Review: OtterBox Defender series case for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Ryan Blundell on 28 Apr 2011 11:50 am EDT

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For those who have picked a PlayBook, I want to ask you a question; How many of you still have the screen protector on? Yes, the one that has the gestures printed on it. It’s okay, I do as well - it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I was a little disappointed that the PlayBook didn’t come with a screen protector free of graphics. At least we have a neoprene sleeve to provide protection when it’s not in use. As with most new toys, I’m always afraid of that first drop. I’ve been lucky so far (knock on wood), but I still dread that first slip - the slow motion fall to the ground accompanied by a useless “Nnnnooooooo!”

When the Otterbox Defender series case for the PlayBook came out, I was able to get my hands on one. My past two BlackBerry smartphones have sported a case or two, at some point, and I was eager to give this new one a go. With 3 layers of reliable protection, I was pretty sure that the case could stand up to practically anything, even our 4 year old. As an added bonus, the case includes a removable shield that doubles as a stand! Let’s check it out.

OtterBox Packaging

Warning: Within this yellow and red box lies a tough, rugged case designed to withstand much of what is thrown at a geek on the go. In some cases, it’s also the geek that is thrown. Emblazoned on the box is the “Built for BlackBerry” logo, which stands for quality and two thumbs up from RIM. The kit is pretty simple, as the only thing inside the box, besides the case, is a set of instructions printed on the inside wall. It’s minimal packaging for providing maximum protection. Here are the tech specs for the Defender case:

Layers of armour:

A clear protective screen and camera protector (membrane)

A silicone skin for you to caress while you carry your PlayBook. I mean, it’s used to provide a better grip, yeah, that’s it...

A polycarbonate shell to bear hug your PlayBook. The inside of the back half of the shell has a soft lining.

A multi-purpose, plastic shield


5.78inx 8.03 in x 1.17in (or 146.81 mm x 204.06 mm x 29.82 mm)


11.99oz (340.19 g) – that’s only the case, not including the shield/stand.

PlayBook in OtterBox case

Now like any great, fully loaded case, this puppy protects your ports with silicon plugs. While it covers nearly every square inch of your PlayBook, it still provides access to your speakers, microphones, headset jack, power buttons and media/volume buttons. There are 4 tabs on the edges of the case; 2 on the top edge and 2 on the bottom. These have two purposes. First, it’s used to secure the extra plastic shield in place. Second, it locks the back and front of the polycarbonate case together.

With this much protection, one may still worry about any potential damage to the still somewhat exposed screen. What really makes the Defender case stand out (in more ways than one), is the removable shield. It can be positioned to cover the back of the PlayBook (with a sliding “peephole” for the camera) or the front, protecting the case when not in use. The coolest feature it has is the collapsible stand built into the shield. It’s the perfect angle for checking out pictures, watching videos or even playing music and games at a desk. I loved typing on it while at my desk, as well.

OtterBox Defender stand

OtterBox Defender stand with PlayBook

While it does take away from the compact feel of the PlayBook, I feel much more secure taking my tablet out and about. I’ve been babying it ever since I got it and it’s about time to let loose a bit. The membrane didn’t seem to affect the quality of images I was taking, nor did it affect the sensitivity of the touch screen.

OtterBox Defender covered buttons

Oh and Bla1ze, if you’re reading, I will say it again; No I will not do a drop test! If, and I mean IF, I ever drop my tablet, I will update this review with my findings.


The Otterbox Defender series case for the PlayBook is a tough (not rough) contender for the ultimate in protection and functionality title. Its sure grip will protect from dings and dents, while decreasing the risk of any accidental drops. The stand and shield are added bonuses that will prop up and protect, respectively. With my PlayBook all armoured up, the only thing missing is the miniaturized arc reactor. You can pick case up from for only $66.95.

Contest: Do you need to get your hands on one of these? How about winning one from All you have to do is leave a comment below. Here’s the catch, you have to share with everyone how protective you are of your PlayBook. Is it bubble-wrapped? Have you even taken it out of the box yet? Let us know. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. One of you will win this case straight from Only one comment per entry please.

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Reader comments

Review: OtterBox Defender series case for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I've not received my PlayBook yet (waiting on dev shipping email) but you could just send this with Bla1ze to BBWC to deliver to me Monday. :)

I have mine in the BlackBerry Soft Shell, but I don't like the way the buttons are covered on top, so I ordered the white skin from I don't like things on the screen, but I'm open to change. This case looks amazing. So, to baby my new toy, I'm in. However, I'll still use my new white skin when lounging around. I love that look. Can't wait until it arrives tomorrow!

I keep mine with a zagg and just use it on carpet, in bed or near any soft surface in case of accidental drop... This otterbox case would help me take it out to way more places!

First the first time in many devices, I haven't gone out and bought my Invisible Shield yet. I'm a bit daunted by the prospect of laying that much screen protector down. I have enough trouble with the handheld devices. So with that in mind, I refuse to let anyone else touch it. And if I'm forced to let someone use it, then I stand directly in front of them with my hands outstretched, ready to catch the PlayBook if they drop it.

I got my PlayBook at the #PlayBookDC event at the W Hotel in Washington on Tuesday. It lives in the neoprene sleeve and only comes out when I am safe in the Office and can lay it on my desk.

please let me win an OtterBox Defender Series Case for my PlayBook.

Thank you.

Dropped mine by mistake just the other day. All i could think of was the drop test video i saw here on crackberry. I got lucky and had no damage. I have since stopped carrying it with me until i can get some protection for it. My playbook stays at home for now.

I ordered one from the store but it was just taking tooooooo long to get it to me so I canceled and picked up another one.

I couldn't even wait a few days to get this in the mail to protect it.

I use the air duster can on it at least 3 times a day to get the dust off the screen and in the speakers.

i left the screen protector it came with till i bought a completley transparent screen protector and always always carry it on the neopreno sleeve, the otterbox would help alot because i use it everyday at collage and many people want to see/touch it because they don't know what it is and im afraid they could drop it.

I keep my playbook in the sleeve when not in use. It stays wiped down every night. and is kept away from my kids..and wife. She's a klutz.

When at home i rock my playbook with a screen protector. When i leave i put it into its sleeve and into my jacket pocket.

But I am looking for better protection all the time and I am considering the otterbox for sure.

I'm somewhat of an Otterbox fanboi. I have my Playbook already wrapped up in one of these. I wish they would make an adapter to hook it up to my rapid charger stand. I have found out that I'm gonna have to buy another PB for my wife for Mother's Day. She's hooked. Although she's not nearly as hard on her devices as I am, our 6 yr old is and has fast become addicted to my PB. Therefore my wife's PB will need one immediately.

I'm not very protective of my PlayBook... which is exactly why I NEED this OtterBox.
I let everyone hold and try out my new tablet, including kids and clumsy friends.
Please send me a case before my PlayBook takes a hit!

I literally just bought my Playbook after discussing some of my apprehensions with members in the forums. This is my first tablet and I am scared ****less about dropping/dinging it!

I keep putting it in the sleeve and stuffing it in my thick backpack for protection. I have a Rottweiler puppy that would chew on a railroad spike dipped in gasoline just to ruin my day!

Though no amount of protection will stop my Rottie for long, this would definitely give me peace of mind from drops while traveling!

I haven't even taken the plastic screen with the hands on it until I get some protection for it!!

I bought a pack of screen protecters with my Playbook purchase, but I still tried to keep that plastic screen cover on for as long as I could. That only lasted about 3 days before one corner started to come off.

Pick me! I regret to say that I am not protective at all of my PB - it feels rugged, so I treat it that way. Now this isn't to say that I go dragging it face down across a bed of hot coals -- only that I don't go out of my way to protect it beyond what I'd do for any daily-carry electronic device.

My Playbook has never left the house. As much as I want to show it off I cant until I get an Otterbox Defender case. It stays on the stand next to my chair and that is the only place I use it.

After the original screen cover with the gesture pictures wore out i removed. i actually take it out either in sleve it came with or in my pocket. i also have galaxy tab which i just shove in my jeans or jacket pocket. it is too bad this doesn't have gorilla glass. but i dont like the feel of invisasheild but maybe I'll look into otter box. I also paid the $129 to rim for 2 year protection they offer on

i using the case that came with it but am constantly afraid that it will slip as i'm pulling it out of the bag that i will do that NO! as it drops and i take it wherever i go it's keys blackberry playbook before i leave my house all the time...

I haven't received my PlayBook yet because I want to take it out of the box and place it right in the Otterbox.

Otterbox rules for protection!!!

I already ordered this case for mine (should be here tomorrow), but I'd like to win another for the PlayBook my wife will be getting.

As for how protective I am right now, it doesn't leave the house, is in the neoprene case when not in use and nobody else is allowed to touch it.

I really need one of these. I've been contemplating ordering one since i got my playbook on saturday but was concerned on the bulkiness. A girl in my office had it in her hand and was threatening to drop it and i almost had a heart attack. an otterbox would've definitely gave me peace of mind.

Take it out of the house!?!?! Waaaaaaaaay too much gravity, asphalt, concrete out there!!! Of course this little baby could put my mind at ease...

I took my PB out of the house for the first time last week. I wound up not wanting to use it for fear the first drop. This would allow me some freedom and peace of mind. Please, please, please!

I've been carrying it to most places I've been to since I got mine on the 19th. But I still leave it most of the time in the cushion case it came with, along with a screen protector membrane. I've been pretty happy with Otterbox cases for previous Blackberrys.

I consider myself to be very protective of my PB and I still managed to let it fall on the ground yesterday! I am happy to report that it was in the neoprene sleeve at the time and seems to have survived without a scratch. I have already ordered an Otterbox Defender for it but it has yet to arrive!

Being careful with mine, but I did put anti-glare film on device to keep greasy finger marks off. have not taken it out in the public yet. If I don't win I will order one!

When I bought my PB on launch day I also bought a leather case. Otherwise I wouldn't have even taken it out of the box for fear of accidents!

I kept the original screen protector on for several days until I picked up one. Good thing the gestures printed on it weren't too invasive! lol

On rainy days I slip my PB into a plastic bag because my backpack is a bit old and leaks! lol

There was very few accessories available at launch. I've protected several past BB's with Otterbox Defender and I believe there is nothing better. If the Defender was available at launch I would have bought one for sure.

I would really love to win one, thanks :)

i keep mine in the sleeve it came with for now and away from children. as a fellow Winnipeg'r I would love to win this ! thanks!

I would love to win this case. For now I still have the factory protector on mine. Mainly because I was debating what case to get and I think with this case you dont need a seperate screen protector. Havent dropped mine yet and hopefully never do. But this will definitely help. Ive had otterbox on all my handhelds and I believe it has saved me some damage quite a few times.

I'm somewhat protective of it. So far it's only been dropped once while in box. My wife picked the box up out of the car the wrong way and let the inner packaging slide out of the sleeve. Still cardboard surrounding it but talk about a bit miffed. Other than that I keep it in the sleeve when not in use and make sure the 3 year old or any of the other kids for that matter don't get their greasy little mitts on it.

I'm in the ARMY and take my Playbook EVERYWHERE! it's either riding around in the neoprene sleeve in my assault pack or on me in my cargo pocket. love that its that portable. now i just need something to protect it better from the elements. Heading back over to the Middle East again and don't need any dust and sand blowing inside of the speakers. 1 Gal ziplocs just aren't the best option.

I know that first drop will happen soon but would feel so much better knowing this case is protecting every sq inch of my 64gb playbook! I always have one dedicated hand for the playbook and the other hand is for everything else (Except the BB, that goes in the pocket) Thanks Crackberry!

mine is in the OEM neoprene sleeve all the time.
i currenty use otterbox for my 9800 and am loving it .
this otterbox will save my P-book from my wanting to show it off all the time.
thanks CB for the chace to win one.

Unfortunately, I'm not as safe with it as I should be! I have been using my neoprene case as my only protection and I have dropped it a couple times and sat on it once... haha This thing would be awesome, as I will be travelling a lot, and it will be with me EVERYWHERE! :) Please please please?

I actually just dropped mine this morning from about 3'-0". Luckily it was in the neoprene sleeve and was unharmed. I nearly had a heart attack as it slipped off the ledge and fell to the concrete. It's ALWAYS in the neoprene sleeve if I'm not actively using it.

... And I would really like one for my Playbook! I work at a major cellular retailer, 4500 locations nationwide and OtterBox is the best protection.. Hands down!

I'm so overprotective that I make sure to put it back in its original box every night and stash it in the towel drawer for sakekeeping.

I have the case-mate barely there, then keep it in the neoprene sleeve. Also have the zip sleeve for when leaving the house. Could always use more protection with the otterbox case.

I love the idea of the Otter Box, i have not bought one because the local Best Buy does not carry them yet. I am still using the neoprene skin that came with it and I am using a Laptop knapsack with extra padding added so i can carry it back and forth to work. My teenage boys are dying to try Need for Speed, but i won't even let them look at it. They are now offering to do extra chores for a chance to play the game. (I'm not budging). My wife is mad at me because i would let her use it. I'm not sure how much longer I have before my wife declares me insane just so she can get her hands on "my precious"

Please help me....

I keep mine in the sleeve whenever I'm not using it, I even refuse to lay my pb on any surface other than the sleeve. I only show-no-touch my pb to my friends :P they're still jealous.

Using the convertible case right now. I am still protective of the screen so the Otterbox would be a nice addition for times when the PB use gets wild.

I keep mine in its original packaging for fear of any damage. I have no problem with taking it out of the box because it makes me feel like the first time I unboxed it. Now if I had the otterbox case, I wouldn't have to lug around the box with me everywhere I go. So, Crackberry...please pick me so I don't have to worry about damaging my precious precious Playbook.

Please send me one, this would be incredible to have! My poor playbook almost (almost!) dropped one time before i deftly caught it, but in those 2 seconds of endless slomo I was really afraid I'd kill it. This would come in so handy!

I'm so paranoid I get the sweats - try to use it in 'safe' areas! Here comes peace of mind with one of these!

I love this otterbox for protection. It will be much cheaper than using the NYPD to escort me around town. Also can use it as a stand is MAGNIFICENT!!! Thank you for providing protection for my Play "Diddy"

I would like to try this out! I've been looking for a case to protect that screen. I currently have mine in a gel skin that sits inside the neoprene sleeve. That's not enough protection in my eyes though! This would certainly help!

How is operating the power button with this case on? I have the oem blackberry book style case and find that its impossible to press the power button with the case on, the rubber case is too stiff and the power button too small. Everytime I want to power off the pb I have to pry up the top of the rubber case.

I keep mine in the neoprene case that was included with it. I have a screen protector that I have put on the device. I treat it like my third child.

I just use mine in the neoprene sleeve for now but every other phone I've had has used an Otterbox which I bought on the spot. When I take the PB to class, I make sure to occupy the seat next to me with my backpack and form a boundary/bubble around me by taking everything out of it and placing it on the desk next to me so that no one even comes close to bumping into the desk with my PB or accidentally knocking it off the rapid charge dock (which I use as a stand for now). That's right, I don't care if you came in late and there's no other seat for you other than the one right in front of the professor so you can't spend the class texting away. Next time come in earlier.

This is a terrific giveway. I have yet to really start using the PB because I don't have protection for it, and I have twins who would LOVE to see if it bounces (yes, they can get to stuff even if it is hidden or put high). I love my BB Otterbox and would so use a new addition to the "family".

I keep mine in the sleeve it came in plus a old leather binder I have from an old daytimer. I am waiting for a cover to arrive in the mail. :)

Mine is with the ZAGG invisible shield but I don't have any case for my Playbook so I think this will fit very well to my Playbook!!!

I have mine since day 1, carry it most of the time inside the neoprene sleeve together with a microfiber cloth to keep the screen as clean as I can (sometimes i feel like Gollum polishing The One Ring).
In occasions like check notifications I don't even pull it out and just peak with the gesture. Also i keep the volume buttons in the bottom of the sleeve so i can charge the Playbook without taking it out.

When I get my PlayBook it will sit in its original wrapping until I get one of these cases! Otterbox FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please enter me. Pretty please??

It's sad, actually. The playbook is supposed to be a portable device yet I refuse to let it leave my room. My friends want to play with it because they think it's cool but I won't let anyone hold it. I become physically ill at the thought of dropping it. Eeeek! Hook me up, crackberry! Make me normal again.

I just dropped and shattered the screen on my storm 2 a couple of weeks ago. I had an otterbox for it...but was going naked that day for ease of getting my storm 2 in and out of my pocket. Needless to replacement storm 2 is tightly wrapped with its otterbox!!!

right now for my playbook, I'm just keeping it in the sleeve it came with. It doesn't look like it would offer much protection plus it is not easy to use. Being as that I'm ALWAYS carrying my playbook...chances of it getting dropped are pretty high. I need the otterbox!!!


I use the sleeve that came with it, but I am still looking for the right case. A free one is always the right one.

It's my birthday next week and my hubby is getting a playbook for me. Woohoo! I can't wait. I'd love to get the otterbox case because I tend be rather careless with my devices and my hubby has sweaty hands that he will undoubtedly be smearing all over the screen. Between the two of us, my future playbook's going to need all the protection it can get.

I've kept mine pretty protected using the neoprene sleeve, but I'm always paranoid that I'll drop it or something plus they havent come out with a good screen protector yet!

ok please pick me. never had an otterbox anything but after the amount of money i spent on buying this playbook, i would buy on if i had anymore money to buy it with lol.

I'm so protective of mine I haven't even taken it off the shelf in Best Buy yet. I'll need a case when that day comes next week after finals (so I don't distract myself from studying).

How protective of my BB am I? I own the Otterbocx Commuter case on my Tour. And it has been battle tested by several drops. Not on purpose, mind you, but it did survive with flying colors.

I kept the same printed screen protector (that came with it) but within two days it started bubbling up so I had to go buy one at the store lol. I don't wait for those.

I don't let anyone pick it up and I refuse to even hold it while standing until i have a good case but haven't found one I like as yet.

But coming from outterbox? will it be better cause the one for the torch was poor quality.

and LOL at no you won't do the drop test. I wouldn't either.

I left the screen protector (the one that came with it) on for the first day. Now I have nothing but a naked screen and would love to have the otterbox case for it. Thanks

I keep mine in the Blackberry Journal case for protection but prefer to not use a screen protector. I'd love to give the Otterbox a try!

My playbook is either in my hands or way up out of reach of my 5 yr old and my 2 yr old. I need something like this to ease my mind.

looks like mine just shipped! The old nook case is doing good so far/for around the house, but for having it stand, and taking it around, i look forward to using it.

I just received my Blackberry Playbook today - the Playbook I won in the Crackberry contest -- Thanks, Crackberry! -- and this is how protective I've been so far: I haven't opened it yet because we have thunderstorms and ominous clouds rolling through the neighborhood and I don't want to risk the initial 240MB software update getting interrupted by a power outage! So... impatiently waiting for clear skies. Talk about anticipation! Anyway, I've been looking at possible cover options and the Otterbox Defender is definitely in the running, especially with the built in stand.

I am waiting for the 3G/4G launch ..but I would like to put it in the OtterBox the minute it come out of the package....I made the mistake of not getting an Otter box strait away for my storm and learned the hard way that it pays to protect with Otterbox ...Since I got the replacement storm I have been using an otterbox and its saved my phone 100's of time from impact at the hands of others ......(fellow college students & my HS students ....

I'm using the case included with the PlayBook right now, but I handle it with kid gloves. I'm also conscious of the solidity of any object the PlayBook might hit if it falls out of my hands. I need a proper case!

Put mine back in the sleeve it came with every time I'm done with it, and wipe the screen with the cloth as well!

I am not protective of my Playbook, although I live in fear of it dropping. The other day it slipped out of my hands but luckily I was on the sofa and my carpet is pretty plush so no harm done. Nonetheless, I apologised profusely to the PB and then put it away safely for the rest of the day...

So please! I need this!

If I could live in an otterbox I could do away with the garage!!!!
"Please dont drop it" is the universal response to "can I see it?"

I use my playbook at the machine shop I work at for conversions, calculations and online speeds and feeds calculator. Right now all I have is a book style case and screen guard. The otter box will give me better peace of mind when I'm carrying it around the shop.

I love my 32GB PlayBook...and I cringed that first night as I started to remove the protective screen, blast those gesture graphics, if it wasn't for those I would have likely left it on.

The neoprene case goes where my Playbook goes, for the time being, I won't even put the PlayBook on the desk or down anywhere unless the neoprene case is neatly tucked underneath the PlayBook giving it a nice cushion.
When the PlayBook isn't in use, back in the neoprene case it goes, even at night for charging, I put the neoprene body wrap around the top of the PlayBook exposing the charge connector and it stays there for the rest of the night.

I look forward to getting a case for the PlayBook, something that I can put in a suitcase/luggage and on the road with me when I travel.

I have always used the factory case on all my blackberry smartphones due to the fact that i usually always picked them up under contract and had insurance on them.

With the playbook being the first blackberry device i am getting, the story is a little different. I have the neoprene sleeve as well as the plastic film that came with the playbook still intact.

When i am carrying my playbook, i keep it firmly in my coat pocket and when using it, i make sure to push it as far possible into the center of whatever surface im using it on.

For storage, i make sure it's safely inside my dresser drawer. I would lovvvvvvvvvve to win this case

I've never used a case or screen protector on one of my phones but I'm a bit more protective of my Playbook. Right now I'm using an "el cheapo" gel style case that I got off amazon for $10. It only covers the back and wraps around the edges. The reason I got it was the little pop-out stand that allows me to watch videos hands free. Other than that, I'm rocking the neoprene case right over the gel case for easy transport. Would love something more protective like the Otterbox but I've been waiting to get my hands on one before I pulled the trigger.

My playbook hasn't arrived yet. So I was already thinking to picking this thing up for when it arrives.
one thing is for sure, I'm not taking it anywhere until I have something to protect is. And the factory screen protector is not coming off until I have this or something else to protect it.
So if can help me out here and let Holland learn about the awesome playbook before it is even released here you should hook me up with on of these ;)

I keep mine in the neoprene case whenever it's not being used. Still has the screen protector on it. No need to go too far since the kids are grown, but won't take it out of the house until I get something to protect it from drops. Hopefully the OtterBox will be mine so I can get out of the house and really take that puppy for a spin!

I too still have the original screen plastic on!!! It's starting to come off at the edges, need to buy protector soon.

I keep it in the sleeve it came with when I'm not using it. Whenever I am not at my desk or at home it lives in the sleeve in my backpack. I even put an old shirt in the back back pocket in front of the screen side to give it that extra protection should I drop the back pack or it falls off the back seat if I rear end someone ;)

My PB is getting really tired of the dark. It rarely is allowed to venture outside the cushiony confines of the neoprene sleeve. Please help me introduce my PB to fresh air and light.

I will be somewhat non-protective of my PlayBook upon its arrival. I dislike it when people don't even use there devices because it might get dirty or scratched or it will use up the battery .... Just use it! Otherwise, just keep your case in its package and put it on top of your PlayBook that's in it's box too. I intent to always have my PlayBook around and just hope I'll be able to catch it with my foot a little before it hits the cement in the parking lot. One can always hope. So even if I get a scratch on it on the first day I know I've lived both my life and the PlayBooks life to the fullest.

Have been babying my playbook. I use the included sleeves while i'm not using it. Otter box will be a nice protective case I've been waiting for.

I need this Otterbox for the Playbook because I tend to be hard on my stuff. I would be afraid to take the playbook outside of my house to show it off without it being in an Otterbox.

I'd really like this case :D I keep mine in the case that came with it. Thinking of getting a skin and screen protector too.

I'd love to win one of these. I'm still babying my Playbook. In fact, it hasn't left my bedroom since I brought it home.

I love the Otterbox on my 9780 and it saved my phone from some big drops several times.

Yes! I'm always careful with my PlayBook especially after I've seen the video of what will happened to the PB when it fell on the ground. I'm using the neoprene case at the moment and of top of that I put my PB in my bag.

Even when I'm charging my PB, I would still put it in the neoprene case. Anyway, what I like the most about the Otter Case is that it can work as a protective case as well as a dock for the PB. Definitely perfect for me since I will be bringing it to school.

Have been keeping mine in the neoprene sleeve whenever I'm not using it and when charging. Sears threw in a hip street screen protector but I got lint on it so going naked for now. Need a case!!

Mine lives in the neoprene case until it comes out to play. I haven't found the right case for it yet but this OtterBox case looks like it will be the one, and #winning it would be even better.

Mine is always carried around in the neoprene case it came with. I also bought a screen protector on the first day to make sure it was always kept new looking. I am super careful with it and sweat if I even have a little stumble where it might fall out of my grip.

I use mine on the go but do leave it in the sleeve that came with it unless it is being played with. I have almost dropped it more than one time and have to say that the skip of my heart isn't a fun thing to go through. I have used Otter cases on every Blackberry I have am willing to give up a little convenience for durability. I agree the stand feature is a big plus.

Please, I need this badly!

I have mine usually sitting on top of the sleeve - so it doesnt come in contact with the table or anything else but my hands. I just took the protective film off a couple days ago when I finally got my Invisible Shield -

My Playbook stays in the journal case or neoprene sleeve at all times. The Otterbox is very nice, I would really like one. I have no problem with the added bulk if it means added protection.

The neoprene sleeve is a great cover to get started with - but something more durable is the order of the day if you want to use it out and about while your getting that free internet.


I have treated my playbook like my first born son. I wont lay it down anywhere that anything could possibly happen. An otterbox would be fantastic. I would probably never let go of it and bring it with me everywhere

Love Otterbox! I've had the Commuter series on my last two BBs (8900 and 9700). Planning on getting this for my Playbook, although I would like to see a Commuter series for PB. Commuter series from Otterbox is my favorite, because it provides the right balance of protection vs. usability for my tastes. Still using the sleeve, but need more protection b/c I take my PB everywhere (for work) and wife & kids love to play on it.

My poor playbook is currently naked, I do try to keep it in the included sleeve when not in use though. Before I got the Bold 9650 that I have now I had the original storm. I picked up an otterbox case for it because I was working in construction, thing worked liked a charm, phone even survived an 8 foot fall from a ladder. Otter Box is great product, that I would love to have protecting my PlayBook!

I have never once stood up or walked with my PlayBook! I did eventually take off the screen protector, but I am freaked out about scratches. I would love an Otterbox!!

I keep a Zagg shield on mine wrapped in the Blackberry leather portfolio that stays with my at all time since I do not want it to drop and break. I have an Otter for my iPad, iPhone 4 and Torch and do not really shelter them since they are protected, heck I throw mt iPhone 4 to show people how tough it is. I wish I could have this for my Playbook so I do not have to keep it on my side so much. When demo'ing it I do not let anyone touch mines. I use the store's to show people it.

I've been keeping my PlayBook in my house, and only in the carpeted areas. I've looked at this case online, and I would definitely make good use of it. Thanks CB!

I just picked one up... although the protection is fantastic, it did add a ton of weight and feel to the PB. It almost feels more prone to dropage now than naked.

if you're in Ontario, grab one from Canada Computers... $49.99

I'm accident waiting to happen! Rarely put it in the sleeve. Have even had found my 3 cats trying their paws at swiping. Please help me. I need this case!

I only use mine in a special room, with very low light and forced oxygen. I have special gloves that I wear under my special gloves, and a delousing machine before I enter the room. But if the Otterbox would help eliminate some of that, I'd appreciate it!

Waiting for Costco to get some 64 GB playbooks in, should have mine within the week with any luck.

I am pretty protective of all my blackberry's and imagine I will be even more so of the playbook since it seems like it is much more likely to get damaged in a drop.

Would love to have the otterbox for the playbook. :)

Thanks for the contest.

My playbook lives in the neoprene sleeve unless i am using it, I have not fumbled it yet, but the otterbox would make me feel better

I have purchased two different cases for my Playbook; a padfolio type case and a shell. Both don't have the protection around the edges which is what is most important to me . Id love one of these cases for the best protection available!

My playbook is curently shod in a rubber skin and with a cheapo screen protector > Would be looking for a better , more protective shield/case soon and otterbox will be on top of my consideration.

I am waiting bestbuy to sell otterbox defender but it is not yet available but I am hoping it will be. For now I only have soft shell because screen protector in bestbuy for playbook is out of stock. It will be great if I will win otterbox defender for my playbook, because the case will mean many things for My playbook, it will give solid protection from scratches and accidental drop, and also will act as stand while watching movies or typing using bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Please Crackberry Let me win this one.

Nice case! and Otterbox tough.
You could bounce one my way...I wouldn't mind at all. screen protector is long gone!

I've been waiting for the price of the Otterbox case to go down before I buy it. Until then, no one, not even my wife and definitely not our 3-year old, is allowed to touch the PB. And for good measure, whenever I move around with the PB more than a couple of feet, I first put it in the neoprene sleeve, then take it out again after it has safely arrived at its destination.

My wife gets mad at me, because I was never this protective of our child! :-)

My PlayBook rests in a microfiber towel. That way, it sits in something that won't scratch it and I have a microfiber handy to wipe off any prints.

I'm more protective of my playbook than anything else I've ever had (newborn children not included). The neoprene sleeve is nice, but it's also brilliantly designed to slip from any dry hand. I intended to wait for the Otterbox (which I've always used in the past) but the second time the Playbook slipped in the neoprene sleeve I caved and bought a Zagg screen protector and a In Case Pop! case.
The Zagg protector feels like I carefully covered my screen with honey. When I'm scrolling down a word document it thinks I'm trying to select text. The Zagg grips my fingers (and dust and passing small birds) brilliantly impeding almost any smooth scrolling or selection. So I intend to take it off. This will leave only the back covering Pop! case. This case is good, but the rubber outer cover has started to come away on the sides (after a particularly hectic drift tastic game of Need for Speed).
So, with a screen protector that's essentially fly paper and a rear protector that's starting to flap at the sides I'm saving for the Otterbox. Unless I won one it could be quite a while for me :( My fingers are crossed...

I've been an otterbox user for my 9700 I've seen how it protect my phone I'm really excited for this release just ordered Playbook and been looking for a good protector hope to have one because because can't find one here in my country..

I use a sleeve in package from RIM. when I see Otterbox I think "This my answer" that's suitable with my lifestyle. cuz Otterbox can protect my playbook and comfortable when I use playbook.

I take it with me but like most am afraid to take it out around others. Need to wrap this baby and keep it safe!

I hav not even taken out the protective film from the display yet and it is irritating me but I have not found anything that can replace it thus far. Currently I carry it in the sleeve ALL THE TIME and would rather not use the sleeve as everytime I pull out my PlayBook I have a phobia that it would slip & fall out. *touch wood*
I NEED the OtterBox for my PlayBook!

I picked up this case because it was the only one that was available locally, and it does fit nicely and makes the playbook feel quite secure. Bulky? Yes, but if you are looking for some serious protection that isn't too heavy, this would be it!

I have always been very protective of my devices. My Curve 8900 STILL has the original screen protector on it (I cut the pull tab with scissors and it has stayed intact ever since).

I'll admit I was disappointed to see the swipe symbols on the screen protector on the playbook since I couldn't leave the protector in place. Aside from the neoprene sleve, my playbook right now is unprotected and I hate it.

Every evening I clean the screen with the cleaning cloth and put the playbook in a designated spot my desk drawer... not only to keep it from accidentally being dropped, crushed or misplaced, but to also keep it away from dust. I know those speaker covers will attract dust sooner or later.

I take my playbook with me every day to work and although I have a laptop + messenger bag, I will always carry the playbook separately, don't want it to be crushed (yes, even with it in the sleeve).

I've considered getting a screen protector + the Barely There case, but it's just not rugged enough in my opinion (can the Barely There case be placed in the sleeve)?

The OtterBox looks like a great case since it will provide all-around protection and I don’t have to worry about handling / transporting the playbook.

My PlayBook is so protective right now, I hardly use it since I'm waiting for a good case. This would def do the trick. But for the most part it's always in the case it came with the screen protector and it goes everywhere I go - loc in my purse.

First, my playbook goes into the neoprene sleeve. Then, into my plastic clipboard before going into the padded laptop pocket of my backpack. This case would complete the gauntlet of protection I have planned for my PB.

How protective am I of my playbook.. not very. I work in a correctional facility at night and bring mine to work with me every night. steel, concrete, and cinderblock can take it's toll on electronic toys. I've went through a couple of phones already. when I purchased my blackberry torch, I purchased an otterbox as well. it's saved my phone a couple of times. I've dropped my playbook once, but fortunately no damage. I've been really careful lately, but I really want an otterbox for it. I guess if I don't win this one, I'll be purchasing one soon..

I still have the original screen protector on my PB and when I'm using it while it's lying on a table, it's always on top of the neoprene sleeve that came with it. Once I'm done using it (which happens rarely...) I immediately put it in the neoprene sleeve.

Hope I win, need to protect my mistress!


I would love a case. I have not decided which one I want. I walked out of best buy with an invisi-shield screen protector. Glad I did too i would hate to see how that glass would look with out it. I almost never let the playbook out of my sight.

My PB is naked so it needs a good set of armour!
Especially with 2 yr & 8 yr olds wanting to use it all the time.

Mine should arrive next week! and i'm already worried and looking up accessories id need to keep it protected!

This one looks like it does the job perfectly! Would love to win one

i try to be really careful but I've alreadt dropped it screen first once and am doing a lot of travelling with it. This case would be great.

Lets just say that I yelled at my 7 year old nephew for "attempting" to touch my playbook during a family easter dinner!!!

i always keep it in the glove box of my car in the sleeve and when its at home i keep it in the box it came in

I treat all of my devices like they are worth a million dollars. It kills me when people treat their cell phones like they are disposable just because they got a subsidy then get upset when they can't replace them for less then $300-500 dollars, or they get upset that someone can't retrieve their data because they never did a back up.

I would love to win this...I get in trouble constantly because I tend to keep my devices in my pocket but I forget and my husband reminds me that if I sit on a hard chair the soft case is not going to protect it very well. Otterbox would be a good step towards keeping it safe and me out of trouble.

My Playbook just arrived today, so it stays in it's neoprene sleeve in the original box under the bed when I am not using it. Has not left the room I opened it in yet or ever unless i get some protection.

im so protective of my playbook,that i haven't even bought one yet,its safe and secure since its locked up at im still saving up for one

Thank God for that neo case/sleeve that came with the playbook.
If both my hands are not on the Playbook, then it is def's in the sleeve.

NEED A CASE SOOOO BAD! I'm soooo scared of that first drop too, gotta make sure I have a Otter case on it, then I wouldn't be scared to drop it on purpose....even though I still never would :)

I have my PB with the original screen protector(which is falling off now). I use the original case and have to pretty much lock it up when my to kids are around.

I don't use a screen protector but just the sleeve that came with it. I am always scared removing it from that sleeve because of how tight it is and I am always taking it with me everywhere. I haven't put it down since I got it.

My PB is not here yet. What I am planning to do is place in my backpack and ensure nothing hits it. That's why I need this case!

I keep my PlayBook in the case that came with it. I'm scared to take it anywhere because I can't find cases in Houston. Guess I'll have to order one or maybe I'll win one...

my 64GB deserves one of these. I don't ever win though, so I'm doubtful I'll win. I'd be grateful though.

pb is in the included neo case at all times. i dont let it out of my sight. i would love the otter box case. i think it would allow me to be more relaxed about leaving my pb out and useable

Well, I don't have mine yet, as they still have not been launched yet in EU, but at least I'd be prepared:)

ok so my playbook goes with me almost everywhere i go. It comes to the toilet with me, it goes with me to bed. At night, it gets 2 pillows to lay on if my gf isn't over. I usually fall asleep viewing cb or fb and i need to keep it protected.

Its been raining a lot here in Toronto for the past 2 weeks since I picked up this bad boy, so if I have to do anything with my pb while out in the rain, i go into shelter mode and jacket goes over my head and secretly do what i need to so I dont drop it and get rain on it.

My pb is my second life now, and I need to protect it at all times, when in my backpack, its in the neoprene sleeve, but then usually wrapped in a thick towel as I dont want to knock it and crack the screen. The Otterbox would ease my mind about this a bit.

Waiting on my Playbook and looking for a case that will protect it through the abuse i will surely dish out! This looks like it

Big fan of otterbox. Had one on my 9000 protected it from a industrian enviroment. Would love one for the playbook.

I'm so protective of my Playbook, I often leave it at home since I'm afraid something might happen to it. I need an Otterbox so it can go everywhere with me!!

The minute I received my playbook, I rushed into my G6 and went to Best Buy and picked up the leather convertible case for the meantime, until I can get my hands on my favorite casing- OTTERBOX DEFENDER CASE!! This case is a beast! I call it King-Kong

There is only one case manufacturer for anything blackberry - Otterbox!! Ii do not have my playbook...........yet BUT I would cover it with an otterbox in a second. If I win this I would get the playbook the same day.

I have a Vera Bradley ereader sleeve. It is in my hand or in the sleeve all the time. I would love the otter box so I might not be so protective of it when it was out of the sleeve and maybe let someone else touch it. Thats only maybe, if they prove their self careful... I think I could enjoy it more if I felt it was better protected and again maybe let someone else enjoy it.

I have the Otter Box Defender for my Bold and I love it! I would have jumped on this otter box, except I need to build back up the finacial reserves (after slapping down 750 on the PB64!). I will head this direction, because I dont fully trust my butterfingers....oops...**SMASH**...CRAP!

I only have the sleeve it came with. I had to bribe my wife to let me buy it. I have to keep it locked in my bedroom though, due to my 2 year old daughter thinking it's her new toy. My 10 and 9 year old boys also fight over it to play NFS... which probably won't end well soon; since they think they have to use their whole bodies to drive.

otterbox has been on every BB i have owned...and i want to continue the tradition w/my Playbook! currently i use the neoprene sleeve and continuously scan the PB for any marks! this case is a must have and i will love having it on my PB after winning this contest.

I Love the Idea of the Defender case... My wife has dubbed my playbook as "little Loli" cause I'M absolutely in love with it. I Charge it in it's neoprene pouch and cant simply get enough of it. I hope this defender case can finally put my heart to rest but I have a filling my wife would come up with a new name for it...... maybe "Armored Loli" :)

This will work great on my Playbook to hold me over until the Sprint 4G model comes out and I replace my current one with that.

" ...the otterbox would help alot because i use it everyday at "collage" and many people want to see/touch it because they don't know what it is and im afraid they could drop it."
Not using it for English ehh?

Mine will be arriving any day. Knowing that the plastic on the screen has graphics, and that I'm really picky about having fingerprints on any device, I already bought a Zagg screen protector. My plans are that when it first arrives, I'll take it out of the box, immediately apply the protector, charge it, then set it up. If I have the Otterbox, I can bypass the application of the Zagg and get right to it! I can't wait!

If I have the Zagg before the case, I'll have double protection.

i'm very protective of my PB. yes, it's not a lightweight. it actually feels like it can handle a fall, BUT i'm too much of a punk to let that remotely happen. i got a screen protector as soon as i got it. i keep it in a folio case but do worry about dropping it on the train. it almost happened when i was just using the neoprene case and yeah, i damn near took a dive for it. better scratches on me than my playbook! ( bandaids would have taken care of any scratches on me :-) )

I love OtterBox Cases they are the best for protection. I would love a chance to win this lovely case for my PB. Awesome contest CarckBerry. Thanks again guys.

would love to protect my playbook. with my ocd this would put my mind at ease. surprised i haven't rubbed the pixels out of the playbook with the wipe. maybe it will get its first adventure outside. good luck to all!

My Playbook arrives tomorrow, and I am so protective of it that my dread of damaging it is almost eclipsing my excitement from getting it! I'm currently deciding if wrapping it or my whole house in bubble wrap would be better. Save me from my insanity and award me the Otterbox! Else I am going to be forced to buy one... :)

love the playbook...i am content to wait for more otter box would be great...!!!!Love the otter box I have for my Torch

I'm pretty protective of mine.
I don't really let others hold it, they have to use it on a table or just above some surface.
I actually left the screen protector that came with it on for almost the entire first 3 days I had it.. even though it had the stupid gesture outlines on it.
I have been holding off buying the OtterBox, as my birthday was today and I was hoping to get one as a present, but no such luck so far.

I've been using the neoprene sleeve -- tucked safely into a padded pocket in my briefcase. Oh, and, yes - still using the original screen cover! Would love an Otterbox!

I've almost dropped mine a couple of dozen times seems like. Been waiting on something like Otter Box to protect it from me. Help me out!! Thanks!!

I am using the neoprene case that came with my playbook. The rubbery case shot my playbook like it was a rock out of a slingshot onto the cement floor and chipped the corner of the playbook case but not the glass. I am a pastor and that stinkin' case made me curse! I desire the protection of the Otterbox to keep me from having to cringe (and potentially use heretical language) as i pick up my playbook from another incident of being slung onto the ground testing the grace of God and the strength of the case.

My playbook is in the sleeve that came with it. Seems to be keeping it in good shape but would hate to drop it without the otterbox case. Had one for my iphone, great case

i have a gel skin on my playbook. i also have the invisishield and the best way that i keep my bb pb protected is by not letting anyone Touch it.

neoprene sleeve only and i dropped with it in it, luckly I stuck my foot out to slow it decent before it the sidewalk. Still working great, but it has me worried.

I have to admit I'm a clumsy guy. Also, I hate when the screen get soiled with fingerprints, so I use a tablet pen. That's why I'm a Otterbox user and abuser. My first Bold 9000 had it, my current Bold 9700 has one. I want my Playbook to be in fashion, and be safe from me! And if it's for free, the better.

I found that the actual unit was more slippery than I expected. I keep it in the included sleeve when not being used.

I use a 15 dollar ebay case. Never had such big case... so it'd be interesting if I do win one to see how one feels like...

I am still waiting on my PB to come in the mail so I hope very much to get my hands on one of these babies before it gets here! Go PB and O!

Picked my playbook up from Best Buy and I need a case for it! Saw a video of it dropping on the sidewalk with the screen breaking and I knew I needed something rugged to protect it with.

I keep my playbook out of the sun, the case may bleach. Having a case would allow me to take it outside the padded room I currently use.

First the first time in many devices, I haven't gone out and bought my Invisible Shield yet. I'm a bit daunted by the prospect of laying that much screen protector down. I have enough trouble with the handheld devices. So with that in mind, I refuse to let anyone else touch it. And if I'm forced to let someone use it, then I stand directly in front of them with my hands outstretched, ready to catch the PlayBook if they drop it.

I am currently not using a case on my Playbook. However anytime i am using it I have a death grip on so it won't leave my hands. Some would call me crazy for not using any protection but I was holding out for this case and can't wait to get my hands on one. Until I do the death grip on my playbook so it doesn't leave my hands will suffice.

I have a BB 9700 Bold Phone with an Otterbox case I purchased 1 1/2 years ago.
(I previusly bought 3 other cases that ended up in the drawer as I had to replace my first BB phone after I dropped it with just a rubberize skin).

When I was told about Otterbox...I purchased one for my replacement phone.

The Otterbox has been my "Lifesaver". I have dropped my phone on numerous occasions with the Otterbox cover. My BB phone has survived all drops with no damage whatsoever.

I just recieved my new Blackberry Playbook 64 GB today and will definitely order a Otterbox "Lifesaver" cover for my lifelink to the world.

They should change the name from "Defender" to "Lifesaver"...I hope if I ever drop my new baby, the Otterbox Lifesaver will come through like it has for my BB 9700 Bold phone.

I wish Otterbox Company would make an Otterbox case for digital cameras. I recently dropped my camera and it no longer works....That is another story.

I Hope to win an Otterbox Lifesaver for my new baby. Maybe they will develop one for cameras after reading this.

Got my Playbook 32GB yesterday from BestBuy. Looked for hours on the Web for a good case. I like the BB Journal Case, looks professional for meetings. But I wanted a good case to protect and allow use at the same time. Then I saw the Otterbox Defender Case. I have one for my Bold 9700 and love it. I'm using the soft slip case that came with the playbook for now. I also looked at geting a screen protector, but they are so hard to install without getting bubbles. Until I get a good case, I put my playbook in a safe place where even my kid can't get to it. I'm tempted to use it, but afraid I'll damage it. I like to keep my stuff in prime shape and would put in the safe if I had one. So since the playbook cost me $653 after tax, I want to PROTECT IT for the long haul.

This is just what I need! I am loving my PlayBook and keep it in its sleeve whenever I am not using it. I do not let anyone touch my PB, hopefully if I win this Otterbox I an let my family tryout my PB for little while.

I have the Otterbox for my playbook..and it's amazing!!! is so durable..and I am a klutz when it comes to hand held blackberry torch is in an otterbox case as only minor peeve with this case is the thickness of the cover around the headphone jack..most of my various portable headphones are with that bent/L-shaped won't fit!!!..I can only use my straight angled plugs for the head phone jack...but i have "Beats by Dre"..and it's fantastic!!!...My next test with this case is my trip to Toronto by train this coming week end...5hours of playbook bliss....aaahhhh!!!!!!

I have an Otter Box for my 9330 and boy has it saved me $$$! I have always had trouble with dropping and destroying my phones, plus it makes a good projectile ... in cases of self defense of course

I've had my Playbook for a few weeks. Bought the leather case. I could use the protection of the OtterBox to go with the new grandson I received this weekend.

While I love the protection provided by the Otterbox Defender for the BBPB, using such a case does have its drawbacks. You cannot use accessories like the Charging Pod/Stand unless you disassemble your PB from the case. There are other examples of accessories that require a snug fit to the device IOT be used so just weigh one's desire/need for more rugged protection and the overall usability of the device itself.