Review: Poynt Beta

By Ryan Blundell on 25 Jun 2008 02:21 am EDT

Where can we point you today?

Oh how I love Beta applications, you can never go wrong with the cost (or lack thereof). It’s also like having a virtual child and being able to watch them grow. I’m not sure how much growing Poynt (or MyPoynt) has to do, because it’s already won its way into my BlackBerry heart. For those who don’t know what Poynt is all about, it’s about helping you find what you want and how to get there.  The application features Yellow Pages, Movie info and Directions all at your fingertips…or is that thumbtips?

Poynt is already available for Windows Live and AOL Messengers and finally it’s potential is realized on your BlackBerry. Think about it; GPS, website functionality like “click to call-view-map”, IP detection, not to mention one sexy mobile device. BlackBerrys without GPS can still enjoy what Poynt has to offer. A big round of applause for Multiplied Media Corporation, who are the brains behind Poynt.

Like their logo, Poynt will point you in the right direction. So let Poynts fingers do the walking, while your thumbs do the talking.

Where to go, where to go…

Choose your destiny

Prepare to drool, this application is very easy on the eyes. It’s bright, colourful and ready to find a place to go, where you can show it off. Multiplied Media hail it as an All-in-one local search tool, they weren’t kidding.

As I said in the introduction, Poynt can be used on Berrys with and without GPS capabilities. GPS allows for faster usage of Poynt, but you can also choose to enter an address for your starting point and find what you need from there. Let’s look at each of the categories we have access to.

Yellow Pages

Need to find a restaurant? Mechanic? Retail Store? Or even where you can pick up the Bold in the (hopefully) near future? Don’t waste time searching online or dialing 411. I typed in “Rogers Wireless” to see where I can run to the fastest…and whammy! I have my pick of stores to visit. Once I pick a store, I can then open a menu where you can map the location, map a route, open up a website or even access a number provided for you to call and bug them.

“Do you have the Bold? Do you have the Bold? Do you have the Bold?”

For quick reference at a future time, you can add the desired listing into your address book.

you will see me in line for the Bold

call or show up in person


Directions can be viewed by either turn by turn instructions or on a map. Measurements are available in Miles or Kilometers. Directions can be accessed by clicking on the category or selecting a destination from Yellow Pages. Directions are available for anywhere in North America. Options for Directions include; Map Route, Map Listing or Map all. Select Map Listing and you are brought to BlackBerry Maps! Hoorah!

where am I?

somewhere around here


(I saved this for last) Not sure which flick to go to? Need to know where The Incredible Hulk is playing? Then the Movie category is right up your alley, powered by Cinema-Source. Look up by Movies, Theaters, Top 10, Genres, you name it. After you pick a movie, you can read reviews and details. Once you’re set on a movie, you can map it out or even buy your Tickets online. Find. Click. Buy. Grab popcorn and you’re done. The only thing Poynt can’t do is find you a seat that doesn’t have gum on it.

all the movies without commercials (pfft yeah right)

Hulk like poynt

Poynt me in the direction of a Conclusion

Poynt is going to be on my BlackBerry for a long long time. It carries the torch that has been passed on by older applications that have also proven their worth. I don’t think I will ever use 411 again, as this application offers speed and value. I spend less time on the phone and more time watching the Hulk. This is in Beta at the moment so download it, try it out and give them your feedback. Keep it positive or they may tell you where to go, but at least you’ll know how to get there.


  • use with gps/ non-gps enabled berry
  • quick easy access to what you're looking for
  • movie reviews, details and ticket purchase
  • uses BB maps and your phone to go further
  • None
  • Currently only works in the USA and Canada


  • Download Poynt from your BlackBerry here at

Reader comments

Review: Poynt Beta


downloading now. Can't wait to try this out. Use Beyond411 but am always excited about new apps!

This replaces InfoSpace FindIt for the Curve 8330. InfoSpace no longer works on the 8330. Looks like a great program. Can't wait to dive into it.

I have a "CON" for you, it says it only works in USA / I can't use it in UK :(
Yet again a great app I can't use !

Great Application. I have been trying it for a few weeks now and really like it. I also have "Live Search" by Microsoft on my 8130 and both are great applications. I haven't decided yet which one I like better (both on the same device).

This seems like a cool app. but for some reason i can't get it to work on my BB 8320. The little green dot on the upper right corner stays RED all the time so I can't search nada. any help?

A few possible solutions:
1) It sometimes takes a while for the GPS to locate a satelite.
2) Make sure your GPS is enabled on your device, I found on many phones in the US the GPS setting is set by default to 911 only. You may need to go into the Advanced Settings --> GPS to set it to Location.
3) If that doesnt work let me know there are some other things to check out.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried going to advance options> GPS. but then I can't change the GPS Data Source, its just says NONE.

Any other suggestions.

Thanks again.

Ah yes, 8320 does not have GPS only wifi, sorry about that :-S. You will need set it manually.

Our dev team is working on a solution for WiFi devices that will get a locate based on your wireless network. They expect this release to be available toward the end of this week. If you send an email to they will let you know once the feature has been added in. Until then, you can type in your address and search from there – Poynt saves your last five search locations so if you search frequently from a couple of addresses they’ll be available through the location drop down.

I tried this app last week and though I like it I found it to be a waste of memory if you already have google maps. I do like how it shows your results in order from closest to furthest.

I'm using the 8310 on AT&T, and i'm also having trouble with the GPS, and i know it's on because Google maps brings it up quickly. Any thoughts?

Although bbmaps regained gps functionality for the verizon 8330 curve, it seems to refuse to let any other program integrate with it. My gps did not work any more after installing poynt. Had to uninstall to get it working again. Really getting sick of verizon's bs.

I, too, get only the red dot so can't try this out. Any suggestions from verizon customers. I do have my GPS options set to LOCATION, not 911-only.

verizon disables the gps on all blackberries so that you have to turn to them for vz navigator, and pay 9.99/month. and vzn wont make this work either. but the app seems good even without the gps.

You are going to have to enter the city to find the local information. Google maps shows location within 2500 meters by using towers on my verizon 8330. Minor problem for an awesome service.

it doesnt seem that anyone really knows about this app; but, i assure you, superpages mobile, is 10 times better than this app and beyond411. best of all it is free. you can find it here:


here is the main site:

btw, i have the sprint 8830(curve). i say this b/c the curve is not one of the options in there, but trust me it works awesome.

I too have the red button & no GPS info. I have my GPS set to location on - but is this some functionality that doesn't work due to vzw?

yeah verizon doesn't want you to be able to do any gps stuff at all, no geotagging photos for flickr from your phone even. they are ridiculous, it never bothered me before i had a blackberry now it is a huge drawback to having them. when the bold finally comes out i'll be switching to at&t for that one reason. and i've been with vzw for 7 years.

Anyone else getting an overloading of the server message? I'm gonna wait it out and see if I can download it a bit later.

hey, just downloaded Poynt and the movies and yellow pages is awesome! but when i ask for maps and directions... it says "maps disabled". i want this to work, am i doing anything wrong? please help....i have the 8320 from t-mobile right now connected to my wi-fi at home....

yea i downloaded that later and it did the same thing.... o well, i got windows live and it works great... but still, id rather try to have this program work. thanks alot though, great suggestion.

any other ideas? anybody? greatly appreciated....

i believe the problem maybe that you do not have gps included on your phone. if there is no gps, than no maps and any other service that may require gps. you may want to try google mobile maps--that doesn't require gps. hope this helps.

Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback.

We have a new version:

- added favorites
- added full integration with address book (search from a contact with poynt)
- add a listing to the address book
- manage your favorite locations
- clear your search history (in options and settings)
- manually change connection type (in options and settings)
- bug fixes

Download it here:


Do I have to install Blackberry maps to use this application? Everytime I try to use the maps I get an error "The version ob Blackberry Maps you have installed on your device is incompatible with Poynt" Thanks

I have the Blackberry Bold (BB 9000). I installed Poynt but it doesn't work for directions. It tells me the version of Blackberry Maps installed is incompatible with Poynt. I'm using Blackberry Maps 1.2.

I used it for a couple days on my bold and it worked fine except for directions cause BB maps doesn't work on att. So I updated to os .168 and BB maps works great! but now poynt restarts my phone when I open the program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?

I used it for a couple days on my bold and it worked fine except for directions cause BB maps doesn't work on att. So I updated to os .168 and BB maps works great! but now poynt restarts my phone when I open the program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?

I used it for a couple days on my bold and it worked fine except for directions cause BB maps doesn't work on att. So I updated to os .168 and BB maps works great! but now poynt restarts my phone when I open the program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?

Works great except for the gps. Didn't they announce recently that verizon unlocked the gps on blackberries? It didn't used to work with blackberry maps and now it does post 4.5. Anyone know?


Does this do anything that Google Maps doesn't already do? I don't see the benefit of this program.


You said it works "PERFECT" on your storm, but can you buy movie tickets with it or get "driving instructions" on it to businesses ?

I cannot seem to get Poynt to do any of that...

Any suggestions ?

Hey guys,

Anyone having problems with this program on the 9530 Storm ? It says you can buy movie tickets and get driving directions with this software...I can view movies and find theatres in my area so I know the GPS portion is working, but for some reason I can't find how to "Get Driving Directions" to places I want to go or buy movie tickets online...

What am I doing wrong ?? Or better yet, does anyone have any solutions ? Or maybe it's just a Storm thing....

Please let me know...