Review: Body Glove Flex Snap-On Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

Body Glove Flex Snap-On Case
By DJ Reyes on 1 Mar 2012 03:12 pm EST

"The Body Glove Flex Snap-On Case offers revolutionary protection in the ultimate custom fit phone case."

In Short:
"Solid protection with a snug fit"

Should I Buy?
"If you're looking for case to protect your device from drops and hard knocks, this is good value"

I am a bit of a klutz, so when I look for a case it has to - first and foremost -  provide me with the protection I need against knocks and drops. When I came across the Body Glove Flex Snap-On case it caught my eye because of its snug, solid feel. It also gave me the option to use it with a belt clip too, so it was definitely a case I had to try out. Keep reading for my review.

The Review

The Body Glove Snap-On case offers solid protection with its hard shell casing. The rubber finish makes it grippable and less prone to slipping out of your hands. The inside of the case has a nice velvet finish giving your BlackBerry a soft layer to lean on when encased. However, this does pick up dirt and dust and does look very unappealing after a while. The case itself is easy to assemble; just snap on (hence the name) the top part and you're done. The case provides a snug fit and doesn't make the phone bulky, I have small hands so this is a must for me. The cut outs for the ports and buttons are large enough for easy access as well as for headphones with a larger jack.

Body Glove package contents

The case can also be used with a belt clip. It comes with two plugs; one plug to cover the hole (if you don't want to use the belt clip) and one plug that sticks out and clips on to the belt clip. The belt clip also doubles up as a kick stand making it great for watching videos while at your desk or while on long train journeys (where you're lucky enough to get a table). I've found this to be quite handy at times as it frees up my hands so they don't cramp from holding the phone for so long.

Body Glove case left-side

Body Glove case right-side

One thing about using the belt clip, though, is  when you're phone is off the clip you have this thing that sticks out of the back of your phone.  The phone then doesn't lay flat on the table and  your BlackBerry becomes a spinning top. It also isn't the easiest case to take off due to the way it snaps into place, so if you use a desktop charging cradle, this probably isn't the case for you. In order to take the case off you need a coin or something similar to un-snap the case. It is something you can get used to, but can be a bit of an inconvenience. The case overall isn't the sexiest or most stylish looking and the cut outs around the phone doesn't make it very appealing to look at face on but if you're looking for a case with solid protection that isn't too bulky, it certainly does the job.

Body Glove Flex Snap-On case for BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930

The Good

A solid case that gives you great protection against hard falls and knocks. The option to use a belt clip that also doubles up as a kick stand.

The Bad

The velvet finish on the inside of the case attracts dirt and dust. When using the belt clip it means that you end up with something sticking out the back of your phone.


Not the best looking case out there, so if you want something stylish perhaps look to other cases but it certainly does give you the protection you if you tend to drop your phone a lot due to its durable solid form.

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Reader comments

Review: Body Glove Flex Snap-On Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930


What's more sad is that you don't seem to recognize the difference between an accessory made by RIM or a 3rd party vendor....

"when you're phone is off the clip you have this thing that sticks out of the back of your phone."

Is that a Body Glove Flex Snap-On case for BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Not the ugliest. I've seen worse. I will agree, its not "sexy" or pretty, but (for myself, and probably the reviewer) the phone is a tool. It needs to last. So, into a case it goes. I've done some looking around, and Body Glove seems to strike a great balance between awesome protection, low profile case, and additional functionality.

Pretty? no. Functional and able to take a beating? you bet. I love Body Glove cases.

I specifically get these cases because of the clip on the back. I can remove the clip when I need to, I can hang the phone from the clip adapter I have in my truck and I can grip it well. I love Otterbox, but these work for what I want to do with them.