Review: RexRegina Morgan Case for BlackBerry Curve/8800

By Tom Able-Green on 17 Aug 2007 09:50 am EDT

RexRegina Morgan Case

Finally, I am able to reveal the availability of a new case, designed essentially for the BlackBerry 8800, but that also fits the BlackBerry Curve. I have been using the RexRegina Morgan Case, in Black Lizard Embossed Leather trim, for about 4 weeks now after what was a lengthy yet very productive creation time on RexRegina's end. The production effort was worth it! RexRegina have made several cases that will, in my opinion, fend off competitors.

First Impression
We have all seen a line of quality leather pouches, cases, etc. but on arrival of the Pouch from RexRegina, I was left almost stunned. The Italian leather really stands out, which isn't a total surprise when you consider most of the leather cases currently on the market are made with the less expensive Asian Leathers (most of them are merely surface painted, instead of being aniline dyed). The Morgan case is available in three embossed leather finishes: Lizard, Crocodile, and Vegetable Tanned.   

RexRegina Morgan Case looks Great!

The Details
My immediate reaction, after opening the underestimating white box the pouch arrived in, was to check if there was a “sleeper magnet” for the BlackBerry. Everyone knows a BlackBerry case without a magnet is worthless. Sure enough I found it at the bottom of the case where it should be, carefully placed.

My next check was to see how the Trackball would be affected with my Curve fully inserted in the pouch. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran my finger inside the case to find a long oval cut out inside the front of the pouch to allow the trackball to sit untouched whilst in this beautifully created case.

Morgan Case Room for Trackball

From experience, RexRegina tells me that the most popular colours that sell in this product are the darker colours, thus explaining this design. There is enough flexibility in the pouch to make it a nice fit around the BlackBerry 8800 and also the shorter 8300 Curve; the case does a great job of protecting the Blackberry. RexRegina have made a big effort in ensuring that the case is robust, yet retains an elegant look. The Lizard Skin Embossed Pouch is beautifully stitched; it’s neat; it’s tidy; as if oozing class. And in between the soft leather padding there are harder inserts which prevents any unwanted and unnecessary bending of the case. At $44.95, this case offers tremendous value.

RexRegina Morgan Case - Fits both the 8800 and Curve

I know when I received my 8800, the one thing I felt was missing was a pouch – similar to the one that comes with the Curves in Europe. This pouch does more than compensate for just another case. Whether this comes in plain Leather, Lizard Skin Embossed, or Colored Leather, I believe there isn’t a case on the market that beats this. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying the other cases aren’t any good, because they are; this is just different. It’s unique, but most of all it does what it’s meant to – it protects your BB.

Small fact - RexRegina uses the same tannery in Italy that is used by some of the top fashion labels…. That surely has to say something good for this product.

RexRegina Review Summary:
Rex Regina Morgan Case for BlackBerry 8800/Curve


  • Outstanding Quality
  • Outstanding Looks
  • Outstanding Attention to Detail
  • Outstanding Value


  • More color options would be nice!
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Black Lizard Embossed Leather - $44.95
Black Crocodile Embossed Leather - $44.95
Black Vegetable Tanned Leather - $44.95

Reader comments

Review: RexRegina Morgan Case for BlackBerry Curve/8800


Elegant looking leather but yet another disappointing, useless case. Why spend $50 when RIM gives you a pouch case with your BB?

These types of cases are fine if you are a woman who carries her BB around in her purse. But for all of us men and probably a lot of women too, we carry our phones on our belts and we need a nice elegant workable case that CLIPS TO YOUR BELT!

I've had my new BB Curve for two months and I've yet to find a good case option for it. Hope springs eternal and I keep thinking one of these days I'll find a great leather case that works for me. Nothing yet.

Is the Winston the only model with a clip or are there plans for the Morgan pouch with a clip?
As for additional colors, when will they be available? I checked the RexRegina site and only available in black on Morgan models.

Yeah, all men with complete incompetence of style... Why spend the money on an amazing, stylish Italian leather case then clip it to a belt? I could only think of several other ways to turn such a beautiful phone and case into a horrible display of stylistic ignorance. Most men have briefcases and laptop cases, as well POCKETS, and they all make an exceptional location to place a PDA.

I bought this case because I was tired of the "middle-manager-chic" fashion aesthetic promoted by so many holster-manufacturers. In an effort to get away from the "Holy Gadgets, Batman!" utility-belt look, I looked for a case that would: 1) protect the Blackberry, 2) allow me to keep it in an inside suit pocket, 3) come without a clip, and 4) still allow me to carry it in a jeans back pocket on the weekend.

This case is perfect for all of those things. I peeled the screen protector/skins off the BB, and have been keeping it in the case for about 3 months now. Stays clean, no scratches, sleeps (saves battery) - I really like the case.

One possible downside - it's not a one-handed operation. You do have to take the case out of a pocket, hold it with one hand, and take out the BB with the other. On the other hand, it's not the mindless "reach for the hip" when you get the buzz, but a more executive presentation.

I've gotten very positive comments, and several "where did you get that?" questions. I like it - wish I had picked one up for my last BB.

I just received the case today, purchasing it for use with my BB Curve. I find it kind of annoying actually; it's pretty stiff and it feels like I am forcing the BB into it.

No one else felt this way?

Yes, the cases are a little stiff right out of the box. The cases are made of a high-quality, resilient leather. You'll find that the case will "break in" just like a nice pair of shoes after just a short while of use.

I ordered this case, in part, based on this review. I can't say I fully agree. Though it is a far more elegant case than most of the average offerings, I have to agree with another poster that the fit (for my 8300) is rather snug.

I'll give it some time to break in before finalizing my opinion, but I find right now that it's impossible to take the BB out of the case without having some front buttons hit. It always comes out of the case with something on the screen as a result of a button(s) being activated upon removal.

Though the aftermarket BB pouch is less elegant, it seems to be better designed. So, I suppose it's a matter of form over function. If you don't mind pulling your BB from this case seeing a "search" screen or a "contacts" screen showing due to some unintentional contact with a button, go for it.

Initial impression is so-so at best.

Just a quick comment that we've added some color choices since the original review. There's more than just black available.



All of the positive comments are 100% true. I used the case for about 2 months with my 8830 and loved it. Lots of great comments about it. However, I started to notice that my screen had wear patterns on it from normal use. You must always insert it with the track ball in the provided slot. Even so, the damage is to the screen so I stopped using it.

I bought this case for my Bold about 3 weeks ago. I love this case. The case fits perfectly with my Bold. Not to tight, not to loose. I don't have to lock the keyboard or anything. I haven't had one problem. It fits perfectly to my Bold.

I wear a suit for work. I place it in my suit pocket and you can barely tell it's there. On the weekends i wear jeans where i put the Bold in my front pocket. No problems at all.

It's a great classy elegant case. It's great for a professional person. I get more comments and questions about the case more then i do my Bold. It's also great for anyone who is into style. My fashion diva daughter's want the same case i have.

The case arrived very fast to my home. It was well packed. The company sent me emails with tracking information. A true professional company.

I work in a factory where its not safe to wear the belt clip style BB holster so I've found this one is perfect. It feels nice and softens well with use, protects well, and I like the sleep mechanism. BUT it does scratch your screen, the back of the BB, and will take the paint off the keys. If you get just a little dust or dirt in there you will have permanent annoying scratches.

Will this case work with my Tour? I am looking for a pouch that my Tour will fit in and that works with the track ball. All of the comments I see are for the Bold and other models. I don't want to make a big purchase like this if it doesn't turn off the backlight when I put the phone into it. The crappy case they include with the Tour has the clip on the back, and I don't use clips. I want something to put in my purse or pocket. Thanks, if anyone has any info about this and the Tour.