Review: iLock for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 8 Jun 2010 01:00 pm EDT
iLock - lock each app

iLock keeps prying eyes, and quick thumbs, from accessing private information on your BlackBerry. It’s a quirky relationship between you, the world and your BlackBerry. You want to use your BlackBerry to gain access and learn about everything in the world. You also don’t want the world to gain access and learn about everything on your BlackBerry. Is it selfish? No, you just want to make sure personal information remains personal. As it stands, the current BlackBerry security options seem to take the ’all or nothing’ type of approach; either you block access to the BlackBerry entirely or leave it open for the world to see. What if you wanted to show off an image or video from your last family vacation? Passing your BlackBerry onto another will allow them access to private emails, notes and other documents. Choosing to hide these items doesn’t always work either.

iLock goes one step further into providing personalized security. This application has the ability to set a security password for each individual application, folder, file or module. You can show your boss your report from your last business trip, without him seeing what else you got up to (wink wink). Let’s check it out.

About iLock

iLock is brought to you by MMMOOO, who is also a source of multiple themes, photo apps and other apps such as; Ever Light and My Battery. iLock requires you to be running OS 4.5 or higher on your BlackBerry. The application was updated to version 1.1.0 last month and requires a mere 52.7 KB of space.

Immediately after downloading, iLock gets right to work. There’s no “hello” or “thanks for installing me” - it simply asks you to create and verify a new password. A password for what you ask? That’s up to you.

iLock asks for a password just after install
Remember iLock - "All work and no play.."

At the main menu, iLock has three different lists to choose from; Third Party, Core and Own. Third Party covers virtually any application that you have downloaded. In most cases, the list will be refreshed to include your newly downloaded apps each time you open iLock. If not, you can choose to manually add them by entering in its name. Under Core, iLock has most of the core functions under lock and key (nothing under Manage Connections). When adding your own items to block, iLock allows you to choose files or folders from your SD Card, system or store.

Lock 3rd part apps
Choose which 3rd party apps you want to secure...
Secure core apps
..but don't forget the core!

Setting the lock is as easy a clicking on the app/file of interest. That’s it, seriously! Secured items are marked with a checkmark. These same items can be unsecured by clicking on them again. While manually added items can be wiped from the list, items found under Third Party or Core cannot. So if wandering thumbs attempt to open a secured item, the phone will vibrate, alerting them (and probably you) of an incorrect password entry. Unlike the default BlackBerry security, there appears to be no limit to password attempts. I tried nearly 30 times.


Finally a way to secure specific apps and files! iLock is sure to put your mind at ease, as you watch your BlackBerry being passed from hand to hand around the room. Unless your BlackBerry is on a BES, someone could delete the application on you, exposing your secrets. I’m hoping that in future updates iLock will allow users to lock items from the home screen or when opening an app/file; rather than having to go to the iLock app. iLock is available at the CrackBerry App store for $3.99. A free 7 day trial period is also available if you want to try before you buy.


  • Secure apps, files and folders
  • Manually add items


  • App can be deleted to remove protection (If not on a BES)

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Review: iLock for BlackBerry


The "i" crap needs to go away. It's idiotic and annoying. I wouldn't use this app just because of the name alone. Now that I think about it I've never owned anything with a "i" in front of the name prolly never will. I must not be trendy.

looks like a promising app. Tifoso makes a good point; i wondered that to myself as well right before i clicked continue reading article lol

Not for me if the app can be deleted easily to remove protection. Makes no sense. I'll just keep my blackberry close at hand.

Can you not simply protect Options on your BB to prevent one from easily accessing iLock to delete it? That's what I do with AppLock.

It will lock a specific folder that the pictures might be in, but you can still access them by displaying "All Pictures". Other wise it works like it says...

Actually, you can lock any individual pictures and they will not show up when you open the "All Pictures" folder. If you keep your pics on your microSD open iLock, go to the "Own" option find the pic you want to hide and lock it. Even when you disable the lock they will not show up unless you uncheck them. At least, that's how it's working for me on my Bold 9000 anyway.

until bodybiz mentioned the pictures loophole...thats the main reason i want it. my girlfriend travels at times and when she's away...tends to send me naughty pictures and videos to hold me over until she gets back hahaha i have a cousin that is always ram sacking through my phone bc he knows this.

Seems like a simple enough idea, but like others have said, until they find a way to lock it so that you can't just delete it from the homescreen to get into what you want. I'm not worried about those people that don't know anything about a BB to get into my personal stuff. They can't usually find anything and most things are pretty simple to kind of hide. It's those people that know where to look and how to find it that would know how to delete the program and still get at what you want.

So maybe in a near future update they could address this issue? That is, if it's even fixable.

I would guess it should't be that hard. Since you have to set a pasword from the get go. They should use that as a xtra security when trying to delete the app itself. Just let it ask for the password again. Problem solved!!!

Works like it says, have had it for a few months now and haven't had any problems with it besides the delete the whole app thing which doesnt really effect me much. Use it mainly for friends who want to play games and use internet on my phone and I don't want them going through BBMs, SMS, and e-mail

Install app...lock what you need to lock...and HIDE app so no one can delete it...unless they specifically recall all HIDEN files...but come on, if someone is simply prying on you shit, chances are they don't have time to be looking to delete files/apps.

I have a storm and purchased this app.. It BARELY works. It does not like touch screen whatsoever. It literally took 15 minutes for me to try and figure out a way to go down a line when just setting the password... Now that it is set, it works "okay"... doesn't work in landscape mode..

This app would have been perfect if not for the pic loophole. Does no good to individually lock/hide pics when they can still be viewed by selecting "All Pictures." #FAIL

I haven't tried it yet, but I access all media through the "files" widget.
If you just delete the pictures widget, you may not have the option to see all.
Might that work?

When I would reboot my phone, I'd go to check my messages and EVEN if iLock was not enabled prior to reboot, it would lock me out of my messages [and other folders/files] and prompt for the password. Which, ordinarily, would not be such a bad thing. BUT, my password was numeric and it wouldn't allow me to switch the keyboard to show/enter numbers. So I couldn't open my own messages/files or the app to disarm it. So after a few reboots and tries to get around it, I ended up having to delete it. so if there's a solution to that problem [other then using an alpha-only PW] I'd probably reinstall it.

ALSO - instead of having to either keep it armed constantly [and constantly enter a PW to check my own SMS, etc] or having to open the app and enable it. If they could use a shortcut key or make it easier to just flip it on/off.

I am deleting the app from my phone, especially, because they have made it so easy to do! iLock is the ONLY app I know of that allows a user to actually delete the application through the icon. All other apps require the user to go into options.
A tip reminder popped up that says "if you are deleting iLock, then be sure to remove all protection from your apps as they will remain hidden. You will have to reinstall iLock to access your applications!" What a crock. So if someone wanted to mess with you, they would delete the iLock app and you would have to redownload. Hope you did not protect AppWorld! Whoops!

Also, iLock loads the protected program into memory. Makes sense, because when I enter the password I expect to get into the app. Let's say I cancel the password entry because I did not want to get into the program at all. I hit cancel, but the protected app is still running in the background.

I anticipate deleting because although it password protects access to the Messages app, it apparantly does NOT protect access to view new messages! Only after viewing the message does protection begin via the Message app. Am I missing something? Otherwise, not what I am looking for. Also, I don't see a way to change the iLock password itself!

i just downloaded the new one and ill just wiped all my pictures off how do i get them back my dad only died a few weeks ago and all my picture are on my phone sum 1 help!!!!!
shity apps what is wrong with the ud think they wud make them better wudnt u