Why not go wire free when listening to music with the LG HBS-700 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

By James Richardson on 6 Oct 2012 06:53 am EDT

 "A premium Bluetooth headset perfect for listening to music while on the go"

In Short:
"A Quality Bluetooth headset from LG. Great music quality, nice controls and very comfortable too."

Should I Buy?
"If you are in the market for new earphones then why not go wireless? These things are my new best toy!"

When it comes to using Bluetooth headphones I must admit I am not greatly experienced. I did own one some years ago but it wasn't very comfortable to wear so I rapidly went off the idea of using it on a regular basis. That particular headset was a one piece design with rigid headphones but luckily this nice new LG one I have received has the headphones on wires. I have a suspicion it may be just what I was looking for. As long as it doesn't feel cumbersome to wear and it delivers decent sound quality I will be happy. Let the test begin.

The Review:


I don't listen to a high amount of music on my smartphone but when I commute into London which I normally do one or twice a week I like to listen to the odd music track along with a few podcasts. Up until now I have been happy with my wired headset but after using the LG HBS-700 all that is about to change.


In term of hardware the LG HBS-700 Bluetooth Headset is quite a clever design. It consists of one piece of solid plastic that is designed to be worn around the neck and then the two earphones come away from the main body and can be placed in-ear with them being connected via a thin wire. This ensures that you have maximum comfort but still enjoy the benefit of using Bluetooth and the connection between your smartphone and headset remains wire free.

The rear of the headset, that sits at the back of your neck, is nice and thin for comfort I presume. Towards the front things get a little thicker as this is where all the controls and charging port are located.


On the left side you will find the volume controls and also a circular button for answering telephone calls. There is also the on off switch here which is just a simple slide and the charging port is here too which takes a microUSB connection. It is covered with a door to keep things tidy and clean when not in use.


Over on the right is the track skip forward and back control. There is also a button to play and pause the track you are listening to.

The controls all feel great to use while the headset is around the neck. It does however take some getting used to as normally when pressing buttons or switches you are looking at them. With the LG HBS-700 you have to get acquainted to using the buttons without using your eyes as it is impossible to do so while wearing it. I found that within a couple of days I had the hang of it but it was a little frustrating at first, I must be honest.


The actual earphones on the LG HBS-700 are of my favourite sort, the nice in ear ones with the soft rubbery cover. They fit perfectly in-ear and can sit there all day long if required and don't irritate or feel alien unlike so many headphones do. I love these so much! 

When it comes to sound quality the LG headset is superb for listening to music. It may not deliver the best quality in the world but it is certainly more than up to the job. I was a little let down though when it came to using it to make a phone call. Although the audio my end sounded fine, the other person said I sounded terrible. I'm not actually sure where the microphone is located on the device and I suppose it doesn't really matter as it is the quality of the mic that must be the issue. After this test I also tried it out on Skype and had the same results. So for music and podcasts this thing is great but for phone calls not so. It's main purpose though is for music and the way I think of it is that taking a phone call on it is just a bonus. You can have a conversation just fine but the quality is not the best.

Of course, when having a Bluetooth headset instead of a wired one you will be reliant on charging up its battery. I'm pleased to say that the LG HBS-700 is good for hours and hours of music playback. It is hard to judge how long it actually goes on for without doing the test but on the three recent trips I took into London I didn't need to charge in-between so I have had in excess of six hours of audio - nice. The specs on this thing say up to 10 hours and they may well be right.

The price of the LG-HBS 700 is also attractive. At just under $60 it is a real bargain if you ask me. Go on - treat yourself.

LG HBS-700 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The Good

Looks good, feels good and gives you the perfect 'no wire' solution. Gone are the days of having a headphones physically connected to my BlackBerry for me!

The Bad

The only real downside I have found with the LG is the poor audio quality when making a phone call. It could and should be better. Apart from that all is good.


LG have made a great job with the HBS-700. It is nice to wear, music quality is enough and if wearing a jacket you can tuck the main body away so nobody will see it. They just see buds in your ears. Nice work LG. I'm impressed.

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Reader comments

Why not go wire free when listening to music with the LG HBS-700 Bluetooth Stereo Headset


I have been using these for about 4 months now. Love the long battery life. The music playback is good for me too.

The one point I will differ on is that the quality of a phone call for me has been quite different. Most everyone that I talk to when wearing them can't tell I'm using them. Even riding in my diesel truck with the windows cracked they can't tell. Maybe you might need to re-pair them with your phone, or maybe I got really lucky.

Nice review though.

Definitely the best BT stereo headphones out there. I have the on-ear Motorola S305 headphones, which are okay, but I really wanted an in-ear pair. I bought the Motorola S10 in-ears, and they were horrible -- decidedly subpar sound regardless of which proprietary ear buds I used, and because the electronics were in the headband, it felt like I had a vice on my head. The LGs are perfect -- great sound, you can use your own buds, and extremely comfortable.

The BAD: "The only real downside I have found with the LG is the poor audio quality when making a phone call. It could and should be better. Apart from that all is good. "

"...poor audio quality..."Isn't that enough NOT to buy this headset? I don't think I needed to read more.

If you're using this headset for conversations, as stated, you probably don't want these and the audio quality was poor for the receiving end. For music they're great!

I've had these for about 6 months now with no issues. I was looking for a wireless Bluetooth solution, previously using the Motorola S9's. The S9's were alright and sounded great but were not comfortable for extended use. These I can wear for hours and not be phase by the band on my neck or the buds.

For the joker who said you seem to notice some wires for this wireless solution...Did you not see the product in the store or on a website before purchasing them?

Nice headset and I look forward to trying the new 730 model out.

Chekc out the "novero rockaway" bluetooth headphones. http://www.novero.com/collections/music-headsets/rockaway.html Just a simple pair of earbuds that are bluetooth. With music and handsfree calling controls. No big awkward plastic thing going around your neck. I excercise with these everyday, works flawlessly with my 9900, I even add a bluetooth heartrate moniter, and usually within range of my playbook so bridge is connected. No breaks in the signal within 30 feet.

If anybody knows of similer headphones of this style let me know, I'm addicted to gadgets

I enjoyed my pair, except the wires eventually got too much for me. They need to make them shorter, and come out from further back. Otherwise, they either sometimes get tangled, or they tend to "bow out", and so now you have an outline of a large cyst growing off your neck.

Oh, and keep in mind that having this band with a blue flashing light on one end around your neck will attract attention.

It's not all bad. They're the loudest of all the Bluetooth Headsets I've tried (and I've tried lots).

Have you tried the JayBird Freedom? I have the Freedom and I really like it. I am just wondering how the LG HBS-700 compares to them.

Hi, I have had my bluetooth for about a year. About 6 months ago, I felt a small "bump" growing on the back of my neck underneath my skin. I didn't think anything of it at first. I thought perhaps it would go away. After a couple of months I notice that it got larger. I asked my husband to look at it to see what it was. He was shocked. This "bump" had become huge. It was no longer considered a "bump." Not only that, I also feel another small "bump" underneath the one that has become huge. We took pictures of it because I wanted to get a close up of what was going on. It unnerved me. Last month I finally saw my primary care doctor and she informed me that it was a cyst. Mind you, I have never had a cyst on my neck before. My husband would say that I have great skin, so when something odd would show up, he would notice. Lets just say that when most kids go through the acne process while growing up, I never experienced that. In fact, I have never experienced that in my life. I will be 50 in 8 months and barely wear makeup so to have lumps growing under my skin actually scares me. I now have to get this surgically removed from my neck. The only thing that I have done differently is wear the bluetooth around my neck. I pray that this thing will be resolved once it has been removed. I'm surprised that I have not heard anyone else complain of this. The company should remove this product from the market or warn of the side effects.

That model has been replaced - the 700 LG you just reviewed was the best BT headset I ever had - until I just got the new one. It's the only headset that does not start hurting your ear after an hour or so of use. I was getting two days of hard use out of mine!.

My wife and i have had these for just over 2 years. Sorry, but the audio quality of these bt headsets on BB is great. We have used these on a 20+ mile bike ride without issue. It does help to have the right size ear buds on them. These are the best designed stereo bt headsets ever.

My dad is the captain of the Fed Ex bicycle team and uses his bluetooth for music every day. He had a pair of these LG earphones, and they worked great... until they eventually quit working because of the sweat. The only bluetooth that has worked perfect for him is the sony ericsson Mw600. I even use them at work, now. One of the really great things about the Mw600 is that if you aren't happy with the sound quality (which is great), then you can plug in whatever headphones you want. The bluetooth itself has the mic and a headphone jack, instead of being all one piece. It comes with really good short-wire earbuds. The call quality is great, too. I have even used it on my motorcycle!!

I love these, I use both an iPod and a Blackberry when i work out. I have the tunes bluetooth through the iPod and if I get a phone call, my phone automatically stops the music and I can take the call.

Great headphones for me.