Review: Powermat Wireless Charging System for BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300 Series

By Yousif Abdullah on 19 May 2011 12:17 pm EDT

One lucky reader will win a PowerMat Charging System for the BlackBerry Curve 3G!  Read on for details. 

Despite that we live in 2011, battery technology has - for the most part - seen only marginal advancement, leaving us gadget-hungry and digitally-dependent mobile users with little choice when it comes to long lasting battery life. But a conscious decision does not guarantee anything: I sometimes get laughed at for my decision to use a BlackBerry Curve over something like an HTC Desire or Apple iPhone. Yes, they do have Angry Birds (for now), but when it comes to battery life, they all become silent - nothing beats good ol' BlackBerry.

That's not to say that the BlackBerry never needs to be charged.  But when it's time to plug in, it would be nice to have a more convenient way to charge my BlackBerry - whenever that may be.  Sure you could choose a car charger or a charging pod, but what if you want to recharge without wires?

Problem, meet solution


Having previously used the BlackBerry Bold 9650, my absolute favorite accessory just has to be the BlackBerry Charging Pod. I am a little budget-conscious, however, and I simply prefer the Curve keyboard over the connected keys found in the Bold series, so I "upgraded" to the BlackBerry Curve 9300 recently. It is, after all, just like any other BlackBerry smartphone at its core. But here is the catch: I can not use it with the BlackBerry Charging Pod. Before, I just dropped the Bold into the Pod and let it charge. The Curve lacks the charging contacts required, so I needed another solution.  I searched and researched until I found one: the Powermat Wireless Charging System.

Powermat describes itself as a "response to the explosion of electronic devices flooding today's market and the growing need to provide a simple, smart, efficient and clutter-free approach for simultaneously powering multiple devices." Its wireless charging system is simple, not overly expensive (the complete system can be had for less than $60 USD at and seems like a viable option. But, does it work?

Setting it up

Inside the box you have the Powermat Charging Mat, Receiver Door for your BlackBerry Curve and finally the power supply. Installation is as simple as popping off the battery door of your BlackBerry smartphone, install the Powermat Receiver Door, connect the Charging Mat to a power socket with the supplied power adapter and finally place your BlackBerry on the Charging Mat itself for convenient, wireless charging. The video above takes you through the contents of the box and briefly explains the steps to get you going.


With a system this simple, you would not think of any issues - large or minor - to come your way, but I would like to stress a couple of things that I encountered and deemed noteworthy. First and foremost, the Powermat Charging Mat connects to the power supply using a small DC connector. I found out that the connector is similar to the older type of DC connector used in Nokia phones, but the power supply itself has an 18V output at 834mA, which appears to be a one-of-a-kind. Just keep this in mind if you lose the supplied power adapter - only Powermat carries them.

Second, I found it a little difficult to use the Powermat Charging Mat, as the magnetic connection sometimes allowed my BlackBerry smartphone to take a position where it was not lined up correctly, thus not charging. This was a minor issue though and could have been an error on my part as well.



Let me summarize everything in a few sentences: Powermat has proven that its product delivers. Setting everything up is as easy as the alphabet. For the budget-conscious, this may not be the product you are looking for, but if you want to take your BlackBerry Curve to the next level, it might just be.


  • Convenient, wireless charging
  • Easy to install batter cover
  • Not too expensive at $57.98 USD (but not cheap either) 


  • Receiver Door bulky
  • Smartphone must be lined up just right to charge 

More information / purchase at

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review and tell us about a time you forgot to charge your battery. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will get this PowerMat charger shipped directly from

Reader comments

Review: Powermat Wireless Charging System for BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300 Series


I cant belive i'm finally the first to comment on a CB post !! I would love one i'm still using a cuve 8520!:P

When i forgot to charge my battery i couldn't go on :(

I stand corrected the person above me was the first to comment!:(

AGAIN I WOULD LOVE ONE ! (or the BB playbook from BBT)

Usually I charge my battery every single night before I go to bed. There was one night that I got super tired at work, as soon as I got home, I prepared all the stuff that I should bring in my vacation. After packing I went one and charge my phone.

When I woke up I checked my phone for emails and messages, then I found out that my phone is not turned on, I check if the charger is plugged in, and it was, and I tried to reconnect the charger and still the clock didn't pop-up.

I stand up from the bed to check why my phone is not charging, then I found out that I forgot to switch on the socket's switch.

Well this story is not basically I forgot that I charge my phone, but I forgot to turn on the socket's switch. Does this count? =p


The Powermat at work has been nothing short of ideal. I set it down, [bleep noise], and I'm charging. A single mat would be even better for when I get home and just set Curve down while I move around.

Oh man! i always forget to charge my BlackBerry overnight when i have college the other day! this will become very handy for me.

Haha mine's really embarrassing. I'd taken out my charger out of the wall in order to put my kettle in so I could make a cup of tea. When I went to bed I set my alarm on my phone and plugged the charger into the phone, not realising that it wasn't actually plugged into the wall. Since my clock app was still open, I didn't realise that it wasn't charging, and just put it into the holster.

I didn't get woken up on time for one of my exams. Thank heavens for retakes!
A powermat wouldn't completely prevent this human stupidity but it'd sure be nice to win one for my 9300! :D

3 hours train ride with both my Torch and Playbook out of juice! At least with this thing I can prevent being forced to look outside and interact with people by having another way to charge my BB.

This solution works for those of us that can't use the charging pod. Simply putting the phone down on the mat and it charges? It's witchcraft!

You must send this to me so that nobody else has access to this black magic...

I love how a lot of people leave comments without reading the article or the rules for the contest. I wish the contest was for the 9780 :(, I always forget to charge my phone, the last time was when I was flying to LA and when I got there, I couldn't call my ride to get me. Of course nobody at the airport would let me use their phone, so I ended up breaking a $50 to buy some bs at a store so I could make 1 call using a payphone. Total cost for 1 call = $5

I usually drop my BlackBerry 9700 into it's charging stand every night. Once in a while I will forget with the result of no alarm clock in the morning. Are there good holsters available that will accommodate the increase in size?

I have a 9700 and a Powermat 9700 door. What this blog post doesnt mention is that the powermat door is the exact same size as the original door...not like the 85xx/93xx in the blog above, meaning that it fits in the BB original holder!!!

Oh, somtimes forgot charge my bb when go a far picnic. It's so hard if y don't have a potable charging system.. :|

Oh I do love my Curve, but will be upgrading to the Bold 9900 hopefully when it is announced on AT&T. I could tell you one too many stories about forgetting to charge my phone. Here's one:

I received word that I needed to be up at 6:00 AM Monday morning to go to Saint Louis on a business trip to meet my new executives. Unfortunately I use my BB to wake me up. By the time came around to be 7:00 AM, I opened my eyes to find a very bright light shining through, much brighter than the 6:00 AM sunlight. Never again...didn't get a speeding ticket though!

I'm a proud owner of a Curve 8530 and I usually charge my BB overnight. However, there was one night when I forgot to to charge my battery and the next day, I was in the middle of an important conversation, and not knowing how much power I had left, I just kept on talking. The next thing I know, my phone is dead and I'm talking to myself.

This power up station would definitely come in handy for me.

I need this for my wife. She never remembers to charger her curve. If I can put a powermat on her nightstand I know it will be charged and wont ever hear "I don't remember when I charged it." from her again. Crackberry and Powermat you Rock!

Ditto for that!

So now I've given her a car charger and two wall chargers (one for home and another for the office)... but every night I see her BB 8520 NOT connected on her night table.

Does this count as a valid post for the giveaway?

It was during the recent Soccer World cup, I had been watching the games on Sprint TV on my 8530. Unfortunately the night before an important game I did not charge my phone and we are working miles from anywhere. Sure enough half way through the game my battery dies and I have no way to find out the score. Never forgot since. This will keep me going till you send me the 9930. Thank you in anticipation

I normally keep my Curve 3G plugged in any time I'm at my desk at work. Usually, I never have to charge my phone outside of this, as my BB use on weekends is light enough that the battery lasts the weekend. Well, not so with my PlayBook and tethering now! Sure enough, this past weekend, my BB didn't make it through, dieing on Sunday. Now I have to remember to charge each night during the weekend too!
So this set would be pretty cool for me, I can just plop it on my office desk and it'll be always charged when I'm at work. Then I can keep my original charger for use during the weekends!

I need something like for my 8520. I need to recharge during a day and attaching cable to computer and BB is a nightmare!

Thanks for awesome giveaway!

Sweet lovely heck I would like this.

My worst moment was just the other week. For the past 14 years I have been putting off going away with my dad on holiday, until this year.

Now I have never been away from my wife and kids for so long so I promised them I would make a Facebook blog of pictures and words so they could see what I could see.

Crossing the border into Scotland it dawned on me that all be it I brought the USB charge unit to plug into the car, I had not bought the cable to go from that to my phone.

I watched my battery charge meter get smaller and smaller as the days went on and I was kacking myself as I wouldn't be able to speak or share any of my journey. Then on the third night we spotted a TESCO. Running in I spent near enough £5 on a usb cable. I was a happy sod and could continue showing my kids and wife where I was with their grandad.


So this charge unit would be perfect for me.

Thank you

Oh gawd! I don't need one but my wife does. She's not tek-savvy and never charges her phone. At one point, I threw a phone at a wall for her to understand that a phone with a dead battery is of no use to us in any situation (emergency or otherwise0 while we were travelling. I thought she got the point.!

Love the idea of this product.Would love to win one

And funny i find this posted today since last night i fell asleep without charging my phone and i woke up early ready to go to a meeting in another city and i found out i only got 25% charge left!!!

I took my charger with me and i had to stop at every gas station on the way to charge the phone a bit to keep me going since i had to do many work calls along the way!!

After spending the day complaining that my wife constantly forgets to charge her phone, I left my phone in my pants pocket overnight and left to take my daughter to school with a dead battery as my wife tried to get ahold of me the next morning. Yeah...there's a gotcha.

Had to send my brother back to our hotel for my charger when our mother was having surgery because the hospital wifi drained my battery so fast. I want it!

Wow this is a cool looking charger.

my battery broken/dropped a year ago. So I bought a new one at a store that I ussually go to. I charged the battery full at night. Then I used it until afternoon the day after. I was forgot to charge my battery and it was low battery, but I had to call my friend immediately. It seemed that no hope to make a call. Then I’ve got an idea. I returned to store where I bought the new battery, luckily I was near there, Then I said that this battery is broken/dropped and I wanted a replace. Luckily, again, they gave me a replace. Finally I could make the call.
Well thats my story

Hope with this charger everything will be easier and I won’t forgot to charge my battery

I had my 8520 all charged up and figured an over night stay at the parents would be no big deal and had plenty of juice. Problem is that my parents live on the fringe of service so all night long my BB spend an lot of time "searching for network" which ran the battery down in about 5 hours. Usually I can get 2-3 days from a charge.

I always need to call my wife and it was stormy, did not charge my device and could not call her for a ride.

I have a curve 3g 9300 and I completely forgot to charge my BB the night before a 2 day trip to my cousins. Whats worse I forgot to take my charger with me.
The drive down to his place is about 3 hrs and I had my Bluetooth on while driving and so eventually by the time i go to his place I had completely drained my battery. Thankfully he had a Micro usb charger so i wasnt without a phone for too long.... :)

however i would love to win the powermat just because its so cool to wirelessly charge the BB.

i have wanted that since it came for other devices. i forgot to charge my phone once when i was driving to another state and had no car charger> so i ended up having to stop in multiple rest stops on highway to get directions needless to say not a good trip

I didn't charge my phone, and so my phone died during the night and my alarm didnt go off.
I had a back up plan tho that failed as well - my proper alarm clock, but there was a power failure during the night, and so it didnt go off.

End result - I missed my test.

I usually plug in throughout the day as needed, and charge faithfully every night. One night I was so tired when I laid my phone on the table, I failed to plug it in. A couple hours into my slumber, my phone rang - it was my mom having chest pains and needing to go to the ER. I jumped up, got dressed, raced to the hospital to be with my mom. I had to call my brothers, my aunt, my dad, etc. to keep them updated on what was happening with Mom, and couldn't because my phone had died. Completely dead. So now I carry a spare battery AND a spare wall charger in my purse so I can plug in wherever I am. But there's not always an outlet available in public places, and especially when I'm outdoors camping, fishing, etc... So that charger would be SOOO very helpful to me - with my parents both being disabled & in poor health, I have to be available 24/7, and can NOT slack on that.

Thanks for the opportunity, CrackBerry!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best!!!!!

Now if only you would create a HUMAN charging pad..........

Being that my first blackberry is the Curve 3G, I would always love it. But sometimes I just want to hurl it when I forget to charge it by the end of the night since the battery's longevity isn't really up to par. Once, I missed my next shift because my phone died while I was at another event so I didn't get the message. I was suspended for a week. :(

I forgot to charge my phone one evening and figured I would be ok for most of the day when I woke up. No dice, phone died, boss tried to reach me and it got ugly after that. Never again! It will really never happen again if I win this. :)

i was prepping for a big meeting on the road and i was using my blackberry for keeping notes and practicing my speech for the coming day. i worked so hard i didn't remember falling asleep with the blackberry in hand that night. i woke up to the alarm screaming in my ear the next day because the phone dropped by my head and i thought i was safe. i looked at the phone and it was in the red. i hoped to get through my first meeting with the new clients with the blackberry but on the train to the meeting my phone went into roaming in the tunnels and that killed my battery and it turned off.

if i had the powermat i could have just put the curve on the bed side and never would have had to plug it in.

p.s. i didn't get the company's blessing on what i was trying to do so i lost a client because all of my info and bullet points were on the blackberry.

i guess i shouldn't rely on technology so much but it is so much easier than writing things down, and its a lot more organized,

It was the first time i forgot to charge my phone.
Next day, in my break from work: No Battery!
I was so frustrated! Mainly cause my phone kept saying: can't turn on wireless, battery too low. It is really frustrating that you can still read old messages and emails, but can't send anything back.

I forgot to charge my phone when i was staying in a hotel in florida. I had my ipad and ipod to charge and i was too worried about charging them for the flight back and taking out the charging cables that i forgot to charge my phone and when i got to the airport and called to see who was going to pick my up my phone said that the battery was too low for radio use

That has happened to me a number of times, mainly by overestimating the time the battery would last... May have something to do with the fact that my very first cellphone, which was a bit old when I got it and to which I clung for years, had an incredible battery: It lasted almost a week and you could still make a short call even if there was no more green in the battery meter... of course back then making calls was the main thing, not checking mail, playing games...

The last time my battery died on me I had no car. I had arranged for a friend to give me a ride home, and was supposed to call him if I had stayed late at work. If I didn't, he'd just assume I had gone home already. So there I was, at 10pm, stranded at work. I was at a loss for a couple of minutes, and then I remembered: Skype!! And I could get home as planned. :)

This looks very cool and interesting - I'll try one! Maybe ideal to have one at work and one at home. I hope I win one. Any chance that it will also optimize the battery? Can anyone recommend a solution? I see a number of battery optimizer softwares available and do they really do anything?

Actually I keep forgetting to plug in my BB on a monthly base. I just put it on my desk and next day I have a big problem

I WOULD love to win one..... last weekend i went to vegas and didnt charge my phone all day by the time i left the house at night my phone still had 1/2 power so i was thinking ill charge it when i get to the hotel... the drive to vegas was really boring so i started playing games and tethering to my laptop by 10 mins before i got to vegas my phone died. so i get to the room and check my bag but my charger was no where to be found so i went the whole weekend without a phoen. i got lost plenty of times and i had to meet my friend up at our room if i got lost...the only upside was the dealer never told me "no phones on the table" lol

I had to pick up my parents from the airport, but forgot to charge the phone the night before. Needless to say, the next day, after a full day of usage, I ran out of juice just before their scheduled arrival. Not knowing the flight number/airline, or even the terminal, just the "we'll call you when we touch down", I was screwed. I ended up picking up my gf who has my sister on bbm, and having the 2 middle men coordinate the pickup as I circle the airport.

OMG this would be great. One time I had to go to school and I was in a rush finishing homework at night and I forgot to charge my Blackberry and I use my blackberry for all my reminders. The next day comes and I made a reminder days before saying I have to go and buy my friend a present because we are trading presents for our birthday. So its around 10 at night and I didnt hear anything from my phone all night and I try to use it and the battery is dead so I charge it up and I get the reminder. I try to go to the mall but its closed then the next day, My friend gets sooo mad at me and we do reconcile but not until after I bought her a present. What a life :)

One time i forgot to charge my phone...i was in France and I just arrived at the train station and I had no idea where the hotel was...I had the one red bar left and I was desperate. I called my dad in canada and asked him to google the hotel quick!!! lol....just managed to get the address when the radio turned off....haha. Now I carry two batteries everywhere I go.

I forgot to charge my phone in the worst time possible...before heading out on a Boy Scout hike! Needless to say, my GPS proved worthless when my phone died about 10 minutes into the hike. And yes, we got lost :) Good thing my Scouts had good survival skills!

I would LOVE to have this charging pad!

So it's 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm just getting off the phone and I put my phone on the nightstand so i can fix my blankets to go to sleep then out of no where my dog comes in the room and trying to wake me up and I look out my window and I see the sun beaming down, I go to check my phone and BOOM it's dead and I'm late for my midterms and I thought to my self, if I had a damn powermat this could have been avoided (I was considering buying one before and that incedent made me curse myself for not buying one, and now hopefully I can win this one)

the only time that i seem to forget to plug in my phone to have it charged for the next day is when i go out to bars for a night. for some reason every time i get home the phone never seems to make it to my room. i found it on time in the fridge... i think that having this charging pad may help me from forgetting to charge my phone and hopefully from misplacing it after a long night of fun.

If i NEED to get up at a specific early time, i WILL forget to charge my phone. But i would want this for my wife and her 9330 because she is worse than me in this reguard.

yeah ,just back to when i was using HTC desire , i had to always worry about the low battery . but with blackberry ,no worries ,it can last a day even if you are a heavy user .

yeah ,just back to when i was using HTC desire , i had to always worry about the low battery . but with blackberry ,no worries ,it can last a day even if you are a heavy user .

yeah ,just back to when i was using HTC desire , i had to always worry about the low battery . but with blackberry ,no worries ,it can last a day even if you are a heavy user .

yeah ,just back to when i was using HTC desire , i had to always worry about the low battery . but with blackberry ,no worries ,it can last a day even if you are a heavy user .

yeah ,just back to when i was using HTC desire , i had to always worry about the low battery . but with blackberry ,no worries ,it can last a day even if you are a heavy user .

yeah ,just back to when i was using HTC desire , i had to always worry about the low battery . but with blackberry ,no worries ,it can last a day even if you are a heavy user .

I forgot to charge my phone when i was expecting a phone call to schedule an interview,my battery ran out without me knowing while watching tv,to make a long story short,i missed the call,and they hired someone else

I forgot to charge my battery last night afer two days on a charge, died on me today while I was trying to get some last texts out, ha.
Rolling. . .

Got ready to leave on vacation, did not charge my phone as i have a car charger. However I did not know my son had "borrowed my car charger! Luckily I carry a spare battery. Please let me win this one!

I would love to win this one!! this technology is unbelievable to me..I recently forgot to charge my battery in my 9700 right before a phillies game so I couldnt take pics of them spanking the braves :)..and i usually carry a spare battery but didnt have it at the time :(..PLEASE LET ME WIN THIS ONE!!!!!

I always forget to charge mine when I come in from work late...then I have to charge it at work the next morning! I agree about the Curve with no charging dock! Hopefully they will make one for them in the future but this looks awesome!!!

I would really love this!

Usually I take my charger to work and bring it back home, but one day i left it behind and I also left the car charger in my wife's car, which was not a good thing. This would be great for me.

Thank you

It would be soooooo great to have one of these. I hope i win.

I usually check and read my email at night in bed before I go to sleep. Sometimes I don't want to get back out of bed to hook up my BB to the cord. Not good when I get early morning work calls and I am stuck talking in one spot chained to the wall. With this charging solution I can just drop it on the pad and roll over and catch some zzzzzz's.

Some times you dont carry a charger and you are traveling for fun or working you use your phone alot suddenly you dont have batterry so i wish i could win this great product.

Perfect for my curve 8530. I missed charging my phone sometimes cuz its a hassle to find the correct wire from the pile of mess by my computer.

I would loce to see how good it would work for the blackberry touch or bold touch battery since it should have a little more pop behind it

My phone's battery lasts pretty long, its my iPod that need work! I've had that die on me a million times. I don't think my phone has ever died on me, but the charger is next to my bed... Wait, does this make me NOT eligible? Lol!

Battery charging issue seems to be happening only when I am on a business trip. I desperately need to make that important calls but BB battery has only 15% charge left. I often find that it is not easy to find a power outlet in public places such as airport terminal, train stations, etc. Either the security guard forbids it, or there are many people using the power outlet to charge their mobile phones too.

I was going on a blind date and I was suppose to call my date before I lefts to pick her up. Needless to say my 9000 died and I ended up standing her up because her address and number were both on my bold.

I need to win this! I live with my parents who are in their 80's and my dad is near the end. The other night I forgot to plug in my phone and, luckily, I have a car charger. I had to limp all day with a phone that had less than 50% charge which was scary.

The single time I forgot to charge my 8530 happened to be the single morning that power was out in the business I run, an hour from home. Because of this I couldn't call my boss to inform him of the outage from my Blackberry, and the store's phone was down as well.

When the power came back on he called on the land line to yell at me; but after a long-winded explanation of the situation he simmered down and told me "just keep that Blackberry charged from now on."

Since then, I keep a backup Blackberry(9550) just in case.

well I never really consider to use a wireless charging but I think this "Charging System" might go well considerring it has specific device type charging (not universal). worth to be tried

I run the IT Department at a school, where i have given blackberry's to all the administrators. Our executive director uses the 9330 that i used, but gave up when the curve came out. the Executive Director (along with all other users) are practically computer illiterate, but I'm always trying to get users to actually take advantage of the blackberry's that i have given them. but recently using dropbox she intended to access a file for her presentation on her blackberry, however she didnt charge it or bring her chord to charge, dead blackberry, no presentation. this powermat would save me sooo much trouble!!

A couple weeks ago a colleague asked me to borrow him my usb cable and the following day I came to the office without charging my BB.. but I had a B plan! I'd use my cable to charge it and have my phone working all day long. But guess what!! My friend forgot the cable at home and I had to cry and can't use my phone, I lost some important messages that day! #fail and #lol..


i forgot to charge my blackberry and still i listened to music while on my way to school and back lol i drained my battery out.

Going from a T-Mo 8900 to a Virgin Mobile 8530, the biggest thing I miss is the charging pod. This would be the next best thing. Hope I get the chance to find out! Actually, I forgot to charge my phone today, out cutting grass, had the phones on, grooving at full volume, got all done, realized I wasn't monitoring battery life (it's really lousy on this phone), before I got it plugged in, it was down to 3%. Closest to dead I've ever come.

We could really use this here. We have two 9300's and they are always on as they are our only phones. This would saveme form buying one myself = )

This one time the night before i went to colege i plugged in my bb to the waal charger and not knowing the wall switch was not turned on i went to bed the next morning i woke up LATE FOR SCHOOL AND LATE FOR AN EXAM, i also use my bb as a homework book and to take notes in class aswel as call my mum to pick me up after school.

I would love te get this powermat it would help me very very much!

PS: Please pick me!

PSS: Please pick me!

I struggled just last Saturday leaving for a 14 hour drive out of town having to forget my BB box including the charger. I didn't know my son took it out on my bag with him just holding the phone for a game play.

one time i forgot to charge my battery.
i had a exam in the next day
i was sleeping and my mother was going to call me to wake me up
result: she tried to call but i didn't had battery on my bb, so i didn't wake up and i missed the exam :(

I think I can use something like this. I sometimes forget to plug my phone in at night and the next day while something important goes on my phone starts to die and turnoff soon. It'd be cool to win this.

Im in =) once i forgot to charge my bb during a vactation trip, all my plans were slightly delayed due to getting lost, but it was sure fun and neat way to explore =O

The battery on my 8530 has gone dead at work frequently. Usually because I forgot to plug it in the night before and the car charger is in the truck instead of the car. This charger would stay at work so the problem would be eliminated.

I was on my way to work and I grabbed my BB from the counter and rushed out the door. At work I went to check for an email and realised the battery was almost dead and the charger was at home - along with the USB Sync cable. Felt silly all day.

Last time i forgot charging my BlackBerry: Last Night, so this morning i had about 10% Battery left.

And it happens all the time! There is no time left to charge before work, though. :/

I would love one of these....

I think the only time i forgot to charge my battery was after a very long night @ work, with the expectation of being in early the following day....

got home, and plugged the phone in, however my laptop had gone into standby, and the device didnt charge...

needless to say, i missed the entire next day of work, as i ended up sleeping until noon.... (i use my bb for rvrtything, including as an alarm clock...)

This would make a nice present for my wife, who always keeps the battery low, so then turns the phone off and then of course, I can't reach her!

i had a meeting at work that i was suppose to do the presentation. forgot to charge my bb overnight. arrived at venue for meeting with the top brasses of my company. i picked up my bb as i had forwarded info to my bb the day before.when i picked up my bb, all was well. connected my bb to projection system, after 2 minute of showing some slides. my bb dropped dead and will not power up for nothing. i really blew it that day.

I am a former Palm Pre user and sorely miss the wireless charging Touchstone charger. I would love to win a Powermat.

I forget to charge about once a week. Last time was last night and I couldn't grab the charger in the morning without waking up my wife. Three hours this morning without a phone to play with.

Finding my bb is dead so I put it on charger but it will scare me cuz it pulls a full reboot. I try to remember to check it often, sometimes I forget. This would be awesome! For my 8520 that is.

Once, I was very busy and I connected my bb to the USB cable while I was finishing some .docs for school. I sent the docs to my email and took my phone up with me. When I arrived to school I realized my BB's battery was dead. I wasn't able to use the files I sent to my mail and got a bad grade.

I had forgotten to plug the USB cable in the port, if i'd had the Powermat Wireless Charging System I'm sure I'd had the chance to use my docs.

:) I'd love to win.

i think we've all had those tragic moments when we needed to use our blackberry's but it was dead. I've traveled across the U.S. by road and for almost 4 days I couldn't find a station that had the proper charger (my mistake for not buying a car charger on a 3 week trip). however a more momentous occasion of when not having my phone handy was at my friends wedding when he surprised everyone by having a mariachi band come in and sang to his newly wed wife in Spanish, wish I could have recorded it....

i usually dont forget to charge my phone -8520, but whenever i forget to charge it will be an important day in my life...
pick me...

the concept of this charging device is so cool no more wires all you have to do is put the phone on top and instant charging,forgot to charge my bb and went to my wife place and forgot to bring my charger in the end for 2 days my bb is offline

went to a baseball game recently... my BB battery went dead because I forgot to charge it, and I was stuck watching boring baseball... NEVER AGAIN (baseball, that is)

I went to my friends house to visit him. He lives in the basement and since my phone died, I had no way of contacting him. Had to head back home.......1 hour ride..........FML

I sure this story has been told many of times but I will tell it again.

I charge my phone every night before bed and one night I forgot to charge it. Usually not a big deal but I was headed out on a business trip the next day. Guess who forgot there BB charger??? This guy! Well needless to say I had to go out and buy one in the city I was in because having no phone sucks!

That is pretty much it.

Pick me!

I would love this device. I consistently lay my BB down on my nightstand every night, 50% of the time forgetting to plug it in. This would save me so much time being tied to my office then during the day babying a dying battery.

here is my tale of horror. I have a curve 9330 3g from work and and like everyone I am a crackberry addict. I usually check my emails as soon as my body is upright in the morning before my eyes open. One morning not knowing I didn't charge my 3g I had placed my phone on the night stand but did not plug it in. Well traveling the next day and in mid conversation with my boss when she was speaking about a project my curve decided to hang up. The kicker was my boss kept talking and asked be to complete a project the same day and hung up but I never got the message. Well let's just say that day was the worse day of my life and I wish I had a powermat to place my curve on without having to plug it in. hope everyone learns if your a crackberry addict like me and have no powermat......plug it in plug it in............

Generally FlyUscDiva stays ahead of the game keeping my BB charged at home or in the car. However there have been two uncommon occurences, where I was caught with my pants down, as one might say. In March on my birthday (50th) my mom was taken to emergency at about 5:30 in the morning. They ended up admitting her to the hospital overnight. Since I didn't work that day, I vowed to stay with her. However, in a hospital room where you're really not suppose to have a phone and electrical outlets are kinda scarce it was very difficult to charge my phone and because of constant use informing close family members of her progress, battery power was going quite fast. I didn't want to leave my mom and go to the car to use my charger. So this power mat would have came in very handy at that time. Eventually my Mom was released and that was the only real blessing/gift I really wanted on my 50th birthday.! This Power Mat would certainly sweeten the deal a little more.

I saw this available for IPhone and wanted one ever since. I recently was on a trip out of state and forget my charger. If I would have had the receiver door on my Blackberry I would have been able to connect to my hosts powermat. I had to purchase another charger, I didn't need, to get through the trip.