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Review: BB:Robot Scheduler for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 7 Jul 2009 07:17 am EDT

BB:Robot Scheduler

While I was on my vacation, I had time to reflect upon various ways I could make my schedule a little easier to manage. As the saying goes, there is a time and place for everything. Unfortunately, your own timing may be a little off. Even with the uber powerful BlackBerry smartphone available to us, our sometimes busy lives may cause some hiccups in our schedules. There have been times when I get home from work exhausted and collapse on the couch, only to have to get up seconds later because I forgot to do something. I look towards my BlackBerry and say "Can't you just do it for me?"

I set my sights on BB:Robot Scheduler for a solution. Since the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I can honestly say that pretty much anything with robot in its name immediately caught my attention. BB:Robot Scheduler seemed to be a pretty simple application but, like Transformers, there's more than meets the eye. You can use the application to create schedules for almost everything you do with your BlackBerry. With audio recordings, sharing GPS locations, messages, calls, etc, ready to be scheduled, you can take a breather and focus on your next vacation plans. Read on for more.

About BB:Robot Scheduler

BB:Robot Scheduler is currently only available for the Bold, Curve 8900, Tour and Storm. We are looking at version 1.1.4 of the application, which will require 116.1kb of space. The application is brought to you by ComputerInBed (hmm, interesting name), the same name behind the Java-based Large Log Viewer (not for the BlackBerry smartphone).

Although fairly straight forward, the application takes a little time to master. The main menu will list all of the schedulers that you have created. From the main menu you can view, edit or delete said schedulers. Now before we destroy, we must create. BB:Robot Scheduler does a great job of simplifying the creation process. The first screen requires you to create a name for the scheduler, as well as to choose a start time and whether you want the scheduler to recur or not. For the start time, you can have the scheduler start immediately, choose a start date/time or set a delay (in minutes and/or seconds). If you want the scheduler to repeat you can choose how many seconds, minutes, hours or days to do so.

BB:Robot Scheduler
create a scheduler

choose an action or actions

After you have filled in the required information, and save the scheduler, you will then be prompted to choose an action for the scheduler to take. Here is a list of the actions you can take:

Send Email - Fill in the To, Subject and Message field.

Send SMS - Fill in the To and Message Field.

Email Position -Fill in the To and Message Field. The app will also add a link to Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps.

Play Audio - Allows you to browse through your media and select a file.

Record Audio - Choose where to store your recorded audio file and whether to show the recording screen or not. You can also set the recording duration (in minutes and seconds).
Fake Incoming Call - redirects you to your contact list. Choose a contact, then choose which number. Then decide to change the incoming call number to something else, as well as the caller name. The application also lets you choose a specific ringtone, vibration and ringtone duration to use.

Make a Phone Call - choose a contact, name and number like you would with the Fake Incoming Call feature. Also enter in the initialization/ringtone duration (measured in seconds). You can even decide the call duration (minutes and seconds)!

Show popup message - displays a message of your creation and for the duration of your choosing. You can also decide if a vibration and/or tone should accompany the popup as well (select a tone and volume level). This is a great popup reminder feature!

Play Tone - Choose between a ring, a "bipbip" or a custom tone and have it play for a specified time.

Vibrate - have your BlackBerry vibrate for a period of time

Launch Browser - Enter in the URL you wish to open

Launch Application - Launch a vast number of native application modules and third party apps.

Lock - Lock the keyboard.

Power Off

Flashing LED - decide between a Blink or solid LED as well as the duration of the action
Clean the Memory

Take/Email Screenshot - Choose where to store the screenshot, whether to email the screenshot or not, which contact to email and which email to send from.

Radio On/Off - No matter which BlackBerry you use, the app will ask you to choose between GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G, CDMA, IDEN and WLAN.

Soft Reset - note that this cannot be initialized when your BlackBerry is locked or holstered.

control your radio

compose an email for future use

Hi back

manage playback volume

That's a lot of actions to take isn't it? With that much power in your hands, you can imagine the possibilities and advantages. Each scheduler can handle several simultaneous actions, allowing you to streamline your schedule list. You can always go back and add, edit, delete or activate actions. BB:Robot Scheduler offers additional controls for audio playback and recording, including volume control (playback only) and a stop button. The options available to you may seem a little overwhelming, but they are actually quite easy to handle. The application is ideal for those who know that something has to be done, but may forget to do it. This will act as both a reminder and a task aid, as the action takes the first step for you. The only trouble I had with BB:Robot Scheduler had to do with the Tone add-on. The application is supposed to allow you to test a tone before setting it. After pressing "Test", not a sound was heard. Other than that, it was pretty solid.


BB:Robot Scheduler is a personal assistant that is both precise and consistent. Hopefully, by harnessing it correctly, it will help you keep you day on track. This goes far beyond the simple alert reminder, it almost turns your BlackBerry into a DIY device. Who needs you anymore? Well, maybe it'll keep you around to buy the latest accessories. Sadly, there is no trial available. BB:Robot Scheduler is normally available for $6.00, but if you act before July 17th you can pick it up for only $3! For more information, and to pick up a copy of BB:Robot Scheduler, click here.


  • Assign numerous actions for you daily to-do's
  • Actions are easily created and manageable


  • Cannot preview tones


Reader comments

Review: BB:Robot Scheduler for BlackBerry Smartphones


So I take it you liked the piece of garbage they called "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"? Or was that just a needed jumping off point?

I know it is off track, but I did like the movie. I do not know why everyone is bad mouthing it. What kind of Tour De' Force were you looking for in an Robot Aliens fight Robot Aliens movie?
Its a Transformers movie, not Schindler's List.

But that is just my opinion.

Been waiting for a semi-decent scheduler to rear it's head.
And here it is.
Looking forward to running it through it's paces, especially with my busy and complicated life.

Hope it pans out, or I've just wasted $3.00 on yet another useless "productivity" app.

I really want this App. But is this statement true?

The application has no data persistence. If one exits the app, or if the phone is reset, all scheduled events are erased. I can understand if scheduled events did not occur if the app is not running, but the scheduled events should not be erased

I would guess not due to the fact that the GPS is disabled for any 3rd party applications on the Verizon network. If anything the program would have to triangulate your position which isn't very accurate.

I thought GPS is NOT disabled for Verizon. That's what I've been told in the forums. Can you please point me to where you found this info ?

What a great application. I may just have to get it so it can send my parents a gps location of where I am every night so they don't have to call me. Or text message my girlfriend every morning for me. = P

When I look on the Crackberry store, it shows the price is $6. Is there a discount code to get the $3?

I saw this app and purchased immediately. While it's a cool program, one thing is lacking IMO. I thought I would be able to setup a schedule to switch from 3G & 2G to just 2G in the Radio on/off action type.

I want to be ale to turn off my 3G and turn on the WiFi radio while at home and connect to my router for faster net speeds. This only lets you turn the radio (phone) completely on or off.

It would nice if the developer could add this to a later update.

The most important option is missing:

If app x is running, close app x

until then, I'll wait. Pretty good start tho.

I want to be to turn off my 3G and turn on the WiFi radio while at home and connect to my router for faster net speeds.
If anything the program would have to triangulate your position which isn't very accurate.

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