Review: Jabra Cruiser 2 Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone

Jabra Cruiser 2
By ObiGeorge on 2 Apr 2011 01:20 pm EDT

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I have been using a Jabra SP700 for a few years now, and figured it was time to pick up a new one. When it comes to bluetooth I have always been a big fan of Jabra. Their products are always high quality, long lasting, and have never let me down. So while browsing I came across the Jabra Cruiser 2, and immediately loved the look. Upon receiving the device, I was immediately impressed with the hardware. Very solid build quality, and dedicated buttons for send/end, mute, volume up/down, and the ever important (to me anyways) on/off switch.

The Cruiser 2's initial setup is very simple. Upon first turning on the device, a voice instructs you to turn on your device, search for bluetooth, and gives you the code to enter to complete pairing (funny how it's always 0000). The device itself has some of the best sound quality that I have ever experienced in a bluetooth device. It also sports a ton of features such as multiple device pairing, address book integration, voice guidance, and great battery life (14 hours talk time, 13 days of standby). The address book integration is the best feature I came across. After you first pair your BlackBerry device to it, the Cruiser 2 tells you that it is downloading your address book, and then alerts you when the process has finished. I was surprised to find out just how good this feature is. I have a lot of uncommon names in my address book, but the Cruiser 2 spoke them all (so far) correctly. Even my girlfriend's name (Emilee), which is in my address book as "Emileeeeeee". It was a pleasant surprise, and my 1st experience with a bluetooth device speaking the name of the incoming caller, and not just the phone number.

In the Box

Jabra Cruiser 2 Contents

In the box, you would find just what you would expect in a purchase like this, and a few extras. As always, you get the standard manuals, device, and charger. I did find it nice that Jabra included a car adapter to charge your Cruiser 2 while on the go. The previous model speakerphone I had from them did not include this, and i was forced to purchase it separately. As I stated before, I have found that Jabra products to always be high in quality, and the Cruiser 2 and its accessories are no exception. I expect to be using them for years to come.

Other Accessories to Compliment the iGrip

Don't Get a Ticket

As with all in car accessories I review, I want to point out all the accessories that will go well with the Cruiser 2. Most areas have laws for using your device while operating a vehicle, and can land you with a hefty ticket and/or points on your license. So be safe and save yourself from a ticket and check out the other car accessories that would go hand-in-hand with the Jabra Cruiser 2 via the links below.

Bluetooth Headsets

BlackBerry Car Kits & Mounts


Jabra Cruiser 2


  • Battery life
  • Sound quality
  • Ease of initial setup
  • Ability to pair multiple simultaneous bluetooth devices
  • Address book integration
  • Button configuration
  • Car stereo integration
  • Dedicated on/off switch

Not So Awesome

  • Robot voice that talks to you
  • Overall size is a little big

All in all, the Jabra Cruiser 2 Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone is the best device of its kind that I have ever used. It is packed full of features that you would hope to find in any bluetooth/speakerhone device. In fact, I don't know if there are even any features that are "missing" or that I could think of wanting added to the device. You can pick it up at, available for your bluetooth enabled BlackBerry.

More information and purchase of the Jabra Cruiser 2

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Reader comments

Review: Jabra Cruiser 2 Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone



I like the idea of hearing names instead of numbers for incoming calls. Some of my old phones, as far back as 2005, had this function but my VM-605 shouts numbers...

Driving through residential neighborhoods with a myriad of school zones. This would truly let me be hands free. Save the kids, give it to me!!!!

I've never had a bluetooth, but always knew I needed to get one. I live in a state where it's illegal to talk on the phone while driving, so I could definitely take advantage of it.

Driving stick and trying to talk on the fun is always a fun experience. My Prius has handsfree but my e30 BMW doesn't haha. Would be nice to be able to have this in my BMW when I'm driving on weekends or to events hehe

I work at a catering business and I'm the delivery boy,so I would use this as a tool to pick up and deliver orders.

Looks nice and address book integration sounds awesome. I'm due for an upgrade, my Jabra SP200 works good, but I'd love to have all the bells and whistles this thing has

Wow, great, just in time that I was wondering about speakerphone system for my car - I don't have any right now :) It would suit me really good!

Are you kidding? how would it not make anyones drive better and safer. Dialing while driving is just as bad as texting, especialy with my two year old in the back (love him/drives me crazy somtimes).how many things we do when we should be driving. This would certainly help with at least one. Thanks for the oporotunity CB/Obi.

I would want this, because it would be good if I could drive safely and still listen to my phone calls =D

Considering I'm still using speakerphone for car conversations and doing a bit of TWD.... This might someday save a life. Another great contest from CB and!!!

I spend all day for work driving so this car kit would help to keep me safe with my hands on the wheel when working.

Plus, based on the review, this is a great product.

I would put it to good use when traveling from school, work and home. A lot of drvivng and not having a car with bluetooth built in is a pain.

perfect to taking calls when driving and not getting those tickets! headsets make my ear itchy so i cannot use them

The Jabra Cruiser 2, sounds like just what I wanted. I don't mind it's a little bit bigger, I am always forgetting to put my BT headset device in my ear before driving away. I would much rather have a device that is "ready-to-go" when I need it, and not in my arm rest storage compartment, and out of batteries. definitely a useful device for me.

I do a lot of talking on my cell phone while in the car and the ear peice is just not doing it for me I would love this product.

I work as a graphic designer and get a lot of email from my client, it would be nice to use it with a voice dictation application and let it reads my email, sms, rss feed while I'm driving.

I would love to win this for my wife. She has the Mytouch 4G, but does not have a way to use it other than the speakerphone function of the phone. I think it would be much safer if she had the Jabra Cruiser 2 to let her use her phone safely in the car.

How well does this filter out road noise? While I have a relatively quiet car when the the windows are up, when using the wired hand-free set included with the 9650 Bold I often get complaints from the other end about noise from some of the rental cars I wind up driving for work. Some of the BT wireless sets have noise cancellation features, but I prefer the dual-ear earbuds to maximize call volume in these loud environments. If this were good at not generating too much noise for the other end, I'd go for this in a second.

don't have a blue tooth option for the car and using speaker phone just doesn't cut it. it would be a great addition and also portable for traveling with rental cars.

I would love one of these. I hate headsets they annoy the crap out of me. However I have always wanted a bluetooth speakerphone in my car. It would mean one less distraction on the road thats for sure!

This would be a major improvement over having a BT stuck in my ear while driving for hours in traffic....

Since i have to travel about 70km p/ day and do a lot of talking and stuff and since it's forbidden to handle a phone, but allowed to handle other stuff "mounted" to your car, in germany, this one would be just right for me. I could save a lot of time, while driving around, actually doing nothing productive, but driving, if i'd use this awesome piece of technic.

So please help me out here. ;)

this would be great for diving to and from campus. especially since i dont have any bluetooth device. pick me please!

On the part between my radio and drive wheel, with some velcro on the back, it will get confy, and more esay to take it off went you leave your car

I'm on the road a lot - it's a 35 mile commute for me each way to work. Since my little Saturn doesn't have built in bluetooth (it's an '02 with 180,000 miles, don'cha know!), this device would be a great way to make my BB Bold more useful during the drive!

I was just about to go out and purchase this. Hopefully now I won't have to. My experience with Jabra products has been the same as the reviewer-excellent.

Seeing as how I have to spend at least half of my work day in the car, I am pretty sure I could use this as much as anyone else here! Please pick me!

My wife has one of theses and its great. Troinle is, she gets upset with me when I Steel it from her. Save my marriage, pick me!

I would use this everyday constantly to keep in contact with the managers in my units while on the road. Have never had much luck with the "other guys" products......

Talking on a phone on a federal base is against the law where I work...... would be great to be able to use this device....!

I spend a lot of time in my car. This would work wonderfully for allowing me to make/receive calls much easier and safer.

Being in the health system and needing to take calls regularly. So this would help me greatly, especially since it will soon be illegal where i'm living to be holding cell phones to ear>

I just got my Torch 9800 and I travel a long way to work and it will be very handly and I would be very excited to win.. Go Crackberry your the best

My Blackberry visor mount is dying and am looking for a new one, I just cant handle the earpiece type of sets. This sounds like a great set.

I do some rather long trips occasionally, and do not like to risk holding the Torch to my ear. I would love to have this one!! Please!!

Oh snap! I'm in a vehicle, on most days, a good 5 hours! This could really help pass the time! thx CB!

Ever had to drive a standard transmission truck, and try to talk on a phone. Hands free is the resolution, but on a buget.. just doesnt' happen well.... Being on-call for a hospital, really makes a hassle to call back in to assist a pain when you drive without a handsfree device..

Want to win a Jabra Cruiser 2 Car Kit Speakerphone from I really would like to win :)

How would I use this? Exactly as it is intended. In my car while driving instead of illegally using my phone normally due to lack of bluetooth.

You mentioned it having a robot voice as being a con... In my mind a personal robot butler telling me I have a phone call is a pro ;)

I could really use this, not just because it's now illegal to drive and talk on a phone without hands free but also it's exactly what I'm looking for due to a recent fine it's not worth not having one anymore, and If winning this contest could save me a few dollars it would be awesome.

We do a good bit of long distance traveling, to see relatives. Since I still need to be available for business related calls, which my wife can't answer, this would be nice to use, so I don't have to wear my earpiece for long periods, which can get uncomfortable after a while.

I work for pepsi and I drive around 100 miles a day. My supervisors are always calling me and it would be nice to be able to focus more in the roads. Expecially ik the rain.

As a new blackberry owner this would be perfect. I am always on the phone in the car and the wired headset is ok but this is better!. My cheap bluetooth is complete garbage nobody can hear me. I want one for my bold 9650!!

I spend a lot of time on the road and I some time use my phone illegaly. This would put me on the safe side. Thx CrackBerry.

It would be nice to have this for my blackberry storm. but more importantly i would really appreciate handsfree driving! i dont have a car with that as an option !point period blank. :)

I am on the road very often and my phone never stops ringing. Miami has an ordinance that mandates a hands free device for your cell phone if you are going to use it while driving. Since I am in and out of Miami, this would help me comply with the law. More importantly, it is safer than reaching for your BlackBerry to receive or make a call.

It's illegal to talk on the phone without hands free in most of the cities i drive through, this makes it so difficult to work with all of my clients I would love this!!!

I just received a $164.00 ticket for picking up my Bold 9780 and turning on the speakerphone. Headset hurt my ears and other speakers have been crap and never kept charged enough to be useful. Help, after paying this ticket I cannot afford a new speaker let alone a Jabra Cruiser 2

I sure could use this on my hour commute to and from work on the local interstate. Be able to pay more attention to the lemmings..!

I would use this so I would not have to purchase minutes through OnStar to talk hands free in my car. I am not a fan of Bluetooth earpieces.

This would be perfect for me! My bluetooth headset gets uncomfortable sometimes, and it's especially useless when I forgot to bring it with me. If I had this car kit, I could just leave it in the car and never have to give it a second thought! One less thing to carry with me when I leave the house.

I'm a road warrior in sales management. i have messed with all kinds of bluetooths...none of them seem to do a GREAT job. While on the road it would be a relief to have a solid, dedicated bluetooth designed for in-the-car use. Thanks for the opportunity.

I have a new car and no longer have the bluetooth fuction built into the car. I'm a mom that's always on the go with my toddler so I need something that will allow me to multi-task hands free.

My wife's Bluetooth just croaked and now will not take a charge. Would be nice to win this for her cause she travels quite a bit. Thanks for the offer!

OOOOOh I hope I win. This would really help make my long commute to and from work much more enjoyable. My ear piece recently broke so I havent been able to chit chat with my friends/family to and from work. :(

This would be a great device to have with all the traveling I do. Put about 30,000 miles on the car a year, mostly work and late at night. This would help me be a much safer driver.

Have never won a thing in my life... I am starting a new job that requires me to drive from site to site quite a bit, while at the same time, beig able to take calls. Although my jowbone could do the job, I don't wear it around everywhere (espically when doing my groceries,lol)

I'd love this tool to stay in the car, so that while driving I could communicate safely and efficently, and when leaving my car, I could use my blackberry like a normal phone, and not have clients wonder if I am talking to them, or on my bluetooth...

i stay on a main road,right across the street from a airport,with a gas station right across from the airport,so its always busy with lots of traffic all through the day,so it would be nice to have this,and it has a mount!!! lol,because i have a gps system without a mount,that i hold in my hand while im driving to an unfamiliar area,so im constantly looking down at it while driving,so i wonder if this mount will work for my gps,because if i win this,i will get it built into my dash,depending on how much it will cost lol

I need on of these things because i dont like sticking those dumb make-you-look-like-you're-talking-to-yourself thingies

Just another road warrior, 300+ miles per week in need of a great tool. That and I want to win.

I'm a clinical social worker and frequently must take calls while driving. I work right across from a police station and they lie in wait for us.
This would make my life much easier. I would love to have one.

I am unfortunately in a situation where I commute everyday 188 miles round trip. I always have to take business calls and traffic is intense the entire way (milwaukee to chicago). I've been looking into a bluetooth headset of some kind, but it seems this is the ultimate hands free solution! I have a huge address book, so the address book integration sounds awesome and would be great for keeping my eyes on the road.

i have a jabra bluetooth head set but its out dated it works, but it has a rubber O ring that seems to always pop out and if you dont have it ,it will cut up your ear. but i think this would be awesome to have. i always wanted to buy a car kit but too expensive to buy, winning one would be a bonus. Plus we could use it when we go away on vacation without fiddiling with a phone. looks like a product that would keep a driver safe not fiddiling with a phone when there eyes should be on the road. i think everybody who has a cell phone should have something like this. plus i think jabra so far has made some good products

to and from in the car while during winter with 4 ft of snow that just fell the night before and I have to be on a conference call.... I win....

Using one of these to talk on the phone while driving is the most obvious use for it. But I would use it to avoid a ticket and most of all, stay safe while driving! We all know that texting/using your device and driving can get you in trouble with the law-dawgs. But it is also not safe.. so I would use this to keep myself from hurting someone else while driving and talking on the phone!

Well I go on plenty of road trips to and from a surf city near me. I'm also a very "phone oriented man", this means I usually receive around 10 calls while driving, when this happens I have to hand the phone over as talking on the phone while driving is illegal in my country.

I could definitely use this as Ontario has the Distracted Driver's Law.

I am on the road quite a bit driving to work and for work and I would use this to stay legal.

This would be perfect for my wife who can't do two things at once, drive and goes in her car and whenever i drive i can use it as well. a safe way for her to drive and do the things she likes, talking on the phone, messing with the radio, waving at friends, not paying attention, j/k it would be beneficial for her when the calls from the children come in (frequent and often)

Using a mobile device while driving is illegal in New Zealand (where I live) unless you're using some sort of handsfree accessory like this one! This would be the perfect solution for me as I don't have any handsfree accessory and I'm often forced to miss calls.

Dilemma: 2 cars; 2 bb owners; 1 bluetooth enabled speakerphone and hands-free driving law. Solution: Win this puppy! Go Crackberry!

What a great giveaway. With so many states going hands free this is really a very appropriate contest. I would definitely benefit and possibly avoid hefty fines with this little baby.

I recently purchased the IGrip and really love it. I didnt know how much until i began to stream music through my stereo speakers. I stream Pandora and also my personal music selection on my memory card. i get alot of business calls while driving and would love to have the actual device that will do this for me. I have tried out a few of them just to end up throwing them away. I hope this one does all its says it does.

I travel a lot and this device would be a great compliment to my Storm2.
Safe driving and efficient use of time.
Please throw my hat into the ring.

This product would be right for me in soooooooo many ways! :)

Seriously... I have to take a lot of calls on the road sometimes, and don't always like the headset type device... I use a BlueAnt T1 currently...

It would be a lot more comfortable to have *nothing* around the ear sometimes... :)

Interesting product. My wife's old VW Beetle could certainly use handsfree, so that's probably where we'd use this. Beats an in-the-earpiece Bluetooth unit.

I commute over an hour each way to work every day, and lord knows that I could use something like this, since using the cell phone without a hands free device is illegal now. Thanks CB!

I've just bought an old banger of a car because i'm skint, and if i had this the hands free would mean its the safest feature on my car!


would be nice to have something installed on my desk instead of me digging around for my phone and holding it to my head when i'm meeting deadlines and need both my hands to type!

I drive back and forth to work, bring the family here and there, take trips out on the highways. This will no dbout allow me to drive safely in any situation I may find myself when having to communicate while out on the road. I would love to win this. Thanks for offering it.

I have nothing like it and for safety, particularly with two small kids, I could really use this! Thanks for the chance.

Sick of my Moto H12 and Garmin Nuvi bluetooth systems. After trying to put up with the pain of numerous ill fitting in ear pieces and the poor audio quality and integration issues of the so called garmin handsfree system.

I would love to have a quality system like the Jabra.

Pick me!!!!!

I do a lot of driving for my job, and I always prefer safety when driving. This would be excellent tool in being able to talk to many who call from work while I am driving.

My wife is hopefully getting her license at the end of this month so this would be a great gift for her car.

This would be awesome for me. I spend most of my working day behind the wheel and currently the hands free device that I own has terrible background noise. Hope I win and if not Congrats to the winner in advance.

It'd be great for my regular hour and a half long commutes for work! It gets pretty annoying using a headset for too long or holding the phone up to my head while driving.

I have to travel into Washington DC alot where you are required to use a hands free device when using a cell phone. Tickets are $100 and 2 points on your license. I can't afford that type of hit.

I would use this everyday when I drive cuz most of my life is spent in the car, and I have to avoid a lot of important phone calls so that I cud avoid a lot of tickets ! LOL this wud be amazing to win ! Gud luck to all nd me :D

I'm on the road a lot and often need to talk enroute to my destinations.

Anyways, good luck everyone! :)

Great feature for DBlkcat. I call my Mom either going to work or coming home. Wouldn't have to worry about the bluetooth fading.

This would be perfect on my long drive to and from work with stop and go traffic. Much safer than messing around with my Torch and far better than this ancient bluetooth headset that hurts my ear after a few minutes.

I'm currently in law school in another state from my girlfriend, and the only time we get to talk it seems is when we're both driving. Being able to finally hear her, plus abide by my state's hands free laws (being in law school, and all) would be so great! Thanks for the consideration.

As my job requires me to be on the road a lot, business never stops, so this will allow me to continue that in the safest way possible and not brake any laws in the process.

What more could you ask for when business is on the go? This is probably the best product I've seen here and give props to those who made it. I haven't used it myself, would love to win one, but is perfect for what is needed around here.

Was the best device I have ever used and the new one excited me soo much. I love that it talks the names. I would use this all the time for work!

I accidentally washed my Jabra headset in my shirt pocket and couldn't save it with rice. I have been looking for a replacement and have determined that the speakerphone is probably the best solution for my use. My car is a manual transmission, so I need all the "hands free" help I can get when I get a call to help someone with a server issue, or (more often) when my wife calls me to have me pick something up at that store on my way home :)

I only use the Bluetooth when driving for work. If the family is in the car, then I hand someone the BB before I drive. But my old headset is starting to fail (battery I think). Anyway, this would be a better option then that thing sticking out of my ear.

My commuting time is getting crazy. The Jabra Cruiser 2 sounds like it would really help me out. Thanks!

I don't know how many times I have said to someone "hold on cop" and quickly drop my BlackBerry down from my ear while driving. Never fails a police officer drives by everytime I get a call while driving. Winning this would prevent this from ever happening again! Fingers crossed!

Since i'm on the phone a lot all day, it would make it that much more safer to be able to drive and talk without risking my life or dealing with the irritating ear pieces that hurt after a while.

So many callls, so few hands - my exwife is bitching because i talk on phone and set bad example for teh kids - twins - who are about to get their learners permit. Please make my exwife happy.

This would be just the thing for my daily commute. I'd love to win one of these. Sure would make things easier since I usually have my feisty 5 year old daughter with me in the car and she chatters nonstop. Speakerphone would give me one less thing to worry about.

Usually never win anything but keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

I have a terribly old rear-view mirror based bluetooth setup that has a charger that just broke. So its now just a regular mirror, and I would love to chunk it out the window and replace it with the Jabra.

I'm contantly on the road. To work, to school, to home, to friends' houses, etc. So I'm always in a constant need for a device that allows me to talk whenever I'm driving. Specially when there are important calls. I hate it when I need to stop to answer my phone in order to avoid any trouble with police men, so one of these bluetooth sets would be very appreciated.

Honestly I've been doing the hide and go-drop-my-phone-in-my-lap-and-yell-HOLD-ON! as I avoid the police that I see tactic....which gets extremely annoying. And honestly I've missed some pretty important phone calls (prospective employer for a job I REALLY wanted) because I couldn't answer my phone due to me driving. If I won this (I'm thinking a really big IF lol) I would definitely compliment it with the iGrip (I feel like they are just two peas in a pod) and with those two my driving would be tons safer and I'd probably not miss phone calls that I really should've answered.
So here is me keeping my fingers crossed until they stay that way (not really though lol)

will be great to talk to peoples on my long 4 hours drive to my research site. i am on my study for doctor in marine biology.

This is just what I need. I'm a health coach ( and I spend a lot of time in the car and on the phone supporting my clients. This will allow me to dump my existing headset and be able to listen to my calls over the stereo. What an upgrade!

Thanks for choosing me.

Here's a great reason why I could really use this device: We just moved into a new house and changed cars. Before bringing my old car back to the dealer, I put my jabra along with all my cd's, an older gps and some other stuff I wanted to keep all into, yes, a garbage bag. Brought my new car home, showed my wife the new car, and put the garbage bag next to the car, in the garage.
Dude, the next day I had to rush in the morning to catch the garbage truck and like an idiot!, threw out the garbage bag with all my stuff!!! I was so pissed, my wife was even more pissed cause when I got my gps, it was like $600 and didn't even have bluetooth (hence the purchase of my jabra).
Anyways, please consider me for this giveaway, I've been using an ear piece and hate it. Plus, I have to keep my funds for a playbook in a couple weeks, wife would kill me if I bought another gadget this month! True story, happened last week!

Never had a bluetooth car kit before. Always had the wired headphones and to go without wires would be AWESOME!

Would like to win this!
I would definitely use this to make my every day life much easier and safer - most of the time I am using my BB while driving, because of the job specifications..

i would use it in my trips to Makkah/Madina, one trip is of around 2000 kms so this device would be very helpful

I would use this to be completely hands free while driving. As a mother of 3(5,8, & 10), it would be very useful to have.

It's not so much that I could use this thing, although I would definitely benefit from it. It's more my girlfriend that could REALLY use this thing. I'm constantly telling her to put her phone down when she's driving (bold 9700 by the way). She herself says she can't do too many things at the same time. Eventually she's gonna get slapped with a fine and she'll be really upset. So help her out... And help me out cause i'm gonna have to deal with her when she does get fined. Thanks in advance.

Would love to win this item. Not for myself but for my dad. Wired headsets seem to cumbersome and his bluetooth headsets always seem to get misplaced. His birthday is coming and i think this would be a great addition to the new phone that he's about to get.

You know it is funny how my phone won't ring until I get in my car. Murphys law I guess. This is a much needed accessory!

I could use it for being in contact with my job while in the car. And I've got a long road to drive to my work......
Traffic in Athens, Greece is awful most of the time!

I have a headset at work all day, and another one in my car. It would be great to be "ear free" in the car as it is annoying to wear those headsets so many hours!

I would give it to my wife, since she can't use earphones. That will be one hell of a cool gift.

Is never a convenient place to pull over when the phone rings so, would keep me from having to find a place to pull over to get a new job assignment,,


this device can be used in answering important calls wile driving for the driver's safety instead of taking the phone from the pocket which will take time to answer it ...

this is how i will use it

- the winner of this device will be very lucky to have such device

thank you .

Traveling down the road with the family would make this really nice when Nana called wanting to know where we are.

This would help me during my daily commute to and from work!! Also During my numerous travels. A great plus for any automobile and cellphone. I really don't like using an ear piece.