Review - RDM+ Brings Your PC To Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 20 Apr 2009 06:54 am EDT
RDM+ Review!

I have been using RDM+ for a while now and as a whole, I'm pleased with this application. It does exactly what it claims to be able to do and even more. The UI is really nice when it comes to ease of use and over time I have found more and more uses for RDM+ on a daily basis. Be sure to read on for a more in-depth look.

RDM+ Start Screen!

First up, we'll have a little peek into the user interface and the options available within RDM+.

As you can see from the snapshot above the layout is rather simple with all of the options outlined nice and neat:

  • Desktop - Takes you directly to your desktop
  • Files - Inserts you into the directory of hard disk drives on your PC
  • System - Gives you a up close look at your system information
  • Computers - Shows you connectable PC's and allows you too add more as needed.
  • Setup - Gives you access to such things as passwords, connection options, display quality and much more
  • Exit - Exits the application cleanly so that it does not remain running.

RDM+ Desktop Screen Shot!

When you click on the "Desktop" button you are automatically authenticated through the application running on your PC. After authentication you are presented with your desktop, in this case mine, where you can access any and all applications that are on your PC. It allows you to open and excute pretty much anything you may really need to access. Now depending on what device you are using, the screen may look a little better as compared to some. For me I prefer to use my Storm as the screen is larger but I also use my Bold as it functions just a nice, just with a smaller screen.

RDM+ Desktop Options!

Pressing on your menu key brings up the options menu. From here you can zoom in on your desktop, which brings up your key functions. If you have hot keys assigned to applications you can invoke them from here, bring up your keyboard and also adjust your cursor on the screen so you may copy and paste text.

RDM+ Desktop Zoomed In!

Zooming in on your desktop is a great way to drill down on certain sections of your PC, be it if you need to read something or if you need to open an application that you just can't seem to hit with the mouse unless you zoom in. You also get the choice of how far in you actually want to zoom, so if you are really needing to hit the icon zoom in to the max and bring up the options menu, choose "double click" and you are good to go. Said application will then load up as per normal and a few seconds later will be viewable on your device's screen.

RDM+ Downloading Files!

This has got to be the part of RDM+ that is my favorite - access to all the hard drives on my PC without any restriction like seen within the BlackBerry browser. I can remotely access all the files on my PC, view their properties and even open them up and view them just as I would at home. Now keep in mind while most stuff will work, don't go trying to watch a movie in your favorite media application and expect it to work flawlessly over RDM+. While the video will indeed to play, it's latent with no audio coming from it. Which brings me to the next part.

RDM+ Download Files Direct To BlackBerry!

The downloading ability of RDM+. Any files you have stored on your PC can be accessed and downloaded all right to your device. Now if you are using 3G services or EV-DO data transmission you should be fine for reasonably sized files. You don't really want to try and download a 1GB file from your PC and expect it to be showing up immediately, but mp3 files, documents and even some converted for BlackBerry videos can be downloaded with no issues at all and the application is smart enough to ask where it is you want the files to be stored too.

RDM+ Storage Card Downloads! 

In this picture you can see all options are available, be it on your device memory or on your storage card, the choice on where to save files is yours.

Confirm Downloads!

And just to be sure you are wanting to download the file and not kill your bandwidth allowance for the month if your carrier does not offer you an unlimited plan *cough* Rogers *cough* you are then asked to confirm the download of the files.

Files Downloading Via RDM+

After confirmation files will begin to download to the specified location and you will be well on your way to either a more productive day because you just grabbed files you were suppose to of had stored on your device for that meeting or you're well on your way to goofing off all day cause you just downloaded a ton of music from your PC and a few videos to watch while at work ;)

RDM+ More Options! 
RDM+ Hardware Options!

Overall RDM+ is a great application, and really I have outlined just one possibility of usage here. I can think of many, many other great uses for it. The included functions such as being able to reboot your PC remotely, view and kill running tasks and get all system information right on your BlackBerry and even be able to run command line options to help diagnose connection issues. RDM+ is well worth the buy in cost. RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles sells for $39.95 and all devices 4.1 OS and higher are supported.

Reader comments

Review - RDM+ Brings Your PC To Your BlackBerry


i went to buy this and it says in highlited letters...not compatible with the storm. the review uses the storm. i am a little confused.

Go ahead and purchase it here. Then go to RDM+ webpage and download the storm version. You will get an email with the activation code when you purchase it. Do not download the version at the crackberry store for its not compatible with the storm regardless what you do with compatibility mode.

I'm running the 7-day trial on the storm now. It works well. On the download page there is one version for storm, one version for all other BB. I recommend giving it a try.

I have tried this with the storm a couple of months ago, with the free trial and it worked. I am going to go ahead and purchase it. I might purchase it directly from RDM+ webpage, for they have a higher version, they have 4.0.78 and the one on crackberry is 4.0.73. I prefer to get it from crackberry for its easier to get updates from one source by logging into your account. I guess I will just get the .73 and hope that upgrades will come thru here. I am torn.

So I may someday by a PC again but is there going to be something like this for mac users in the future or even now that I just dont know about? I would love a program like this for my Storm but I have a Mac Book.

I have been using this app for a few weeks. The upside is it seems to work well and do what it says it will. I haven't had any issues while using it and it has saved me from having to run back to the office a couple of times already.
The downside - the only issue I have had - is that after I connect remotely, the memory on my laptop is diminished so much that I have to reboot to get the laptop working again. I dont know if there is a way to end the connection on the laptop after I get back that will increase the memory without rebooting. I liken this to having to pull the battery out of my Storm every few days.
Overall, very useful software. The "wow" factor with people is pretty high when you show them that you can run your computer from your blackberry. They act like you're part of Star Trek or something!

Just wondering about bandwidth and data usage when running applications remotely on a PC... is it just an image of the PC screen being viewed, and how often is it updated, and what sort of traffic is that likey to generate.
I am with vodaphone in Australia, we get Free internet using the blackberry browser, but are charged if we use the vodafone browser and leave their sit.

Good overview! Does anyone know if you can browse your network with this app? I have 2 media servers with photos and movies on it and would be interested in getting this if i could access my NAS from my BB. Havnt gone to the site yet but im assuming no Linux

I tried to use this on my curve and found that I really needed a higher bandwidth connection. Perhaps wifi would have come in handy. this looks like an app that would be amazing on a wifi enabled storm. I currently use sugarsync, so I have access to all of my files regardless of where I am, but not my apps. I would be interested in a desktop client for this. Does that come with the mobile version. I don't want to run arcmap thru my berry.

I played around with this for my Pearl about a month ago and was pretty impressed with the software. The only problem was that other than the "coolness" (if you can call it that) factor, I really had no other use for it. Running ActiveX applications through IE on my computer was great while I was out on my BB, but I didn't do that often enough.

However, at $19.99, maybe I'll reconsider and just have it around for that occassional usage.

The note in the CrackBerry Store says that RDM+ is not compatible with the Storm, your comment was that the screen looked better on the Storm than the Bold.

Does it actually work then on the Storm? Why would they say it doesn't?

The note is misleading and needs to be updated. Go ahead and d/l the RDM+ software and you will see the client for the STORM is attached.

Ok, I loaded the RDM+ on my STORM, and even though it does work, I find it to be a bit difficult to maneuver the mouse around the screen, especially with the OTTER BOX in place. I guess it will take some time of getting used to, but for the $20 bucks, I find it to be a useful tool even though I won't be using it much.

Will I be able to play World of WarCraft on my Storm through my desktop?

If so, my bathroom breaks at work just got a whole lot more fun.

Please read previous comments before repeating the same things that have already been stated several times. There is a Storm version, but you have to download from the RDM site, not this one.

but you can still purchase it here to get your validation key. just download from RDM's site. and like the guy above said, read the thread :) believe it or not we dont just leave messages to see our name in print! :)

This is a general comment about all Crackberry reviews;

The reviews are all well and good and give a good idea about if the program is good or not.

However, rarely do I read a Crackberry review that first describes the program before going into detail about how it works.

I have to read the review just to figure out what the program is, which is irritating and ineffecient. Also, it can get confusing since we don't understand the purpose of the program as we read about what it does.

Just a suggestion; describe what the program is and does before going into how it works and if it's good.

its hard to click on things, now I remember why I passed on it before. but since its only 20 bucks i picked it up. I hope it gets easier to work with, cause this will save some time, its just a bit difficult with the storm.

Ok guys, even though this program appears to be a useful tool, I decided to remove it from my Storm because it is causing severe lagging and slowing down the response on all my applications. I don't believe this program will benefit me if this is a common problem.

Blaze... I've been looking/ waiting for a program like this. I'm a big tech guys. Currently trying to make everything in my house wireless. thanks you have brought me 1 step closer to my goal...

Keep the good apps rolling in!

I installed the 4.0.78 (Storm Version), which i downloaded straight from the ShapeServices site, and it comes up in compatibility mode. I've turned it on and off and rebooted, but it won't change to full screen. Also none of the buttons are clickable, I have to hit the hangup key to break out of the app... I'm running VZW Storm 9530

benefits: this is an awesome little tool to have! did not notice it slowing down my BB or desktop sigificantly, gives me full access to everything, allows me to start and stop system services, I can use it with multiple systems, was able to launch an RDP session from my laptop to a client, can also launc VNC connections now through my work laptop, also as stated it does exit cleanly when pressing the back key thus not remaining running in the background like most apps will and draining your battery.... Excellent features.

Drawbacks: using on the storm is tricky as the cursor is directly under your fingertip and therefore not visible, would be better if it worked like the cursor mode for the BB browser where the cursor appears just above your fingertip, I would guess that this app could cause excessive battery drain over long usage periods, so it would be a good Idea to make sure you have a charger handy if you were to be doing extended work from your BB.

could you start your slingbox on your LAN , then watch it via this program? If so i'll snap this prgram up in a heartbeat.

You mean watch the slingbox on your PC through RDM? That isn't gonna work because the redraw update is too slow. Also wouldn't you just use slingplayer anyways?

a) They should update the CrackBerry store with the latest, Storm-compatible version.

b) So does this mean I can trigger Handbrake and use Visual Studio 2008 remotely? I don't really know how remote desktop programs function, in general, but I assume it's just input and display going back and forth between the remote desktop and the Storm - processing is handled remotely - so something that is mostly text display (like Visual Studio) should be a snap, right? I mean, a keypress isn't a lot of data to transmit.

It's not the keypress that takes time, it's redrawing the screen. But yeah you can trigger whatever you want.

I would love to see a youtube video comparison of this app on a wifi and verizon phone to see the difference in functionality. I found this program slow on my curve and prefer sugar synce which automatically backs up your files online and therefore doesn't require you to leave your desktop running.

"computer should be turned on, connected to INTERNET and have RDM+ module running" this is what written in instruction anyway)You can turn off the computer though)

I have to say this is a very handy app for those who may need it. I am a property manager, I can have access to all of my files, tenants leases, property management software. It is compatible with the storm. I had to change my energy setting so my laptop does not hibernate or disconnect from the internet, which is not a big deal to me. Basically this app allows you total control over your computer...EVERYTHING you can even access the internet.

I downloaded everything from the RDM site. I also purchased the program via CB but when I got my email there is no code! It says it's unavailable. Now what?

If you don't know what remote desktop is, odds are you don't need an app that does remote desktop...

I have been using this product for years, even before Shape Services acquired the company that developed it. One of the key applications that have saved me multiple times by providing access to my desktop applications and files. $19 is a steal .....

This program is great. I have the Storm 9530 with Verizon and it works great. When I click something it takes place basically instantly and then I see it happen on my storm screen a second or two later. I love this program, especially for 19.99. Works great on the storm.

Hey all,

Wow, I'm a tech geek myself and fan of VNC. Tried it out, worked as expected, bit tough to mouse and click around but you get used to it. VERY handy for emergencies or if you step away you can still "DO" things.

Worth 19.99.

Do note that the version from crackberry is older. Go to the actual site for LATEST version for ALL blackberries.

Would this program allow the user to open/view adobe support media (particularly adobe flashplayer) from their PC on their blackberry?

How fast is 3G?

I'm trying to download an MP3 and it's going at like 12kb/s. Is that right?

I mean, I guess it's also limited by my home ISP's upload, I'm just curious.

i have both a pc and mac...i know this may sound silly but do i need to buy two copies of the software for one phone (storm)?

I would wait for someone else to confirm, but I'm pretty sure the DESKTOP version of RDM+ is free (the part that you install on your home computer, to grant access to it from your phone).

Meaning, you should be able to install RDM+ on any number or types of PCs. The version you pay for is the one you install and use on the phone.

You "add" your computers to the phone version. So you could have a few different computers with phone access, and you connect to one at a time.

Best thing to do is to download the 7-day trial. Just go to to find the free desktop version(s).

You only pay for the client which you install on ur BlackBerry. An yes you can add unlimmited computers. Every Computer once you register with your same username / pwd which you used to register the first computer gets auto assigned a computer code/number. That number you add it to your list in your BlackBerry client application for RDM+ and viola you are golden!!!


You pay only for mobile client, both for Mac and PC RDM+ are free. The plus is that the number of the computers you can connect to RDM+ is almost unlimited! Both Mac and Windows! Home computer, Office computer, your mother's in Law computer...)))

Got hosed with the "not available" license too

Went to the shape website and found a page that resends codes. Entered my email adress and got an automated response saying that they had looked up my code and it was "not available" and I probably should write that down.

Since they are in Germany, probably have to do a charge back on my credit card.

I bought this through Mobihand and they sent me "not available" too. They also are one of those dedicated "never talk to a customer on the phone" companies. You can google all you want and you will never find a working phone number.

Thanks Crackberry!!! I got this from Handango for $15.99 after 20% discount which they had on all their Apps until yesterday! :) So not bad for $15.99 :) I love it and yeah I also received the Serial Code for the Software instantly. Rocks on my Curve 8900!!!


Called my credit card company and initiated a charge back.

They have had most of a day, or roughly 20,000 times longer than it took to take my money, to fix this. Allow 2 days for a response my ass...

I downloaded the trial version onto my Bold and wanted to know if there is any multi-monitor support? I can't seem to find it.

I really want to purchase this app... Used the trial and love the features and ability of it, however, I don't want ot get this license BS that ppl are talking about...

For the people who got this problem, what method did you go through to buy (crackberry store or rdm+ website), and what BB model are you using???

Hi -- I'm curious about this statement:
"I can remotely access all the files on my PC, view their properties and even open them up and view them just as I would at home."

I have an 8320 Curve. I can open text files from the file manager, but the binary files fail -- they show the correct icon (PDF, JPG, 3GP, for example), but they oepn up as text files. Is there anything I need to set up? I tried the RDM+ help pages, but I didn't see anything about it.

I can't access my PC's desktop at all. My Curve just hangs. I can see my wife's PC relatively well. I tried the settings on the RDM+ help pages, but that didn't help. I'd be willing to spring for 20 bucks just for the file access (since it's a one-shot deal, not like SugarSync, for example, which has a monthly charge that increases depending how much disk space you need), but I'd really like to be able to open binary files. (Being able to see any drives my PC can see -- like my dig cam or the files on a CD or USB drive -- is a big plus over SugarSync, by the way. No disrespect to SugarSync -- but how much cooler is RDM+???)

But, anyway. . . any ideas why I can't open binaries? Is it just an 83XX thing?


if you're trying to open binary files, only XX8 implemented, XX16 is rarely needed, mostly for hackers;) is there a need to implement it on RDM?
Does sugarsync has the ability to open XX16?
As for the can download the file you need on your Curve to watch right from it. Hope for next releases which will support pictures view.

To be completely honest, this program is entirely worth it to me just for the OTA file transfer from my PC. Is it as fast as USB? Not at all... but when I'm out with friends and want to say "Here, listen to this new track I downloaded" I don't have to go "oh wait... thats still on my PC at home". The desktop control is nice but not something I would probably use all that often. But I'm sure that the one time I needed it I would be eternally grateful that I did have it.

Using the 7 day free trial right now. Will most likely purchase when I that trial is up. Worth every penny of $20.

Have been trying to get the trial version to work for a couple days now, to no avail. Wanted to see if it was worth buying first, but can't even get it to work and have not gotten a response from support either.

If anybody knows how to initiate setup for the mobile client that would be helpful. I don't have any options to connect or setup the client on my storm.

First let me say that this program works as advertised BUT...

RDM+ requires a client program to be installed on each computer you wish to access and the problem is that software uses 25% to 50% of the computers CPU even when not connected. This results in a dramatic decrease in performance on the computer you wish to access. While you could turn it off until needed there is no way anyone would want this running in the background all the time.

I understand that there needs to be SOME background monitoring for a connection but the hit on performance and 25% to 50% CPU usage is unacceptable!

I have reported this to Shape Services but they have not responed.

I submitted a tech support request for my paid version on Friday. I keep getting an error when trying to change settings on the pc end. I used their web-based support system since I couldn't find a working email or phone number. I have yet to hear back from them (it is now Wednesday night, 5 days for snail-mail, sure, but for email, not acceptable). I have posted a couple comments on the cb forums as well in case their devs visit. Still nothing. Its quite frustrating to read rave reviews here, trust them, pay money for an app that doesn't work as advertised, and to be completely ignored by said company. Until they fix their customer support issues, I would avoid this company.

DoLphinL seems to be a company rep. for RDM+ yet several crackberry users licensing issues seem unaddressed, WTF?
As many good reviews as I see unresolved customer complaints like this are red flags in my book.

2 Spam comments from the same "have Fun!" a$$hat:



/shoot twice & burn with fire

For some god damn reason, when I use the "Enter Text" or "Keyboard", then click okay to send it (on my storm), then the damn RDMPlusDesktop crashes. wtf? This only happens when trying to send a text.

When I open up Safari from my Storm then type something in the address bar, my damn RDMPlusDesktop crashes. Now I have to start the RDMPlusDesktop up again. Really annoying. Until I find out about this issue, I'm not purchasing jack $hit.

Please inform me...thanks.