Case-Mate Smart Skin Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Adam Zeis on 26 May 2010 10:56 am EDT

One of the most unique cases I've come across is the Case-Mate Smart Skin. I really dig this case as it offers great protection in a compact design. It has a very cool feel to it, and the keyboard cover is a great addition. The only hard part I found was getting used to typing on the "softer" keys, but after a while I barely noticed a difference. It works surprisingly well and I really had no trouble at all typing with the case on. The trackpad obviously does sit a bit lower which felt odd at first, but after a few minutes it's not a big issue. This case gets a thumbs-up from me - if you like to go for a simple case with great protection, the Case-Mate Smart Skin is deiniftely worth a look.

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Case-Mate Smart Skin Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


Back in the day before I had a smartphone, I used an LG enV. The case I used for it also had a keyboard cover, and I loved it. The only issue I had was slipping it in and out of pocket, silicon is not the most pocket friendly material made.
On my Tour I use an Ottterbox Commuter Case, I love it but I wish it had a keyboard cover like this does. If either Otterbox or Case-Mate made a Commuter like product that also had this kind of keyboard cover, it would reign as champion of cases, IMHO. This keyboard cover, the hard outer Commuter shell along with a screen protector would just rock.

I've had this on my 9700 for about a month now... I love it, the keyboard adds a great feeling to the phone!!

Cenlow - This phone isn't like the regular silicone cases, this is much easier getting in and out of my pocket, but the best, but a lot better than the actually Blackberry silicone case.

I slip this on and off as needed, during the work day it's off but as soon as I am out and about I slip it back on.

He spends 3 minutes talking about how weird the track pad is but fails to answer simple questions like:

Will this still fit in the case included with the phone?

Will this still allow me to charge in the dock?

I actually have been rocking these cases since March of 2009 when I had an 8310. When I got my 8900 in August of last year, I purchased this case the same day (from CB, no less). I love it. I'm hell on the keyboard and this is the case that best protects it. I agree the trackball functionality is changed, but you get over it.

does anyone know if the backlight for the keyboard shines through the case so you can see the keys in the dark?

I just received my BB Bold 9650 Monday, and this smart skin for it today (from Crackberry). I love them both! One issue that's kept me searching for the right smart phone has been the glossy keys (WHY do they make them glossy???). The glare under fluorescent lights causes eye strain. Anyhow...this skin not only provides a comfortable and safe (for us clumsy people) grip, but also a nice tactile, non-glare key surface. The side holes match up, and the keyboard works amazingly well. I, too had little time necessary to adjust to the trackpad being a bit recessed within the skin frame. The screen protector seems to cut down on the glare a bit too so I can turn the brightness back up now. Excellent price too ($17.95). The only other case I was looking at was $27! Thanks for doing the review Adam.

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Product Questions & Answers

Q) Can i charge this devise in a charging cradle with out taking off the smart skin?
A) The Smart Skin would need to be removed to charge while in the cradle.

Q) Does the light shine through the keys in dim or dark settings?
A) The keyboard is a laser edged keyboard which allows back lighting to come through to the keyboard.

I still find the keys a bit cramped on the 9700, it looks like this defines the keys better, does this make it easier to type on?

I like the feel of the keyboard with the skin on it. IMO it does make it easier to type on because how it feels, like a cushion, bouncy, soft keyboard! lol