metallica,Aerosmith,Theory of a Deadman,Johnny Cash,etc.

Wow, how memory has progressed. WIth 16 GB of memory on my phone, I would load the entire Monty Python Movies and skits to have on hand for sharing with all who I encounter in my travels that haven't been indoctrinated to all things Monty Python. I would also load all the Dilbert Comics for a little light reading in airport terminals.

i have Ceelo Green, Kanye's new album, a lot of K-Pop (since US music is a lost cause right now), M.I.A., Diplo, Santigold.

I'd put on a bunch of Disney & Barbie movies onto my Torch to occupy my 5yr old daughter while i'm in the car, drs. office, shopping, etc!!!! Habs_fan, I'd load it up with things my boys (and I) like: every Phineas and Ferb episode, all 6 Star Wars movies, and a whack of audio books for car rides.

I would put all my Chase Coy, City and colour, NSN, and Taylor Swift on it. :) And of course my niece Abigail :)

Stop me if you've heard this;, Yea... I'm probably going to be banned from CB but... hey who wouldn't put that on a memory card. Mind you I'm smart enough not to be looking at it when there are people around. Shh... But no seriously, I'd probably just use it to store pictures from my 8520. Or as a back up for my camera. Maybe throw some spare tunes from my iPod.

I've got a lot of music I'd like to put on there, but also a bunch of TV stuff that I just don't want to allow for on my memory card now.

Not to mention everything I'll have won't get in the way with keeping all the Crackberry podcasts on there for me to listen to over and over again! ;-)

ALL of my music, of course. Videos of my daughters efforts in the Peace Corp in Lesotho Africa, Hospice training videos (my profession is Hospice RN) and of course, videos of all 18 grandkids!

Believe it or not, I don't have an IPOD (yech!), I'd put ALL of my music collection on my Blackberry and the SANDISK 16 GB as a substitute! This would really turn my Blackberrry in to the ultimate multimedia device and eliminate the need for A@@le envy!

I would love one of this... Music, Videos, Photos, Documents, etc...Good luck everyone!!!

Def gotta put on all my diplo & David guerro techno mixes with all my drake and Lil wayne albums!! And mix in some singles from multiple artists and we're good to go!

I have 11.3 GB's of music on my computer and my measly 2 GB card can't handle that much so I often find myself swapping music. Would love to be able to add my entire Beatle's discography onto my BB to enjoy at any time :D

if I win, I'm definitely going to upload all "the big bang theory" seasons to my BB, I love this program, and also obviously a lot of music :)

What to keep on a 16gb card? Well I'd put a shed load of metal on it, and if there was any room left, the last episode of the Soprano's. But why would I want to win one from Crackberry? After all I just picked up 2 of them for £15.99 inc. postage from amazon uk the other day. 2 for 16 quid!!!! BARGAIN of the CENTURY so far. Thats $25 and the current rate........... so with them 2 and the one that I will win from here, thats 48Gig, so my entire collection of music wma's and a load of films........ but then there's the changing of them... but I can handle it.

Would love to get one of these to put my entire iTunes library on it so I wouldn't be bored on my flight to Hong Kong :D

80's music for general listening, dance for working out, movies of the animals chasing each other for entertainment, CB podcasts, some classic action flicks-and maybe a chick flick just for the fun of it.

i love my classical music. i have numerous classical CDs that i can put on my 16gb card. i would also put my favorite movieson there: the entire Saw series, both mortal kombat movies. Also a few movies for my son that he never gets tired of likev yogi bear, megamind, toy story 3, etc.

I have over 100 vinyl albums from the 60's (big band, hawaiian, latin) which i would like to carry with me.

I also use my BB in conferences and do audio recordings for my later use (beats trying to scribble fast in taking notes & not paying attention)!!!

This is tough, because there are so many videos and so much music I could put on that thing. I think I would have to put the best quarter of my music collection on there and at least Office Space, and maybe one other video on there. Office Space for my work, as we of course always refer to that movie!

16gb memory card would be sweet! i am constantly filling up the 4gb memory card i currently have and i cant get all my music, pictures or videos on there, this card would help out lot

I would finally be able to have all my favorite Video Podcasts on my device. And let's not forget the entire Crackberry Podcast collection!!

I would love to carry my entire collection of heavy metal on my phone! Probably the Original Star Wars trilogy and of course videos of my kids!

*humps the monitor*
16GB card would hold a ton of Florence and the Machine....and lots of old cartoon...ThunderCats hooo!
I would probably put some Sponge Bob cartoons for my co-workers little girl...she loves some sponge bob.

My entire music collection is on there along with my recorded TV shows I haven't gotten around to watching. It also stores some ebooks, and various documents that I like to have with me for info.

my daughters live far and photos are all i have..... may I please win a 16g memory card? would really be cool to store all my pics in my blackberry.

You can never have too much space for MP3 & Photos. When you are traveling its nice to show good photos of the family and listen to good music.

I would store Crackberry podcasts after podcasts after podcasts, then my music then photos and videos and lots of movies.


I would put my entire collection of Heart songs on the 16gb card. Also add more music ranging from rock, pop and techno dance. I would also put more of my favorite youtube videos on there, mostly interviews of my favorite celebrities.

I would love to get another one of these, I use one now and have all my home videos on it along with a tad over 1000 mp3's on it, lotsa CB podcasts, and other podcasts from all over the web. If i was to get another one, I would take the 12gbs of photos off my pc and put them on the card. San Disk is great btw.

Wow....I have a bazillion (that's a real number when counting songs) mp3's that I would love to put on my phone. The only thing holding me back is I don't have one of these! (yet)

I have a TON of music, i would most likely load it up with another 16 gigs of music to bring to work with me, adding this to my current 16 gigs would give me 32 gigs on the go. WOOOTTTT!

Metallica, Jack Johnson, plenty more rock, some R&B, indie music, alternative, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and many more. I don't watch videos, so the memory card would be filled by music alone.

I have tons of music and documents that I want to store. This card fits the bill for what I need. I hope I'm lucky with this one.

If I were drawn as the fortunate winner of the SanDisk 16GB micro SDHC Card, I would place the entire “Star Trek: Enterprise” series upon it since I am such a Trekkie fan. I would also place every album of Keiko Matsui’s music upon the card as well to satisfy all of my video viewing and music listening tastes.

The Deftones, Lamb of God, All That Remains, some Damian and Bob Marley, Some Queen, Metallica, and Def Leppard. Some Drake and Kid Cudi, some Pac, and some Snoop and Z-Ro. I love music, so I enjoy all kinds :). It would also be great because I am a picture nut. I want to become a photographer so I am constantly snapping pictures and taking up phone memory. I have tons of movies such as Toy Story 3 and Despicable me that i would be able to add to my phone, along with some music videos and spongebob episodes! :DThis would be so awesome, and congrats to whoever wins this! Good luck everyone. :)

Let's see - Adele, April Smith, Barenaked Ladies, Beautiful South, Belle & Sebastian, Bob Marley, Bodeans, Coral, Dan Wilson, Decemberists, English Beat, Feist, Housemartins, Iron & Wine, Jack Johnson, John Wesley Harding, Johnny Clegg, Lisa Hannigan, Lloyd Cole, Lucksmiths, Matt Costa, Mumford & Sons, Odds, Saltbee, Shins, Spirit of the West, Squeeze, Stranglers, Supertramp, Rolling Stones, Tegan & Sara, Weepies, Madness, Mr. Smolin, Lemonheads, Jimmy Buffett, Jason Mraz, Dimes, Elvis Costello, Arcade Fire, Beatles, Broken Bells, Flash & the Pan, Foo Fighters, Frames, Great Big Sea, Said the Whale, Sergeant, Strugglers, Ween, Wilco, Wiretree.

See I need this! Oh, and podcasts!