Review: Blurts Pro - SMS from your PC

Blurts Pro
By Alicia Erlich on 11 Feb 2011 04:53 pm EST

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a meeting, conference, class, or at home with your computer when your BlackBerry goes off but you can't pick it up even when the urge is so strong it can't be controlled? Wouldn't it be great if you could screen your incoming texts and emails without leaving the comfort of your chair and still feed your BlackBerry addiction? Now you can with Blurts Pro.

As a regional winner of the BlackBerry Super Apps challenge, Blurts Pro by MLH Software is a device and windows application that displays pop-up alerts via luetooth for phone calls (Caller-ID), SMS, PIN messages, and emails on your desktop. It comes in a free Caller-ID version and a paid for Pro version which not only allows you to view alerts but place phone calls, capture screen images, and copy your clipboard to and from your BlackBerry and PC. 

Setting up

The device application interface is easy to navigate and from here you can adjust alerts, Bluetooth settings, and select which email accounts to link. Users will need to make their device discoverable in order for it to pair properly with the program.

Blurts Settings

Initially my device paired flawlessly, but then it completely stopped responding. I discovered this might happen by using external Bluetooth adapters (WIDCOMM/Broadcom drivers) or turning on additional
services (headset, remote control, audio device, etc.). Blurts should be the only service running in order to function properly. MLH offers a great step by step tutorial to correct this issue and I've been running smoothly ever since, albeit a little frustrated.

Connected message

What's great is that the built-in Auto Connect feature lets you pair your device whether it's in another room (20' range), in your pocket, in the holster, or in your bag.

Using Blurts and the Toolbar

Blurts Toolbar

Blurts is perfect for anyone glued to the computer all day who want the option to view incoming messages and decide what to do with them. It works by displaying a small pop-up, with or without sound, similar to the email desktop alert on MS Outlook. It even lets you adjust the translucency of the box and the time it stays on your screen.

Depending on the type of alert you can expect to see any or all of the following: Contact picture (if downloaded), name, number, subject, and the first line in an email. A little trick I learned is by double clicking on the email pop-up you can scroll through the entire message. Unfortunately, you can only respond to SMS messages.


Probably my favorite feature is that you can make and receive calls directly from your PC with the simulated keypad or with your keyboard. So if you're too busy to answer that call just click on ignore. Users can adjust the volume, toggle between speakerphone/handset, and disconnect all without ever picking up their BB.

Blurts Call and Keyboard

Send SMS

Blurts supports SMS threading and you can reply directly from your PC. However, it will not sync texts sent from your device, only ones sent through the application. Anything that lets me type with my keyboard rather than the tiny BB keys is always a welcome advantage. You can even go beyond the 160 character limit to send texts in multiple messages.

Blurts SMS

Blurts SMS Chat

Screen Capture

Blurts Screen Capture

Why lose a convenience key to take a screen shot or purchase other apps when this will do it for you? Blurts gives you a ten second delay to get the best possible shot and saves it to your PC.


Blurts Clipboard

Ever want to copy text from your PC to your BB or vice versa? Seamlessly copy and paste text back and forth at the touch of a button.


Not only can you download your entire address book but it comes with the added bonus of downloading their pictures as well to your hard drive. Although, I'm going to warn to you that if you change a picture, modify or add/remove a contact you'll need to reload the entire list.

Blurts Contacts


  • Multiple email support
  • Assign hot keys for quick access
  • Install desktop software on multiple machines
  • Lock PC when device disconnects
  • Battery and signal strength indicator/warning


  •  Unable to display alerts for other applications (e.g., BBM)
  • Cannot respond to emails
  • Not MAC compatible


My life revolves around using a computer and reaching for my BB for every email or text can break my concentration. Blurts' alerts are small, simple, and don't distract me from what I'm working on while still letting me give my BB the attention it deserves. I would like to see improved Bluetooth support so that all drivers and services can un at the same time, that way calls can be answered directly from the PC and not just dialed or disconnected. Bluetooth issues aside, this is a handy application to keep on your BlackBerry.


Rating 4.5

Blurts Pro is available for all BlackBerry devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher with Bluetooth Support for $5.99 and PC's with Win XP or higher with .NET 2.0 and Bluetooth hardware.

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Reader comments

Review: Blurts Pro - SMS from your PC


I have this app and I never successfully set it up... Always an issue with the Bluetooth drivers I guess... Ill give it an other try!

I've had problems in the past but have it all figured out now. You have to have the same version of Blurts running on your phone and desktop computer.

In the BlackBerry App preferences you should set everything to ALLOW. This makes sure the desktop can interface with the phone.

On the desktop computer you should go into the BlueTooth settings for the phone to computer pair and make sure that the services tab, under properties, has Dial-up networking and Remote Control checked.

If you still have connection problems then try turning off BlueTooth on the phone and then turning it back on. If that does not work then try closing the app on the desktop computer and turning off BlueTooth on the phone. Start up the app on the computer and then reactivate BlueTooth on the phone.

Hey! You are the boss! It worked and I love it! I won the Pro from crackberry and now I do enjoy this APP!!!

The problem is you're trying to connect via "bluetooth". See second paragraph of write-up ... you should be connecting via "luetooth". Give that a try!

Why no BBM support? Hundreds of apps do many things but only a select few integrate with BBM. BerryBuzz took a while to come out with BBM support. Is BBM really that hard to work with and code for??

I just love this program. It's the most used app on my phone and PC. It saves so much time and is great seeing emails and text come in and then replying to text from my PC. You can even read email and text messages from the pop-up alert window. Just awesome.

I also have SOTI Pocket Controller for BlackBerry but still find myself using Blurts more.

It is unbelievable that you are so close to me and yet I might not win. I hope the app goddess will smile on me with burts in a pro fashion.

To be honest, I only skimmed this story but it seems Google Voice does most of this quite effectively without downloading any apps to our Mac or PC.

I use this program and it's really handy when your Blackberry is across the room charging . No need to get up to see what the SMS or email is about. Also if you use a bluetooth headset with your PC, you can make a call and talk through the PC too. I too wished it could allow you to reply to the emails.