Review: Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset

By Ryan Blundell on 1 Oct 2009 09:26 am EDT

You could win a Plantronics Discovery 975 BT Headset. Details @ end of this post!

More and more, we hear about talking on cellphones (and smartphones) while driving becoming a big no no. I have to say that I agree with that decision. I've had more than enough near misses that I would have liked to experience. Mostly because someone is on their phone, rather than having two hands on the wheel. There are obviously two decisions to consider; don't use your cellphone/smartphone or use a headset. There are more Bluetooth headsets around than you can shake a smartphone at. Some look sleek and elegant, but have poor audio quality, while others look clunky, but sound great. A few lucky headsets benefit from the best of both worlds. I've had my fair share of Bluetooth headsets over the years. Perhaps I'm being picky, but a small part of me always wonders if there is a better sounding device out there. I want crisp clean sound! I want an ear drum delicacy! I want power and pizzazz without being pretentious!

Ingeniously Simple. That's what Plantronics is calling their new Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset. Within its elegantly minimal design, sound is mastered using Audio IQ and WindSmart Technologies. Like the sound of it so far?

As their slogan points out, Plantronics is all about sound innovation. Looking at their history, one memorable claim to fame will always stick with me; "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind..." was transmitted through a Plantronics headset.

Package and Profile

Discovery 975
Waiting to be released...

The packaging captures the feel of the Discovery 975; it's basic, yet bold. Behind the clear plastic, lies the Bluetooth headset and carrying case; each powerful in their own respect. Around the back, the packaging points out some major selling points, which we will look at. Tearing through the packaging (actually I was very careful), here's what I found:

  • Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset
  • 3 soft ear tips (small, medium and large)
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying/Charger Case
  • Case Strap
  • Manual and "For Your Safety" booklet
Discovery 975
Package contents

The Discovery 975 borrowed its diamond shaped body design from its older brother, the previously reviewed Plantronics Discovery 925. Rather than using its predecessor's v shaped boom mic, the 975 take a much slimmer approach with a thin boom mic. I find that when driving, I don't want to fumble over numerous buttons while trying to answer and adjust buttons. Plantronics must have heard me griping, because they have simplified these controls. The multifunction button is built into the boom - it's specifically located under the LED indicator. Another button controls the volume. That's right, I said button, not buttons. Each volume button tap increases the volume by a pre determined increment. After reaching the max volume, you can drop the volume to minimum by pressing the volume button once more. The mic isn't easily seen in the boom. At the end of the boom, you can make out vents and screens for the mic. Last, but not least, the diamond-shaped body is accented by faux black leather on the front. So far, the looks make it seem like a perfect partner to my Bold!

Discovery 975
soft gel ear tips allow for long term use

As with the 925, the 975 comes with a charging case; giving you an extra boost for your extra babble. This time around, Plantronics has added some impressive features to the case:

1. The side of the screen sports a status screen. This screen will indicate the battery life of both the headset and case. A Bluetooth icon also tells you if your headset is connected to a device.

2. Taking the 925 out of the case offered a bit of a hassle. This case comes with a quick release lever; launching your headset out of the case and into your ear! Well...not really, but you'd have to admit it would be cool. The lever gently removes the headset from the charger.

3. With the original case, the only carrying option was to pocket it. The included case strap lets you clip it to your bag, belt clip, or even use it as an uber bulky key chain.

Discovery 975
headset plugged into case... case plugged into charger...
Discovery 975
the lever makes it easier to remove the headset

Wearing the headset was fairly comfortable, as the gel tip sports a stabilizer loop. This allows for a more secure fit, without causing any irritation. I was able to vigorously shake my head without the headset falling off. This worked in my favour, as I used the headset to call my wife so she could pick up some Advil for my new migraine.

Discovery 975
Comfort and style

Tech Specs and Talking Talk

Multipoint – connect to two phones at once
Talk Time: up to 5 hours
Standby Time: 4 days (multipoint on) and 7 days (multipoint off)
Weight: 8 grams
Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) + eSCO (Extended Synchronous Connection Oriented) + SSP (Secure Simple Pairing)
Profiles: Headset and Hands-free Profiles

The two big buzz words surrounding the Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth headset; Audio IQ and WindSmart Technologies. The dual mic Audio IQ solution strives to focus on your voice, while canceling out your noisy background. Your incoming audio is adjusted to optimal levels, based on the noise level of your surroundings. According to Plantronics, the 975 has a 20-band equalizer that produces a true natural sound, rather than giving you a metallic voice. The downfall to this is that it does take a second or so for Audio IQ to start working, resulting in a slight distortion in the audio at the beginning of the call. WindSmart takes a different approach to noisy nuisances. The previously mentioned vents and acoustic fabric are located near the end of the boom. These are specially designed to deflect and block the wind. An electronic filter is in place to eliminate wind noise. This would work when on foot but, when driving with the window open, the wind almost overpowers your voice (I was barely heard at 65 km/h with the window open). When compared to previously reviewed headsets, it did still out perform in audio quality. It worked well in environments with little noise, but had difficulty in areas with moderate noise or higher.


For a Bluetooth headset with sleek design and impressive audio quality; turn to the Plantronics Discovery 975. Despite the minimal initial distortion and heavy noise environment issues, the 975 still worked quite well due to WindSmart and Audio IQ technologies. Some have said that the physical design may not appeal to all, I say nay. This headset can be worn by everyone. You experience high quality in both looks and sound. The Plantronics Discovery 975 is available at the CrackBerry store for $119.95

** Contest Details: We're going to give a lucky CrackBerry reader the chance to win a Plantronics Discovery 975 headset. To enter, simply leave a comment to this blog post letting us know what you like about this headset or why would want one or how you think it stacks up to other bluetooth headsets currently available. Just leave one comment. Contest ends this Sunday, October 4th, 2009, at midnight PST. *


  • Audio IQ and WindSmart offer high quality audio
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Carrying Case keeps you charged and connected


  • Some may find the controls too simple

Editor's Ratings

  • Design & Function 4.5/5
  • Sound Quality 4/5
  • Aesthetics 5/5
  • Ease of Use 4.5/5
  • Comfort 4/5

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Review: Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset



I like the simplicity of the device. I personaly dont like having to know the Nasa handbook to work a headset. So I would enjoy the opportunity to use this device.

Finally a headset that has looks as good as it functions. My wife could use one of these as she is a homehealth nurse decided to buy a cheap bluetooth headset causing her to give up on them alltogether. I told her you get what you pay for. It would be ironic if we won this for free and I had to eat my words....

I've tried many BT earpieces and if this one holds true to the review, I think it'll work perfect for me with my bad hearing.

This looks like an excellent type of bluetooth for travel. I have the large and clunky Jawbone and have been looking to upgrade to something smaller. This would be a good start for testing and business.

Compared to my current headset, I like the following: it has a case, the case integrates the charger, it doesn't have an over the ear clip, and it can connect to two phones. I don't have two phones, but if I did, I would so use this feature :) .

It looks like it sets well in the ear, something light can pull that off.

This is a slick looking headset. I dig how it fits in your ear, instead of around the ear. The design is very clean. Having a portable charging case is great!

This sounds like a good thing, I think all people should use headsets while driving. I drive truck, and us truck drivers are always looking for a great headset. I would love to try this, review it, compare it to others I have used, and hopefully convince others to buy it.

I've been using the 925 for a year now and love it. This one looks to be just a good and would make a great replacment

I love the look of this headset...but a couple of things that were not mentioned...can it be muted? Also, I'm still waiting for more headsets to be capable of streaming audio (music). There are so few on the market with this ability.

I think they have hit a home run with this design. It's funny because they completely simplified what has gotten so complex across the board (design wise), and that has resulted in the best looking bluetooth headset I've seen yet.

The simplicity of the aesthetics and the reviewed sound quality make this a good buy. I would love to win one! ;)

I think the simplicity of it's look is what is appealling to me, I liked my voyager series but this i believe I would LOVE.

I've not had a lot of luck with earpieces and headsets that don't have a loop over the ear, but somehow this looks like it might work. I know my current headset is the worst I've had, so I'll definitely take a look at this one.

I have hesitated to purchase bluetooth headsets due to their bulkiness and sound quality. Plus, I thought that my BlackBerry corded headset worked just fine.

This looks like an amazing product and I hear that the sound quality is top-notch!

Wow, it almost sounds too good to be true. My ears are shaped rather funkily and I always have trouble trying to find something that works well. This headset seems like it would fix solve my issues. And frankly, I love the look of it.

I've tried several BlueTooth adapters and everyone says that I sound like I'm in a tunnel. If the review is true, then this would solve my problem!

Just in time for my new bluetooth. I just broke my Blueant V1 this morninig and was looking for a replacement. Looks like this could be it. I like how sleek it is.

Now You ask why I deserve one, well Im going to say what probably what 80% of the members on crackberry will say, Its now illegal to talk on the phone and drive (bad drivers had to screw it up for all of us). And when comparing it to any other bluetooth headsets Ive looked at its without a doubt the nicest looking, now I dont know how the quality is but from the review, the specs, and the editor's reviews its sounds like its going to be amazing and stacked up against any other bluetooth this has to be one of the best Ive seen.

I have to say I REALLY like the design of the headset. I've had a couple of headsets and quickly quit using them because of the bulk and fit. They were just to uncomfortable, especially for extended wear. This looks light and very comfortable. I also favor the sleek design. It doesn't look like your wearing a brick on the side of your face! Does the case have a batter pack inside of it?! If so that is an AWESOME feature! Thanks for the review! Hope to win that because $120 is too much for me to fork out right now lol.

This looks like a fantastic headset! I've been looking for a comfortable one and this looks like it! I'd love to win one!!!

I would like to win one of these headsets because... Well look at it. Its so sleek and modern. From past experiences, I know Plantronics makes great headsets and this one I'm sure will live up to expectations.

Simple and clean. Love the fact that it comes with a charging case and the Windsmart technology. We all know about wind a bluetooths, they dont mix well. Would love a new bluetooth headset to replace my Samsung WEP 200.

This looks so easy that even my wife could figure it out . Seriuosly, the simplicity is the key to this headset, and the Windsmart technology is a huge plus.

I am a Plantronics Fanatic. I LOVE everything they put out. All high quality / cutting edge. This would be a great addition to my Blackberry Tour Accessories!!!!!!!

This seems like it will fix the biggest problem I have with bluetooth headsets. They never seem to fit my error and always falling out. Do to driving a Jeep Wrangler, I can not really run my phone thru my stereo system. This would make it alot safer for me to use my phone while driving.

and that is good. To many things are overly complex to make up for mediocracy in performance. This seems to be simple and perform well. Lets hope I win it now!

This looks much better than most bluetooth headsets I see around. I've always thought a bluetooth headset would be great for driving but have never bucked up the cash to get one.

I have used many, many, many bluetooth headsets and when I stumbled upon the Plantronics 925, I knew I had found the one for me.... But Now this headset.... I'm speechless this headset has a great design, light weight, and just overall great everything about it. I would say this is the #1 bluetooth headset on the market!!!! I would love to get one............

Like: the size, and the specs.
Why I want it: Well like many people My state has passed a law that takes effect on Jan 1st 2010 that requires teh use of a headset if you are driving. This would solve my issue, and help keep what little cash I have in my wallet. From the review it appears that this headset would be in the same class and the jawbone series of head sets.
SO help hook a brother up and let me win that awesome looking headset.

Of course I'd love to have this product. . . . Who wouldn't. . . Why I want it is an entirely different question. . .

But to make a long story short. . . As the owner of 2 smartphones one for business and the other pleasure. . . . The most appealing feature is the multipoint which would allow me to sync both phones to a single headset! Reducing my daily radiation intake. . . . and of course making life easier. . . .

But of course even if I don't win. I'm sold!

so im a little confused.......... "I’ve had more than enough near misses that I would have liked to experience"

So he wants to experience a few MORE near misses?

lol... it CAN make sense, but good article! i dont really talk on my phone in the car that much, but i do text which is so much worse....

wish they would hurry and add speech to text in the bluetooths and phones lol

I've always turned away from bluetooth headsets as none of them seem to be something I could see putting in my ear.


This is one piece of SEXY hardware I could see having carnal relations with my ear!

Sign me up!

I would love this head set as my old one just died and I am in the market for new one. This seems to be pretty easy and reliable to us.

Been looking for something that works better in the car with the window UP. I would love to win this!

I have the previous version and it is great. Sound quaility is wonderful and the batery lasts. the quick charger comes in handy when u cant get to a outlet.

I have been wanting one of these headsets for a long time because of their small size and of the great reviews that I have been reading about them. Wearing glasses makes most other headsets with an over-the-ear piece very uncomfortable, so I have been using my trusty wired headphones for driving. This would make wires unnecessary!

I like the simple design of the device. I have a Jawbone 1 now which is a great BT headset but this Plantronics headset would be a nice change.

i didn't buy headset for my phone, most headset in the market make you look like a sports commentator or a secret service, this doesn't make you look like one. very stylish yet simple. would like to have one for free. thanks.

This looks like exactly what I've been looking for. As a woman, I hate the look of most of the rectangular, brick in the ear, BT sets. The Plantronics Discovery 975 is very elegant, sleek and sexy. I also need one that can handle two phones at once (personal and work) while being simple enough to not distract me even more trying to answer a call, set the volume, etc. while driving. This may be the one.

I'll have to admit this bluetooth headset looks 10x sleeker than most other headsets on the market. But what I'd really like about it is the stabilizer loop, I've always had trouble with earphones falling out.. perhaps this'll make the difference? I'd love to try it!

ive always like plantronics headsets for pcs and gaming. would love to try out a bluetooth plantronics headset. hopefully can get one for christmas :)

This bluetooth looks sleek. I like the fact that it doesn't look bulky in the ear. I need a bluetooth device and I've been looking towards a new one from Plantronics anyways

I purchased the Plantronics 925 about a year ago after reading several reviews, including one here on I have enjoyed using the headset and think that the 975 makes many great updates to the 925's simple yet elegant design. The biggest thing for me is the display screen that's now featured on the charging/carrying case. With the 925, there is no real way to no how much battery life the actual charging case has nor the actual headset itself. With the two battery display indicators on the carrying case, Plantronics has done a great job. Personally I think that the carrying case that doubles as a charger is one of the best one of the best ideas I have seen for a bluetooth headset. I hope to win this headset so I can upgrade......

I love they physical design. Also love the charge in the case part... I have a tendency to lose/break them sitting around places they shouldn't.

ive been thinking of buying the older style but this one looks ways better, i like it becasue its so sleek and small and yet comes forward to the mouth more so it will pick up the voice easier,

It is a sleek looking unit. I'm all about function over form, but this device really makes me reconsider that statement. If it does as well as you say it does, I'm definitely interested!

I have never gotten used to a blue tooth headset device. I have always found it difficult to hear, etc... With two kids in the car, I have enough distractions so if I could put my phone down and use this device easily, I would be a faithful user!

I own the older model Plantronics Discovery. I enjoy it a lot.the one thing that is catching my eye about this one it there is no loop to go around your ear, I really like that about the new Discovery. The size is also a great point about the headset. another thing that I really like about Plantronics is they give you different ways to charge the headset. For insistence the one I have comes with three different ways to charge your headset 1. a USB for computer charging 2. a car adapter 3. a wall charger. I have used other headsets and the sound quality is awesome on my Plantronics Discovery that I have, I never get people telling me that they cant hear me like other brands that I have used. I have had mine for 3 years now and would not mind up grading to Plantronics newest model.
Hope to win it. thanks

Talk about great styling - plantronics has a real winner here. I can't imagine that there's any such thing as controls that are "too simple." I need this.

Not only is driving while talking into your BB a bad idea, its not illegal in my city! :( You can actually get a pulled over and get a ticket just for talking on your cellphone. I can't use my Crackberry for several hours a day now.
My current BT headset is a bit of an embarrassment both in the looks and sound quality depts, so help me out!

Being in the design industry I don't know anyone who WOULDN’T want one of these carefully designed headsets. Thanks for putting some thought into the design.

The bottom line is sound quality. I want to be able to hear the conversation. I have tried many headsets and have not yet found one that gives me the sound quality I need. Plantronics is a leader in sound innovation and their reputation leads me to concluded that the Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset is the headset I have been searching for.

I have had several BT headsets, and always go back to the plantronics. They always sound the best and wear the best. The Discovery 975 with the charging case and the simplified buttons are aces in my book!! I will definatly be getting one of these even if I do not win this contest, but please crackberry pick me, would love this to be the first contest to win. Thanks

I really like the simple looks of this bluetooth headset. That is the first thing I look for is how will it look when I'm wearing it. The second selling point for me is that the headset will connect to two phones at once. I have one phone for personal use and one for business use. You wouldn't believe how many time I get a call on on both phones. This would make it so easy to switch calls.

Simplicity counts in today's world. The best reason to own this puppy is the fact that it fits in your ear without a huge piece of plastic around you ear. Makes wearing sunglasses, or glasses in general when you want to have your earpiece on!

I love how this earphone combines comfort, style and quality. A perfect headset to match my business attire or even my casual attire. Would love to have this one!

I've had Plantronics headsets before and I love their quality. The sound great and look cool. Other bluetooth headsets do not compare Plantronics.

The design and sleek appearance give this device an edge over the competition. The innovative ear design over others is welcome and praise worthy. After trying many other headsets the Discovery 975 in my opinion in the new benchmark for all bluetooth head sets. Plantronics has a definitive winner with the Discovery 975. The opportunity for a chance to win the Discovery 975 is an extreme honor. Thank you Plantronics for bringing true life sound through the world of technology.

I have tried other bluetooth devices before. I have tried Plantronics and I also use my Garmin Nuvi for speakerphone. But I have never been "impressed" yet. The review on this headset however looks very promising indeed. I would love the opportunity to try it out!

I would love to win such simple yet beautiful device. The simplicity of the look and the way it seems to work would be nice to have. The only worry is how it would stack up with a power user! I would love to use and report on how it works with someone having in their ear 4-6 hours a day.

Favorite feature is the ability to connect 2 phones. I have my personnel and work cells. The sleek look and plantronic has never failed me on any of their products.

I have always liked that the you are able to charge it in the case. I wish more bt makers would do something like this. The styling is fantastic too, very simple, yet cool.

I think this is one of the better bluetooth headsets out there. I know a bunch of people that use this style and they love them. I would want to win one because of where I work and live is 100% hands free to use your phone.

I like the style of the headset. It is nice and skinny and not big and bulky like most of the old ones. I have a Jaw Bone now so it would be nice to see how it stacks up! Then I can give the Jaw Bone to my wife as a gift! Regifting is great, as long as I win this one!!

Thanks!! Crack on!!

I like the style of the headset. It is nice and skinny and not big and bulky like most of the old ones. I have a Jaw Bone now so it would be nice to see how it stacks up! Then I can give the Jaw Bone to my wife as a gift! Re-gifting is great, as long as I win this one!!

Thanks!! Crack on!!

What a great looking headset!!! The earpiece looks wonderful and addresses the biggest physical/practical issue plaguing these great inventions. I always have to add a bulky gel earpiece to get my bluetooth headset to stay attached to my ear, so this Plantronics looks great!

Since I have actually owned a Plantronice BT headset - I am completely aware of the quality and functionality of the Plantronics devices. I am certain that the Discovery 975 equal to - if not surpassing the the Plantronics quality standrds.

Also - since I am a minimalist I completely love the design of this headset. I have been watching it since it was first released. I would love to have one of these.


I have a problem finding the right bluetooth that will fit me. I'm a small person, therefore have a small ear. The ones like the motorola that just sit on the ear bother me because I feel like it's going to fall off. The others that have an ear insert never fit right since my ear is small. However, in looking at this design and reading your review on how it fits you, may be the right design that I need!

As a female, I have had a hard time finding a bluetooth that was small enough to fit in my ear comfortably. This headset actually looks as though it would be comfortable to wear. I like the fact too that it has background noise canceling properties. So often I get complaints about not understanding what I am saying due to too much outside noise while talking on my current bluetooth.

I think it looks like a great headset that looks fairly comfortable to wear. I like the simple design and included accessories. I do not have a headset, but need when while driving, as this will become the norm for law abiding citizens.

Thanks for the contest and great review.

Win or not, I will probably keep my eye on it for purchase at later date.

I wouldn't mind winning this, every plantronic BT I've had has been great so I expect nothing less from this device.

Its real simple!!!! It looks great and appears to have the perfect fit and sound quality. Looks, fit and quality - what else could you ask for!!!

I can't leave an educated comment on this device because I've never had a headset. I am absolutely loving my first smart phone purchase, though---my new Blackberry 8330. This phone makes me smile!!!!! This headset would be a nice addition, not to mention making me look cool! (or important, at least!)

I have tried many different head sets, and Plantronics have been the best. I would love this thing!!

I'd love to have one. Handsfree will make me a safer driver. The design is sleek and simple much nicer than the other products out there. Everything else just seems bulky now. Pick me.

I want a headset with great sound quality, but I DO NOT need another fashion accessory. This one is sleek, but not overbearing on your face. I love it!

I recently got a ticket for talking on the phone while driving. This device would help me avoid tickets in the future. Please Crackberry help me!

I could really use a BT device like this that doesn't look obtrusive and works well. If it holds up the to the review, it will likely be an excellent device. I badly need one of these as I commute to school and work every day, and have gotten a few talking on the cell phone tickets already.

That's what it seems this is like. I've been looking at Bluetooth headsets, trying to figure out which ones are good. The 925 has been reviewed well, so the 975 looks like it would be even better. Hope I win it. :P

Ohhh, I want one!! I love the gel earpiece with multiple sizes. That is my complaint with most headsets. I can't use them for long before they become uncomfortable. This looks like it would solve that problem.

I really like the look of this headset, very elegant. I've never seen the soft gel earpieces done in this way. I'll bet that it gives the headset more stability.

Thanks for the contests!

I love the simplicity and elegance of it, doesn't look like a spaceship on your ear.. and the wind-reduction technology is important when inside a car, which is the only time I have a headset on.

just look at that it's very nice looking not lke some of those others one you see around that look ugly this one looks like i would actually would want to wear it...

I've had 2 plantronics headsets in the past, and they had the best audio quality out of all the headsets I've owned. This headset is not only incredibly beautiful, it makes the jawbone look over-sized and clunky. I would love to pair this amazing headset with my blackberry.

I'm currently using the Blueant Z9 but feel that the speaker isn't quite loud enough. It sounds like this plantronics model will have better sound quality. I also really like the key chain effect since I mainly only use the bluetooth in the car. I would love to win this device.

Anything from Plantronics has always done me right! So, this is probably a right-on device.

I like headsets that 1) aren't 'headsets' and 2) don't have a ear loop and 3) have a longer mic arm.

Oh, and a case is nice, as my headset is bouncing all over the car...

I think this looks great (very similar to the 925) but how does it compare to what many consider the gold standard (Aliph Jawbone Prime)?

The charging case is a big plus. I've run out of power on my headsets in the past and this case would help with that issue.

This headset offers an aesthetically pleasing design while at the same time offering first class function. The ability to charge on the go is a huge plus as is the simplicity of its controls. This is a must have headset but unfortunately the bad economy took all of my expendable income. I am on my knees Crackberry! Please have pity on my soul!

This looks so easy that even my wife could figure it out . Seriously, the simplicity is the key to this headset, and the Windsmart technology is a huge advantage.

Ive used plantronics eqipment before, they are far ahead of the game in technology. from what I am reading from the extremely well done review I am liking the size and comfort of in the ear as well as the audo quality and that it comes with a case.

I currently use the Motorola h715. I like that you can shut the boom and it is off and disconnected from the phone., when you open the boom, it is reconnected to the Blackberry.
but it is not that comfortable to wear and if I wear sunglasses it is more uncomfortable.
Would like to win this one.

I love the sleekness of this bluetooth. I hate the over-the-ear piece tha always breaks on bluetooths and hurts the ear. It's not as bulky as most bluetooth devices. The Windsmart feature is what sold me to this device. Please choose me = )

My Jawbone2 is definitely on it out. Sound fades in and out constantly. Thought it was my Tour but it did it with my Storm and Curve as well. I've been eyeing this at Best Buy the last couple times I was there just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a headset. Which is where Newegg usaully comes in but don't think they have it in stock or they didn't a couple weeks ago when I last checked.

im loving the blackberry bold leather effect, looks elegant with a very modern design.
after all, its all about the quality and features, being able to connect two phones is a big plus.

Over the last few years i've tried a lot of Bluetooth headsets, and all of them were pretty bulky or looked ugly. But this one seems to be very simple, sleek and definitely sexy! it matches all types of fashions, especially if your dressed up a little. it's hard to find a bluetooth headset to match your suit and tie attire. this one looks pretty sweet.

Both my wife and I have 1st gen jawbones. We liked them at first, but the love quickly faded. The ear loop really stunk. BFor what we paid for them, I wasn't impressed. Long story short, she broke hers and now uses mine. I would really like this unit to replace it.


I would definitely love to have one of these for my roadtrips coming up soon. I'll be making a move to Illinois for my girlfriend and would love to let her know how far along I am on the trip.

My biggest issue with bluetooth headsets, and in particular the one that I use, is the negative connotation that some people hold for people who are walking around with one in their ear. This particular headset starts to fight back against that angst by entering the mainstream and being simple, and elegant and not at all obtrusive. As the laws begin to change, making it mandatory to have these, I think that headsets will become more like the Discovery 975 and I want to be on the cutting edge! Make me cool! Thanks.

I would love to have the opportunity to win this bluetooth device... the simple fact of being able to charge the bluetooth via the dock is a huge plus... especially with the road trips I take, and as much as I use my current bluetooth device which is a cheap Plantronics Explorer 220... winning this would be like upgrading to a Jaguar from a Kia... LOL

I bought my first headset several, an old motorola model with the flip boom) years ago for a different device and all I had was trouble. The thing didn't fit my ear properly and kept falling off or moving around, the quality was cheap feeling, and the battery life was atrocious, eventually completely dying after only about a year. I pretty much gave up on the idea of a bluetooth headset, but this device seems to be so perfectly designed and well thought out. It would be the perfect companion to my Verizon Tour and will hopefully renew my faith is these type of headsets.

The simplicity of the device is great because it reduces the amount of stress or confusion when your driving in traffic and want to keep your focus on your surroundings instead of trying to get the head set to function. The biggest feature for me is the actual functionality. Its got to work, plain and simple. I want to hear who I am talking to and I don't want to yell so they can hear me. If this device works that good..... I might buy one if I don't win the one that's being given away.

Sounds like a great device from the review. I have had Plantronics devices before and have been mostly happy with them, this one looks to be much improved.

I have used a few different headsets and none of them really did it for me. Would love to win this one so I can try it.

I hope the mark has finally been hit. I have read reviews on bluetooth and bought the product yet always seem to be let down. Hopefully this one reaches the benchmark needed.

i drive a semi truck so i need something that promotes safety as well as sounds good and defeats noise, this may be a solution?

I like this headset because not only does it look nice, but it comes with everything you need, all accessories, and keeps them all in one easy place. Makes it very easy for people on the move!

Well I've always been a Motorola guy...but after seeing and reading all this, I think it's time to move forward and change once and for all.
I hope to win it , if not....I'll buy it 4 christmas, lol



I like that it's simple and very elegant/professional looking at the same time. I'm in the transportation industry and use BT devices alot, and these feature-rich device looks like it would be great. I also love the case.

I have a BlueAnt v.2 and while I love it, people sometimes do have issues with the noises it picks up. I'd love to give this Plantronics a run and see how it compares.

I like the Audio IQ and Windsmart features along with the 20 band that they put on it to make you sound more natural.

seems like performance is questionable, but I can't get over the design. Looks so professional! I have to old jawbone and it is so big and clunky compared to this....

The design looks great. My only concern is that how comfortable the ear piece would fit in my ear. But for the most part I think the sound quality would be great.

I believe this is by far the best bluetooth. I have had several that suppose to work and it doesn't. I would greatly appreciate winning this earpiece as I am always on my blackberry on conference calls with the tech's in my region resolving issues or just talking about New technology. I am sold on the Simple yet elegant design and the Audio IQ and WindSmart offer high quality audio. So please choose me!!!!

I have the 925, and it is one of the best headsets I've ever owned. This one looks to take it a step further by making it lighter on the ear and improving the battery life. Pick me, I would love to rock that!

I love the simplicity. The aesthetic alone is important. In the past, these headsets have been bulky and just out of the question for most people. This has the right look!

I love the simplicity. The aesthetic alone is important. In the past, these headsets have been bulky and just out of the question for most people. This has the right look!

I have a previous model Plantronics with the charging case and really like the design and function. I like the smaller and sleeker design of the new 975 and would like to give it a try.

I have never been disappointed before with Plantronics.

It is an architects dream come true to have such a design for it's increadible functionality and as a piece of "jewelery".
Got just to words in my mind to describe it: Simple and Sexy!

always having issues with bluetooth headset holding on properly...loose or too tight maybe this one will do, who knows?

This one looks to make up for their previous faults. Have the BlueAnt V1 now but am intrigued by this one...

In Ontario, Canada they have now introduced a ban on talking on a cell phone or playing with a pda or hand held device while driving (takes effect Oct 26). This saddens me as I don't have a bluetooth headset. Now when someone calls, i'll have to simply ignore the call even if its important. Another note, the storm wired mic/headphones I've been told by others with whom I've spoke to through it, say it sounds all muffled - unacceptable.

I've been wanting a bluetooth mic in which case this one fits the profile, small, sleek, and can easily be placed in my car without taking up much room.

This would be perfect! The only downside is if I did win, I'd have no excuse to not answer my phone when my girlfriend calls me when I'm driving. :)

I think it looks great. I'm currently using the Plantronics Voyager 835 and think its great, but this would be that much lighter on my ear!

I could use this I really could!. I was remodeling my bathroom.. I had to redo the whole interior and exterior wall. I had black mold. When I was finshing up painting my Blue Ant headset fell and bounced in to the paint tray. It worked for a day then will not work since ( the new white color could be the cause :)). I really can't afford a new headset since the unexpected cost of my bathroom remodel.. I would love to win this headset.

Crackberry.. Thanks for all the great info and prizes you offer us fellow BlackBerry users!

Compared to my current headset, this one seems amazing. My current headset is the plantronics 2050. Its small, but the sound quality isnt the best at all. People claim i sound muffled, and it does nothing for background noise. I think that having this headset will benefit me greatly. I drive a great deal for work, and this def sounds like a good one!

on the market I need to get a BT headset for my truck. If I can hear and speak over the diesel engine then it is a great product.

Bluetooth headsets scream dork to me, especially those people that walk around with that thing stuck in their ear all the time.

With that said, this one seems to have a DF (dork factor) of 2 (on a scale of 1-10; 10 being Star Trek geek living in your parent's basement). Leaving a headset with a low DF in your ear all the time adds 5 points to the DF rating.

Given the low DF rating, I'd like to have this one. I'll only place it in my ear when making/receiving actual calls. Gotta keep the DF low!

I would love one of these because all the others I've tried have issues of one kind or another. This seems like the answer to my Bluetooth blues.

I've been disappointed with most of the BT headsets I've tried, but this one looks like it might just be a good option!

bluetooth options are so pricey... it this works as billed then i see it but so many to this point have been a letdown.

I am using the plantronice pro and its so huge it makes me look like a member of the borg. This would be a great alternative.

This looks like a nice bluetooth device to own. My current bluetooth is a Samsung (forget the model) which is decent but does not fit in my ear all that well and is hard to use due to its small size. It also is not as stylish.

As far as the wind overpowering the user's voice when driving with open windows, I think all bluetooth devices suffer from this issue; at least all that I've used.

The case looks nice and seems functional, but is this the only way to charge the device? If it is, then I think this is a flaw since losing the case results in more money to be spent if it is lost (my Samsung suffers from this also). I wish that all bluetooth devices would use a mini-usb to charge so that it would be easy to replace a lost charger. I know this doesn't work for the manufacturer, etc, but I'm a consumer.

Overall, looks like a great device to own.

I stopped using BT headsets because of there lack of innovation. I almost crashed a few times but i still refused to get one.... for a while all BT headsets were the same, heavy on my ears and the sound qualities....forget about it. I keep hearing good things from Plantronics after they released the 925 but for now i'll continue reading reviews until i crash or just give in and get one!!!!

I think simple designs are always the best, and a minimalist approach is what I like when wearing a headset.

So I would love to win one of these.

Thanks for the great review Ryan. I am definitely looking for a new headset and I just might try this one.

Now if I am I the lucky winner for the headset that would even be better!

I love Crackberry :D!!

This looks like a superior headset to my H375. The H375 does work pretty well, however, I find myself searching for the ear seal pretty frequently because it tends to fall off. Also, the H375 is not very comfortable to wear for hours because of the over ear support ring. It works decent in my pickup, but I have yet to try it on the ramp at the airport.

I think the WindSmart would be a great feature to have when I'm trying to preflight and finish up a phone call on the ramp. I also think the case is a must. This keeps you from damaging the headseat or losing the ear seal.

I like how sleek it looks. It ends up looking very discreet and I like that. I also like the fact, of how sturdy it was when you were shaking your head.

I've been in cellular sales for over 5 years and plantronics has been one of the most dependable and easy to use bluetooth products I have sold.
This one has stepped up the size abilty to charge in the case alone will make it a big seller. I would love to have this one the charging in the case just does it for me!

That headset looks sturdy and lightweight and, more importantly, doesn't have an over the ear hook. I would definitely enjoy using this day to day!

I would love to have this bluetooth , the technology sounds incredible, I work in many varying enviroments throughout the day, (road noise), very quiet, and very loud machinery, it would be great to see the full range and capabilities of the bluetooth equipment,
and thanks for a great website.



Small, sleek, simple -- I would love to win one of these and save some money. If I don't, I might have to get one anyway.

I still prefer a earpiece that is smaller in profile and less intrusive towards the front of the face. I still use my Flamingo BT set with my Tour and really enjoy it's low profile vertical orientation. The downside is that it's wind canceling tech is outdated and mediocre at best. I may look towards one of these 975s.

I think this bluetooth has a great design. I would love to be able to win this and give it the old crackberry try!!!

I have a Plantronics Voyager 510. Its has worked very good for me since I bought it over a year ago refurbished to save 50 bucks. I makes calls clearer, people hear me better, and I can even us it on my computer too! I have never been disappointed in a Plantronics device and I have owned 5 now.

This one looks really nice and sleek, and the added plus is the charger dock that it has. Will greatly increase the time you can leave it in your car and have it on standby ready to go.

I hope I win this one because it would be nice for my fiance who always talks on her phone while driving, her mom does too. Gets Scary at times, but she keeps telling me she wants a bluetooth headset and I tell her she is only getting a Plantronics.

Good luck to everybody!!!


I have been looking for a new Bluetooth Headset and this looks like the one. Would love to win this!!!

Simplistic controls, minimalistic design, great sound quality, I'm failing to see a con. Plantronics has been known to make amazing bluetooth headsets, and I'd love to win one!

Simply put it looks professional and could easily be worn all day at work without drawing to much attention. The ear gels also look to be madea higher qulaity material than the ones on my current Plantronics bletooth that dirty fast and seem to peel apart.

Definitely a pefect match for my Blackberry Bold.

and functional. The charging case is a nice idea and I really like the double punch at improving the sound clarity as that is what it is all about.

This looks like a good replacement for my Plantronics Discovery 925. I'd love to get a piece of that WindSmart technology. I love the faux leather surface as it'll match my 9700 once I obtain one.

As an owner of a Plantronics Voyager Pro, I find this newer model a significant leap forward in comfort and style. Don't get me wrong, the performance of my Voyager far outshines others in it's class - it was the first one that I could hold a two-sided conversation on with the top out of my Corvette. If this Discovery matches the Voyager in that area, I'm in even if I don't win. However I would really, really, really like to win!

PS. Who would I have to sleep with to win this? Just asking(and just kidding).

I have its brother headset and have to say its not that bad..I think the noise cancellation can be worked on alittle bit more but other then that a pretty sharp design.