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Review: Golla Smart Bags - Enter to win one for your BlackBerry!

Smart Bags by Golla
By Michelle Haag on 21 Apr 2011 01:19 pm EDT

Enter to win a free Golla Bag of your choosing! Details below!

If you find yourself walking frequently, as I do, you know it can sometimes be a hassle to juggle your BlackBerry, keys, wallet, mp3 player (if you don't use your BlackBerry as one), and whatever else you need while you're out. It's not always practical or possible to carry a purse or shove all of that in your pockets. I've always looked at the Smart Bags by Golla on ShopCrackBerry, and finally decided to get a couple and try them out. I picked out two different styles, the Sabine and the Riley, which are actually pretty similar but have subtle differences, which is true for most of the Golla Bags we carry. Read on for a closer look at the Golla bags and to see how you can win one of your very own!

Riley Smart Bag by Golla
Each of these bags follow the same general design. A main compartment holds your device, a slimmer pocket in front of that and a zipper pocket on the outside can hold cash or cards, a spare battery, keys, a Bluetooth headset, earbuds… anything small that you need to carry with you. Each style of bag is made of a different material. The Sabine bag I got is made from a smooth material that I think would wipe clean if needed. The zipper pocket on this style is on the flap. The Riley version is made from a softer, brushed material with corduroy inside. This one features the zipper pouch on the back, which seems to be able to hold more than the pocket on the Sabine style. All of the styles have a belt loop and a D-ring clip and comes with a lanyard if you prefer that method. The velcro closure of the bags is strong and doesn't come open when you don't want it to.
Smart Bags by Golla
I really love these bags and use them both quite often, for my BlackBerry Torch, digital camera, iPod…whatever I need to take with me. I like to put my camera in one and toss it in my purse as it ensures that the camera doesn't get banged up or turned on unintentionally. They are a really universal size, and my Torch fits inside easily even with an OtterBox case on, as you can see below. This fact alone is awesome, because if the Torch with an OtterBox fits in with no problem, then future devices will as well, since they seem to be getting slimmer.

There are a lot of different styles of Golla Bags to choose from on ShopCrackBerry, and they all sell for $19.99 regularly, though they are currently on sale for $14.95 and $16.95 depending on the style. And yes, there are styles more suited to the guys as well.

Summary of features:

  • Carabiner for attaching the bag in a variety of places: belt loop, bigger shoulder bag or backpack, golf bag, etc.
  • Belt loop
  • Separate neck-strap
  • Velcro closing on the front of the bag
  • Zipped pocket on the back for coins and small items
  • Small extra front pocket for earphones or credit cards
  • Soft lining material to protect the screen of the device
  • Case size: 85 x 120 mm / 3.35 x 4.72 inch

For more information and to purchase a Golla Smart Bag


Want to win a Golla Bag of your very own? Take a look at the selection in ShopCrackberry, then leave a comment below stating which one you want and how or when you would use it. We'll choose one lucky winner from the comments this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Additional pictures

Smart Bags by Golla
Sabine Smart Bag by Golla
Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


these bags look really good. As a busy headteacher i think the hasty bag would be the one for me!


I would take any of them, don't have anythign currently to protect my bb. the Sabine looks great!


I would really love to have one of these bags!


I like them both and it would work great for when I am in the gym or out on the trail getting a nice walk in


I will love this accesory!


I want one of these bags!


I like both, as a blackberry developer these would help me carry more than 1 device in 1 bag.


Wow would be nice to have this one for replacing my old kata bag


Would fit nicely in my jersey pocket while riding my bike!
Thanks CB!


I would like the Golla Link Smart Bag. I would use it to hold my BB and keys when I am running.


Interesting, very interesting. Count me in and thanks to Golla for the contest and CrackBerry for hosting it.


the hasty would be great for my torch. we walk and bike ride lots so would handy to have less to carry around.


Using it while riding is a great idea. Would love to win this.


its gonna stick on my pants everyday!!!


I like the Golla Link Smart Bag!


I'd like the Black Golla Sabine Bag. (or Brown Riley Bag)
It'd be wonderful any time for me - can just grab and go when needed, don't need a bigger purse to fit it in if I don't want (just use the clip), and it can protect my phone when out. It'd be so nice!


I would love a Golla Sabine Smart Bag in Purple!


would love one for my wife...


I would like the Golla Riley Smart Bag (Pink Part# A6814) for my wife's 8530. She is always dropping it and it is starting to look worn out.


I was looking for something similar when I saw my cousin had one from case something.
I would love to get Golla Hasty Smart Bag. I can stuff in headphones, phone and card holder in there.


Golla Sabine Smart Bag - BLACK.
I'd probably use it ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE and ANYTIME LOL.
I really love my blackberry and I would love to protect it.
Also, it's kinda hot haha and that way I can carry my headphones and simcards with me..
Pretty usefull you know!
It's also not massive like other bags out there ;)

I got the T-Mobile Bold 9780 case and it has that clip and I hate it 'cause I dont need it and it's pretty uncomfortable! :(

ALSO there is a neck strap which I can attach/disattach when I need to go for a run or something like that! USEFUL +


Wouldn't mind getting one for my new playbook carry case :)


WOW!! All of the cases are amazing, making it a very hard decision to make!! Although i do love The Sabine bag as even though it is compact and small,it looks as if it can hold alot of items, therefore i have decided to choose this pack. i would be used to hold my i pod and mobile phone aswell as hedphones and a notebook. i would also use it when i am jogging as it would keep my things from falling out of my pocket. Thank you so much :D


finally i want this


i would give the golla sabine bag to my wife so she can stop breaking her stuff in her bag.


This would be awesome when i am out on the boat to keep all my stuff and wifes together in one place. Thanks CB for another great contest


Me gusta el gray one :P (I Like the gray one) me want!


I am really liking the Blaze :-) my torch would look perfect in it


I'd like one "to go" for my BlackBerry 9800 - need something casual. ;)


I love the Golla bags! I have two- one for my Blackberry and one for my digital camera. I've had both well over a year and they both have held up beautifully. I highly recommend these bags! If I won one here, I'd love to get the Gavin Wallet this time. :)

Miso Bill

Really I gotta have it!


Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - I'd use the Sabine through them all!! =)

This is a great way to keep a few important things together for a walk, the gym or a trip to the supermarket.


I quite like the one shown here, the sabine, especially with the different choices in colour which is a big deal for me when it comes to choosing something like this. Im always out and about so this looks really secure!

I have no idea why phones have to be just white and black for the most part!

But I also like the Golla Blaze Smart Bag too!

Thanks for the review!


I would love a Brown Riley Bag!


I like the denim Golla Onze. It's great! It's a lot like the case I have now, but mine doesn't have the extra compartments!


Any bag would be fine for me.Since I go clubbing a lot,its a hassle having to carry a handbag.They r just too high maintenance.Golla Smart bags are perfect for a girl's night out.


I looked at a few but the Riley one would probably suit my requirements to a T. In the summer I just plain don't have room in my pockets so having a belt pouch that can hold my blackberry, smart key and a couple of other small items makes a great deal of sense.


Just got a bike, this would be awesome for my commute!


i like the Golla Smart Bag "SABINE" in purple. I would use this to carry my torch and my back up battery save me from having to carry a purse everywhere i go.


Very COOL> I would like the Link model. Great for taking it with me while hiking.


Wow! How an awesome bag it is! I want gray one! It looks so perfect to my Torch 9800. Its orange colored inside and gray colored skin with a comfortable decorating are so matched!! It is also a perfect fashion part for me! I can bring it as a necklace, or lock it within my suitcase, or put into my pocket as a wallet, even just hold it on my hand, it will make me very happy to own it, and attract everyone's eye sight! Wondeful! It really a great stuff for BB fans!

The Consigliere

I think I'd go with the LINK & as a soon to be new dad (probably within the next week or so!) it would be perfect to clip to the diaper bag to keep my 9700 close at hand to take quick pictures of my new son! So come on Crackberry hook a dad up, PLEASE!


Looks like something gone wrong!


I like the Link smart bag. I like the added protection the flap adds for when I am camping and when you brush by something, it's ability to swing out of the way instead of being hard mounted to your hip is a plus. I used to have my old V551 Moto in a body glove case this way.


I like the black Grape. I would use it when out walking. Thanks!


I'd like the Golla Riley model in light grey or pink to give as a gift to my wife... I recently converted her to a crackberry addict and now she wont put down her Bold 9700.
Great review too!


I would love to own one!


I would like the Golla Hasty Smart Bag, I would actually use it every day because I am not to found of the traditional phone cases. Is different, modern and would protect my 9700 or 9900 whenever it comes out~ LOL Thanks for another great contest! Please enter me!


I would love the Sabine in Purple. Being able to clip it to my purse would keep my from having to keep in in a back pocket when I have no front pockets and risk cracking the touch screen when I sit on a hard chair..lol.


One of these bags would be great. The black one would be better for me since it wouldn't show the dirt as easily. One of these would help since I currently don't have a small case for my blackberry. This would allow me to get all of that stuff out of my pockets, and carry it all in a handy bag together. I could clip it to my backpack when I'm in transit, or on a belt loop when I am out somewhere, and don't want to worry about setting my Blackberry Torch down, and forgetting it.


I'd go with the Golla Blaze Smart Bag for my Storm 2. I would use if primarily when I go hiking and keep all of my really important stuff in their. Too bad there isnt one for the PlayBook. I'd totaly get one.


the swiss army knife of blackberry bags lol pick me crackberry please


Ill take any of these accessories.


Nice multi-purpose case. I like the sabine. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


i hope it fits my Bold 9000!


I like the gray+orange one :)


I would love this!! Would work perfectly for work and everyday life for that matter.


I'm not sure which one I would choose. Would use it with my Torch while taking walks. Thanks for the contest.


I like the black blaze


I'd love the Golla Ray Slim Mobile Bag in purple. Would make my life much easier walking my 3 dogs.thanks


Wow another awesome product I never knew you had. Would love one. Golla Stone G551 for example would make my life so much easier. Fingers crossed.


Sabine in black please. I would give it to my wife as a present so maybe then she won't be so mad at me.


This is so cool, I didn't even know such things even existed! What an awesome way to store things. I would surely use it for my BB and the things mentioned above (cash, mp3 player, earbuds, etc), but what about some other uses such as keeping some snacks safe? Haha, ok I don't think I could keep snacks in it anyway. But I think my sleek 8520 would complement the case's fly design perfectly!

The only thing I think that Golla could do to improve their cases is to add some sort of device which could be used to attach the case to a bag/belt if you don't want to hold it or shove it in your pocket... Oh wait... Its got that too!!! Man, these cases are awesome, what can't they do! I see the case can also accommodate a phone that already has a cover on it, *thumbs up* for double protection!

As for when I’d use it… um I think Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday mornings, Fridays and Sunday afternoons… Yup, that seems about right and is quite a functional approach, even if I do say so myself!

I took a look through the Crackberry shop and after much deliberation and a few heated debates later (with my desk lamp), I have decided that the most fitting option for my unique lifestyle would have to be the "Golla Blaze Smart Bag"... Golla Blaze, its starting a craze, on its features I could write many essays, oh the inspiration this case conveys!


looks realy nice i like th dark color one.


Golla Hasty Smart Bag for BlackBerry Torch 9800 please, to protect my Torch with style when protecting the world from outer space


I like the black one.....I use it all the time since I travel a lot.....


I'd love one of these.


looks cool, I want one for all my batteries


its something my Daughter would like. I'm not a purse kind a guy


the brother

i guess it wood be cool to rock one of these. are they available for the playbook yet?

piece out and have a happy easter CB nation!

the brother


I would like to have the golla hasty smart bag. Looks cool. This is great for going abroad and in the spanish heat this will be a must. Will be able to carry my precious bold 9700 and flash video camera safely. Please crackberry.


The Golla Cut Phone Wallet would be my choice. This Wallet can be used with a belt or you can take it with you like a normal wallet. Simple, easy and the perfect protection for my Blackberry Bold all day long.


I think I would have to go with the Golla Blaze (and not just for the name). I really need something like this to carry my phone, house key, and ID when I wear my gym shorts or go running. In fact, I may just end up buying one if I dont win..


I can see putting more thing into it, when you can handle only the pockets in your jeans


Id like the Blaze Smart Bag
Great for trips around the island when leaving the boat!


Golla Sabine Smart Bag - BLACK

I would use it as a digi camera bag. Fit the camera along w/ batteries, extra mem cards, etc..


Oh cool, I'd love the purple Sabine!


Perfect for a day at the ballpark. I would use the Hasty Smart bag with my BB Tour all the time in the summer. Looks like it would be a great way to protect my Berry at the beach!!


Golla Sabine Smart Bag, Light blue. I'd use it when don't want to carry a bigger bag - which is often!


Would like the Hasty Smart Bag!


I love these bags, my sister has one for her camera and it's great! I'd love the purple one, while going to the gym or going on hikes, this bag would be perfect for me :D


I could REALLY use this!


If i were to win a Golla hasty smart bag, i would stuff my life in it............

my life being my car keys, cash cards, work security pass, my 2GB memory stick, some chewing gum. Hell i might even start smoking so i can stick my smokes in too. Oh and of course my BLACKBERRY.

Fingers crossed i win.

Cheers Crackberry


I love any one of these, I would this keeping my keys phone and wallet together while its summer!


I sure would like to BAG one. Thanks for the chance.


I would love to use the Golla Hasty Smart Bag everytime I'm out for some activity outdoors, as it seems to be able to protect the BBerry quite nice :)


I'd take the Golla Blaze bag - I'm constantly leaving my phone at home when I'm running and need something good to protect it in so I can take it with me!


Id like the Golla Blaze Smart Bag, it just makes carrying all on the go so much easier!


I'm an avid runner and hiker, this storage solution would be perfect for me. The "Stone" in dark grey would be preferable. Thanks CB!


I'd like to win one of these for my wife.


The blaze smart bag looks great, hope I win


I think I would get the Riley. Trying to get out more. A quick bag for the gym or going to the park would be really nice.


I like the Golla Hasty Smart Bag. As I am frequently travelling, this would be a nice companion to keep the most necessary valuables close to my body (phone, ID / passport, etc.).


I would love the Sabine so I could have all my stuff in one place and then just clip it on to my belt loop or my bag so I could have all my stuff with me


I'd like the Golla Blaze Smart Bag please. I would use it to store all my blackberry essentials in this bag with me wherever I go.


I'm trying to travel lite, so combining a wallet and case would be nice. Any one of them would be nice.


I typically only carry my license, credit card, phone and keys with me so i don't have much use for a handbag, but there are times when I don't have pockets to shove those things into and a little bag like this would be perfect.
The Golla Riley in gray, like the one reviewed, is my favorite, nutral and understated.



The one for be could be the Gavin style, as it has a design to use for the belt and my phone can be accessed more easily than in the pockets. I could carry its USB cable and earbuds inside. I always listen to music in my storm 2 and also sometimes feel the need to pass photos to a PC in order to share them quickly after some crops


The Onze looks pretty cool too =)


I would like the Golla Blaze Smart Bag. would use it while jogging... that i am sure my bb is protected when i jog :)


I like the Golla Hasty Smart Bag for my storm2 looks nice.Looks like its got some pockets for ID, money and a creditcard. id use it everywhere at work, clip it on my babys stroller or diaper bag when im out shopping, when i go surf fishing i hate getting sand on my phone, on the boat im always scared ill drop it in the water i can clip it to my tacklebox, or cooler or stow it away and not worry about it.


the golla riley tan/gray color would be the one.


with 5 kids I NEED this! I would be able to not carry a purse! I would love a pink one!


I would love the Golla Sabine model and would use it all the time!


This would be pretty cool for use during summer on the beach.


I'd love the Riley in soft grey please?


this would be the perfect accessory for my new torch!


I would like to win one!!! The black one looks good.


I want/need the Golla Blaze Smart Bag for BlackBerry Bold 9650 to attach to my golf bag.


Golla Sabine Smart Bag in Black would be great.


It would be awesome for my bold! Please pick me!


I'd love to have any color of the Golla Riley Smart Bag! They are so cute and make a great accessory (with a little added protection for my Torch), as well as being super handy for a girl on the go, like me! I'm constantly running errands and getting in and out of my car, but I hate having to gather up my Torch, wallet, keys, etc. With all of those things, my hands are already full when I hop out of the car. With one of these bags, I could clip it to my belt loop or a hair band on my wrist to turn it into a wristlet bag. It'd be easy to clip onto my purse so that my phone is easily within reach but not in my back pocket where I usually keep it. This would be perfect for clubs or bars, too, when I don't want to carry a purse inside :)

CB, thanks for a great item to win and a good review of these awesome bags!!!


I'll use it on my day off! purple Golla Sabine Smart Bag for BlackBerry Bold 9700.
Thanks crackberry!


This would definately come in handy!


Golla riley smart bag in pink part# a6814. I had one last year loved it, but lost it in the mall. Hope I win it. I'd use it to keep my 9650 safe.


Utterly superb. I want! NOW!


Golla Zone...orange and black for the Flyers during the playoffs. Plus sand and BlackBerry's don't go well together for the summer!


I own the Riley already. It is pretty nice. I have the black and purple one. Would love to try any of the others, especially if it's free! When I first got my Blackberry, I told my cousin and she said "Oh, a Crackberry." I was like "Huh, why is that!" She said "I heard it is very addictive." I have had it a year and I do have to agree, IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE! When I found this site, it was kind of funny and when I tell my friends, they crack up at me until I actually show them the site. Keep up the good site and have a wonderful day!


the sabine looks to fall in line with what i do for a living.


Nice accessorie, wouldn't mind adding to my colection

Steven Friedmann

I prefer the design of the Sabine because of the zipper pocket in the flap. It looks like it has easier access and won't squeeze the contents or the BB. Black looks nicest to me!


like to win one of these!!


Suits perfect to my surf bag


The riley will make my BB look really nice


these bags look awesome. I would love to get my hands on one!

Pick me Crackberry!


Ill like the Golla Smart Bag "SABINE" G735 - purple, will give it to my girlfriend who have my old torch 9800. Will protect it more than the way she use it :) (in her pocket hehe)


Wow! the Golla "Chloe" Mobile Bag G853 - Purple is SOO cute :D Please please pleasee pick me crackberry!


Golla Link Smart Bag, the perfect accessory for camera or phone for RTW trip.


I'd get the Golla Blaze Smart Bag for BlackBerry Bold 9700, It would be perfect for storing your items during a hike. Good luck to me.


This would be perfect for walks with my daughter!


I could go for a hasty case for my 8530! I'm always walking around campus juggling my stuff


This thing looks very cute and I want one. :)


I want any of them to protect my BB Torch while traveling!


white cover is plain and smooth, best to keep my bold mint


Golla Hasty Smart Bag

i would use this bag when i walk my dogs late at night (11:pm),they love their night walks


I would love to have the Sabine! I looks awesome!!


This would make carrying all my stuff very easy and practical. Good Job CB!


crackberry! I would like to win the grey one because it matches my courier bike bag. I'm a courier and this prize would come so handy in my everyday uses. I belong to a bike courier BBM for breaks and lunches, I don't think I would ever move to a different phone for my main phone, as there's nothing out there for all the stuff I need on my day to day duties. Go Crackberry!!!!


You should see what I carry in my pockets.


Would like to win one for my 9800


Golla love these bags! I'd take a Riley in any dark colour. Very handy for when you need extra protection - even with a case - in certain environments!


Blaze or the Riley for me. Great for hiking and biking!


I want either on, I dropped my Torch 3 times so far and dont have anything to protect it with...


Golla Blaze Smart Bag for BlackBerry Bold 9700 - this is what I want!


I wanna it so badly!!!


These bags look really cute. Love how it has extra pockets for accessories.

Ruslan Botsyurko

I'd love the light-gray one (second picture) in case I wi,. Thank you very much.


i would love either a cut or a blaze one! i think having somewhere to put my stuff (in one unit) while i workout would be great!


I'd choose the Golla Blaze. I've become spoiled because my fiance only carries huge handbags and that allows me to put my accessories (phone, keys, wallet, etc.) in it whenever we're out together leaving me to move about LIGHT.
For those occasions when we're not together I'd have a little bag of me own to put me accessories in to carry about town..


i want one for my 9780


Love the look of the red Grape!


This would work great for my walks on the beach everyday! It will solve all my problems for carrying my 9700!


The black one! Use it when I go to work to keep my baby clean!! I work outdoors...


I gotta go with the all black...(guy thing) or the Hasty so I can loop it onto my shorts as I go mountain bike riding. Right now I have to keep my BB in my bag under the seat and it bounces around and I cant hear it.Sporting this bag will be a double win for me! Protection and close to me so I can hear it ring.


The pink Golla Riley bag looks so sweet! I would love to have it. I would wear it and be able to carry my debit card and my license and my phone. Who needs more to carry? I could just loop it on my belt or use the lanyard! Thank you so much for a chance at this wonderful and cute product! Go Golla!


Yes please! I like the black one in the review for my 8530!


I want the Golla Cut Phone Wallet and it would be a permanent fixture on my belt :-) I would be proud to wear it as it is unique! Non-conformist, yes, that's me :-)


I like Golla Blaze Smart Bag (http://shop.crackberry.com/golla-blaze-smart-bag/4A193A6815.htm?utm_camp...).
It's great to use in any occasion, but specially when i go camping
I could protect my BB and at the same time put my credit card on in.
I would not need a wallet anymore :)


I would have to say I would go for the "Golla Grape Pouch for BlackBerry Bold 9000" not for me but for my wife! She is always getting something on her screen from just throwing it in her purse. This would be great! Thanks CrackBerry and Golla!


Black Sabine would match my black curve 8530. And I would be able to carry my bb, keys, and headphones safely and easily.


i want!!! the black on and i will use it this july on my backpack tour of europe


I really like the Jacinda Golla case in the Crackberry store.
I had one of these previously, but my daughter took a liking to it and now uses it. I think these cases are one of the best cases to have because it holds my Torch even with a protective gel case on it. I can also duck down to the shops with just the case, which holds my phone, my key-card, Myki card (Melbourne transport card), and attaches to my keys.
I'm also a special ed teacher and it would allow me to carry my phone at school, which I need to do as it has alarms set for kids' medications, and is also used to calm down my kids with autism when they get overstimulated.
Whoever wins a Golla case won't be disappointed. I'm off to go and try and steal mine back!


Currently I have no protection for my lovely Torch. I would love to use the Golla Sabine Smart Bag - black to protect it all the time! so please, please pick me!!!


If you pick me, please send the Golla Onze Smart Bag. THANK YOU!!!


I like the Golla Zone for my Torch - would use this as I put the phone in the locker at the gym. Thanks!


I've been waiting forever for a carring phone case to be available in a crackberry contest! I would like to receive the Golla Tag Phone Wallet for my blackberry torch. Please!


I'd love the black one! It would be great to give to my girlfriend for her BB. She'd totally hang it off of her belt loop. :)


pink riley bag I would give it to my wife


i would like the hasty....i would use it to hold my phone :)


this bag seems like it would be a very convenient thing to have for a exercise junky like myself


I like the Golla Grape Pouch in Black. This would be nice to have instead of taking a purse!


I like this accesorio, i like Riley, for this color and utilities. I love it, i need one. Thanks


That would be great! LOVE the red Golla Grape and the pink Golla Riley! They would be awesome for traveling and walking through the airports every week. And for the workouts at the hotel!


Golla Grape Pouch in black for me please. I need something to put my berry in when I go to the casino ;-)


I want the galla blaze smart bag!


I want the galla blaze smart bag!



I'd like the Golla Hasty Smart Bag to use with my bb.


Sabine bag for my 9700 XD


I like the Smart Link version.


I'd like to win the Golla Hasty Smart Bag. This bag is compatible with my phone and offers several carry options. I hope I win and thank you for the opportunity!


I'll take the black one please


I would love a Riley. It would save my beloved blackberry from all the nasty things in the bowels of my purse. It is a dark and dangerous place down there! lol


Wow, that contests Crackberry.com puts on! Wonderful!


I would get the Golla Riley Smart Bag for my wife's BB style 9670. This one seems very sturdy and the material would hold up for her active lifestyle. She would be styling too!


I could go for a "Cut" wallet...hate carrying my wallet AND the BB in its pouch separately in the summer.


I could go for a "Cut" wallet...hate carrying my wallet AND the BB in its pouch separately in the summer.


I would pick the Sabine G734 and give it to my wife for her Curve for Mother's Day. She's always complaining about having to carry a big purse, and not being able to find what she's looking for easily.


I would use the Riley to carry my Curve.


Golla bags are so much fun to have!! Great selection also!!


the "stone" bag is the one for me :) i'd use it everyday, everywhere i go!


Golla Link Smart Bag... please!!!


These have always been quality cases.


Golla Jacinda Smart Bag looks perfect for putting everything in and walking around campus, especially with pocketless basketball shorts now that it is spring.


I would take it on my daily walks. I have such a hard time getting into the groove, while trying to find a place for my key, my I'd and my phone. The attaching lanyard would help with my inability to use my right arm.

Thanks Crackberry!


GOLLA SABINE SMART BAG (BLK) this would go great with my torch, i have an otterbox pretector but i still need something like this to have it handy at work, its so pretty and useful for everyday life but mostly for work, oh and while m in the car because my poor phone slides when i make turns, i love this bag :p


I'd love to get the Golla Blaze Smart Bag for BlackBerry Curve 3G. I think it would fit my personality most and would make an excellent case when I bring my BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 on my next mountain climbing experience to Mount Talinis next month.

What attracted me most is the sturdy materials used in making the Golla Blaze and the inclusion of a carabiner. This i definitely a must have accessory for those who lead an active outdoor lifestyle and want to bring along their BlackBerry smartphones.

Hoping to get one of these.


Deff like the Golla Link, would be great when i take my niece and nephews places so i dont lose anything while at the zoo, theme park, playground, ect. Almost lost my phone and keys two different times and this would help out greatly with that.


All of those bags are awesome. I would appreciate if I won either of them!!


Golla Sabine Smart Bag (Blk) would work out great for my BB Torch! This would allow me to carry the rest of my must haves with my Torch.


I would love to have the Golla Hasty Smart Bag. This would be ideal for my Geocaching while riding scooter to keep my phone safe while riding between Caches. Pick me Please. :-)


I would love a pink or purple Sabine smart bag, and would use it everyday to protect my beloved BB :)


I love golla bags, have for awhile. They rock! I would totally dig having the Gavin bag for my torch, so I can use it as a wallet too. Thanks!!


I'd really like one. I've always liked these. Thanks CB!


Definitely the Golla "Stunt" Mobile Bag for me.

Hope I win, this would work well to keep my phone and small valuables safe while out playing sports with friends. up to now, my phone gets thrown into my hockey bag, not very safe place for a phone.


As someone who travels around the country/world for work very often, the Golla Blaze would be a great organizational tool for me! :D


I would have to rock the Cut! It would be a great addition to my pack while I'm commuting on my bike or out on the trail!


i ant the riley! in any color :)


I would love to win one of these. Would be perfect when I go biking!


i would love to have one of these!!! im always having to carry so many things and most of the times my pockets are just not enough.


looks nice. would like to use.


The Golla Gavin phone wallet looks quite neat, i recently got a torch and since i'm a site engineer it really would come in handy and be more convenient having one of those to carry in all my stuff,getting rid of my bulky wallet!


would love to win the riley,,so cool


I want the Golla Sabine Smart Bag in Purple or black!


I like them both and it would work great for when I am in the gym or out on the trail


i would take a 'Blaze' Golla bag. What is a fang banger?


i am still trying to win


After I bought otterbox I don't use my holster anymore this is a good holster replacement for my bb..


hard to decide! Either the Riley or the Sabine. Handy for hiking!!




Great way to transport my new BB Bold.
Thanks for the contest.


Would absolutely love this bag :)


Had to replace my 9700's lcd today because it got damaged from impact :/ Definitely need something protective now. Good thing I clicked on the contest tab too, it would be a 'sight for sore eyes' in this context to win one of these bags :)


The Smart bag in light gray!


I would like to try out the pink Golla Riley Smart Bag on my next trip to "lost vegas" , we do a lot of running around and I am always worrying about the safety of my berry. thanks


Since I never have enough pockets and hate to carry around my wallet AND my phone AND my keys, the Golla Riley (Brown) would make my life easier! I've been drooling over these for awhile and the great review has converted me. I want one of these bags!