Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

16 GM microSDHC
By Joseph Holder on 1 Mar 2011 12:00 pm EST

One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these.  Read on for details. 

Did you know that your BlackBerry is a voracious, memory-eating machine? Stills and videos taken with your BlackBerry camera, ringtones, music, email attachments, and even emails themselves take up memory. You need a memory card. To get the full use of the multimedia powers of your BlackBerry, you're going to need some space.

Once, I figured 8 gigabytes of storage would be enough. Then I started added entire albums, entire anthologies of work - twenty-six albums take up a bit of room. Digital backups of shows I own on DVD - every Simpsons DVD to date - take up their share of room, too. With 16 gigabytes of memory, I can store over 2,500 6-megabyte MP3's or more than 80 half-hour shows (about 175 MB each).

San Disk is a name I trust and with's reputation, I know the card is good. Twice, I've been burned by bad memory cards bought on ebay. Never again. The 16 GB strikes a nice balance of providing lots of space without breaking the bank. I know I'll certainly put it to good use.

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review letting us know what music or videos you'd put on a 16 GB memory card. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will get this shipped direct from

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Reader comments

Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



I would love to get this. i would put all sorts of music on it ALONG WITH CRACKBERRY PODCASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I take the top 40 songs of every month (a la mixtake supreme), along with new albums I'm in to, pair it with the full resolution videos of my little girls, and wooobam

Wonderful contest! I have a classic rock & Lounge/ambient music , 16 gig would be wonderful, Id add some videos too!

I would put all my music from my library on there and the videos I would have is Inception, Taken, and some new Blackberry Playbook videos.

I would put every disk of Band of Brothers on it. Then put The Faint on there too.


I'd use mine mostly for movies hangover the crazies and the town would all be movies I would most definately put on there not to mention the tons of music that I have on my computer I'm pretty sure it would fill up the memory card no problem.

I thought I was the big man on campus when I got my 8gb microSd card a few years ago. I'm near capacity and I feel like I don't have that much on it. A 16gb card will give me some breathing room.

Musically, I'm all over the place. DJ Z-trip would definitely be on the playlist.

For the music it would be alternative music and some indie including
Foo Fighters
Arcade Fire
Ok Go

And because of slacker radio I keep discovering new bands so I keep downloading new stuff

Tv shows, well The best of will ferrel SNL is definitely a must and to name some more:
Family guys

I'm going on a New Kids On The Block cruise in May and will need to make sure I have everyone of their albums (group and individual solo) loaded onto my Blackberry so we have something to listen to while lounging by the pool!!

My commute is approx 35 minutes, so I'd load up the card with television episodes for easy and quick viewing. I'll be one of those people laughing at themselves on the subway while watching a show.

Please let me win!! :)

I have to carry multiple micro SD cards because I have to have videos for football players working out and their game film. Many of the drills that were displayed all this weekend up to today, are stored on my sd cards. It makes it wasy for me to send to teams for review or even show on the spot. I also store some music that keeps me going, Jay-Z, Drake, Beastie Boys, Run DMC....

It always amazes me when I run out of space and have to double the size of my memory card. This would do it for me. ;)

I am big fan of podcasts, especially baseball ones (I also subscribe to the CB podcast). With Spring Training starting up the podcasts are getting geared up for the season. A new SD card would help me keep all those podcasts with me at all times.

I'd start with all my music (close to 9GB).
some pod-cast
and a shows/movies for my travels.
hmm .. 16 Gb might not be enough but that's a start

With 16gb, my list is endless, I'll be storing things from all my music files, picture files, and movie/shows files, to my business documents and power point presentations...I'd love one!

I have two kids and every cell phone pic is have taken is on the card in my 9700. From my wife pregancy pics with our first son, on the Pearl 8100, to cleaner pics and choppy videos my curve 8320, to cleaner pics and videos with my 8900, and now my Bold 9700. If I get the card, I am going to place take more pics and videos of my kids. I pride myself with the fact that my kids entire lives thus far are documented on my phones memory card. Fom the delivery room to the first day of school etc. I am nearing my limit. Help me out!

Bought an 8GB about 6 months ago. Almost full! Need the 16 to store all of my podcasts (this American life and crackberry) as well as my music and pictures

I would put every Beatles and Queen song on this puppy, and so much more. Family photos and videos of the fam, when we go to the cottage!!

I would put fill up 16GB with multiple copies of Inception to dedicate an entire microSDHC card to Christopher Nolan. <3

I actually have seasons 1-2 of Dexter on my work computer to transfer to my phones card whenever I get room so I can watch them since I don't have access to Showtime. I refuse to delete all my music as I listen to it while at the gym and I haven't watched the movies yet that I have on the card now.

Enya, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Box, Bündock, Plume Latraverse, among others.. :)

16Gb would be just enough ;)

I would put every video I've ever shot on any of my phones that have used a micro sd, and all the pictures I have backed up on my computer. Also I could expand my phones music library

I would have more vids of Dexter, Family Guy, Home Vids, Photos and of course alot more music.
Thank you,

I would FINALLY be able to add the 6 GBs of music I've got on my pc, seasons 1-3 of my favorite show, "Fringe," and I would still have room for all my school powerpoints, spreadsheets, and word files =D


Mine would contain a mix of photos, music (mostly country and christian contemp), files for transport, etc. If there is enough room you may also find some work presentations on there.


I would totally put on the new stuff I keep finding on pandora, currently E Nomine (sp?) and everything I currently have on my 4GB card - like my Weird Al Anthology.

I keep a playlist for the gym and cardio, some slow mellow tunes for the when am with my lady(AUX LINE) some tracks just to get bay during the day.............Occasionally I put a movie or 3 on there for long trips and days at work.

I would love to be able to video my three girls cheer competition routines and have them saved on my blackberry to show family and friends!

o man i would luv this so when i go on the train i got some videos and music to watch and listen to so pick me pick me >=D
big pun

family guy
american dad

Abysmal Dawn, Times of Grace, Kryoburn, Volbeat , Lazarus AD, Emmure, Ekotron, Devildriver, Stratovarius, Onslaught and many more.

only have 574KB left on a 8GB microSD

Right now I have the stock 4gig card that came with my torch and its jam packed full of dexter, burn notice, house, pictures and a couple nascar races.. 16gigs would definitely make my greyhound rides a lot more enjoyable since I would have three times the space for more episodes! Watching the same ones over and over are getting tiresome.

Pictures of my family, all my MP3's to replace my Ipod, and play my music over my car's bluetooth system :) the occasional movie for those airline flights too.
also my work files that get emailed to me that I view on my phone and transfer to my laptop on the road.

Cheers and thanks for the opportunity to win!

With 16GB, I'd put all my "dance" music (Lady Gaga, Madonna, Black Eye Peas, etc) to keep myself entertained and upbeat while out and about.

I'd finally take video of my flag football games. I don't do it now because I'm afraid of running out of room.

I would love one of these so that I can keep my music collections as well as videos of my son plus maybe some of those Nintendo games for the emulator I just found!

if i get one i cant store the main albums i like have a 4gb currently and a 8gb ipod but thats not enough

MP3's (of course), but I'd also keep video's taken at the scene of emergency incidents that I took with my Bold as a record.

Video: Spartacus and Californication
Music: Daft Punk Tron Legacy OST and Cliff Martinez's Solaris, Narc, and Traffic OSTs

16GB That's pretty frickin' big!

I'd store the whole whackload of Annual Ministry of Sound from 1990 to 2011- Yay for Mash up music!

I'd also give this card double duty and stick it in my camera once in a while.. then edit my picture in my blackberry! Brilliant! I know... thank you, thank you..


As a TEDster, I would fill that card with a ton of inspriing and amazing lectures/presentations. As for music anything goes for me so sadly I don't even think even 16gb will be enough.

Pick me please!

Since I am an oldie goldie I would put the following:

All of Simon and Garfunkle albums
All Elton John Albums
All Chicago Albums
Blood Sweat and Tears
Neil Diamond "Hot August Night" (the first one)
All of CSN (and Young)
Three Dog Night
Jimi Hendrix - Cry of Love
All Eagles
And because my kids turned me on to him...all of Ben Folds


I would love to win this!!

I would put my R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae music on there as well as my Shogun Assassin movie series! YAY......and of course....some podcasts!

Personally, I've been burned by a 4G sandisk microSD in my bold 9700. It just up and died one day. I picked up a 32G dane-elec card for a nice price. It works beautifully so far and is about 90% full of music. If I were chosen to receive this 16G card, I would fill it with videos! :D

Thanks for the opportunity.

I would put everything I could possibly fit on it. The Book of Eli, the Bourne Triology, Beverly Hills Cops, everything

I would keep my entire music collection on my BB if I had this card. Classic rock, classic country, new age instrumentals, everything from Ace of Base rto ZZ top. I have about 12GB total and can't take it all with me on my 8GB card.

I could use this so bad....I have a 8g card now and have everything from hip hop, some old but still my fav Limp Bizkit to classical! And my card is so full because I have over 400 pictures of my son who is my life and episodes of Mickey Mouse club house so he can watch when we are out!

I already own one of these and they are superb, amazing what you can store in one of these. Would surely love a second one.

Rock and old country music. I don't do much as far as video's so I'll have plenty of room for music. BB9670

I would put all of my music from iTunes and the newest seasons of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I'd store alot of party pics and pics of life here in Jamaica and record videos of strange things that tend to happen around me and then share it with the world online. Music is a given and genres on top of genres would be store.

Definitely throw in some Chuck, Dexter and some Doctor Who on that bad boy. Don't get me started on the music. Anything deep house like Stimming, Charles Webster etc. please CB, pick me!!!

My blackberry is my main music player, so i would have a good 800+ songs on there
And I take a lot of video's of me and my friends messing around, so w/ a 16 gig memory card i can have a lott of space for both ! :D

i would put seasons of entourage and more music since my card is full and still have lots to add

I would def fill this memory card full of electronic music and hip-hop beats. I'm a club DJ in Chicago and I love my Blackberry!

I'm finally tackling the task of ripping every CD I own. ( I'm amazed at how long it's been since I listened to most of my "Physical" music instead of just digital stuff) So, I think I'd have to start with the Salt -n-Peppa and Cranberries albums I came across...

This contest is pretty cool! I would put tons of things on my blackberry if I got this card. I would put my digital copies of Harry Potter on there, I would put Dexter and LOST, I would sync all my music from itunes, and I would add all my videos from my old blackberry that I kept having to transfer to my computer cuz they wouldnt fit!! Goodluck everyone!!!!

I would put my whole music library of 4000 or more songs on my blackberry then instead of having to put only certain ones. I would then put all my movies on it so I could forever be entertained when I'm not home and I'd put all of my pictures on it as well. :D

I would store Disney movies for my daughter so that when we are out and about and she is driving me bonkers I can give it to her to watch. Also my mp3 collection to drown out my co-workers when I don't want to be disturbed.

Please, can i win!
I'd love to win this so I can use this to store photos of my family and all we do on it without having to switch cards.

Thank you,CrackBerry!!!!!!

I have a full 8gb card with only about a quarter of my music on it. I would love to have more on my BB with me at all times. From Counting Crows, to Bruce Springsteen, to Eric Clapton, to Jay-Z i like to have it all with me.

I need more space for my Torch.

Season 5 of Dexter should be coming out soon, so it's time I rewatch some previous seasons to get back into the swing of things. I'd love to put a season on my phone to be able to watch at lunch or breaks at work...or just whenever while I'm passing time.

Also I recently started downloading podcasts to my Torch instead of my's starting to add up quickly.

I am currently suffering with 4Gb card on my torch, if i had the room i would be able to store all 10GB of my favoutrite playlists

Beneath The Massacre
Black Sabbath
Blood For Blood
Blotted Science
Bob Dylan
Cannabis Corpse
Cattle Decapitation
Cephalic Carnage
Cypress Hill
Daft Punk
Dave Attell
Despised Icon
Do Make Say Think
Dr. Dre
Dub Trio
Dying Fetus
Easy Star All Stars
Fatboy SLim
Fu Manchu
Gucci Mane
Guttural Secrete
Immortal Technique
Ion Dissonance
Johnny Cash
Lamb of GOd
Last House on The Left
Rage Against The Machine
Sleep Terror
System of a Down
The Dayton Family
The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Notoriious B.I.G.

The I would still have 6GB for all the adult films Id ever need, lol jk, I'd need way more than that, so I'd probably throw a season or two of
The Simpsons
How I Met Your Mother
The I.T. Crowd
Breaking Bad
and of course Ghost Busters!

The first person (hate to say it) got it right... I'd store all of my Pearl Jam on here, well.. at least the studio albums and as much of the live stuff as I have room left over for. I've got 100s of shows from them!

I'm into R&B and Oldies...With a 16 gb I could store my ENTIRE collection of music and have songs for every occasion!!!

I listen to mp3's and ringtones (of course!) and I watch the "Ricky Gervais Show" on my Torch. The show is animated and pretty hilarious. Check it out! Thanks, The Brother.

I would like to win this since mine got fried... Even a 2GB is fine with me :(

- Wedding Photos & Videos
- Entourage
- The Walking Dead
- Weeds
- Bordwalk Empire
- Family Guy
- The Simpsons
- Music
- Movies

Thanks CrackBerry for being my #1 go to site :)

An MP3 Collection that I had been collecting for several Years.
This would also be a holding place for the several many Pictures and Videos that I take on my device.

Having just ordered my Bold 9650, I could use this to transfer all my 80's-90's hair bands music from my iTouch to my new bb. Thanks!

I would definatley put some kanye west and acdc and a bit of motley crue.
As for shows give me all of BIg bang theory and im a happy camper

All my music!
Def Leppard
Avril Lavigne
Blink 182
Bon Jovi
Flo Rida
Goo Goo Dolls


I use my blackberry as an alternative to my ipod and i only have a 4gb micro and i cannot add anymore music or save anymore youtube vids on here. a 16gb would quadruple the amount of happiness i get for a desolate 10 hr workday

I would use this to store the thousands of pictures and hundreds of video clips I take of my kids and family with my bb.

Now this I seriously need!
I would put my itunes library on this bad boy! Although my daughter's hello kitty movies and disney movies will probably take presidence for when we travel!

The music I would put on my card would definitely consist of symphonies for homework, some deadmau5 and metallica for work outs and soulja boy for some comedic relief. But would also definitely put season 3 of how I Met your mother as I am too poor to get bitbop. Robin Sparkles fan.

I would put all the NPR and other podcasts on it:
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Car Talk
Whad'ya Know
A Prairie Home Companion
Dr. Bill Wattenburg (he rocks!)

This would be great! I wouldn't be able to store all of my music on it (500+ gigs) but it would a lot a few good albums in a higher fidelity mp3. Good luck everyone!

Let's see: Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, The Clash, Little Feat, Joe Jackson...only about 3 GB so plenty of room left for more.

I will be loading my favorite shows like Entourage, Dexter, True Blood & Spartacus as well my collection of music of all genres. 16GBs would be a good size for saving all of the above mentioned and then some ;)

fabulously fill it up with pics, vids, docs, and more. :-) lost my phone with my last 16gb card .. which was surprisingly the most painful part of the whole thing. meh!

Since it's a work Blackberry, I believe the "bumfights" videos would have to find another home. The same would be true for my extensive collection of vintage erotica.

I'd have to go with a few books on tape, as well as perhaps the latest series of Dexter. Also, the new Mother Mother album is out soon.

all of the House MD and True Blood seasons, Family Guy, American Dad, The Office, and my whole itunes library

I was a victim of a fake 16gb sdhc and am currently using a 2g sdhc that is horrible small, I love to have movies for the kids and myself when I take them to appointments and we are stuck waiting, would absolutely love to load back up some of those and some more of my 200 cd library to the phone! Please, Please, Please?!

I'd finally make use of my digital copies I have with all my 3D Blu-Rays/Blu-Rays/DVD before they expire, starting with Despicable Me and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs just because I'd be able to afford the space. But mostly, it'd be loaded with music of the 90's!

Wow this would do quite a bit for my Torch.

Music - Been looking at going back to some older stuff (already have updated songs for the year) Looking at the Big Band era, and maybe some Nina Simone era as well.

Videos - Everything from, Doctor Who, Torchwood (on my Torch), Spooks, to Fringe, Grey's, and 4400.

Movies - Have to have my favorite movie on there, Willy Wonka (The original) And then Harry Potter 1-6 (sadly i have to take off most everything else just to barely fit 1-4 on there) and then Others like Hot Fuzz, Mary Poppins, And some James Bond action at some point.

Files - Everything from my Portfolio to show for work places on the go to, new projects so i can take them with me where ever i go.

All the music from my ipod and korean + american movies, korean dramas that i watch!
Also, I've been watching South Park on my BB for quite some time now, and I always get rid of one of the seasons when I put in another, so I couldn't watch some episodes that I wanted to watch again when I wanted to. I guess this'll change that up!

I would save my video's made on the road on it, using my Car mount bought in the crackberry shop! it's great!

Those video's take alot of space on my card now...

Havent got that much music atm so that can change when i have the 16GB!

please provide me one of these microSD cards.

would love to have this to store cartoons and movies for my kid when we are in the car to give me piece and quiet on long drives.....

Lets see. On my travels to and from work I love listening to CB podcasts and music and any trips i do take for business's I love to watch movies on the go. I want to have an excuse to sell my Ipod as I want to become completely into blackberry now

I would store all of my picturess and videos I take for my school yearbook; considering how great the camera on the 9780 is. Now that my ipods gone missinng, I need to store all my music on my blaackberry too. 4gb is no longer enough!

I'd put my entire music collection from 8th grade through college on this and still have space for some Family Guy videos

What music you say? Why all of it of course!
Well...and...and some videos too, I mean I like watching stuff too and all, you know?

I'm not big on video, but I have more than enough music to make this worthwhile. What would I listen to? Punk, classic rock, reggae, classical, metal, hip-hop... Just depends on my mood. Right now it feels like some Johnny Cash might be a nice way to break in a new memory card.

Thanks for the chance to win!

If I were to win this SanDisk 16GB memory card, I'd store
all of my favorite movies, the thousands of songs on my iTunes,
and also all my important documents for school. I'd even take
more pictures and wouldn't have to worry with my stock 2GB
memory card :( I hope to win this Crackberry!

I'd mainly use it for pictures taken with the BB, I guess I'd load some more ringers to totally customize my contacts even more, I don't watch video on my BB.