Review: Full Screen Caller PictureID for BlackBerry

Full Screen Caller PictureID for BlackBerry
By Ryan Blundell on 5 Aug 2008 11:00 am

BlackBerry? Check. Camera? Check. Address Book? Check. It's time to make your incoming calls shine. As you've probably seen in your address book, your BlackBerry gives you the option to add an image to each of your contacts. It's nothing fancy, but it does add a small personal touch to your contacts.

The good people of Toysoft Inc, have recently released PictureID for the BlackBerry. PictureID enables you to utilize full screen images for caller identification. The application will allow you to use images from the internal memory or from your media card. Toysoft has brought us applications such as Fakecall and the recently reviewed mySchedule NFL 2008.

Add fun or embarrassing images of your friends, family, or even blocked/ private numbers. Change font types and colours for each of them too. I've already set up most of my contacts using PictureID. So now we sit and wait to see who's going to call me....any minute now....

..sigh, my High School years all over again....

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Toysoft offers various applications for both BlackBerrys and Palm Treo products. PictureID is compatible with the 87** series, 8888 series, Curve, Pearl and the Bold, taking up only 80kb of memory.

main screen w/ options

Opening up PictureID reveals what would be a list of your PictureIDs, that is if you created PicIDs. Get to it. Clicking on the menu button opens up a slew of options. First, we should look at creating a PicID, or Filters, as Toysoft Inc refers to them. At the New Picture ID menu, you can see various fields to fill in. A great shortcut is to open up the menu and select "contact Lookup." You are then given access to your native Address Book. Select a contact and their name and numbers are automatically added to the fields. Keep in mind that each PicID can support up to 3 different numbers (typically home, work and mobile). After that, you can now choose a picture to associate with that contact, either from images stored in the internal memory or from your media card. As I sorted through my pictures, I thought to myself, how convenient it would be to preview the image using the application before I select it. Guess what? With yet another menu button click, you can! Please note that only JPG, PNG or GIF files are supported.

creating a new PicID or Filter

Now to manhandle the text. Each PicID can have their own font features:

  • Show text at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Choose from 10 different colours
  • Choose from all of the fonts associated with your OS type
  • Change the font size from 10 all the way up to 30

manage your unknown, blocked or general calls too

At first, there may be some confusion between a PicID and a Global PicID. In brief, a Global PicID covers all of the unknown calls you may receive. It also covers the callers that have caller id info, but have yet to be set up in PictureID by you (for shame).

PictureID comes loaded with North American area codes. With this preloaded database, your caller id screen should, according to Toysoft, display the name of the North American City associated with the area code. My caller id screen only displays the Province and Country. For this to work properly, PictureID would need to have the prefix numbers preinstalled as well.

Preferences menu

Under the Preferences section, you can utilize these options to further personalize PictureID. Here, you can turn the Area Code look up feature on or off and show the caller's name as it's entered into PictureID. Also, decide if you want the images automatically resized to fit the screen. Toysoft warns that;

"The larger the picture the longer it will take to resize. This may delay the ringtone when you get a call for large pictures."

The Finished Product

Looking at the image, one might wonder how to actually answer or ignore the call. Simply use the Green and Red buttons on the keyboard.

Enabling thumbnail view will add thumbnails to each of the PicIDs listed on the main screen. Note that doing so will allow the thumbnail images to be cached in the database, using up internal memory. Finally, set up the vibrate function to dictate the number or seconds to continuously vibrate, from "off" to 20 seconds. PictureID has run smoothly and flawlessly during the review period. Keeping my images at a moderate size, I haven't experienced any lag in the call and answer (or ignore) process. Updates are already planned for PictureID, with Toysoft hoping to allow us to edit/add our own area code names.
Image: picID call comparison caption: which call would you rather answer?


PictureID adds some enhancements to your native BlackBerry. Calls are brought to life with full screen images and personalized text. The Area Code feature is currently marketed to provide the name of the city but, provides the name of the area code only. To actually see the name of the city, a database of North American Prefix numbers should be provided. The application's interface is simple, straight forward and offers a few shortcuts. PictureID is available for $14.95, though you are available to try it out for 7 days free of charge. For more information on PictureID and to download a free trial, click here.


  • full screen picture id
  • customize text
  • preview images before you apply them


  • Area Code identification not City identification
  • Thumbnails eat up internal memory




Neat idea, but $14.95! You've got to be kidding!!


uhhh yeah. I don't think they're going to have that many customers at that price point. Pictures are cool, but I'm not even sure I'd be willing to pay $5 for that app - at $14.95, forget it!


I agree, way too expensive. Plus I saw it on another site (I think it was Toysoft's) for $9.95. WHy the $5 bump here?


I agree that it's a cool thing to have but there is no way I would pay that much for it.




a free week trial? now that will get me going enough to MAYBE buy it.. there is a market, just not with me

Kevin Michaluk

there is a free 7 day trial for the app. link is in the post.


tried it. Sometimes the picture does not display, leaving a white empty screen and no way to know who is calling.


v1.1.9 has been released.

you can download it here


I just downloaded the free trial and I'm definitely going to buy when this runs out. Try It.


Am I missing something here? If the device is locked, the software does not work. Is this how it's suppose to be?


Just got an email from the developer, and I was right. If the device is locked, and you receive a call, the software will not work...

Dang it RIM! ;)


what a joke...14.95 maybe $4.99


Looks pretty cool, but I'm fine with a smaller picture. Also, I'm all about free vringo which syncs your facebook friends' pics with their corresponding contact info on your berry. So you see their facebook pic when they call you. It's pretty cool. If you're interested just google "Vringo Facebook".


Since I keep my BB locked when not in use, and the software not working when locked, I can see many a problem with using the software. Nice idea.... just needs better implementation.


this is not the fault of the product but the way BB OS implements the security. apparently 3rd party developers are not allowed to unlock the device.


Understandable that the OS is causing the problem. No matter what is causing the problem, if you keep your phone locked, then it is probably a good idea to not use this software.


in other words, all 3rd party picture ID apps will not work on the BB unless the you disable the telephone security?? Picture ID or security is the deciding


I installed PicID version 1.1.9 over the version that was on my phone 1.1 previously on my Sprint Curve 8330. Ever since I installed it, there is a very nasty bug that is driving me crazy....when I end a call, rather than return to my home screen, I am returned to the call log. This is quite annoying and I am hoping to fix this. I have since uninstalled the program but some remnant of it must have remained behind and causing this issue. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


goto the Preferences in picID and uncheck "Close Missed call window"


I did that...I even went as far as uninsalling PicID and the problem still exist.


I'd make sure you don't still have a module installed. If so, remove it...


I'm havimg the same problem. What is a module?


WTF are they thinking? Honestly who's going to even pay for this?

Pre-dawn raid

Fifteen dollars!! Really? Around $5 would be more like it. They could sell it for $5 and probably get 3 to 4 times the customers. I know gas is high right now but dang.


15 dollars aside who runs around with their berry unlocked? To introduce a software that does not work when my berry is locked is a bit premature. CB should have screened this a bit better before putting it up.(I still love CB though)


Hey guys,

I got this yesterday and I'm really disappointed with it. There are numerous issues with it. One, I have my media card with multiple folders. When I do a search with the program to retrieve photos for the Picture ID, it can't find the folder. I can see the folders just fine when I browse the Media section but I can't within the program. Two, the pictures are stretched out on the Blackberry screen. Even when the "Resize to Fit Screen" option is unchecked in the Preferences, all of my images are stretched to fit the screen. Third, you can't center the pictures. I have a picture of a friend that is on the small side. When I put her in the program, it placed the picture left justified. So now when she calls, her picture is all the way to the left and the her call info is in the center. Looks totally lame. Fourth, when you change the font preference and size, it doesn't keep it for the next one. So every time you make a new contact, you have to go back and change the font to what you want and the size and color. SO ANNOYING!!!!!!

Don't buy this!!!


I have used this program for a couple days now and while i do agree with it's annoying having to set up the features twice like font size and what not, I do love this program and for 15 bucks it's not that big of deal. I mean we all own blackberries, I'm not saying we are rich but we don't have 15 to spend on a pretty sweet program??


Nice idea but too buggy still and does not work correctly. If your BB is locked it wont display, It shows 2 entry's in the in the call log for each call, it wont display a name under the global profile settings the only way it will display the name is if you have a custom display ID setup.
In my opinion it is not worth the money at this time it needs to be worked on some more. I tested this on a 8330 curve on the sprint network with OS 4.3 and 4.5.


I installed the trial version today. When there is a missed call, instead of showing the name of the caller (which is in the address book) the call log show Unknown Caller. Definitely not what is expected.

And $14.95......$9.99 is what I'd pay max.


I downloaded and paid for this app...DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!! toysoft does not accept any phone calls and after a lot of searching found that they dont have their number listed anywhere. their support staff is anything but supportive. The app itself sucks. if your phone is in powersave or locked mode no pic will display...worse than that only a black screen shows up. This is the worst program available for the BB. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.


i downloaded this program too, but from the 'official' blackberry app store for 10$
plain and simple, it just does not work.
i am running v5.0.0.419 (platform on my tour 9630.
even whent he screen is just blank, not even locked, the picture ID will not show. and everytime i press the back button, the fullscreenpicID options page flashes before reverting to normal.
and sometimes the ringtone wont even sound!
this is very dissapointing and i dont understand how they can charge SO MUCH for something that is so buggy!
and when i contacted the blackberry app store, they told me everything was non refundable (for a non working app?!!!??) AND the company hasnt been very helpful.

waste of money for now, but if they can get their act together it could possibly be a really great app...