Review: iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit for the BlackBerry PlayBook

iGrip Headrest kit for the BB PlayBook
By Kerri Neill on 23 Jan 2012 10:06 am EST

"The iGrip Headrest kit is a must have for anyone who wants to use their device to watch movies while traveling. It's easy to install right out of the box."

In Short:
"Affordable and easy to use"

Should I Buy?
"Definitely recommend getting if using your PlayBook to watch movies in the car"

With the iGrip Headrest Kit for the PlayBook, backseat passengers can enjoy watching movies and listening to music in comfort. The PlayBook is securely attached to the headrest of the vehicle with the included case. The easy-to-use knobs for vertical and horizontal adjustment make sure the optimal viewing angle is always possible.

The Review

I have three children who are 4, 13 and 16. They can never, and I do mean NEVER, agree on what to watch on our car's 2 screen DVD player when traveling. While making the move from Illinois to Colorado this winter, I got to try out the iGrip Headrest kit for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I figured the older two could watch a movie on the car DVD player while my 4 year old watched a couple of her movies on my PlayBook (she's a veteran PB user so, no, I don't worry she'll damage it). The Headrest Tablet Kit is the answer to my prayers! 

Easel on iGrip Headrest kit The back of the case has an easle for table/desktop use!

The side ports are still easily accessible although the thickness of the case means you'll have to remove it any time you want to dock it on your charging cradle.

Side view of iGrip Headrest kit The side ports are open for easy access

The iGrip Headrest kit also has a smaller scale easel that makes typing on your PlayBook a breeze when lying on a flat surface.

Typing easel

Headrest Tablet Kit for BlackBerry PlayBook
by iGrip

The Good

Sturdy construction offers protection to your device while traveling & simple the simple installation make it easy for anyone to use.

The Bad

You literally have to pry the included case off. With the case being so thick, you'll need to remove it any time you're wanting to dock your device. Clamp won't open wide enough to fit all headrest bars.


If you'd like to use your BlackBerry PlayBook as a media center while traveling in a vehicle, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit is a great option.


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Reader comments

Review: iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I purchased one recently. I agree with the above review. Also, like mentioned it takes a great deal of force to remove the included case from your PlayBook... which does scratch off some of the rubberized grip around the corners of your PlayBook. I will be sanding down some of the sharp edges at the corners and look into adding some teflon tape or such to help prevent this issue.

It would have been better if the corner mounts were sized to allow for rubber or silicone bumpers to both keep it in place and prevent any damage to your PlayBook.

anybody know where I can find the igrip headrest mount in Europe?
I can buy allmost anything here in belgium/holland for my PB and Torch, but can't find a store for the igrip.
if I order it in the US, I have to pay about 50 eur for transport!
So my transport costs more than the igrip...!
thx for the tip...

I just bought mine on ShopCrackberry as its the first time its been in stock for a very long time. The new shipping meant that all in it cost me just over £30. thought i would reply in case you were still looking.
Playbook and Bold 9900....what a team.