Review: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and 9900

By John Yester on 25 Oct 2011 02:16 pm EDT

Being a first responder I encounter some of the most intense environments on a daily basis. I always expect the most elite equipment to help perform my job while keeping me as safe as possible. I expect the same for my device, as it's a vital tool in my line of work. The OtterBox Commuter Series case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 provides three layers of protection. The first layer is an outer polycarbonate shell to protect the Bold from drops.  The second layer is constructed of durable silicone adding bump and shock protection. Also an optional screen protector, add the third layer and the Bold is now encased in superior protection from anything it may encounter.

I have been carrying my Bold 9930 in this case for a little over a month and I must say it's awesome. I have dropped it countless times, tossed it in a gear bag for travel and it's even taken the trip inside some places where some phones should not be operational. Though the standard Commuter case does not come with a holster, (OtterBox, PLEASE make one!!!) we adapt and overcome. In the video you will see the device fits perfectly in a Bold 9000 holster -- the best combo! Now while keeping the sleekness of the Bold form factor, the Commuter adds no bulk at all, giving some of the best protection in cases out there. Though there are some minor drawbacks using the case, it should be sufficient for any consumer looking for ultimate protection. Be sure to watch the video above for a more in-depth look at this case.

Contest: To enter to win an OtterBox Commuter series case for your device, leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Review: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and 9900



One piece Otterbox cases rock! Sadly, I had to dump the commuter case for my 9800. Plan to get back onboard once AT&T gets around to releasing the 9900.

Oh, I would be so happy to win this contest. I have never won a contest on this site yet, and I'm such an avid Blackberry user. I have a Blackberry Bold 9900, and this would be a perfect accessory for it considering I do not have any type of case or protection for it. However, I respect the process, and I wish everyone the best of luck!


Would def love an Otterbox for my 9900 :) have one for my 8520, 9800 and PlayBook. Tough as nails case. My 8520 survived a tonne of stone being dropped on it and being run over by a bull dozer. Convinced me to get one for my 9800 and my PlayBook.

Had my 9930 4 2 days and it fell in a puddle of water when I was getting in my car when the bb first released on sprint wish I had this then. I'm in.

What a great case. My wife has it for her iPhone. She dropped the phone in a puddle of water and the phone was dry and not a scratch on it. The case was fine too. I would love this case for myself

Oh please please please Crackberry.

I really want to win this and it would be great a as Christmas present to wonderful ME ...

:) :) :)

Please please please ....

I have always loved Otterbox's cases. It is the one I prefer and I compare all others to. Would love to have one for my 9900.

Wow wow wow...
This OtterBox Series look so nice & tough..
With this one, My Bold 9900 safe from scratch and extreme condition..:D
Wanna hold this for my Bold 9900..ha³..
Thanks CB..

Please O Please Pick Me..

Iv had The Worst month ever. Starting with the fire at my place which made me lose everything including my BlackBerry to my motorcycle accident thats left me w a broken shoulder..

please pick me and gift me the only good thing that could hapen this month.

I have this case, got it because of crackberries first review. Its the best case I've ever had. I tried 6 or so different cases on my 9700 and the commuter on my 9780. And the 9900 commuter is even better then that.

I already have this case but my gf uses a shitty floppy silicone thing on her 9900, she needs a commuter! So still enter me into the contest

I will have my 9900 the first day ATT decides to release it. I'm a hge fan of the commuter series. Count me in. Thank you

Oh, I would be so happy to win this contest. I have never won a 9900 contest on this site yet, and I'm such an avid Blackberry user. I have a Blackberry Bold, and this would be a perfect accessory for it considering I do not have any type of case or protection for it.

The Otter Box saved my iPhone 4 and my BlackBerry 9780 more times than I can count, I want it to save my wife's BlackBerry 9900.

I wanted her to get one for her iPhone 4, she dropped it a few too many times and it stopped ringing and the back glass was broken, and then she dropped it again and she couldn't hear people anymore. I think she needs a case for the 9900, I told her if she doesn't get an Otter I am going to take her phone and she gets my 9780 lol...

Please help my wife keep her 9900 safe!!!

HUGE Otterbox fan! I have been using one for my 9700 since April of last year! Would love a fresh one for my 9930 once AT&T gets their head out the sand...

have an otterbox on the iPad, my wife's iPhone.. this would be a great addtion to the family for the 9900 that's coming on AT&T right on time to replace my laggy /broken 9810


Should I win, I promise to let my new Bold 9900 (that I plan to buy on the November 6th thanx to a Crackberry post) from AT&T wear this case like a new born BlackBerry should.

That was all truth with no shameless plug.

I drop my phone 2 much especially since Halloween is comin up n goin 2 many party w/ lots of drinks I'm a BB n hand type of girl

I love my 9930 and the design, but since my phone is an important tool in me making a living, I always stress myself out just thinking I might drop and break my phone in the middle of the day. Having this case would be a huge peace of mind for me. I have been debating between a thicker rock solid case or staying naked and hoping the Bold will hold up to a fall as well as it feels it will. The Commuter appears to be rock solid, but still sleek. I would rock this case for sure if it was gifted to me and this will be my case of choice if I have to purchase one.

Heres hoping for a little luck on a Tuesday afternoon...

LOVE OTTERBOX SO MUCH! have the commuter on my 9650 right now and just got my 9930 today! help me protect this perfect BEAST!

i love the commuter cases. perfect for my use. have used them on every phone i have owned. just ordered a 9900 and should have it this week. this would be perfect! :)

I would love to win this case since I'm always dropping my blackberry and I'm really afraid now with the touchscreen.

Wow this is so awesome! These are not available in my part of the world and it would be so great for me to win it!
Thanks CB you're the best!

I would love to have a commuter for my 9930! I had both the commuter and defender for my 9650 as well as a defender for my PB and love the protection provided by all of them. Given my line of work I NEED rugged protection that doesn't compromise the use of the device. Thanks for the great review CB!

i would love to have this case for my bold 9930 !!!!!!!!! i would be soooooo greatful!! i am a blackberry fanatic!!!!!

I used Otterbox with Bold 9000, 9780, ipod. Now I want one for my new 9900. This is the best case, but very pricey. They have Otterbox 9900 copies in China for 3 USD. Not bad at all. If I won't get Otterbox 9900 here, I will get a replica. The idea of 2 layers is great!

Hmm...the Commuter series for the 99xx is slightly different than the 97xx. On the 97xx, the case covers the area around ear speaker and stops at the top of screen. This one for the 99xx only seems to wrap just above the ear speaker. I wonder why the reason for the change.

Anyway, I don't have the 9900 yet as I am waiting for AT&T to release it and my renewal.

John, I dig your reviews, and as a fellow public safety personnel I appreciate your insight. I'm a team leader on a major US city SWAT team, and I take my 9930 into harm's way daily to help me get the job done. I could definitely use an OtterBox Commuter Case to keep my device in one piece when on the job. Thanks for the review.

I've had a commuter Otterbox for my Bold 9780 and loved it. So I know it will be better on the 9900.

Best case protector ever.
Have used it before (also the commuter series) on my onyx (9700).
Now i'm looking for my dakota

Got one on my previous bold 9780 and absolutely love it, only quirk I got is the fact that it prevent me from using the default holster so i had to purchase the holster for BB9000. other than that, one of the few cases that I would absolutely love to have on a cellphone in general. I once tossed my bold to the concrete after a heated debate but instead of seeing the phone in piece, it still function without a scratch thanks to its otterbox. Highly recommended for any high-end cellphone user

The case looks awesome and useful! Right now I flip my sim into my backup blackberry for precarious situations (that I can plan for) but with this case I think I could take my precious anywhere! Love to win it!

I use nothing but Otterbox on our phones. With it rumored that AT&T will be dropping the 9900 soon, I better get my commuter case now. I would love to wrap my new baby in a free one. I just wish there could be color choices.

I have used the OtterBox Defender Series for BlackBerry Bold 9900 and because the silicon is on the outside it tends to want to let go around the edge on the left side of the case. The protection is unmatched. I would love this case as the silicon is on the inside and the plastic outer shell will keep it in place and help protect the phone. Hope I can score this baby for free :)

I just wanted to thank all the great people at Crackberry for giving us the chance to win some amazing prizes, i don't even want to think about how life/my blackberry would look without you. Thanks for everything

This would be a very nice addition to an already gorgeous phone, and since I have dropped it a few times--no damage, thank God--it may be time to ante up and get a case, if I don't win it first!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Otterbox!

Had been using Otterbox Defender on my former Bold 9000 for 3 years. With Bold 9900 being the thin phone would like to have a thin but at the same time robust case. It turns out that the Otterbox Commute case is the best candidate.

This kid needs to win this otterbox because i have demoed 3 of my phones and i need to have a case that will protect it and allow it to be funtional. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me win this.

Since i need to win this i figured these fine lyrics would be convenient:

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I got a lot of raps but I'll be real
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Cool case! I actually don't like the one included with my BB9900 and this would be a great replacement!

I guess asking to win something many times.. over and over again doesn't work! I have entered certain contests here at and have not won yet! I've entered Otterbox contests before, and win the case you choose contests as well. I've also asked for an Otterbox case in those instances. The only other things i have entered as much are a win certain kind of battery for your device, and a Bluetooth speakerphone device. I'm tired of losing and wont be saying PICK ME PLEASE on this post! I want to win but u know what maybe saying... DON'T PICK ME might change my luck! If i win it great, if i don't then at least my hopes aren't up as always! I love Otterbox cases and would like one for my new device (i entered a couple Crackberry new device giveaways but no hope lol). So Crackberry team, pick whoever to win this case! Good luck to everyone! I am not expecting anything anymore.No hopes up, might just be a next contest lost!

OtterBox have the best cases in my mind. I recently just upgraded to a 9930 and unfortunately didnt have enough cash to get a case. This would come in oh so handy.

Usually have to put my phone in my pocket to keep it safe. I can definitely use one of these and it looks great too. crackberry ftw :D

Can i please win this! This case will prevent my phone from many unfortunate events that could happen to it! I want my phone to last i love it :(

GIMME GIMME!! I wanna win! And the winner of the brand new OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the BlackBerry 9930 and 9900 is our CrackBerry member ezBlackBerry! Oh yes crackbery.. it can happen, you can make it happen! Love it