Review: QuickLaunch for BlackBerry Smartphones

QuickLaunch for BlackBerry Smartphones
By Ryan Blundell on 20 May 2009 12:34 pm EDT

Last month, we had a look at an application called Intelliberry. While it failed to make me any smarter, I did find myself accessing contacts, files and applications in an arguably smarter way. Some may disagree, but there are users and abusers out there who, despite the amazing, personalized organizational options that your BlackBerry device allows, look to be more efficient (or lazy as some have pointed out). I find this type of application beneficial, especially to the less experienced owners, who may find themselves forgetful or overwhelmed.

Of course, it's always good to have options. One option is BBSmart Shortcuts, which was also previously reviewed. Another option available is the aptly named QuickLaunch. The name QuickLaunch has been mentioned a few times in the blogs since the beginning of 2009, so you may not be a stranger to it.

For BlackBerry Storm users, it was the first app to really be optimized to allow you to get more out of the device, and in recent months has been expanded to support non-touch device models. The application allows you to access sites, applications, contacts and more from any screen, any application, you might be on. Your convenience keys never had the opportunity to wield such power and control before. Lets read on and see why this mashup of features, including a different take on Switching Applications and Searches, has made it to the CrackBerry App Store's best seller list!

About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch, brought to you by NikkiSoft, is available for the 81xx, 83xx, 8900, 9000, 9500 and 9530 (for the 81xx and 83xx series, make sure you are running OS 4.5). It's also recommended that you assign the application to either one of your convenience keys. In my opinion, the beauty of this application lies in its simplistic layout. It blends into native and third party themes flawlessly and will appear as though it is, and always has been, part of the BlackBerry OS. QuickLaunch menu appears as a popup. It's initially situated on the right side of the screen, but by changing your settings, it can be switched over to the left side.

QuickLaunch Access
QuickLaunch provides fast access to the things you need

Where it differentiates itself from Intelliberry, is that it requires you to decide what you want to have access to. It doesn't learn and adapt, but it can be easily modified at anytime. When I first opened the application, the only option was to view the Device Info. Here, I can see information such as Memory Status, PIN, IMEI, OS version, signal strength and more. Now, to see what QuickLaunch can really do, press the menu button. It is here where you can add entries (or items). The first section lets you choose shortcuts to native applications, logs, connectivity, profiles, Wikipedia/Google searches, memory cleaner, Wi-Fi options - well you get the idea. To select, simply highlight the desired item and click the trackball to put a checkmark in the box.

QuickLaunch Options

Modifying Quick Launch Preferences

Add application

Add items

Below this list is a series of buttons, each enabling you to add the following:

Websites - only requires you to input the URL and Name of the site.

Phone Call /SMS/Email/PIN - enter a contact method (email address, phone number, etc) or access your contact list and choose method of contact to use. No matter what method you choose, the application will auto generate the contact info into your entry.

Application - You can add a third party application (i.e. Viigo, PeekaWho) to your list.

Media Files - create shortcuts to your favourite songs, videos, images, etc.

The items appearing in your list are not fixed to any position. QuickLaunch allows you to rearrange your items, edit display names and add or remove separators. You can keep your contacts in one section and your media in another. For further personalization, the menu's font size and colours can be altered as well.

Add more items

Add website

QuickLaunch definitely opens up a world of choices, as I no longer have to decide which two apps I need to assign to my convenience keys. I can also call, email, PIN or SMS my favourite contacts directly from the application with a click of a button. The only issue I had was that I was unable to access QuickLaunch from some of the games on my BlackBerry device.


QuickLaunch could be considered a door to everything important on your BlackBerry device. In fact, it may give you better, faster access than The Keymaker (Matrix reference). As much as I love my shortcut apps, I found it easier to use than both Intelliberry (only slightly) and BBSmart Shortcuts. They all worked extremely well, but QuickLaunch sported a better UI. I would like to see some of the same adaptability as we do with Intelliberry. QuickLaunch is available from the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99, but unfortunately there isn't a free trial available. For more information, and to pick up a copy of QuickLaunch, click here.


  • Adapts to your current theme
  • Easy to use
  • Amazingly quick access when properly set up


  • Not all games supported
  • Must be set up by user


Reader comments

Review: QuickLaunch for BlackBerry Smartphones


Doesn't work with either of the two latest OS leaks. Any word on whether RIM or NikkiSoft are going to address this?

Only because I have come to rely on it.

Works very well. I personally think RIM should have or consider adding this as a native Blackberry app.

Same forums here which discuss the new leaked OS's also have info on QL. New QL in beta addresses the problem.

Its a great application with customized shortcuts for your most used applications, phone calls, mms, etc. But if you run an upgraded Storm o/s, its menu will flicker annoyingly and make it difficult to use.

I don't see having me set it up as a con, I am lazy, but not THAT lazy. I would rather spend the 5-10 minutes setting it up exactly how I want it and then never worry again.

I'm in the beta testing for QuickLaunch 2.0, and it's really nice. The customer support is great, and according to one of the developers, some of the issues QL in later OS's is RIM related. Chances are, when version 2.XX is released, the problems will be addressed.

This seriously is one of the best apps ever.

...and that will be when? We are stranded with an app we paid for and rely on and can't use. cheetah is not going to fix it because he doesnt want to waste time... Great customer support... right. Just don't worry about your customers, just take their money. We have to choose between a working OS or QL...

What are you talking about? Where does it say when you buy Quicklaunch, that it is guaranteed to work with leaked OS??? Technically, everyone should be on .75 if your with VZW and it works with that one.

Basically- the answer is yes- just kidding. Not to sure what the current official release is. Does it not work with that OS? If not, then I would agree it needs to be fixed.

Vodafone's official is .141. So they are screwed... what happens if .148 becomes official? It's very possible. Are we gonna get a fix then since it's official? Cheetah wrote in a thread that he doesn't want to rewrite the code to work on .141 and because it would be a waste of time. I understand he's working on V2 and it's supposed to work on 141. It was also talked about the upgrade to V2 is going to require an additional fee. So if we want the software we already paid for to work, we have to pay up again. I call BS. Nowhere did it say the program only works on .75. Maybe I don't want to upgrade and stick with 1.4 for whatever reason because I like the simplicity of it or whatever.

i use and it works great the shortcuts are a nice time saver
and if you are planning on purchasing i would check the forms as the developer cheetahace is working on v2 as v1.4 is for sale now and from the looks of it v2 is gonna be a nice sweet improvement with alot more features,waiting for v2 also

It's the 3rd party app that needs to be fixed, not the OS...

software is designed around an OS, not the other way around

Love this app. Works like a champ on my 8330.

I don't think it is the App developers duty to create a version for an unofficial OS. I still don't understand why RIM isn't working harder to release a new OS for the Storm before launching the Storm II.

Wouldn't you expect an app to work on any OS? Official or not? If you buy software for your computer, don't you expect it to work on future OS's? Imagine you purchase a program and every time an update for windows is released you have to repurchase a new version of it to use it? Certainly not, but you say it's ok for a BB...

I have never tried BB Shortcuts but did try intelliberry. IMO, it is too large and too slow. I then tried QuickLaunch and now question how I was ever able to use a BB without it. I don't know about the Storm issues, but the latest beta works great on my 8900.

Also, I really think the reviewer should have waited another week (or when it is released) until 2.0 is available. 1.4 is great but IMO, it doesn't really compare to the functionality of 2.x

The only problem I have experienced with QuichLaunch, is that any contact I put into the app rings outloud. This happens even when in vibrate only mode.

QuickLaunch 2.0 is coming out in a few days. It works on the recently released OS's .141 and 148 and has many new features that you're going to like. Don't listen to trolls.

Thanks for your patience.

Take it for what it's worth...

Nikkisoft Technical Support told me that it would be 5-7 days as 5/15/09.

Email from

"There is a bug with 141 that causes QL to not work correctly. 141 also has other issues like you can't lock your device.

There are fixes to 141 on that fixes the QL issue along with some other issues if you don't want to wait for the fix.

The fix to QL will be in version 2.0 which is coming out in 5-7 days.

Thanks for understanding"

Though I wont dispute that it has been more than 5 days I will claim partial responsibility for this. As a QL beta tester, I am very nitpicking whenever we test a new upgrade for two reasons. The first is because it is going to be on my Storm; the 2nd is because we want it to be right to avoid negative user feedback. Better late and right then on time and buggy, as the Storm was when we first bought ours. Your patience shall be rewarded.

Anyone successfully using this with the 88xx series? Since there's no free trial, I'm not going to pay for an app I can't use. I know the 88xx series is not listed, but it's the same resolution as the 83xx, which is usually the only issue. If there's an issue with needing multiple convenience keys, then I'm out of luck...

This has to be one of the best apps I have ever used hands down. I have both the bold and storm and QL has worked wthout issue. 2.0 is going to make all of the nay sayers shut up cause cheeta has been working over time on making this app better in eveyway.

He has added features that has just really blown me away and I can't wait for all of the trolls to use it so they can feel stupid.

I have been using QL with Os 141/ hybrid which fixes the bugs in 141 for somes two weeks now . QL purrs along vey nicely. My advice is that if you are keen to load the latest Os as the they unofficially become available there is risk as clearly stated in the download preamble. I found this out quickly however after doing some homework workarounds are soon found out. The expectation that a software developer be able to respond immediately version of modded Os is unrealistic. Come on guys give credit where due!!

I have been using QL with Os 141/ hybrid which fixes the bugs in 141 for somes two weeks now . QL purrs along vey nicely. My advice is that if you are keen to load the latest Os as the they unofficially become available there is risk as clearly stated in the download preamble. I found this out quickly however after doing some homework workarounds are soon found out. The expectation that a software developer be able to respond immediately to evey version of modded Os as they become available is unrealistic. Come on guys give credit where due!!

Nice app. but had to find an alternative because it doesn't work with the lastest RIM beta OS 141 or 148. Oh well.

This is without a doubt a "Must Have" app. It is definitely in the top five and is absolutely worth the couple of dollars they are asking for QuickLaunch.


Is there any way to back up the QuickLaunch Settings. Whenever I upgrade the OS on my Bold, I have to set up applications like Google Maps and Beyond 411 because the settings are not retained. Pocketday, on the other hand, has a way to back up settings, so they are restored. What is the story with QuickLaunch?

QL 2.0 fixes all issues with 'flicker' issue. also well worth the wait for it. Definitely a great improvement over QL 1.4

QL IS ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE BEST APPS FOR MY CURVE 8330!!!!!! My thing is, how can you expect ppl to make software to work around Leaked software? If they do, they do, and if they don't, they don't! No need to slander someone who works hard on their products, expecially when this is a side gig!!! PPL have Lives, so they're not gonna toil to the bone to make a select few happy when they're probably using a leaked software! Come on PPL GET A GRIP!!!!!

and that my $19.14 cents

I am ready to purchase QL but I know version 2.0 is in beta testing now and it should be available soon. I do not know what new features will be available in QL 2.0. BTW, I have a Bold.

Should I wait for version 2?

Thanks for your comments.


Got the updated ver 1.5 today and it works without the flicker! Thanks QL! This is truly one of the best and most practical apps for the Storm.

Newbie first post ever
Trying to decide between Shortcut Me and Quick Launch 2.0 any help out? Storm 9530 becoming an abuser

Customer service agent rude and threatening, ashamed b/c product is great. But some idiot with the ability to answer their emails is rude. He intentionally withheld activation code and refused to refund money. RIP OFF ALERT!!!

Nikkisoft Customer service is horrendous....very must have got the same guy I did. DO NOT. BUY!