Review: Cook with Campbell's for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 15 Jul 2010 01:43 pm EDT
Cook with Campbell`s

Soup’s on! Ah, is there any better way to warm up than with a big bowl of hot soup? Oh…wait, it’s summer isn’t it? Oh well, I can still have cold soup, right? When I was a kid, I was a sucker for tomato soup and crackers; it always hit the spot. As I got older, I learned that soup wasn’t just soup; it was a way of cooking. For example; my Mom would use cream of mushroom soup when cooking chicken or meatballs and we just loved it. To be honest, the “M’m M’m good” slogan didn’t even cover half of it.

A lot of times, you can pick up books with soup friendly recipes that you can experiment with. Some cans of soup even have recipes written on the back, but imagine the number of cans you’d have to collect to equal one recipe book. You can also install the ‘Cook with Campbell’s’ application on your BlackBerry. This application is the go to place for fantastic recipes you can whip up using Campbell’s Soup (what else?). Get your can opener ready, we’re about to open up a can of deliciousness with this one.

About Cook with Campbell’s

The Cook with Campbell’s application was developed by eSphere; a BlackBerry Alliance Associate member. They provide mobile solutions for various verticals. According to BlackBerry App World, the application is only available in Canada. App World also states that Cook with Campbell’s is compatible with all devices. The application is currently in version 1.0 and has a file size of 260kb. Once downloaded, the home screen starts to look like a pantry with the Cook with Campbell’s soup can icon.

Cook with Campbell`s main menu
main menu or main course?

At the first screen, three options are available; Recipe Search, Favourites and the Showcase Recipe of the day. The showcase displays an image of the finished product along with the recipe name, prep/cook time and the community rating (out of 5 stars). As I open up the showcase recipe, I can scroll through detailed ingredients and directions. For those (like me) who are watching their waistline, you can also see the Per Serving Facts (calories, sodium, carbs, etc). When looking at a recipe, you can also add it to your list of favourites or create a shopping list. When a shopping list is selected, a screen will display the items needed and their measurements, along with a box that you can check. Select what you need and then choose to send off the items in an email.

Cook with Campbell`s directions
a pinch of this, a dash of that

Going back to recipe search- the application allows you to find yummy recipes using the following criteria; Dish Type (pork, chicken), Ingredient (tomatoes, potatoes), Product (type of soup) and Cook Time. Slowly but surely, it goes out on the hunt and brings the results back to your BlackBerry, where you can scroll through the recipes matching your choices. With access to 3G, it typically takes 10 seconds for recipes to appear. Not having all of the recipes stored on your BlackBerry does save on memory, but it makes this application nearly unusable when outside of your coverage area. If this happens, only your favourite recipes will be available to you.

Cook with Campbell`s search
Search for recipes
Cook with Campbell`s search results
nom nom nom


I don’t know about you, but I’m going to grab a bowl and get slurping. Cook with Campbell’s is a great way to search for recipes and manage recipe shopping lists on the fly. Though slow to respond while performing searches, it still succeeds in bringing you fantastic recipes. If you have a can of soup, but want to add pizzazz vs. heating it up in a pot, download Cook with Campbell’s; it’s a free application at BlackBerry App World.


  • delicious recipes
  • easy to use search options
  • manage a grocery list based on ingredients


  • lags during search results

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9630 owners on Sprint are the red headed step children of Sprint


Hahahahahaha I agree with you on that one dude


Are the red headed step-children of RIM


Quote from review:

About Cook with Campbell’s

The Cook with Campbell’s application was developed by eSphere; a BlackBerry Alliance Associate member. They provide mobile solutions for various verticals. According to BlackBerry App World, the application is only available in Canada.

Americans need not apply


ask RIM to keep their blackberries to Canada.

this is great about RIM's app distribution. and this app is free.



Not available on the BlackBerry Tour 9630 on Sprint :-(


not available for your device or bueno


Also not available for the 8530 on Sprint... Darn


this is what blackberry users get to celebrate in terms of apps!?!?!?!

hey crackberry, how much did campbells pay you to run this ad?


Con 2: Also not available for the 9700.


Not working on a Verizon 9630 either...

crazy canuck

if campbell's soup is noteworthy on the leading BB blog it means there is nothing newsworthy in BB land, or a slow day at least :)


For the first time I think ever....

This app ONLY available in Canada.

Oh gee, you guys get Pandora and we get Campbells. La-dee-da


Ryan, you are missing one significant CON......You are putting your berry at great risk having it in the kitchen when you cook a recipe. Though perhaps anyone willing to use this app would be smart enough to printout the recipe first......


not even attempting it if its only on appworld but i find searching the would be easier for this because when you read it off the phone you could start splattering things around and then you have chicken soup in your keypad



Should be a HUGE con, whether only available in USA or Canada...


What is wrong with some of you people these days??

Have you got nothing better to do than complain? I mean OK if there was really something to bitch about I'll be near the front of the mob - BUT whining about an app review about Campbell's soup?

Come on people let's give our heads a shake and perhaps look into getting a life.

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Can't wait for the SPAM canned meat blackberry app!

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Not available for my carrier or device, hope it will be soon.

Halifax Guy

What part of "According to BlackBerry App World, the application is only available in Canada." did you Americans not understand? I and other Canadians don't see you complaining when an application is only available in the Holier than thou US of A. So stifle yourselves and let's move along, there's nothing to see here, at least for non-Canadians. :^)


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