Review - LaterDude & LaterDude Pro for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 11 Aug 2009 08:50 am EDT
LaterDude and LaterDude Pro

You’d think that, with a BlackBerry smartphone at the ready, I’d have no problem getting back to people quickly and efficiently. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. If I had a loonie every time my wife asked me “Have you gotten a hold of so – and – so yet?” I would probably have enough money to get the entire world out of the red. For those who have been directly affected by this issue, I am truly sorry. I’m not sure what it is; perhaps I’m too busy and tend to forget. I do tend to start thinking of other projects when already working on one, and then move on. Maybe I’m easily distracted by the slightest- ooooo….shiny…

Luckily, being an avid BlackBerry abuser, there’s always an application or two out there that can help you out in almost every situation (who needs to fend for themselves anyway?!). In this case, I’m turning to LaterDude and LaterDude Pro to lend a hand. They offer to streamline the process of creating reminders, making it faster than doing it using your calendar or tasks applications. It’s either that, or stick Post-it notes on my BlackBerry’s screen.

About LaterDude and LaterDude Pro

These applications were created by a well known name in the BlackBerry world; Fabian Heuwieser. His impressive list of applications, which include MinuteSaver, VibAndRing and TyperSpeed can be found at LaterDude Pro (version 2.0.49) and LaterDude (version 1.0.59) will take up very little space on your device, sitting at 23.7KB and 6.6 KB respectively. You will need to be running OS 4.5 or higher to take advantage of these applications.


LaterDude, the “lite” version, is a simple way to create call back reminders directly from your call log screen. Simply highlight the number/contact you wish to call back and press the menu button. A popup appears, asking you to pick a callback time (choose between 5/10/30 minutes, 1/2/5/7/9/12/15 hours, 1/2/3 days or 1 week). After you have made your selection, you will then be presented with another screen. At this point you can edit the reminder subject, location, and any additional notes. You can also edit the call back date and time, if you wanted to be more specific. Once you have finished, click save and presto! Your reminder has been created. The reminder will now be available for viewing and editing in your calendar.

LaterDude reminder entry
LaterDude reminder entry

LaterDude Pro

Need help with other reminders? LaterDude Pro delves further into your other means of communication. This isn’t simply a cell phone people! It’s a BlackBerry! This version acts a bit differently. I could access “remind me later” from my call log and from my messages. Instead of a simple call back reminder, I could also create a general Contact reminder, Email reminder or SMS reminder. I can still choose reminder times, but could now choose to be reminded in 2 or 3 weeks additionally.

LaterDude Pro reminder entry
LaterDude Pro reminder entry

Since LaterDude and LaterDude Pro uses your native calendar, the reminders will appear as typical appointment alerts. That being said, the reminders will also prompt a vibration or tone, depending on how you set up calendar alerts. If I had set an email reminder, I could have the email address entered into the subject. Then I could open the reminder (taking me to the calendar entry), highlight the email address and use the menu button to prompt me to compose an email. Even if you are in a hurry, the applications are quick and easy to use. Hey, even I don’t have an excuse anymore..oh wait…did I say excuse? I meant, "reasonable explanation". Yeah, that’s right…

Selecting reminder time
Selecting the time

Reminder example
Reminder example


If I seem a little more attentive now, it’s for two reasons; you are that much closer to my heart and I’ve incorporated LaterDude/LaterDude Pro into my routine. If it makes you feel better, believe the first reason. They’re quite simple to use - so simple that there isn’t even any icon to access them. They appear in the menu like most native options. I couldn’t find any cons except no support for older devices. Both applications are available at the CrackBerry store. LaterDude is a free download and LaterDude Pro is very reasonably priced at $2.95.

For more information, head to the CrackBerry App store and have a look at LaterDude and LaterDude Pro


  • Create reminders quickly
  • Utilizes your native calendar and alert settings


  • No support for older devices


Reader comments

Review - LaterDude & LaterDude Pro for BlackBerry


After neglecting a few callbacks last week, I was going to look into buying TalkLater, but LaterDude, despite the somewhat casual name, looks to do the same thing. LaterDude Pro looks to be more useful, but I'm not sure if I need the added functionality at this time.

This is a great app!
Can't live without it as I am always forgetting to call people back, etc unless I put it in my calendar. This makes it very convenient.

For it to work, you must set your calendar default reminder to zero. Fabian is working on a fix for this in an upcoming release.

I downloaded laterdude because it seemed useful, and its free... I really find it great, I have never paid for a app and am planning on purchasing laterdude pro because i would really like to set reminders from almost any window specifically sms and email... I will sometimes call someone and end the call before it rings just to be able to set a reminder... deffinately a useful app if you very forgetful like me... a great review from me

Quickly purchased Later Dude after trying the trial version. Works really well. I did e-mail Fabian Heuwieser asking if it was possible to add "Tasks" to the list of reminder options. I like having something I can check as completed, which you can't do with a calendar entry. Received a response that this could be a possible addition to a future upgrade

I purchased LaterDude Pro. I wished I had the option to make the entries an "alarm" (reminder) or a "task" as opposed to a calender entry.
The issue with making it a calendar entry is that when my colleagues arrange meetings and use my free/busy availability, it appears that I'm "busy" at these times when I'm intending my LaterDude Pro entries to serve as reminders or tasks.

As a result of this, I've stopped using LaterDude Pro. It may serve other's needs but doesn't work for the way I need it to work.

My wife gives me a list of things to do everyday, this will be a great help and much easier to put up with. Sorry baby.

It looks like a cool application. I rarely go through the convolutions necessary to schedule a call back to someone, so this makes it much easier.

sounds interesting and I often forget calls that I am supposed to make. i'll give this a try. thanks for the review

This looks like an app written by someone with me in mind. this would be a huge help keeping me more on top of things.

I smell a winner- I soo want this app- it looks awesome and will make my life so much better!_!_!_!_!_

Thanks to Fabien and CrackBerry for offering this awesome reminder program. I just hope I am one of the winners of the Pro edition. Reminders is what I need. I forget my ToDo list and have to have my wife email me from work a list but not when to do things. She can now take my Tour and set up Later Dude Pro and I will be set

Great app! Now, if only the original OS had this functionality rather than trying to have to work around it!
Keep up the good work guys :)

Interesting looking app. May snag even if I don't win (which is likely!). Lord knows I could use SOMETHING like this...

This is USEFUL! Another one of those "why didn't RIM put this function into the original setup of softwares in our BOLD?" blurb...

SIGN me up, please.


Guys, posting your comment here is not gonna get you entered in the competition, you need to comment on the initial post.


have lots of apps,but this would be the one by the sounds of it that I would be needing and using most of my BB time,as I have a brain like a sieve:)

will be happy with this. No more - Oh no, I forgot to e-mail him back! sometimes not even Outlook is good enough.. I will be purchasing this app in the next couple of days.