Review: Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 19 Aug 2008 05:26 am EDT

Mobile Bartender

When I saw this application in the CrackBerry store, I knew I had to get the word out before the last long weekend of the summer. Grab some ice, stock up your liquor cabinet, Mobile Bartender is coming to the party! You have just enough time to hone your bartending skills. Though may not turn out to serve like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, at least you'll have a wide range of drinks under your belt.

With Mobile Bartender you have access to hundreds of drink recipes, and you can add your own too! Before you read on, I'll have to check your ID. We can't have any minors sneaking a peak now can we?

What? No tab?!

"Well, you sure don't look 25, but your unlaminated, out-of-state driver's license is proof enough for me"

Mobile Bartender has been available to the public since September 7th, 2004 on numerous mobile phones. For Motorola's Q4 of 2004, it was named their best-selling application. Coincidently, owning a Motorola device may drive one to drink...

In May of 2005, Mobile Bartender had been released upon the BlackBerry world.

About Mobatech

Mobatech was founded in April 2003 by Greg Schwartz. Besides Mobile Bartender, Mobatech also offers other applications, including the best-selling Mobile Checkbook, and Mobile eNotes. These applications were created utilizing J2ME technology. These products bring ease of mind in regards to your personal productivity and lifestyle.

From their site:

We are committed to developing powerful, mobile software that our customers will find easy to use and that integrates seamlessly into their everyday lives.
To date Mobatech's product line has been sold to consumers in over 70 countries worldwide and is distributed by some of the world's largest mobile providers.

Version 2.5.0 of Mobile Bartender is available for the Pearl, Curve, 87xx or 88xx devices. If you're running an older Berry with an older version of Mobile Bartender you may think that, based on the screen shots, you're looking through beer goggles. You're not, Mobatech just made the app that much better looking! The newest version of the application offers fluid (pardon the pun) navigation though its database. At the main menu you are greeted by the following categories: Drinks, Shooters, Drop Shots, Random, Favorites, Add Recipe and Help.

Mobile Bartender
main menu or a fun night waiting to happen?

The first three categories contain everything you need for a fun, responsible evening. Within each, you can search for a recipe using specifics including; searching by liquor, first letter and ingredient. In the shooter category, you can select from a sub-category of shooter types (candy shot, deadly sin, fruity shots and sexy shots). Looking at a search example, if we were to select Drinks, then search by liquor, then say...Vodka, we are given a list of drinks that contain that liquor. Fuzzy navel anyone? Clicking on a drink will reveal its ingredients.

Mobile Bartender
various ways to find a recipe
Mobile Bartender
decisions, decisions

Mobile Bartender
so that's what goes in a Fuzzy Navel....

The Random category is self explanatory. Open this category up and choose between Drinks, Shooters and Drop Shots. A recipe will be presented to you at random from its database. For those with an adventurous pallet, or looking to stump someone who thinks they know all about drinks, this category could be handy.

If you want access to your favourite recipes even faster, you can bookmark them for a quick retrieval. Pick the recipes you want, open the menu, click options and select add to favourites. Go back to your faves, select the category and presto! Your "earmarked" recipes are ready for the party.

If you just can't find your favourite drink in Mobile Bartender's database, why not add it? The application will guide you through the filing process, so you know where to find it later. Your recipe will be nestled in the correct category, easily searchable by the same methods as the other recipes already available.

Mobile Bartender
do YOU have a signature drink?

While it's great to have so many recipes at a trackball's reach, you may not get to all of them (or maybe you had a bad experience with a few). Just as you can add recipes, you can delete as well. Keep your list up to date and free of clutter. Navigating through Mobile Bartender was fast and precise. The random and favourite categories are great features. The only drawback I could find was the inability to add a drink found in the Random category as a favourite. The option was missing in the menu.

Last Call

Mobile Bartender will be a hit, using it at parties, a night on the town or just fun trivia between friends. While it does give access to a vast number of recipes, it doesn't give you any information as to how to combine the ingredients. Some recipes may require ice, fire (or some other sort of catalyst) or garnish. A great app for a great time. Please, just remember to drink responsibly. Never drink and PIN, unless it's for a ride home. Mobile Bartender is available at the CrackBerry Store for $7.95. Sorry, no free trial.


  • Access to hundreds of recipes
  • earmark your faves 
  • add/delete recipes


  • cannot add faves from the Random category
  • drink ingredients only, no directions


Reader comments

Review: Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry


Two things...

1) My Blackberry just got more versatile and two
2) Isn't it funny how we always picture Blackberries with the serious businessman/businesswoman? And now, this application can be used by the 24 year old Bartender at the local watering hole...

I heart you Blackberry...

This will be PERFECT for my Labor Day party. It might even come in handy in the next couple of days during T.S. Fay. Yes, we are in Florida!

While not quite as nice you can bookmark and it is 100% free. Doesn't have all the features but still a nice site and it will allow you to spend that $7.95 to save up for that nice bottle of Gray Goose.

I downloaded this about 2 weeks ago and it is fun (and Dangerous haaha) to hang out with friends at a bar and order up random drinks that Mobile Bartender picks!

This is great! While on a two week stint in a bartending course I acquired an index card directory of drink recipes that is seriously like 3 inches thick, maybe larger. And it's a pain to carry around for quick references. This will make my life so much simpler!
Thanks Mobatech!

The free program is not even worth the time to download, has nothing useful. Mobile Bartender is where its at, for good price too.

Ok, I got this on my Motorola Razor and it doesn't have Sex on the Beach or Pineapple Upside Down Cake drinks on it. You have to look in three different catagories drinks, shooters or drop shots to make sure it is not listed anywhere. I would prefer one list and be able to search by 1-3 letters to find it quicker. Writing your own recipe is not easy either and when I check their recipes against ones listed in Bartending Guides, they don't match so whats up with that. I would say it is better then nothing.