Review: Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case for BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2011 10:36 am EDT

There Barely There series from Case-Mate still stands as one of my favorite cases for all my devices, and the Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case for the Bold 9930 and 9900 is no different. The case snaps right on to the device, holding firm and giving you a good sense of security. It sports a pretty sweet look that definitely adds that bit of flash to your device as well. The ports are all open so you'll have no problem accessing them with the case on, and removing it should you choose to do so isn't hard at all. The only gripe I have is the way it sticks up a bit on the bottom and can cause problems for some people when typing. Check out the video above for more.

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Reader comments

Review: Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case for BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900


Thank you for this review. I wanted to get this but now that i know it sticks up alittle on the edges I think I'll go with the hard shell case. Just waiting on ATT for the 9900

As I spoke about this case in the forums. This is a beautiful case. The only thing I have noticed is my keyboard and screen freezing up after I have had the case on for awhile. It is relieved by taking off the case. Weird.....

I have this case as well. Before my next sentence, I want to say that I baby my devices. The thin piece of plastic extending across the top that spans the volume buttons has broken after about 2 months. Hopefully they will warranty it, but I'm doubtful.

I have this case and though it looks great, that metal backing showed scratches on it by the end of the day...and I am VERY careful with my 9900! Boooooooo

I have this case and it's beautiful.

I still wish Case-Mate would stop with the plastic boxing. Recycled cardboard would be perfectly fine!