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Review: Case-Mate POP! Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By DJ Reyes on 24 Aug 2012 01:40 pm EDT

I'm a big fan of case with a kickstand. I find them convenient and you just never know when you might need to prop up your BlackBerry PlayBook. So, in my search for a full-time case for my PlayBook, I came across the Case-Mate POP Case for the PlayBook. It's a bit bulky and has some beef to it, but it definitiely gets the job done. I've been through plenty of cases for my PlayBook, but will it become the full-time case I've been looking for? Follow me after the break to find out.

At first glance, the case looks quite chunky but is not heavy with the PlayBook. The inside of the case is made up for soft rubber to cushion your PlayBook while it sits in the case. The rubber also comes over enough on the front of the PlayBook that when it is placed face down, the screen does not touch the surface. The rest of the case is made up of lightweight, flexible plastic shell that is impact resistant. The case has been cut out at the bottom for access to the ports and there is a cut out for the headphone jack on the top. The buttons along the top are covered but they are easily accessible.

As already mentioned the case also comes with a kickstand, which I am a fan off. It means I can sit it down on the table and have a nice viewing angle of screen while working on my Macbook. Occasionally, while working, I like to stream a few videos or TV shows from my PlayBook so the kickstand becomes quite useful during these times.

Fitting the PlayBook into the case is pretty straightforward. Just pop in the PlayBook topside first and then push into place at the bottom. Removing the case on the other hand is a different matter. If you like to interchange cases regularly then this won't be a case that will go on that list. The case fits very snugly onto the PlayBook so there is not room for movement, something that you would probably look for in a good solid case. However, it is so tightly fit that I think I spent almost ten minutes trying to get my PlayBook out of the case. Perhaps ten minutes is exaggerating it slightly but it did take me a while to take it off. Even after doing it a few times, it's still a bit of a struggle. That would be one of the cons of the Case-Mate POP! Case.

The case itself feels very solid while in use. The rubber material is stretched over a little on each side of the back of the PlayBook to add some grip to the case while you're holding it. It also feels a lot heavier in your hands but that weight just makes you less likely to drop it. On the other hand, the case makes the PlayBook feel double the size. The extra layers ends up making your PlayBook looking chunky and may not be to every ones taste.

The plastic shell is not scratch resistant, so be prepared to see some scratches on the back of the case with prolonged use. The case also doesn't come with screen protector, however in most cases you would already have one on if you like to protect your screen.

Overall I'd say the Case-Mate POP! Case is a solid case, it will protect your PlayBook well. If you don't mind chunky case and like the feel of something bigger in your hands then this a case you should perhaps try out. After a while though you may start to miss the slim, sleek frame of the PlayBook.


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Reader comments

Review: Case-Mate POP! Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Do you really strap the playbook to your arm when you go running? I can barely stand doing that with an ipod nano; couldn't imagine doing that with a 7" tablet.

yet another protective case with a kick stand...Pffft.
I will always be a die hard Otterbox fan. Only case I know of with the protective plastic over the screen. Only down side is you can't use a stylus. OH WELL!

I have this case in white and it is an awesome case. My 4 year old plays with my PlayBook quite a bit and has dropped it numerous times and it has survived without a scratch or ding or anything!!! Also, both myself and daughter love the kickstand feature!!! I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who is rough with their things, or clumsy or has a kid lol!