Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

16 GM microSDHC
By Joseph Holder on 1 Mar 2011 12:00 pm EST

One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these.  Read on for details. 

Did you know that your BlackBerry is a voracious, memory-eating machine? Stills and videos taken with your BlackBerry camera, ringtones, music, email attachments, and even emails themselves take up memory. You need a memory card. To get the full use of the multimedia powers of your BlackBerry, you're going to need some space.

Once, I figured 8 gigabytes of storage would be enough. Then I started added entire albums, entire anthologies of work - twenty-six albums take up a bit of room. Digital backups of shows I own on DVD - every Simpsons DVD to date - take up their share of room, too. With 16 gigabytes of memory, I can store over 2,500 6-megabyte MP3's or more than 80 half-hour shows (about 175 MB each).

San Disk is a name I trust and with's reputation, I know the card is good. Twice, I've been burned by bad memory cards bought on ebay. Never again. The 16 GB strikes a nice balance of providing lots of space without breaking the bank. I know I'll certainly put it to good use.

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review letting us know what music or videos you'd put on a 16 GB memory card. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will get this shipped direct from

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Review: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



I would put the latest album by metric, tbbt for when i'm at school and of course chuck, then fill the rest with other music for on the go

I'd love to win this so I can use this to store photos of my family and all we do on it without having to switch cards.

yo yo yooooo
crackberry podcast, running music, videos of my children.... pictures, more...
me, me ,meeee

Can always use more memory to put my "swing music and 50's music on. I think I just told my age?
Thanks for the chance to win the 16GB SanDisk.

All my Linkin Park albums, plus a tons of other music that currently resides on my Ipod. Band of brothers would be great for airplane time.

I'd just put my favorite music from all over the map and continue to add with the amazon mp3 app with $5 albums.

I would love to win this - my 9700 is extremely low on memory, would love to have more room for pictures and podcasts!

Two And A Half Men has to be on it :D

And Music is clear, too : BEP

Pictures of my young little family, for sure


i would put Gossip Girl videos and Being Human US etc

for music i would put Lady Gaga!!

why are you guys so cheap anyway. just one micro sd?

I want a 16gb microsd card sooo bad, my 4gb is uber full, I have it full of all kinds of different music from jazz to mexican rancheras to dance/pop to alternative not to forget some nice classic rock and temptations.. but there is still so much more music id like to put on there.. and as for pictures i use my BB Torch as my primary camera now, i constantly taking pictures of everything, if i see a beautiful sunset i love to share on facebook/twitter, if i'm with family it's my favorite thing to do take snap pictures of the kids or video tape them then send the videos through bbm to far away family members.. so i would love to win this =) cause i need more room! i've already had to delete about 200 pictures this past weekend cause i keep filing it up.. crossing my fingers! ps. i love crackberry keeps me up to date for everything blackberry! i'm obsessed with this site & i check it twice a day for new post =) so thank you for your hard work!

I would put family pics, music from my high school years and just about any entertaining vids I could find on the net. Of course, some pretty damn funny ring tones too, and finally a movie or two for long waits at airports.

I purchased a Sandisk 16GB card from Ebay and everytime I get around 4gb of used memory it stops working and says the card is corrupt and asks me do I want to format the card all over again. I then reformat and spend all the time putting my media back and it does it again. These ebay sellers that are auctioning off junk should be banned from life! I'd love to win this card, and not just because I need one, but because I wouldn't have no worries about it's authenticity coming str8 from Crackberry.

really need this to store my mixes and dubstep! I record some of my few hour long mixes and love listening to them in the car (radio doesn't do it for me :) ) but I need more space for all of that! i recently opted to remove every video from my bb in order to make space for music :( sad, but its a compromise

please cb! be nice and throw me a 16gb card :)

So many options but I just got the Larry Sanders Show and would love to watch that on my commute. Not to mention re-watching great episodes of Parks & Recreation

Thanks CB

Well, I have 52 gigs of music on my external drive. I could carry almost 1/3 of that with me. Cool.

I usually forget the camcorder, so I'll be happy to have the storage to keep the videos of my son & daughter singing in the kids choir at church.

I love listening to movies - movies I have watched thousands of times - while I am working. But when I have to leave my desk, I can't listen to them because they are not on my Blackberry Bold. I would love to fill the SD card with my faves so I never have to go without!

i would put all the football matches where manchester united have gone on to win a cup on my memory .thats a lot

i would put all of the videos of my son on it, that way whenever i am out, i can always show off the videos and of course pics of Ben

via BB9780

MJ songs
Up Dharma Down
Reggae Songs

Spartacus Season 1 and Season 2
The Avengers
Family Guy
The Simpsons

Comics of The Walking Dead Volume 1-80

me wan one!

I use the media sync to change out albums often. Current Artists I have loaded...

Ani Difranco
Animal Collective
Arcade Fire
Bright Eyes
Elliott Smith
Elton John
Girl Talk
LCD Sound System
Modest Mouse
Ryan Adams
The Black Keys
The Hold Steady
The National
and Yeasayer

Well, first I would copy all of my full 4gb card over to it and lots of extra room. Thanks for the contest.

Great give away! I would love a 16 gb card to put the rest of my Billy Joel / Journey music on my phone.

Let's see I'd start out with the 3.8 gigs of my favorite playlist then top off with californication , house , and whatever random movie I convert with DVD in hand software I purchased from the Crackberry store.

I could move all my music ranging from techno to rock to country to opera off my IPOD and on to the memory card and finally get rid of my ipod! Please help me make this happen!

would love to win this my blackberry can use much more memory, would love to have more room for pictures, videos, podcasts and much more downloaded stuff.

I would mostly store videos and pictures of my kids and family. I have also entertained the idea of starting to move my mp3 collection and not carrying a separate device...

I currently have a 4 mb card and it isn't nearly enough. I would like to download more music from my itunes library to my BB. I don't like carrying two devices.

I would put all my podcasts, music, pictures and videos of family and pets. I have (37gb) of music currently, so a larger card would help me carry more!

I would store the entire series of Tail Spin on there.

"Friends for life, through thick and thin
With another tale to spin."

I would love a 16 GB card for my BlackBerry! I would add more music of course... and more books...and definitely more photos!. While I only have my 8 GB card just over half loaded, there is so much I have yet to transfer from my laptop. Extra storage space is always a good thing!

With all of my music and ringtones, I don't have much room left for the episodes of Californication, Dexter, Modern Family, and Perfect Couples I like to watch.

I would put all of the seasons of The Office! a few great movies too :) Thanks for the contest, I hope I win!

for sure, i'd store every episode of "the office" and would now have room for more podcasts... I'm running a 4GB card right now, so 16GB would be so awesome!

I would use the memory card as follows:
8gigs of music - 80's, hip hop, r&b, pop, house, and techno
2gigs of movies - my favorite movies/shows that I know I could watch over and over again on my torch.
(Dark Knight, Office Space, Fav. Friends Episodes, Iron Man, Smallville, The Hangover, and a couple others)
2gigs of pics - since I travel fairly often, storing my pics of the foods, sights, and culture from the places I've been would be great.
2gigs of videos - being able to store tons of random moments of time spent with friends, family, interesting events is a huge plus because those special moments missed due to lack of memory space would just suck
2gigs of misc. - email attachments: presentations, spreadsheets, pdf's is great when I can store all these important items on the go and not have to worry about logging into a desktop and downloading my files.

Thanks SanDisk and Crackberry!

I could use one to store music, of which I am not locked to any genre. I'd also store photos of recent outings and trips, work photos, daughter photos (the most important :-) ) And work related information as well.

Mostly Family photos and videos taken with my Bold. Would love the room to put more cartoons for my son - he just loves his Sponge Bob!

The Beatles ONE Album, anything by Led Zeppelin or Guns n' Roses (minus Chinese Democracy). Van Halen would definitely be on there as well as Bad Company and Def Leppard. Those are the classics. For the newer music, I would have Green Day, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, Blues Traveler, 3 Doors Down, Jamey Johnson, Linkin Park, and Theory of a Deadman.

Pics would be whatever I have downloaded as backgrounds and of the kids. Videos would be anything funny that I pick up around the internet or something that someone sends me.

Kids music videos for my daughter (shown to her on the potty as a bribe to get her onto the potty in the first place) and the BBC Merlin TV series which I've been enjoying on flights without seat-back TV.

Don't really use it for music. But i do use it for videos and pictures.
I had a 2gb card then a 4gb and now i am up to 8gb.
In the past with the 2gb card and the 4gb card i had to move pictures to my desktop because the memory card was getting full.
I would love a 16gb card. I would never have to worry about how much space i have on my card again.

great contest CB!!!
lets do this :D

very nice, it would make a great upgrade from the 2gb included in the box...more BlackEyed Peas, and classics from Queen and and "Trance around the world" podcasts...With WiFi music sync its sooooo easy to fill a card and you don't even know how it happened...i'd add some "Two and a half men" and maybe some Law and Order episodes...Please pick me...i'm sure i can find lots to fill it with...

I have got to say, my 8 GB card has gotten it's fair share of abuse due to my Crackberry addiction! Music, Video (mostly Family Guy, lol), Ringtones, documents, pictures of friends and families... my list goes on... and on... and on...
I need a 16 GB card (actually need the 32 GB, but pockets are too deep here)!

Thanks CrackBerry!!!

With that much memory I don't think there is anything I wouldn't put on there. Family Guy seasons 1-8, Weeds seasons 1-5, Scrubs all seasons, 24 seasons 1-8, and all the music my lil heart desired :)

for movies i would have the dark knight, transformers, and all the godfathers, and any room left over i would put some music on :)

Thanks for the opportunity. I would save each of the videos of my twins so that I could have em with me anywhere!

Music...tons of music my 4GB card is full and I need MORE, oh and room for some tv shows to just kill some time would be nice.

Would love to have some more memory. Tonnes of pictures and everything from Frank Sinatra to Sepultura in the music department . Great week of contests so far. Happy Birthday CB!

I would store the last 2 Guetta albums and complete records of Ricardo Arjona and some black eyed peas videos...those are cool :P

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks and would love to be able to fit more! Thanks for all the work you guys/girls do!

All the CrackBerry podcasts and my Lamb of God, Pain, Prodigy, Disturbed and Necromantia anthology's

I would put all the videos I have taken of my family and also some more movies than the 1 or 2 I have on there right now. :)

Load up some Pink Panther movies for my cross country flight. Always like to arrive with a smile on my face so when they lose my luggage I don't start in a bad frame of mind.

I ALWAYS put my new music on my MicroSD when i buy it, however it's getting full as it's only 8 GB :( I could use double the space :D it's also my "secret" backup-backup of pictures and documents!

Right now, my entire digital music collection totals just over 8GB, so I would store my entire music collection. I would also store pictures of my kid (since I haven't had pictures in my wallet...ever). I would also store movies - I travel alot, so it's nice to be able to bring movies on my phone instead of pulling out my laptop.

Thanks for the great stuff! Happy Birthday!

I would put seasons 1-6 of Lost on there.

Not sure if that size card would work, or if I would be better with one of these:

4 8 15 16 23 42

Wow. Honeestly, my entire music collection would fit with enough room to snap thousands more pictures.

i travel a lot and wait in offices a lot, so i like to put movies or tv shows i missed on my phone to pass the time while i wait for people. this card would help store more videos

Well, music would be TORI AMOS, GRACE JONES and BJORK for sure... and movies? I prefer to watch series on my BB... Like STAR TREK or FLASHFORWARD!

I would keep more pics and videos that I use to share with all my friends and family 2000miles all the ringtones I make for them!

I recently was commenting to a friend that I find it very cool and very sad that with the entire Beatles catalog on my torch I'm never more than 5 seconds away from every song the fan four recorded. With 16gb I then could have the anthology DVD and all of their movies in the holster ready to go.

The question is what wouldn't I put on the card? My old MP3 player would be gone and all the music moved onto my BB. I can add new videos that I couldn't use before. Then let’s include the Podcasts (especially the CB ones). I would also like to record meeting discussions and ‘notes to self’. All of which can go to the card and be synced.

This would come in so handy for me. Being such a newbie to BlackBerries and smart phones in general, I did not even know my new curve did not come with a memory card.


Be gone iPod!
I could finally pass on my full 8gb iPod to someone in my fam and load up this bad boy with some beats for the gym! I'd also have to carry one less thing! (=

I love music from Jazz to Rock-n-Roll. I would have a very large music collection with a 16gig memory card. Artist like the Whispers, Temptations,Commodors, and not to mention one of my all time favorites Jill Scott. A 16gig would give me a monsterous collection to carry around in one (1) media device, my bold 9650

At the moment i have a 8gb card in my Torch. I record alot of videos and add tons of music. I also rip movies and convert them for my BB. So i definatley use the memory and also take alot of pictures of cars.....Im a car lover.

I store movies, music (Pearl Jam, Mary J Blige, 2pac), about 1,000 photos of my family (and devices)... Until recently I was using an 8GB SanDisk sd card. But, I accidently broke it in half while removing it from my Bold 9650 (changing out housing). Good thing I had plenty of back up sd cards (now using a 4GB) But, nothing to replace my 8GB. I'd love to start loading at least a couple albums of music at a time again.

I NEED one of these! I convert music and movies for travel!
Movies like 300, Transformers I and II, RED, Inception, Star Trek, A Beautiful Mind, etc.
Music like Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, Ne-Yo, Jeremih, etc.


I've put a bunch of elmo videos for my daughter to watch when we are out and about and I want her to just sit still.

I would put all of the songs from my girl friends ipod on it, then give it to her, then take away her ipod. BB FTW.

I'd make even more vids and take even more pics with my Bold 9780 without having to worry about running out of space. Oh, and of course, fill it up with even more music of all kinds. Perhaps you guys will start your band up soon as mentioned on your previous podcast and I'll check out some of it as well ;-) In the meanwhile I can also add podcasts of all kinds to it as well.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16GB do you know how many movies I can put on my BB.

I would probably put some Vandals on for the music, but use the card for videos of my expanding family.

a team
american history x
ace ventura pet detec
babylon ad
boiler room
book of eli
Bourne triligy
brooklyns finest
city of god
city of men
dance flick
death race
eagle eye
drag me to hell
fast and furous
next friday
friday after next
from paris with love
green zone
gran turino
half baked
the hangover
hot tub time machine
kick ass
the loosers
repo men
never back down

all time fav.........White chicks

What WOULD I put on there? How about, what WOULDN'T I put on there?! It's amazing how fast technology comes along. Shoot, I remember when having a 1GB hard drive computer was a big deal! This would pretty much make my phone have a new additional use as (replacing) my thumb drive!

believe it or not but I just filled my 8 gig last weekend and I was thinking of going out to buy a 16 gig. this would save me $$

Ohhh. this one has to be me, pick me. Perfect timing. I am running out of room on my 8g card. I put all kinds of music, I refuse to buy ipod. I also keep a dozen movies at all times. You never know when you will have a free couple of hours.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!

Definitely would put family guy seasons on there and then all my music ffrom itunes since its a pain to carry my bb and ipod... Also convert and move all my home videos :)

I am not sure what all songs I would load on it, but I bet my bottom dollar The Humpty Dance would be one of them!

I would use it to save the hundreds of pictures I take using my blackberry camera while I'm traveling to share with my family through MMS so they can feel like they're right there with me wherever I go. I would also use it to hold serveral video publications in full sign language to show to anyone I may come across who is Deaf or uses American Sign Language to communicate. Thanks for the chance!

I use an 8gb card with my 9780, but its too small. I store downloaded Youtube movies, pictures, the entire Bible, ebooks, home vidoes, just to name a few things. I want one of these 16gb cards.

All my music!
Def Leppard
Avril Lavigne
Blink 182
Bon Jovi
Flo Rida
Goo Goo Dolls


I'll store pretty much all my music in. Lots of country and maybe I'll store some of the best hockey fights of this year. Gotta love storage!

all of my lubly pictures of my kids and family for quick access and a huge number of music (Ilike all kinds) thanks CB

Its simple....tons and tons of movies and tv shows.

Old School
Wedding Crashers
Happy Gimore
Super Troopers
Dumb and Dumber
Full metal jacket

Reno 911
Family Guy
Ultimate Fighter

I'd transfer all of my personal music so that I don't keep getting hit in the face by all the music my kids have on my iPod.

I'm already runnin out of room on my 8gig card! I mostly have music on mine, & if I had a 16gig card I'd store MUCH more video. I'd put seasons 1-5 of Criminal Minds, for starters!

OOOh I need this! :D I have too many walls, themes, etc on my tiny card now.

I'd put some movies for my kids on there, more of my music (currently only have room for latest Radiohead), & cache some more of my Slacker stations.

Good luck everyone!

I would have loads more room for BW icon sets and Battex skins and walls and zipped themes and music and.....i could go on and on !!!

I use it for my 15GB of music i have my 4GB just doesn't do it for me. and as soon as i get money i getting me a 32GB

I'd put all my workout music on it. Use it as an mp3 player at the gym so I don't need to carry so many things with me.

As the last show of Lost starts to fade, Ive been watching all the episodes to catch up with old episodes and hopefully solve mysteries that passed me up during the initial run. I would put all seasons on my SD card. Lost really helps pass the time. I already carry around the Lord of the Rings trilogy on my card but I would also put the extended editions on too.

As for music, instead of single songs how about full albums now woo hoo!!

Good luck to me! and then everyone else!

I have 70 + gbs of music separated by genre & artist (ie. gospel, blues, reggae, etc.). I could put whole genres on card.

my entire depeche mode back catalogue, photo's of me and my family, video clips to share with family all over the world!

Porn from vivid videos...evasive angles..the evil tolerance...bangbros...brazzers...reality kings etc etc etc

i would dl the playbook intro vid from youtube and put it on my bb to view whenever my hope in bb is down!

who knows, i just might be the lucky one. i actually use my memory card for dropbox content, i frequently store my favorite mp3's on my mac and it syncs up automagically. i also frequently take long videos with the phones camera, and i would love to keep at least two .avi movies on it.

I will never "forget" how much I love CB if you upgrade my brain ... er memory via SanDisk~ Thanks CrackBerry and Happy BD!!!

All of my music would not fit, but I would put as much of 30 Rock on there as I possibly could. Of course my "driving" playlist as well to jam out to.

I would use this 16gb micro sd card to store the latest song from my favourite singers and bands.
Also I would put videos I like.For example movies, videos on youtube ect.

Katatonia, dying fetus, waking the cadaver, norther, mors principium est, brodequin, judas iscariot, burzum, abigail williams... Movies movies moviessssss

I would put all my snowboard videos and photos on, and have a killer playlist for the terrain park!

Got about 16 gigs of punk rock sitting on an old ipod video that i'd like to throw out. Also always keep a couple of movies I haven't seen yet on there :).

Mostly music

Talking heads,
Reel Big Fish,
Barenaked Ladies,
Flogging Molly,
the Tossers,
Hot Stove Jimmy,
Lords of Acid,
Rage Against the Machine,
Smashing Pumokins,
the Beatles,

Oh, gosh, where to begin....

Green Day
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Reel Big Fish
Jethro Tull
Weird Al Yankovic
Richard Cheese
Blue Man Group
Smash Mouth
Art of Noise
Oingo Boingo
Spin Doctors
Barenaked Ladies
Pink Floyd
Norah Jones
David Bowie
Phil Collins
Seven Nations
Irish Pub Songs
Florida State University Marching Chiefs
Bob Marley
No Doubt
Brian Setzer Orchestra

Just a small example...I definitely need more room.

I have a new baby coming in two months, so i would store all my pictures on the new card, plus all my music. Thanks Crackberry!!!

I would put photos of friends and family and music that I have accumulated over the years

I would definitely put all my music on my 9700 as well as some movies that I like to watch usually before I go to bed instead of just transfering one on my 1 gig :/

what a jump in storage for me this would be. i could have my country music, my grandkids pictures and of course my little videos of my grandkids. with this huge upgrade i could keep all the kids videos to show anyone that would watch.
thanks for a great contest - only at Crackberry.................

Alice in Chains, Black Eyed Peas, Deer Tick, Foo Fighters, The Fray, Interpol, Cee Loo Green etc.

Yep I listen to just about anything...

What music would I put on a 16gb card?
Wow... a lot.
Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphys, Atreyu, From Autumn to Ashes... the list goes on and on.
Oh, I could fill it, trust me :D

I'm 24yo male and I'm not even kidding when I say this...there would be so much Taylor Swift on it...


Office Space
Boondock Saints 1 & 2
The Godfather 1 thru 3

Anything and everything in my collection (not too big of one)

Just enough space to completely replace my iPod!

I would put pictures and videos of my girlfriend and family in it.
Having them on my cell phone is the greatest thing for a student like me studying away from home.
The torch only comes with a 4gb. It would be awesome to have a 16gb in there! :)

I dont want the 16gb flash , I want the Zip drive disks you got there :D, id put 100-200mb of music or starcraft maps on it ^_^