Review: LensBoost for BlackBerry smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 3 Jan 2012 09:47 am EST


These days, taking images isn’t enough anymore, you want to add some style to them. Before there were BlackBerry applications that could handle those requests, I would upload the images to my computer and use Photoshop to make changes. LensBoost has quickly become an incredibly popular image filtering application amongst BlackBerry 7 users. The application won 2nd place at the DevCon WebWorks Hackathon. In fact, I’ve occasionally read, or overheard someone calling it the BlackBerry Instagram. While those sentiments are complimentary, LensBoost is its own entity. Originally, I was going to include it in my latest head to head to head review of image editing applications, but decided against it until it was out of beta. I did decide, however, to stick to LensBoost for my image filtering needs. Why? Because it applies filters quickly, cleanly and most importantly, beautifully! Once you’re done, the application lets you share your creations with friends on Facebook, BBM and Twitter.

About LensBoost

LensBoost was developed by mblware Inc, partly at the BlackBerry Hackathon in San Francisco. Mblware is also responsible for the WiFi media play (and server) Hypoxia and the file/photo encrypting mblVault; check out all their apps in BlackBerry App World here. As I mentioned before, LensBoost is only available for BlackBerry 7 devices. Its current version is and has a file size of 1.5MB.

Cost: $1.99

Rating in BlackBerry App World: 3.5/5

As soon as you open up the application, LensBoost wants to get to work right away. You can either take a photo, or browse through existing ones. When taking a photo, you‘ll have to press the back button a couple of times before returning to LensBoost. From there, image editing is dead simple. All of your editing options are at the bottom of the screen; Frames, Filters and Share.

LensBoost Frames

LensBoost Filter

LensBoost gives you 6 frames to use, though I tend to not use them. Filters gives you much more options to browse through, 12 to be exact- ranging from greyscale to vintage. My favourite is the tiltshift option, which adds depth to your images. This filter, unlike the others, isn’t a one step process. With tiltshift, you can choose the focal point, intensity and if you want to use the circular or linear version. With Keian’s visit with Santa, I mixed a few filters together to get a great image. What do you think?

LensBoost Christmas

If you’re happy with your filtered photo, LensBoost invites you to share through BBM (sharing the photo or change your avatar), Twitter (with comments) or even Facebook. Pretty simple, hunh? You can also save the image without overwriting the original; the image can be found in the LensBoost folder on your media card.

LensBoost Share


LensBoost is awesome! Its no-nonsense approach to editing images is a warm welcome. It shouldn’t be a cumbersome process and, unlike other applications, LensBoost makes it so easy. Also unlike other applications, you’re not forced to crop the image before filtering; you can work with the entire image! It’s fairly quick at rendering too; frames render within 3 seconds, while filters on average render within 4 seconds. It really brings your images to life. You can pick up LensBoost for $1.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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Review: LensBoost for BlackBerry smartphones


would be awesome if my torch 9860 had auto focus! my old bold 3.2mp cam took way better pics than the new 5mp! im sure 99xx users feel the same...

Its all about the Auto-Focus, having 5 MP camera with no AF is like having an HD camera with no AF....oh wait that's the 9900...

I have the Bold 9790 5 MP with AF, and it takes pic beautifully : )

If I am not mistaken only the 9900/9930 don't have autofocus cameras. I believe the 9850/9860 has :)

Double check

The form factor for the 9850/60 is similar to the Bold 9790 just not as long + Keyboard so i could see why RIM would have included AF. BIG plus that has AF! too bad for the 9900 series...

Comments like this prove how dangerous the ignorant public can be when believing/misinterpreting the nonsensical spinning from the media.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves and others to eliminate all the unfounded RIM hate.

What's the image size for these pics? I stopped using "Instaphoto" because it was limited to 600x600 pixels.

Wow, I love how the comments turned into a debate about the 9850/9860 having auto focus,,lol,, which it obviously does. Even better the person sayin my 9860 takes bad pics because it doesn't have auto focus!


Photo Studio has more options in the free version with plenty more for sale from within the app. You can also save the edited file as the original size.


Photo Studio has more options in the free version with plenty more for sale from within the app. You can also save the edited file as the original size.

I found this app about a week ago and have made it my go to photo app alongside Pix Trix, as Ryan stated, mainly for the filters but also for the frames (the film strip and tube frames KILL!).

I use pixtrix too! And guys, stop it with the 9860, the 9810 is the way to go! HD video and AF camera, a full touchscreen and a full keyboard. Now that is the shiz! :)

Since all the real photography geeks like to argue that 9900 camera is much better than that of the others despite not having AF - you should try taking a picture in the "text" mode. No matter how close, or far you go.. it still doesn't "focus".

I have no clue what autofocus is, but what I do know is it has something to do with text pictures.