Review: Call Blocker Pro for BlackBerry

By Aloha Joe on 14 Dec 2010 03:27 pm EST

Call Blocker Pro for BlackBerry

Call Blocker Pro has grown to be one of my favorite and most used apps. Sometimes, one cannot be bothered with phone calls. Whether you are in an important business meeting, spending quality time with the family, on vacation, or just simply trying to avoiding that "crazy ex" that just keeps blowing up your phone--Call Blocker Pro is the perfect app you! Keep reading for my full review.


Call Blocker Pro is packed with features that make it one of the most versatile and reliable call-blocking apps on the market. This app can be customized to allow calls to be routed straight to your voicemail or set to "pick up & hang up" your calls so that the caller doesn't even realize they are being blocked. Call Blocker also allows you to automatically send a customizable SMS to blocked callers, letting them know you are busy.

Call Blocker Pro for BlackBerry

Call Blocker Pro also offers a Timer Mode. You can set Call Blocker Pro to automatically enable/disable itself at certain times, for example to block calls at night, but allow them during the day. You can even set up custom exclusions (whitelist) to allow certain numbers, such as family members, to get through regardless of your other settings. It is definitely true when it is said, "Call Blocker Pro offers the fastest and most feature rich call blocker app for your BlackBerry!"

Call Blocker Pro for BlackBerryCall Blocker Pro for BlackBerry


  • Pick up and hang up on the caller, or send them to voicemail
  • Extremely quick blocking and efficient operation through integration with the Options screen icon to show you the current mode (Enabled or Disabled)
  • Comprehensive bulk blocking options--private numbers, unknown numbers, numbers not in your contacts, or even ALL numbers for privacy
  • Easily add numbers from your call logs or contact list, or by entering by hand
  • Block entire area codes (800, 866, etc)
  • Automatically send customized SMS to blocked callers letting them know that you are busy
  • Timer Mode allows you to automatically enable/disable itself at designated times
  • Block calls even on call waiting
  • Works while locked or holstered
  • Whitelist to allow for certain callers to always get through
  • Back up and restore your settings to avoid ever having to re-enter numbers
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs

Call Blocker Pro for BlackBerryCall Blocker Pro for BlackBerry

How I Use/Benefits of this app

Scenario #1:

I personally have used Call Blocker Pro to block incoming calls from disturbing important business meetings, while simultaneously sending out a notification/text to the blocked caller that "I'm currently in a meeting, however, I'll get back to you shortly..."

Scenario #2:

Throughout my travels I have met some of the most wonderful people, however every once in a while you may come across someone that you later regretted giving your number to. Call Blocker Pro is an excellent way to avoid receiving calls without having to be rude and telling the caller to "stop calling" or "please loose my number!"

Scenario #3:

Ever been to a bar and had one to many Camparis...and gave your number to "the wrong person?" (...and yes! It also happens here in the States, except for that whole Campari thing...sorry Kevin...Lol). Here is where an investment in Call Blocker Pro can save you that uncomfortable conversation with that person you "met at the club." Or maybe he/she just doesn't get the hint when you haven't answered their numerous calls...Call Blocker Pro is the perfect tool to solve your social woes!


Call Blocker Pro is currently on sale now at for $2.99. This app takes up 59 KB, and requires device software 4.3.0 or higher.



  • Feature rich with quick call blocking
  • Customizable text message sent to blocked caller
  • Customizable "Black" and "White" List
  • Bulk Blocking Options (ie. Unknown, Private, Not In Contact #s)
  • Home screen display option: ENABLED or DISABLED
  • Efficient operation via integration w/ Options screen


  • Managed Block List is wiped out once a Bulk Blocking selection is made
  • Contact description (ie. home, work, mobile) not shown when selecting #'s for the Managed Block List


Call Blocker Pro gets Aloha Joe's 4 out of 5 surfboard rating!

CrackBerry Aloha Joe SurfboardCrackBerry Aloha Joe SurfboardCrackBerry Aloha Joe SurfboardCrackBerry Aloha Joe Surfboard

If you have been looking for a great call-blocking app, you should really consider Call Blocker Pro. Priced at only $2.99, Call Blocker Pro offers nearly every feature you could imagine for a call blocking app.

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Reader comments

Review: Call Blocker Pro for BlackBerry


I bought this app a few days ago and love it. Ever since I got my mobile number, debt collectors have been hounding me looking for the previous owner of my number. One of my few knocks against Blackberry so far is that they don't offer an integrated call blocking feature; This app fills that gap quite nicely. Definitely worth the sale and full price!

You beat me to it.

I was going to comment that I am shocked BlackBerry hasn't had an integrated call-blocking feature. Especially being such a business oriented device (this is certainly true of previous BlackBerry generations), it only makes sense to have the ability to selectively block telephone numbers.

Thanks for the review. I was using Call Control Blacklist Lite, and it wasn't very good at blocking numbers not in contacts. In all fairness, they say their setting is in Beta. It would block calls from contacts calling from a number, other than Home.

I'll give this a whirl, and see how it goes. Call Control Blacklist was okay, except for the fact of blocking other devices than Home, when they call.

My Nokia even had that feature. Probably is what I liked most about it. However, couldn't block unknown or private #'s!

Sorry for the probably stupid question, but looking for a quick answer.

What is the difference between CallBlocker and CallBlocker pro?

Where did you see the app CallBlocker? Don't think we have it on the App Store. There are a few "call-blocking" apps...but not any that I could find named CALLBLOCKER...sorry.

To me the absolutely best call blocker I've used is mCall Manager Pro, it TRULY stops call before screen lighting up and ringer from going off. The downside of mCall its that it's not compatible with the Torch.

So I've been using Call Blocker Pro for a while but no matter what I do it WILL turn on the screen when rejecting a call and it WILL start the ringer for a fraction of a second. I thought it might have been a problem with the Torch and/or os6 but I put it on both of my 9700's, one has os5 and the other os6 and both experience same problems no matter what settings I use. I've used the 250ms, 500ms & 1000ms with no positive results.

God I wish mCall would get an update.

I have been using Call Blocker Pro for some time now and it is an OUTSTANDING application! It works like a dream on my 9700 and it does block those unwanted/unneeded calls. I hope one day BlackBerry will intergrate a program into the phone so that no one has to buy something to block calls. For now though I love Call Blocker Professional!

I have Call Blocker Pro, and used it until I switched to OS 6. For some reason, it was draining the hell out of my battery, so I had to switch. It worked great until then. Now I use Mr Number Pro, and I have to say I like it even better.

I've been using Call Blocker Pro since it came out. I have my voice mail setup through Google Voice. From there, GV has an "ignore" function that plays the "This number is not in service" or something like that.
So... Program sends blocked calls to GV, GV plays the "disconnected" tone. After about 2 weeks, all marketing calls stopped, since they think they got a bad number, and remove it from their cold call databases. :)
Most of the time the screen doesn't even light up, although it occasionally does.