Review: iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

iGrip Charging Dock
By ObiGeorge on 5 Mar 2011 10:36 am EST

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Been looking for a safer way to handle your BlackBerry while in the car? Most anywhere you live now, there are restrictions on how you can use your cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Infractions can result in fines and/or points on your license. But there are accessories out there to help make your drive easier, as well as keep you legal. The iGrip Charging Dock is a great accessory to display, charge, and safely mount your BlackBerry Torch 9800 while in your vehicle. Whether you are streaming music to a visor mount, or just making phone calls via bluetooth, this stylish accessory will help you handle all your BlackBerry needs while on the go.

In the Box

iGrip Contents

In the box you will find the usual components. The dock itself with built-in suction cup, mounting bracket, and an adhesive mounting pad. There are a few ways you can mount the iGrip in your vehicle. The 1st, and most temporary method, is to simply use the suction cup to mount it to your vehicle's windshield. This allows for quick mounting and dismounting of the dock from your car. Most will use this method if they will be using the dock in multiple vehicles or just don't want to adhere anything to their dash. The 2nd method is to use the provided adhesive pad, and directly mount it to the dash, and then attaching the suction cup to it. This is the method I use, and like I said, it is much more permanent. I have used these adhesive mounts in the past, and they are messy and a complete PITA to remove. But if you plan to keep the iGrip in your vehicle for an extended length of time, it is probably the way to go.

All in all, every piece of the iGrip Charging Dock seems to be made of high quality materials, and very solid. I have no worries that it will be in my Hummer for many years to come.

Other Accessories to Compliment the iGrip

Don't Get a Ticket

The iGrip Charging Dock is a great accessory on its own. It's great for speakerphone use or to simply charge your Torch while on the move. I have only been using it for only a few weeks and it has already saved my battery on multiple occasions.

While the dock is good on its own, it really shines when used in conjuntion with some other BlackBerry accessories. Pairing it with a bluetooth headset will drastically improve the ease of your drive, and help save you from those pesky cellphone tickets (pictured above). I recently received one of said tickets and was unpleasantly surprised to find out it came with 2 points on my license, on top of the hefty fine. I plan on never letting that happen again. Another great accessory to compliment the dock is a bluetooth visor mount. Having one will turn your iGrip Charging Dock into more of a multimedia dock, allowing you to easily play your favorite music, without the danger of looking down at your device.


Don't Text and Drive

Overall the iGrip Charging Dock has a lot of pros, and no cons that I can come up with. It offers the convenience of charging while on the go, the safety from fumbling around looking for your device while driving, and a stylish way to display your Torch. All at a very good price. Just don't try and text while your device is in the dock. I dare say it is the most dangerous thing I have ever attempted.  

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Reader comments

Review: iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800



I am i serious need of one of these to make it more safer when I drive. Thanks for the suggestion of the Bluetooth Visor Mount too. Been thinking about getting one of those!

I spend a lot of time in my car so the iGrip dock for my 9800 would be a very useful. Of course I would use it to keep my Torch anchored in one spot - which is not usually what happens when I'm in my car.

I need this dock so badly!


I would love a useable mount for the car - this would be great to use with Google Maps for easy GPS directions!

It is pretty easy to say how I'd use this. I currently commute over 100 miles a day round trip to my work. Currently my BlackBerry sits in a cup holder and is out of sight. This would put my BlackBerry right in front where I could use it for navigation, bluetooth, and so much more. I need this!

I would love it when using the nav system on it... I am always lost and hate having to lay my phone down in the seat next to me when trying to find my way around. It would be great and safer for me and my kids! :)

For the prevention of a sliding BB inside a car as the BB doesn't have phone insurance, which was probably a good thing to have purchased, but wasn't. The iGrip would also be renamed "The Claw."

I would say please please please like the last time I entered a contest...but I will not do that again...

Please please please??

I would definitely make use of this. I am currently using a Bracketron for my vechicle (Really long bar) and it bounces like crazy, and my volume and convience key are very hard to access. I currently use a Blackberry Visormount as well in my car so I use my torch for tunes when making the drive from K-Town to Ottawa or Toronto. And to try to change songs when the torch is bouncing up and down, side to side, it's a real pain, and dangerous! So I definitely want a mount that will stand it's ground, stay still. I would be sure to use that perminent solution with the sticky pad.

Second note, Jawbone Icon = AWESOME noise cancelation. When driving again from K-Town to Ottawa or Toronto, my car makes a crap load of noise (Aftermarket muffler), and the visormount I have to YELL for people to hear me. Jawbone's noise cancellation is second to none. So I enable them both. Music to the Visormount, Talk functions to the Jawbone. Figured I'd throw that out there.

Also, Obi... is that a real ticket you got? O.o And Tell Adam NO TEXTIN N DRIVIN!! I nearly got killed by someone doing that (Litterally)


Need one of these bad. My torch slid off my dash and out the window last week. Only thing that saved it was my otterbox.

It would be great to be able to legally ise google maps or the bbmaps. Currently I put my torch in the cup holder to view the maps... It means I have to look down away from the road all the time. Also, I like listening to internet radio through my car sound system... Switching channels can be a risky task!

Why should you pick me. Well I am in the military and get calls from my troops all the time when I am in my truck. But I can not answer them for if I do I will get a ticket. So with this it will save me money and time on the side of the road talking to the troops....... Hope I win

On the road, I'd combine this with my Parrot CK3100 to charge this all the time! It'd be way better than leaving it in the cup holder!

Being a service technician for the city I average about 150 miles of driving in my work truck every single day. The dock seems ideal for making my job easier and safer. Since I drive so often I always have a bluetooth on and listen to internet radio through my Torch. So keeping the phone in my pocket isn't an option so I have to keep the phone in the ashtray with it plugged in so it doesn't "die" on me at any point. Also the ease of integrating the dock with my TeleNav is a huge benefit since I'm often using it to locate addresses that I'm unfamiliar with. Overall the dock seems like an absolutly fantastic accessory for those of us who do a lot of driving and could literally save lives.

This would be a great gift for my wife. She relies on her GPS on her blackberry when driving and talks on her phone endlessly. This would make her driving experiences much safer and keep my mind at ease when away from her.

My current car dock has failed. It doesn't stick to anything anymore, effectively making it useless. My Torch resides in the front cupholder, so it's tough to see while driving and that's dangerous. A nice, new, good dock would be great.

Even in my home city of Winnipeg, I still get lost. I have to rely on Google Maps a LOT! And with the anti-cell laws, I normally keep the phone below the dash while looking at directions.

I would greatly appreciate this to help me keep my eyes on the road.

I would love this dock! If I won this I would also purchase the Bluetooth visor mount to pair with it. Mounting my Torch on my dash would be awesome for GPS (I travel often) and also for music selection. Currently I use a wired connection to plug my torch into my cars stereo system, so this would be a GREAT addition to my accessories! Hope I win it!

I already have an iGrip for my BlackBerry Bold 9700. My next BlackBerry will be the BB Torch. If I were to win this mount, I would lend it to my friend, until I upgrade my phone. The quality of iGrip products exceeds that of all other competitors.

The only music I listen to while driving is from my Torch, which is connected via bluetooth to my car deck. This would make navigating songs much easier!

I would love to have one of these in my car. It would be great for talking on speakerphone in the car. I also hook my blackberry up through my car stereo as an mp3 player, so it would make a great dock for that as well.

Would love this, as it would be a nice addition for using GPS and seeing the caller ID when receiving a call

I would love to have this device. I actually tried to win it when it was offered for those 30 days for free. But of course I didn't win. So I drive about 60 miles one way to work and need to have access to my phone hands free. This is perfect and allows the handsfree capabilty. I do hope I win this.

I guess this would stop the radiation from my phone killing my nether regions cuz i leave it btwn the legs :X definitely could use to put my phone somewhere else in car ahha

This would obviously work better than having my BB in the seat next to me. It would make looking at directions much easier on the road.

This would be extremely useful as I used my 9780 very regularly and having people called me on my phone while driving and trying to dig out my phone from my pocket or car comparments is very tricky. This would not doubt provide me a very convenient device for me to access my phone and view the display! I can see alot of pro

Great device, please count me in :)

I would use this to help make it easier to see who is calling and to have a secure place to keep my phone as it plays my music.

The iGrip Charging Dock is exactly what I need so I can use my BB Torch to provide me directions while driving to a destination. Otherwise I'd have to pull over and check the map from time to time.

I would use this to keep my husband from getting on me for talking on my cell phone without my Then I could see who's calling without having to pick it up and look away from the road.

For some trips, my Torch with Google maps would be an ideal GPS, but a good holder is missing...

Looks like an excellent product. Half the time, I've got my Torch flopping around in a cup holder in my car and this often results in the charging cable popping out unexpectedly and surprising me with an uncharged battery.

This looks like a great item to have in your car. My Torch and I are always together, I work with a serice company so this would be great for when I am on call and in my would be so great to be able to help customers when I am on the move without breaking the law! :)

This dock, is perfect, for one thing, the one "mobo" branded I have which is smaller than the other model of the iGrip they sell here, is definitely BIG!, I mean, that thing is on my way when some cars move arround, this is the way to go cause I can see that it does not block your view.

Come on, this thing is great, not much selection for torch users but when we have superb products like this no need for 20 versions of a charger or case. Its perfected.

Let me win it.

I have family 600 miles away and my tom tom just died. This would be a great way for my torch to take it's place

Would be great dock for reading texts or emails while being charged in traffic jam. Or even watch video/streaming!


I am on the road all the time and usually just have the torch laying on the seat and have to pick it up to change songs or check my email, at a red light of course, but this seems as thought it would be perfect for what I am looking for.

My torch slides everywhere when I drive, and to protect it from getting un-wanted scratches, this would be lovely. (: :D

Definitely need one of these for my job as a truck driver. Would help with a multitude of things like calls from dispatch and listening to my podcasts while driving.

This would be amazing to use during pizza deliveries and a lot safer than holding my Torch in one hand while I drive with the other. This dock would easily get used a minimum of six nights a week if I won it...

This would make things so much easier while driving. I use my torch as a GPS and this would make like easier! I would love to win this!

IGrip would rock in my Torch. Run my GPS, stream audio/phone calls on my bluetooth, and of course create a safe driving experience for all......pick moi !

If it is free, I will try it. I read with interest some of the con's written by the current owners. I haven't seen any comments from owners of the Torch that have cases on theri device and own this. Wondering if you have to remove the case to use this mount????
I guess if I win I will be able to report the answer to this question.

Please Please Please. I'm tired of putting my phone in my cupholder (which is a double one with no center divide). It keeps sliding and I'm desparately afraid my precious Torch will become damaged!

Thanks CB - Happy Birthday

This looks like a great product. I had some thing similar for my Palm T3 for use with a Tom Tom GPS and it was great. Put everything in line of sight for driving. This would be great for road trips.

This is a really great looking product and the review had a lot of nice points to bring out about it. I would love to have one to use on my comute back and forth to work and on long trips. Thanks for offering it.

Since I can't afford a new stero for my truck I would love this to listen to music from my torch on the iGrip. Thanks for considering this request.

I could save money and not buy a GPS unit (and be a good father, and put the $$$ in a college savings fund for my baby daughter) :)

I find that my torch has become my 'do it all' device and as such, it would work very well to position it for use as a gps as well as keep it within sight when I use the phone & headset while driving.

Thanks again for another shot at a great accessory.

I would use it rather than having my phone sitting on the seat beside me. I have stopped too many times to have my phone go flying, and in fact chipping my old bold!

i'd use it to let me use my BB as a gps as well. it'd save me from getting lost in my new city and for my job.

I would mount this in my truck and use for navigation, tunein radio, speakerphone, and voice to text-ing! This would be the best part of the truck lol

I have been looking to purchase one since the day it launched, but I always seem to talk myself out of it. I use my free subscription of Slacker Radio (thanks to Crackberry) as my main source of music. It would be so much easier if my phone was docked in order to use this app. I'm constantly driving here and there, and my phone always falls from my lap while driving. So this device could ultimately save my life, as well as others. I'm not a big texting while driving person, as I've seen the consequences that come with that whole idea. So, basically, if you want to save the lives of other innocent drivers, the iGrip would be great to have, since I don't want any deaths on my conscious...

Would be fantastic for me to properly use my Torch as a GPS! I also can never seem to find the right spot to put this phone down in the car and have it easily accessible!
This is a fantastic device!

i want one, i frustrating searching my torch whil edriving when receiving a very important message or to see where i am on the GPS application.

This is exactly what I need to keep me busy and unaware of traffic and pedestrians around me while I commute to work daily, lol.

I drive 5 hours down the 401 all the time between my house and ottawa. It would be awesome to have it for music, audio books and gps. It really doesn't work to keep it in you lap....

This would be great for my Torch! I recently moved to Virginia where radar detectors are illegal. I need something to put in my windshield in place of my radar detector - this would be perfect!

This would be great for when I have my daughter in the car, I don't want to be fumbling with a phone... she's far too important for that silly mistake!!

Bought one for myself now my girlfriend wants one too as holding the phone in our lap to use the GPS just sucks and you have to take your eyes off the road.

She uses the speaker on her phone to talk while driving and I feel this device would provide a much safer method for her.
Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this for her.

I am a blackberry addicted... I can't get my hands away from my BB, and all I want to see is my BB okay... With this I hope I don't need to hold it in my hand while i'm driving, coz I have crashed my dad's car 5 times....

I really really gonna use this to the max because I'm afraid that I can't live without music, but I can't pick my music with my hands up while holding torch (the police would definitely get me), so I choose it down between the legs... and you know that is DANGEROUUUSSS.... With this I can charge my + I can have my safety!!!

I would love to get it for my father as a present coming up soon, which it would not only help him with his busy phone calls or fumbling the phone while driving, but it will also help me feel safer when he's on the road and I'm next to him!

This Charging dock would be amazing simply because the way you connect to the Torch for recharging mean that i cant put my phone somewhere without it move around when i turn etc!

This dock would be really great!

I would use this to avoid getting another ticket for using my phone while driving even when it was just to hold it up so i could see where the map was telling me where to go. this would come in very handy! sign me up please!

Definitely an advantage in using BB as a GPS.
I don't take any call while driving, and my car audio system is far more superior to any BB media player.

I would use it as my navigation when I travel to different cities. Much easier than lugging a separate GPS unit, and the holder would make it convenient.

Forget Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, etc... I would use this, (my Torch), as my GPS as I do now, but with this iGrip dock, I will not have to reach to the ground any more when it falls off the seat beside me. Thanks and Happy Birthday!!!

I would use that baby in my truck so i could keep my torch from sliding around and also be able to see it when I use my gps on my more looking down and keep me eyes on the road.

I travel often and it would be way easier to toss 1 item in my luggage than remember all the little chargers and mounts and connectors that i currently have to pack

i would definitely like one of these, though not for myself. My gf is constantly using her BB while driving and this would make it a little safer for her.

I'm so glad I found this site. My husband is always on the phone while he's driving. I definately need to get one for him. But tell me, is this the one where the sound connects with the car's speakers? Coz that's soooo cool.

I've found to get the best price on anything this free App my question is will it be available in BB App World?