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Review: myScheduleNFL 2008 for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 16 Jul 2008 12:08 am EDT
myScheduleNFL 2008 for BlackBerry

Ah Football. What better way is there to spend time on the couch in front of a tv? Well ok, you can also bust your thumbs on your BlackBerry for kicks, but besides that. Grab the old pigskin and your BlackBerry, it’s game time! Running onto the field is myScheduleNFL 2008 for BlackBerry! myScheduleNFL is brought to you by Toysoft Development Inc, the same folks that gave us Fakecall.

Now Football and the Blundell’s have gone hand in hand for decades. Okay okay, it was my Dad, Uncles and Brother that played and I was a band geek in highschool. I still went out for the tryouts…sigh….my only claim to fame is that my father-in-law played for the BC Lions back in the 60’s.

myScheduleNFL 2008 offers League info at your fingertips and everyone from  hardcore fans, to those just getting into the game could benefit. The application gives you instant access to AFC and NFC schedules, standings, game day info and more. Looks like I’m dressing for this game (well, review anyway), let’s see if myScheduleNFL will score a touchdown or fumble (oh yes, I’m full of cheesy terms today folks!).

myScheduleNFL 2008 is available for 7100, 8700, 8800, Pearl and Curve models, and presumably the Bold and future models. For the older models on the list, make sure your Berry is running on an OS of 4.0 or higher. While the application is small (around 500kb), it does eat up the data a bit as it gives you updated info. Opening up the application, you are greeted by following selections, as seen in the title image;

NFL Helmets
choose your team

In both the AFC and NFC, each team is represented by helmet icons. Let’s look at the AFC for a moment, specifically at Arizona. I say Arizona, as the trial version only lets you look at the Cardinals. In the trial version, only the first 10 games are shown. As we open up the Cardinals, we are greeted with their schedule; showing Home and Away teams*******, TV Channel and time. Also on this screen, you can pop open the team info, which gives you some basic stats. This would be handy if you don’t know a thing about football and want to impress your boss or friends. You can also look at the roster and their stats and sort the players by experience, number or name.

Schedule and Options
fill your head with football trivia

Now that we know when the Cardinals are playing, should we write down the schedule? No! Open the menu and you can export the dates into your BB calendar. The only issue is the lack of time zone support, apparently you can only export using the Eastern Time Zone. In the menu, you can also choose to visit the Team’s website or call the Ticket Office directly from the application. I’m going to try to get seats at the fifty!

Next are the NFL Standings. They are separated again by Conference, then by division. See how well your team is doing or who to start cheering for now.

NFL Standings
where does your team stand?

Game Day gives a basic overview on which teams are playing, what channel you can catch them on and what time.

NFL Gameday
a quick look at the games

Looking for some trivia on past Superbowls? This app has it too! Go back in time and see who played, the scores and the date. Select a year you want to know about and open up the specifics, see where the game was played and who the coaches and MVP’s were.

NFL Superbowl
hmm… They had football back then? ;)

The last Category is the NFL First Picks, see who they were, the year and the team. Select a player and view their stats.

NFL First Picks
see the first picks and see their stats

I wouldn’t say myScheduleNFL 2008 won the game, but it hustled out there. I can see this application needing to retrieve a lot of info, especially as the pre-season begins in August. I know, as the name suggests, that the focus is on the NFL, but I would love to see something for the CFL. At the moment, I rely on Viigo’s Project Tango for my CFL stats. The application’s response to commands is quick and smooth. The information you have access to isn’t bogged down by flashy features, it’s in your face, just as football should be. You can pick up myScheduleNFL 2008 at the CrackBerry Store for $14.95. There’s also a trial available, to see this app in action for yourself. A few more features and this app could..go..all..the…way!

Pick up myScheduleNFL 2008 here


  • football facts at your fingertips
  • export schedules to your calendar
  • quick access to Team’s websites


  • no CFL?!
  • potential to use a fair bit of data


Reader comments

Review: myScheduleNFL 2008 for BlackBerry


$14.95? Is that really the price? Just to have a program to export a team's schedule to your outlook calendar?

No offense to the programmers but I'll stick to which has way more content.