Review: Mobiola Screen Capture v2.5 for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 11 Mar 2008 05:50 pm EDT
Mobiola Screen Capture for BlackBerry

Throughout the forums, reviews and blogs you may have encountered screen shots that look like they have been taken directly from a BlackBerry. Well actually yes, they have been. Warelex, who welcomes you to “Harness the mobile revolution”  presents Mobiola Screen Capture v2.5 for the BlackBerry.

Warelex has an impressive line of mobile software under their belt, granting your mobile device (which is hopefully a BlackBerry) more power and abilities than you thought possible. This application in particular deserves its moment in the spotlight, as it’s helped me present other applications in previous reviews.

Let me polish up the screen and strike a pose! Well not me, rather my trusted BlackBerry that is. In support of turning1 year old (my they grow up so fast), I’ll be sporting my new theme; the "Abuser" theme.

Say Cheese!!

Mobiola uses a no-nonsense, straight forward interface. It’s so fool-proof that even I could master it. This interface includes not one, but two toolbars, depending on which mode is currently active. They are dubbed Window Mode and Full Screen Mode. The options mostly remain the same in either mode, and are as follows;

Mobiola Control Panel
Your Control Panel

Copy to Clipboard – Allows you to make a copy of your BlackBerry’s screen and send the image to the clipboard in BMP format.

Save Snapshot  - Click! You now have a mugshot of your BlackBerry’s screen. The image is saved in JPEG format. An audible camera click will be heard.

Start/Stop Video Recording – Action! ….and Cut! You can record a video in AVI format. Excellent for software demos (perhaps something I should do….)

For both Images and Videos, default folders have been created ( ie: My Documents/Mobiola Image Files). These can be changed in Options.

Zoom In/ Zoom Out – Pretty much self explanatory. Rather than the window maintaining its size, you are scaling up and down, zooming in and out as you go.

Fit to Screen – Seen in full screen mode only. Choose to bring the BlackBerry screen to goliath proportions by having it encompass your monitor.

Full Screen On/Off – allows you to switch between the two view modes

Options – Obviously opens the Options window. Here you can manage your video and image settings such as Path and Prefix.

Mobiola Connected
The Wee (Window Mode)
Full Screen Mode
The Not So Wee (full screen mode)
Fit to Screen
and the Friggen Huge! (fit to screen mode)
Mobiola Options
Options Menu

You will notice 3 status icons at the bottom of the window. They are the Scale field (image size), the FPS field (frames-per-second rate for videos) and the BPS field (transfer rate when recording a video).

Taking pictures and videos are a snap! The image default sizes are great, I haven’t had to resize them for any of my reviews. My only beef is it seems that I don’t have a decent connection to Mobiola. The status always says “connecting”, even though I am still able to use the program in its entirety. My BlackBerry seems slow to respond, say if I am typing. Mobiola says it’s supposed to display images and video on the PC in real time, but I find that there is quite a lag when doing this, ranging from 3 to 8 seconds on average. I have checked my computer, BlackBerry and reinstalled Mobiola, but haven’t been able to rectify the issue. Having checked throughout various forums, I see that I’m not the only one experiencing this.

One huge feature I love love love, is the ability to use Mobiola with Messaging Applications and other applications that are able to using video streaming from a video source. Imagine recording videos directly to YouTube using webcam driver functionality. Or showing off with Skype, Windows live messenger, Yahoo Messenger or AOL.


Despite my experience with the lack of real time access, I still give Mobiola Screen Capture the thumbs up. It’s become a good friend of mine, aiding me in bringing software reviews to life for the members and visitors of The interface is flawless and images are a great size. If Warelex is reading this, I want to thank you for this app. Perhaps let me know how to fix my issue. A visual demonstration would help, I know a great program you can use to get pictures. Ever hear of Mobiola Screen Capture? ;) 


  • one click video/ image capture
  • 2 modes for viewing screen capture
  • Use with programs like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger , AOL and YouTube


  • slow/lagged response time to on BlackBerry device movements


Reader comments

Review: Mobiola Screen Capture v2.5 for BlackBerry


I've been using this for almost a month and I think it's great. Simple to install and operate. All my caps in the forum are from this software. Recommend it.

Great app. Has helped me out in user training and documentation in areas where the RIM simulators fell short.

Just a quick note for new users. If your BB is password protected, I could not get the display to to work until I disabled the password protection.

Ryan, thank you for your awesome review and good words about our application.

We are aware of the devices responsiveness problem, basically it is a trade-off: the faster frame rate is -- the slower responce to the key events. We have selected current balanced setting that we considered convenient for us, in the next version we will have a control so user will be able to select frame-rate/responsiveness setting himself depending on his current needs.

I purchased this product some time ago. At installation it worked perfectly. Now a month later even the techs can't help me out. I have worked in the IT industry for several years now and find it incredibly frustrating to work with a company that refuses to trouble shoot with you on the phone. I started with a thumbs up, but now it not even as useful as a paperweight.

It works, Yes sort of.

It only works this way:

- I need to make sure that the correct screen is visible on the BlackBerry, before starting "Mobiola Screen Capture".
- When Mobiola is activated I then see the screen in the Mobiola Window.
- Now I can save an image.

Next screen has to be saved the same way: Close Mobiola, select screen on BlackBerry, open mobiola.

But this super-duper manuel snapshot method doesn't help much in making videos.

It must have something to do with the fact that Mobiola constantly shows "FPS: 0.00" and "BPS: 0.00"

I've found no way around this problem, and a support question results in nothing.

So once again: It works yes, sort of.