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Review: Cram for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 28 Jul 2008 01:08 am EDT


Okay folks, if there are any children in the room, cover their ears. No, wait, this is text. Cover their eyes! I'm about to say a bad word. And there's nothing you can do about it.


There, I said it. At this time of year, it's probably the worst thing to say in front of a student. There's no choice in the matter. You see, I simply have to share this application with you. It'll actually make school easier. Cram brings your flash cards to life and to your BlackBerry. The application permits you to create and share as many tests and/or questions as the BlackBerry can handle.

Cram, from SimpleLeap Software LLC, promises to keep your brain sharp, whether your needs are educational or business related. Now let's crack open the books and turn to the next page. The lesson is about to begin. Pay attention, or you may have to pull an all nighter just to keep up!

Create. Study. Ace

Cram is available for the 87xx, Pearl, Curve, and the 88xx (and probably the Bold too). As you can see by the picture, the menu is short and sweet. You see the options to create or import a test.

Have you studied?

With Cram, you can either create your tests directly on your BlackBerry or import them. I created a free account on SimpleLeap's site and was able to upload my tests there. For best results using the import method, make sure you first create your test in plain text format. If you don't, the test may not transfer completely. On your BlackBerry, after selecting import, you are prompted to enter your login and password you use on the site. You are then given a list of your tests to select and download. This method also makes it easy to share tests with fellow Crammers. Email them your formatted test, and they can follow the import method.
Even SimpleLeap admits "typing a few dozen questions is no fun task on a mobile device". That's why the ability to import deserves 2 thumbs up.

For best results in creating a test in text format:

1. Place your question on a single line.
2. On the very next line insert your answer choices, with each on their own line (up to 5 answer choices)
3. Denote the correct answer by placing two asterisks (**) before the answer.
4. Finally, insert a blank line following the last answer choice.
5. Repeat this process for adding additional questions

With each test, you can choose to make the questions random for an extra challenge. That way, you don't start answering questions correctly, simply by remembering the answer pattern. Once finished, your tests are listed on the main screen. Even after you have constructed a test, using either method, you can still edit the questions and answers or delete the test entirely. At this point you can take the test or study, which every good student should do (yes, I'm talking to you in the back). Highlight a test and select Study Guide. You will see all of the questions in front of you, without the answers. If you just can't seem to remember the answers, you have help right at the bottom. Select the Show Answers and they pop up under each question.

keep the question up to date and the answers correct

last chance to study before you ace the test

Alright, close your books, it's time for a pop quiz! Ah, the collective groan of 200,000+ CrackBerry members. At the top of the test screen, is a running count of the questions you have answered. The application allows you to skip ahead and then go back to a question you are stuck on. Cram creates fields to highlight before each answer. Click the trackball on your choice and click next.

Heads up, BlackBerrys down, the test is over. Click "complete" and your results are revealed. At the top, your percentage and number of questions answered correctly are shown. Below you will see a √ or an X before each question, depending on how you faired. If you answered right, your answer is shown. If you got a question wrong, you will see your answer and the correct one.

almost perfect...and I knew that answer too!

Once you have completed your tests, you are now able to view your Test History. A list detailing the number of attempts will be available, showing the date, time and score. Select a specific date and you will see the results. Think of the Test History as a way to learn from your mistakes or perfect upon perfection.

Final Score

anyone know the answer?

The possibilities are huge with this application. Cram can be utilized for learning a foreign language, job training material, vocabulary, most school subjects, or just for kicks. The application stores your tests using the in device memory, so be careful how many tests you keep on hand. In this case, import tests based on the progress of your current semester. Load up your Berry with some fun trivia and share it with your friends, see who knows more useless facts than you do! I prefer to import my tests over typing them out on the Berry. SimpleLeap offers Cram on a healthy 14 day trial, afterwards you can pick it up for $19. I give Cram a passing grade, unlike the rest of you. Take your tests home and have your parents sign them.


  • easy to use interface
  • importing tests quickly and easily
  • perfect study buddy


  • uses in-device memory




seems interesting enough that ill give it a quick try


I'd use it .. for tech certifications and stuff like that !
hell yah


great app, i used to hate flashcards bc they were so boring, but now that i have a little quizz app on my berry which i never get tired of, getting through studying will be a lot easier. GENIUS!!


They should call it cheat. That would be the easiest way to cheat on a biology exam ever. I picked the wrong field of study!


Very cool, Just what I could use on my Blackberry, I can study for my Cisco/I.T. Certs on the go :) . Just started using this, very solid app.