Review: MediaKeyBooster for BlackBerry smartphones - 25 copies to be won!

By Ryan Blundell on 1 Oct 2011 03:00 pm EDT

Hey, how many convenience keys do you have on your BlackBerry smartphone? One… that’s too bad. I have four- that’s right; I’m using the Bold 9900 and I have four convenience keys. See, they’re all lined up on the right hand side. Okay, Okay, I know they’re media keys but, to me, they’re also convenience keys. This added functionality is brought to you by MediaKeyBooster, which lets you configure up to four apps, commands or shortcuts to each of your media keys. Volume up, volume down, even play/pause; they can all be made to do more than they were originally designed for. 

For things like opening the Calendar, Brickbreaker, or your Browser, I didn’t have to look at my screen anymore; I could just click a button a few times and away I go. Now is this really added convenience or do I now have to remember which app was on which button and how many clicks I need? Let’s take a look.

About MediaKeyBooster

MediaKeyBooster was made possible by Fonware Ltd; the same developer for the powerful shortcut app ‘ShortcutMe’, which allows you to create shortcuts and macros-assign up to 3 commands on a single convenience key or space key. MediaKeyBooster is available for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.5 or higher. The most current version available to the public is, which has a file size of 27 KB.

Cost: $0.99

Rating in CrackBerry App Store: 5/5

Rating in BlackBerry App World: 5/5

MediaKeyBooster is a fairly simple app to use and set up, once you figure out where the heck you can access it. There’s no icon to select, nor can it be found in the settings- under Third Party Applications. To set up, you have to press one of the media keys at least twice. What this does is bring up the set up page for that particular key and number of clicks. From here, you can choose to disable the app when a blacklisted app is playing (I’ll get into that a little bit later) and which app to open normally or alternatively. As the developer points out, some apps can’t be opened “the usual way”, so if you set an app to launch via Alternative Launching (by assigning either * or #), MediaKeyLauncher will attempt to launch it using “alternative methods”. If app runs in the background, set the Alternative Launching to _BG.

MediaKeyBooster button menu

BlackListed Apps are applications that require the media keys for functionality (music application, streaming radio app, etc). By adding these types of applications to the BlackListed app section of MediaKeyLauncher, the application will not launch anything as the volume being is adjusted. You could customize it further, by saying you will allow a button to be pressed twice while using a media application, but a third time will launch something else. Enable/Disable the ability to open the main configuration page after 5 clicks. Regardless, when using a media app, 10 clicks will always bring up MediaKeyBooster. Keep in mind that if you want to BlackList an application, it has to be running in the background. By adding _FG to the name of a selected app, it will be considered blacklisted only if it’s running in the foreground.

Managing the BlackListed apps is actually done in the main menu. To initially access it, press a media key multiple times to access the setup menu for that key – then press the back button. I know you’re thinking this is a hassle, but hear me out; there’s another option. In the main menu, press your menu button and select “Home Screen Icon?”, the app will ask you if you want to install as home screen icon for quicker access. Don’t worry, it’s only a mere 7kb. You will also see additional options such as; the ability to store/restore settings to/from your media card. The main menu lets you choose which button you want to work with; once selected, it jumps back to the first view you saw (by clicking on a media key that is).

Add MediaKeyBoosterIcon

MediaKeyBooster main menu


Quick access to applications is something that everyone wants, and MediaKeyBooster does deliver. I’m glad to see the app icon can be downloaded, but some people might not read instructions and get frustrated looking for one. It was easy to set up shortcuts and manage the blacklist. It should be noted that if you also had ShortcutMe on your BlackBerry smartphone, MediaKeyBooster can also be set up to launch ShortcutMe shortcuts or stop macros. If you’d like to pick up MediaKeyBooster, it’s currently available for $0.99 from both the CrackBerry App Store and BlackBerry App World (but you know, you should pick it up from the CrackBerry!).

Contest: We have 25 copies of MediaKeyBooster up for grabs. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered. Tell us which apps you want to creat a shortcut for? Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download MediaKeyBooster for BlackBerry smartphones

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Review: MediaKeyBooster for BlackBerry smartphones - 25 copies to be won!



Mommameyer37 I would love to have this app mainly for the ease of running my app that are soo out of control! I would have rhapsody on there BB messenger, windows live, blockbreaker2, and of course my favorite of all CB store, and CB blogs.

What a great idea! The places I am constantly juggling are Work-Email/messages, Camera, Browser, and Clock

Wow. One of my greatest complaints of the 9900 is that it only has one convenience key. This is awesome.

If I had four, a single click would do the following: Messages, BBM, RSS Reader, and Calendar. Double clicks would change over time but would start with Tasks, Text M, Blackberry Travel, and Westlaw (a legal research database).

AMAZING!! I was JUST thinking of how nice it would be to do this. Coming from a 9700 I really really miss my 2nd convenience key... I would use my additional keys for:

1. Memopad
2. BBM
3. CB

Great review this can prove to be very helpful to me, I could have ScoreMobile, 4Shared, Pageonce, and BlackBerry Traffic available to me conveniently.

1 - (original) Camera - killer quick acces

2 - (MediaKey + ) Voice call command - practice when driving (my car has paired bluetooth sound )

3 - (MediaKey - ) Browser - quick acces/websearch

4 - (MediaKey play/pause ) Calendar - practice

I would like + 1: flashlight..

shortcuts for facebook and music.. there's already smart keys for camera, and i set the left smart key for texts. "M" is for messages, "L" for calendar, "N" is for bbm

I would love to win a copy of MediaKeyBooster!

The apps I'd create a shortcut for are: camera (convenience key); BBM + RSS Reader + Flashlight (media keys).

Thanks for the contest!

Sweet idea I'd love a copy I'd use them for flashlite, blackberry podcast , blackberry news feeds and probably scoremobile these are the apps I use the most

Does this work for 9780? I hope so lol.
If i works, then enter me please.
Would set these:
1) Flash light
2) Voice recorder
3) Shazam

Thanks CB

Shortcutme was the first app I ever bought for my blackberry!

I would set it up for - sliderlock, messages, opera mini & pandora.

Thanks for the great contest.

Wow! what a great app. I never seen this one. I like having Capture it on my right side Convenience key, But I'd love to have one for my Camera, Browser, and Manage Connections.

Vol Up: Social Feeds
Mute: Media Folder (Music/Video)
Vol Down: Flashlight (BerryTorch)
Camera: Camera

For other apps I use App shortcut.
N: BBM , B: Browser , L: Calendar , U: Calculator , Y: Y!M , M: Message , T: Tasks , O: Option , S: Search , D: MemoPad , X: WindowsLive , K: Lock w/ Password , (*): Lock.

But, I'd love to try this app seems interesting..:)


For me, I'd definitely assign UberSocial, Browser, Mobile Checkbook, and Camera. Hope to win!!! :)

I'd create a shortcut for the Flashlight, Google Voice and the Video Camera. Always handy and on hand.

Yes. You can assign any of the media keys (VolumeUp, VolumeDown, Pause/Play, and Mute) to lock your BB.

Since MediaKeyBooster allows you to assign 4 apps to each media key, I would use 2x, 3x, and 4x clicks settings of those media keys. That makes sure that you don't launch anything by accidentally clicking a media key (set 1x to disable for all media keys).

I want to add a shortcut to CrackBerry Launcher, BeWeather, Google Maps, PageOnce Pro, eBay, BlackBerry Bridge and my FlashLight. I use those apps countless times per day, especially CB Launcher & Bridge! Awesome!

As an intelligent an mature person, i'll use it only for something really important (YAY!! Now I can have other 3 shortcuts for videogames x3!!)

Cannot see the point in paying for this app when you can get ExtraKeys that does the same job for free from App World.

ExtraKeys is not free on App World. It costs $1.99

Besides MediaKeyBooster assigns 16 apps to media keys, 4 shortcuts for each key. It can also run macro shortcuts in ShortcutMe.
1x click launch of both this app and ExtraKeys can accidentally get triggered. But you can disable it with this app using 2x, 3x, and 4x click shortcuts instead.

In addition, you can disable some but not all of the functionality of MediaKeyBooster when a media app is running.
For example you can disable Volume Key launches while keeping 2x- and 4x-Mute-Key-Clicks shortcuts active when listening to music.

I would love to have separate shortcuts for voice recorder, camera, and video camera. I have my convenience key assigned to an app that restarts my WiFi so I currently have to start all those through universal search.

Oooohhh maaan . the only complaint ive ever had for my 9900 was it had one convience key. This makes my bold PERFECT! Deffinately BBM,Calendar,Score mobile,Mail for suuuuure

Sounds promising. On my previous BB, I had the LEFT = EMail and RIGHT = Contacts. How I miss that so much! So here's how I would use it on my 9930:

VOL UP = EMail
MUTE = Open my "MEDIA" folder (if the proggy can do that). Otherwise just Camera.
FOURTH = Contacts

up: fb
down : twitter
mute : switch current profile to silent/all notif off? (does this app able to do this?)
camera : as it always, camera =)

I would create a shortcut for "Screen muncher" and "Flashlight (2 for 1 free)"- vol. up and vol. down. My left convenience key is already set to open music, and my right convenience key is set to open camera.
That app would be really usefull. I would love to win this contest, because I can't buy any apps from App World, or Crackberry store, cause I can't get a credit card- I'm not 18 yet :(

It would be nice for evernote and maaps, for all the other apps there are keyboard shortcuts as well

I upgraded from an 8330 to the 9900 and the only thing I miss is the extra convenience key. Can't have twitter and the camera at the same time...or flashlight... Thanks Crackberry!

I disabled direct universal search by typing on the homescreen and instead have application shortcuts activated. I'm willing to add one key (S) between unlocking my phone and searching universally because in doing that, I get shortcuts to directly access applications I use frequently (browser, memopad, to-do-list, calendar, bbm, etc.). So personally, I wouldn't put any of these applications again as shortcuts on my convenience keys.

Instead, I'd put: Music (to quickly access and change songs), Google Maps (the less actions you have to take in order to open this, the less you'll be fiddling with your bb while driving and the safer it becomes), Voice Notes Recorder (to quickly record an idea before forgetting it), and Social Feeds (where I'd already have Twitter & Facebook integrated into it instead of setting up separate convenience keys for them).

Just my thoughts :p

This would be right on time. I just got my 9930 a few days ago and the only thing I miss about my Tour is the extra convienece key. I like to have one set up for Vlingo and one for camera. I'm not quite sure what i'd use the other two for yet.

Don't enter me in the contest because I already have this app. If you don't win a copy, buy it. Best 99 cents you will spend on your BB.

Awesome! love the idea! definitely not listening to music 99.9% of the time, having more keys to quick launch is Superb!~

media player is a must for me, i like the flashlight app and i love the fact i can still use the mute and volume keys for my music!

one for a a StormTrooper, please. Makes a lot of things easier between me and my blackberry :)

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

I'd have different sections of assigned under each key :)

So, blogs, forums, downloads and store all available with one click of a button :)

I would use it to configure shortcuts for the following apps:

1. Podtrapper
2. BlackBerry News
3. Honeydew
4. Pandora

AMAZING!! I love 2nd convenience key... I would use my additional keys for:

1. whatsapp
2. facebook
3. flashlight

Thanks for the contest!

Messages, Calendar, BBM, Camera. This is the kind of functional mod that makes BBs and their app developers great. Sure hope I win. One of the many things I mass about my 9000 was a second convenience key.

I love ShortcutMe. It's an app I live by and it's my most used app. Definitely could use the extra key clicks to launch voice notes recorder, video camera, stopwatch, and some macros.

I need this app. OR I HAVE TO GET AN ABORTIONNNNNNNNNN and my lil baby wont like that too much. IT GOT MESSY LAST TIME I GAVE MYSELF ONE

this sounds like a great app! I would like a shortcut for the camera... as I use the convenience key on my 9800 for my Vlingo

This would be great. Would create a shortcut for BBM, Text Messages, Weather, BBM Music, etc! Pick me please!

Not much of a convenience to just have 1 dedicated! Rather have 3 or more!! Who said 3s a Crowd?

1. Video Camera
2. Camera
3. Tune In Radio

Think the Torch 2 would only give 2 additional items (unless the mute is one too).

Mine would probably be some combination of clock, calculator & weather.
The camera of course would stay where it is.