Review: iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

iGrip Charging Dock
By ObiGeorge on 5 Mar 2011 10:36 am EST

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Been looking for a safer way to handle your BlackBerry while in the car? Most anywhere you live now, there are restrictions on how you can use your cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Infractions can result in fines and/or points on your license. But there are accessories out there to help make your drive easier, as well as keep you legal. The iGrip Charging Dock is a great accessory to display, charge, and safely mount your BlackBerry Torch 9800 while in your vehicle. Whether you are streaming music to a visor mount, or just making phone calls via bluetooth, this stylish accessory will help you handle all your BlackBerry needs while on the go.

In the Box

iGrip Contents

In the box you will find the usual components. The dock itself with built-in suction cup, mounting bracket, and an adhesive mounting pad. There are a few ways you can mount the iGrip in your vehicle. The 1st, and most temporary method, is to simply use the suction cup to mount it to your vehicle's windshield. This allows for quick mounting and dismounting of the dock from your car. Most will use this method if they will be using the dock in multiple vehicles or just don't want to adhere anything to their dash. The 2nd method is to use the provided adhesive pad, and directly mount it to the dash, and then attaching the suction cup to it. This is the method I use, and like I said, it is much more permanent. I have used these adhesive mounts in the past, and they are messy and a complete PITA to remove. But if you plan to keep the iGrip in your vehicle for an extended length of time, it is probably the way to go.

All in all, every piece of the iGrip Charging Dock seems to be made of high quality materials, and very solid. I have no worries that it will be in my Hummer for many years to come.

Other Accessories to Compliment the iGrip

Don't Get a Ticket

The iGrip Charging Dock is a great accessory on its own. It's great for speakerphone use or to simply charge your Torch while on the move. I have only been using it for only a few weeks and it has already saved my battery on multiple occasions.

While the dock is good on its own, it really shines when used in conjuntion with some other BlackBerry accessories. Pairing it with a bluetooth headset will drastically improve the ease of your drive, and help save you from those pesky cellphone tickets (pictured above). I recently received one of said tickets and was unpleasantly surprised to find out it came with 2 points on my license, on top of the hefty fine. I plan on never letting that happen again. Another great accessory to compliment the dock is a bluetooth visor mount. Having one will turn your iGrip Charging Dock into more of a multimedia dock, allowing you to easily play your favorite music, without the danger of looking down at your device.


Don't Text and Drive

Overall the iGrip Charging Dock has a lot of pros, and no cons that I can come up with. It offers the convenience of charging while on the go, the safety from fumbling around looking for your device while driving, and a stylish way to display your Torch. All at a very good price. Just don't try and text while your device is in the dock. I dare say it is the most dangerous thing I have ever attempted.  

More information and purchase of the iGrip Charging Dock

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Reader comments

Review: iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800



I would like to say i have one of these, and while they are great there are a few things everyone should think about first before they all run out and get one.

The first is that the sticky mounting plate they give you to stick to the dash does not work very well at all, unless you have a completely flat hard surface to stick it to. Other wise a few light bumps in the road and the whole unit will fall down.

Speaking of falling, if you do hit a big enough bump it will bump loose the unit and it has falling. (only twice and with only big bumps, damn those pot hole the size of cars!)

And lastly is the fact that to charge it you will need a car charger and it will need to be plugged into the back of the unit. This may cause some awkward wire hanging from the unit to the car port. (I lucked out and had one just in the right spot)

Other than that it works quite great. I have mine attached to my windshield and it sits right down low enough to still provide full vision of the road, and far enough over for my passenger to use it with ease to in put addresses and such for me while i am driving.

But please when you say that there are no cons what so ever, please make sure that you can really think of no cons. YES it still is a VERY GOOD product, but the people should know some problems they may run into when they try to put it into the car.

I bought one and its a great accessory to have, makes life a lot easier...I agree w/ mooshka360 about the cons...Having to reach behind the mount to plug the charger into it can be a hassle, they should have put it in the front, but either way, I have my cord coming down across by dash down to in front of my shifter. Otherwise, best thing i bought for my Torch, ease of access for GPS, screen calls and msgs, etc. Too bad I had to give mine up to the lady cause instead of buying a GPS, she can now use her Torch with the mount...Haven't had a chance to purchase another one for myself, so this contest is perfect timing...Thanks Crackberry.

See the thing with this is that you should just but a permanent cable with a spring type wire, so its not all over the place, and just keep it plugged into your car.

I also think having the unit clamped to the window is a lot stronger. I'm a pizza delivery driver, and I've had this for a while. I use a LOTS of back roads with bumps that i just speed over and this has yet to fall from my window. Needless to say, I LOVE IT :)

Working in the oilfield my torch winds up all over my truck!! Would love keeping it in this safe and easy to use while driving!

Excellent review obi. I ususally use proclipusa for all of my car mounting needs, but this looks sweet for the side mounted torch. PS nice CB Orange background!!!!

This can be great for my car since I use my blakcberry Torch as a GPS, music player most the time. It would be great if I can win this ;)

The IGrip Charging Mount, with a bluetooth headset is the combo to have. This serves two purposes first it keep your 9800 Charged and secondly its the safest way to use your cell while driving.
For the texting and driver please stop. This combo is great for you also, you will have talk instead of text, totally safer...

This product is a definitely must for those spending any amount of time driving.
Beats placing the BB on the passenger seat and turning every so often to see whats popping on the screen!

When I need to go to LA I use BB maps on my Torch and it is Great except for being able to control my Torch. It would be wonderful to have this devise.

I'd def use this in the car, rather than putting my beloved Torch in the cupholder or even the car door, where it nearly fell smh.

Pretty please. Pick me. Great accessory. Would look great on dash of my semi. Would use more then most people. Thanks in advance. Please pick me. Thank you

I am a consultant and get tonnes of calls while on the road - will be great to bluetooth my BB using one of these ossum Grips ! Hope I win this one :).

I would love to have this charging dock on my beatle's dashboard. I travel with my car a lot so I can charge my torch while on the go. At the same time, I know that my torch is safe on the igrip charging dock; I don't have to worry that my torch might fall off from the seat etc.

I drive for a living and am on the phone constantly. My 2010 Chevy Malibu has bluetooth that works great, I just need a stabilized way to properly hold and charge my Torch at the same time. The iGrip charging dock would do it. Thanks.

Its illegal to drive while on the cell phone here in vancouver. I think the fines 200$ :( anything to make your phone hands free is worth it. Pick me!

I have two of these, and would love to have a third for my daughters car. It is a little tough to get in the first few times, but man is it snug. I use it everywhere I go! Listening to music, talking through bluetooth, it's an awesome mount! I sure home the Torch 2 fits into it!

I use my phone a lot for Nav now while traveling using rental cars. This would eliminate the phone sliding around on the passenger seat while connected to the power cord. Please please choice me.

Well considering here in Ontario its against the law to have a handheld device in your hands while driving, this would be awesome for me because then I can see who is calling me and use my BT to answer the call if I chose to instead of getting annoying calls when you dont want to talk to certain people

the best part for igrid vs other dock is that I have the choice to use it both in car and on my desk. The official dock can only be use at home.

I think this would be a great addition to my accessory line up. It would help me keep the phone within arms reach when I'm streaming music in my car and keep the hpne cahrged for me. It would be great. Pus it looks awesome.

Perfect for Manitoba where it is illegal to have a mobile device in your hand. I'd stick this puppy on my windshield and away we go! Better than throwing my Torch on the center console and having it roll around.

Wow, this would be amazingly useful! I drive around all day for work, disconnecting electric meters, and I use my Torch for a GPS, and am constantly taking phone calls from the office. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

if its free, its for me. keep leaving my torch between my legs and it ends up on the ground when i get out of my truck!

This would be great for me. I'm always on the phone or checking traffic conditions. It would make it much safer for me while driving! Looks like a great product!

Having one of these would definitely stop the fumbling of trying to get the Torch out of the holster while going down the road. I know this isn't very same but I'd rather have it in the holster instead of putting in the cup holder. So a free one of these, would be a great solution.

I would give this to my brother who travels every day and uses his torch as his gps. He would be able to be safe while driving and I wouldn't have to worry about him crashing his car!

I would use it to help keep my eyes faced forward instead of glancing down at the seat next to me where my Torch now resides.

iGrip + Torch + Leaveit on+ Google Maps can finally replace the crappy navigation in my wife's Benz

the new products coming out to to help us consumers are amazing..
this new technology would give me a safe way to use all the great functionality of my Torch...
This is a great tool!

I would use the Igrip because it is the safe way to here doesn't allow for using a hand held device so this would be convenient and safe.

I'd use iGrip to keep an eye on my blackberry while driving. Without it, i'd still have to put it either on the co drivers seat or in my Pocket - what a waste, when i want to use my BlackBerry Navigation Software. The iGrip also seems pretty solid and just right for my purpose.

I need to be checking my BB all the time! So taking it out of my holster while I drive is such a hassle. Plus just holding it in your hand gives u fines and what not. This Igrip wud be just amazing for me, as I could stay connected on my BB while having two hands on the steering wheel. This accesory can really save a life, and a ticket LOL. Hope I win !

Now this would really be nice to win. Keeps my Torch charged on the go and hey why not put my Torch on a pedestal while driving.

If I get one of these, first of all I'd love the charging feature. Whenever I'm off to work and realize I don't have enough battery, I usually sigh and borrow one of my fellow workers' chargers. I was going to get a charger for the car soon, but if I win this, I won't have to! Also, When I'm listening to music, If it just sits there, I'll be able to flick through my music with ease, as well as tell what the name of the song is, etc. Last of all, the map function. I don't have a GPS, because I'm not going to use it much. So whenever I'm going somewhere and don't know the exact address, I print out the map from my house, or search it from my torch. If I get this, it'll become much easier for me to see the map of where I'm going WHILE driving, so thats definitely a plus. I really want this charging dock, thanks!

I work for Emergency services. I'd use this to stay hands free at the scene of emergencies or while traveling to and from the 911 Centre.


i will use my iGrip Charging Dock to keep my 9800 properly blinged with my car and of course full charged

I've been wanting one of these for quite some time, but can't afford it right now. A free one I can afford though =P

I listen to the police scanner using BBscanner in my truck, so this would be perfect for .e to dock my torch and stream the scanner.

Please! Give me a chance to win this! Fabulous I would say. Why? In my country, it is illegal to text or talk while driving (unless you are on hand's free or some sort).

This damn great accessory is just so godly as I can even use it for GPS navigation! I uses GPS daily for driving so yes, this is something to die for!

I would use this mostly for the gps as well as phone calls through the blue tooth. I live in New York. We now get 2 points on our license if we "use" (they mean hold in your hand) our cell phones.

i could use this in my car to keep my torch safe where i can see it, and not hitting the door etc while making turns and getting damaged when im driving. This will allow me to keep my torch safe and charged when im traveling, I would also be able to use this as my gps, because of the great feature bb has released with there bb i can now use it to navigate me through traffic and get to my destination. I am constantly on the road traveling so this would be ideal for me as i dont have a special area to store my torch and i can use my torch to its maximum potential on the road.

Being a real estate appraiser this would be most beneficial. I could use this in plain site paired with my blue tooth to take/make calls, set appointments/inspections and also use it as a GPS reducing the clutter on my dash. I'll take one, please!

This product would be good for me because I'm always listening to my music on the go and using the gps apps for finding directions. I need this because I dont have any cool accessories for my torch.

Would use it to stream my music to my radio and keep my torch on the dash instead of using the cup holder. It would also make switching songs easier as I wouldn't have to pick up the phone to look at it as it would be in front of me the whole time.

I admit I am a rash driver and everytime I use brakes my phone slids down on the floor and I've scratched it lot of time. This will help me keep my attention on the road and stop worrying about my beloved torch..its a must have for me and I hope I win it..:)

I would totally use the iGrip with Vlingo, Blackberry Maps, Blackberry Traffic, and Voice Dialing to get an ultimately safe and Blackberry'd driving experience!

This looks awesome. I would use it for my GPS, I am in a new town and never know where i am going. i always use my blackberry torch to figure out where I am and how to get to place and find myself looking down at my lap all the time and having to click a button to prevent the screen from going black. This device would help me get to where I am going safe and sound.

It would be helpful because I was thinking about buying a new GPS, because mine is getting extremely outdated, but this would be a perfect fix.

I would love to have a dock like this! There's no good place in my car to put my Torch without it falling over, out, getting coffee spilled on it, or otherwise being in a position where I can't even see the screen. I get called quite a bit and every now and then I'll also get a message the I really need to see before I get to where I'm going and having the Torch mounted in front of me would be so much better and safer than fumbling to pull it out of the holster and try to see what's going on. You don't want to hold it up in front of your face because then everyone can see that you're looking at your phone but if you hold it down in your lap, you can't see the road! This would work great with the bluetooth headset I already have but this dock might actually finally push me to get a bluetooth visor mount and start using my Torch for music instead of my ipod.

I would love to have this in the car. when I am driving I always find myself looking at who is calling and texting, which distracts me hugely from the road. I would love to be able to concentrate and make the road a safer place for everyone. Winning this would help me achieve that goal. Make it happen, its for the people crackberry :)

I have a Torch and I have to hit the road often for business meetings. This would allow me to use the phone as a GPS unit for getting to the places I need to get. Please pick me!

The laws are strict here and being a broke student with a piece of crap car, I am not able to spend money on anything other than my bill payments each month. This would be awesome to win and would actually increase the value of my car 10 fold and that is no joke. I would love to have this so that i can see what texts and phone calls are coming through while I am driving. Further the GPS would be awesome to help me get to where I am going without having to take my eyes off the road. If you let me win this I will be one happy camper.

This would be so sweet to have in my car. I would watch movies while driving ahaha jk. I would love to have one of these so that I can use my Blackberry as GPS. I find that I have not used it very often because of the hassle it is to look at the phone while driving. Being able to place it on my dash would make life a lot easier and my trips much more enjoyable. Please make me a winner.

I do a lot of driving for my job and this would definately come in handy as I have to use bbmaps for gps, with this I could just set it to where I need to go and dock it instead of looking at my lap every few minutes

This would be a great addition to my Torch. I am a newbie to the blackberry world and this looks to be something that is a great asset to have.

this would definitely be a handy accessory, especially with the amount i use poynt, bb maps, and to see who's calling!

Fumbling around trying to find the phone. Rudolph shared a dance with my last vehicle. Been looking for a dock.

I'm a new driver and I kno I will need this so I can pay attention to the road rather than my phone... So this should be mine, :)

I started to use my BB for an all in one device in my car Phone (duh) / MP3 / GPS via Auxiliary output. This will be a very good product that will complete the "setup"!

I use the bluetooth speakers in my car a lot with my torch..So this would really come in handy especially when I am listening in to long conference calls..

My current system for holding my phone in gps mode (my girlfriend) would welcome this accessory. Here's hoping I win it! :D

I drive around 50 miles a day, + around the county to different locations. having gps in a cup holder kills my batter since i can't reach my charger to it. this would be great!

I live in Ontario and it's illegal to talk, or text on the phone while driving. I don't have a cellphone holder for my Torch. I drive everyday to appointments and could really use this. Sometimes I get lost and have to use the GPS, so this would be perfect for me. Crossing my fingers that I win. :)

would be great for stop motion picture capturing, either from dash, out the window, fishtanks, etc. i want one

I get calls all the time while on the road it would keep me driving safe and connected! This would be perfect for me! - Thanks

This would be a great new accessory for my new car that my dad gave to me =] So now I can fully use my GPS yipee! Thanks CB and thanks iGrip =]

This would be great for me, when ever im using my gps im always holding it so with the iGrip it would be so helpful

I would definately attach the iGrip Charging Dock to my windshield. I have a Otterbox case on my BB Torch 9800, and the Zagg InvisiShield on the screen to protect it, now all I need is the Dock to charge it and keep it secure when I can utilize the Vlingo, GPS, and BlueAnt Q1 hands free operations while driving.
This product would definately meet my needs, I have been looking for a dock that charges and keeps my phone secure while driving, there's nothing worse than watching your phone slide across the dash or across the seat, which is a huge distraction...not that I would reach for it while driving as it's flying through the life and others lives are worth more than a cell phone!! The iGrip Charging Dock would be right for me because it would help me to be safer while driving, keep my Torch charged at all times so I don't miss any of my kids calls, and it would help me to be more productive during my day.

Thank you in advance for choosing me to be the recipient of this awesome product!! Nat
3-5-11 11:04am PST

I've always wanted this for my torch!! I could get rid of my garmin as I usually just use google maps anyways!

I'd use it in my work truck. It would save me time trying to find a place to put my phone when I have a drink in my drink holder. Plus being able to charge my phone would be a major plus. Then I could also use it when I need to use my GPS.

This would be awesome to use to charge the Torch while driving since I don't have a car charger! :) I love the design as well and how it is mounted on the dash. Thanks for the chance! :)

This would be awesome to have for those spur of the moment road trips that my friends and I take! Can check maps, weather and everything else like where to get the cheapest gas and what to eat. I would love to have one of these! So next time I get lost in Oakland, well wait... there wouldnt be a next time because I would have this! Thanks for the contest!

Hi I would give it to my wife, and wed mount it so my driver could change the MP3 tunes for us :) Sounds like a pretty good deal

so in the car obviously would be put to good use don't wanna fuss with it whenwe are driving

Would use it as phone mount in my car *duh* haha...
It's good to have here because it's illegal to hold a mobile phone in your hands while driving...
This iGrip would be great for everyone.. You can watch your phone while still having a look on the road!

Supply me one please

I could really use this! I commute over an hour a day round trip and I am forever looking for my phone! It slips all over the place! This would charge up my Torch and keep it in one place while I drive! I use a bluetooth to talk so this would be so useful for me! Thanks for a great review!

I would mount it on my dash to use the GPS as I travel cross country, spreading the news of CrackBerry's generosity!

Hold my phone while I use it as a GPS. It would also be used to store my phone instead of texting and driving. I do not have a car charger for my phone, so it would be used for this as well. I have dropped my poor phone numerous times getting out of the car, and this would let me know exactly where it is haha! I would use it all the time. It would be awesome. You guys at crackberry are so effing cool for giving away awesome stuff like this for YOUR birthday. Heck, YOU guys deserve the birthday present! You guys are the ones that have made this awesome website available for us. So happy birthday to the crackberry team, and thanks for another year of a great website. Have a great day everyone and good luck to everyone else entering! :)

I need this accessory to drive safer as an Aflac Agent in Florida. People drive crazy down here! HELP!

The Torch has the jack in such an odd place it is hard to find a good way to hold it in the car and this looks like the absolut best solution! Especially as I use the GPS on the phone quite often!

This cradle would be a great compliment for me and my car!

Hope, hope, hope!

I use my 9700 as a GPS and this mount would make it so much more usable.
It would also make listening to streaming music much easier.

The nice thing about this is that my Torch would be up on the windshield so I could use it as a true navigation device by just glancing while still be able to keep my eyes up and alert versus looking down at my lap completely taking my eyes off the road. Not to mention being able to cradle it for charging instead of having it slide off my lap and on to the floor. Man what a great product by iGrip!

I could really use this for my Torch. I'd like to be able to use my one cup holder in the front as a cup holder, for once.

I do traveling sales, and I'm always on my blackberry in my car, this mount would be perfert for viewing the call display while on bluetooth, using the gps, or verifying txt messages and emails written with vlingo!

I could really use this! I spend alot of time on travel in areas I am unfamiliar with. I am always using AT&T Navigator and setting my Torch in my lap. One stomp on the brake and my phone is on the floor! :(

As a father and salesman, I take and make many calls on the go and having a nice mount for my torch would be really helpful. I hope I win! Thanks

I have velcro on the back of my Torch and velcro on the dash...very ghetto..this will help me out alot

I am part of a mobile Hospice workforce - this product would help very much in getting me safely to the terminally ill patient's bedside and that is HUGE!

We're heading for a long road trip. Looks like it would work perfect for a nav setup as well as bluetooth to the stereo. Handsfree is always best. Plus the new laws across Canada say you can't have it in your hands while driving

this is the PERFECT accessory i need for my Torchie! i have never seen one in stores. please enter me in this contest!!!! thank you

This product would be really useful for me because I'm always on the move for my work and I would love to be legal and not have my phone in my hands. I would love to win it

I would use this to store my torch in a safe place while driving. Right now I just put it in the cup holder. But I have to look down at it to use the gps. It would be much safer for me and the phone to use this awesome charging dock. I also don't have a car charger!

In our chartreuse microbus, my torch is continually sliding across the dash. With this, me and my brethren(torch) could get to scarborough fair safely

i always leave mine in my cup holder and i end up spilling what ever drink i have in the cup holder beside it (usually coffee) onto my bold.. i know this is for torch users, but i noticed the igrip universal fit so i thought i'd try.


Working on Cleveland Fire Department...I would use this on our dash to help when we get sent out of our running district with Google Maps!!!Please pick me.....your house could burn down in the mean time..Just kidding

could definitely use this product. would keep my torch charged up while using my bluetooth headset and listening to music while driving. would love to win one!

Got to get one as I am traveling more. I normaly have a copilot but there are now more times that I done. I need this.

this would look absolutely sexy in my brand new accord... plus my family will thank you for me not texting and driving... cheers

I have been searching this car mount for my beloved Torch. There is the only favourite one that I have reviewed and compared in the internet.
iGrip is the one. Unfortunatley the shipping cost to australia make the total amount of this very high for me. That is the only one reason I do not have it.
I hope I can win this give away and try it to prove that this is the best one in the market.
Many thanks.

I would love to have this because I travel 1 hour each way to GMCR and am always on the phone. This would make my life a lot easier

this is great idea... finally i can use my bb as a nav device without worrying about slipping and sliding all over the place...

This would come in handy while following directions for places I go. I'm always taking the kids some place for school, and it's annoying not to mention unsafe having to look at the road and the phone at practically the same time.

This would be prefect for me! I haven't found a good car mount since I got my Torch!

Please! Please! Please! :D

This is a no-brainer ! I would use the mount to secure, charge, run gps( Garmin software on my Torch), and bluetooth for calls and streaming music. My Torch would be complete ! thanks Craackberry ........

this would be awesome to win, as I am in the car a lot for work and this would make things much safer!

I visit several clients each day and this would let me make my rounds quickly and efficiently. Thanks CB!

Cruzin in my Pontiac I thought nothing could be more useful in my ride than my PIMP stick and a popo scanner.

But behold, the iGrip Charging Dock could sit on the deck of the land yacht and bring the power of my Torch in sight. My CMS GPS tracker app (Find-a-John) could let me see prospective clients in the hood. And, I can contact my staff using the BBM (when I stop driving of course).

An iGrip would be dope.

Disclaimer: No real solicitation was conducted during this post, and I'm not really a Pimp, as real pimps drive Cadillacs. You should never use a Pimp Stick for anything but show. We encourage productive careers like Politics, where sex in exchange for money is legal. At least that is what it feels like when I pay taxes.

I pretty much work out of my truck and I use my GPS for navigation all the time. One of these would be a perfect addition. It would also be nice when I receive an incoming call routed to my visor mount.

If i got this, i will give it for my mom. She always needs to call someone in the car, so this will help with the loud-speakers mode on and she wouldn't need to use her handsfree everytime she dives!

I would love to use this so my Torch will stop falling in between my seat when I have it sitting on my leg while driving. I live in a state that has not outlawed talking on the phone while driving, but I still like using my Bluetooth so I can use both hands.

It will also free up my cup holder for my coffee during my morning commutes ha-ha ;)

I tried winning one of these before. I still haven't bought one, but I would LOVE to own one. Thanks CrackBerry :)

No need to hold my Torch in one hand and the steering wheel in the other!

This is saving lives! =)

I don't have a charging dock and this will go great in my car. I also love to use the gps system so this will be very helpful.