Review: BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Blueant Supertooth 3 Speakerphone
By Gary Mazo on 20 Jan 2009 12:59 am

As more and more states pass laws requiring that drivers use Handsfree devices - the choices for Bluetooth shoppers are almost staggering. Headset or speakerphone? Built in Bluetooth or use a peripheral? Responding to consumer needs and concerns - BlueAnt Wireless has updated one of their more popular products and made it even easier to use.

Last year, I was very pleasantly surprised by the BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Speakerphone. It was so far ahead of others that I had tested that it eventually earned the coveted place of honor as the best of the best in my wife's car.

Well, the ST3 (SuperTooth 3) is even better - and, it is staying in my car!

About Blueant

From the BlueAnt website: BlueAnt Wireless is a market leader in the Australian Bluetooth industry, BlueAnt Wireless provides the ultimate in Bluetooth communication and audio streaming solutions. BlueAnt is the Bluetooth brand which an increasing number of dealers are adding to their range. They recognize that They need to be different. They recognize that They need to be more than just another Bluetooth brand.

All brands speak of quality but do other brands support all of their products with a 2 year full replacement hardware warranty?

BlueAnt does.

The "Official Line" on the Blueant Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Speakerphone

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone provides a safer, legal alternative to talking on your cell phone while you drive. Voice prompts provide assistance to help you connect the device with your phone and upload your address book. The Supertooth 3 announces the name or ID of the caller when the phone rings - just say 'OK' to accept the call. Install the Supertooth 3 in seconds for a totally handsfree experience.

Incorporating sophisticated 'Text-to Speech' software; the Supertooth 3 represents the very latest in Bluetooth sun-visor speakerphone technology. Its outstanding audio quality is a result of advanced Digital Signal Processing software to eliminate noise and achieve echo cancellation, regardless of whether the car is stationary or traveling at high speed. It also adjusts sound levels to compensate for loud engine noise or external noise created when the windows are wound down.

The device requires no installation and is quickly and easily installed and connected to your cell phone. Simply slide the metal clip onto your sun-visor and attach the Supertooth 3 via the magnets on the rear of the device. The voice prompts provide guidance and assistance to help pair the device and upload your cell phone's address book. When a call is received, the Supertooth 3 announces the incoming caller's name or number. Simply say 'OK' to accept the call. There is no need to take your hands off the wheel or remove your eyes from the road, making the Supertooth 3 a safer and legal alternative to driving while on the phone.

Incorporating a choice of 6 languages including American English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and British English, the Supertooth 3 can be easily programmed to suit your individual needs. The Supertooth 3 can be paired with up to 8 devices and supports voice dial activation, redial and call reject (mobile phone setting dependent).
The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone will give you up to 15 hours talk time and up to 800 hours standby.

  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • TTS Text to Speech - a voice announces incoming 'callers' name or Caller ID
  • Announces device status, call status and setup instructions for use
  • Voice Answer - answer calls with your voice. No button press needed
  • Automatic Vibration Sensor Reconnection
  • Choice of 6 languages (British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish and German)
  • Full DSP Noise Cancellation/Echo Cancellation
  • Full Duplex, high performance speaker
  • Automatic connection and reconnection with notification
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Can also be charged directly from a PC via USB Cable (not included)
  • Fix to the sun-visor via a two sided magnetic clip - no installation costs
  • Supports voice dial activation, redial and call reject
  • Pairs with up to 8 Bluetooth devices
  • Includes 1 x AC Travel Charger
  • Includes 1 x Car Charger
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty

On to the review.....



The BlueAnt ST3 is really a marvel of "simplicity in design." The unit is a little bigger than a deck of cards. On the main surface of the device there are simply "Green" and "Red" phone buttons and an attractive speaker with the BlueAnt logo. On the side facing the driver (when installed on a sun visor) there are very easy to use volume up and volume down buttons. Under the Red Phone button are the LED's which indicate a bluetooth connection or alternate in color during the pairing process.


The underside had two very powerful magnets that attached to a clip that went on the sun visor and there was a mini-USB charging port on the side as well.
Overall, the design is simple, well thought out and there are very few buttons for the driver to worry about.

Pairing/Ease of Use

Like other BlueAnt products tested, the pairing process is quite simple. Just turn on the unit for the first time and the unit automatically goes into "pairing mode." What is really unique and very cool about this product is that is talks to you and tells you what to do.

Turn it on for the first time (or just hold the green button for about 5 seconds) and the unit asks you if you want American English or other variations. Choose the language, then it tells you to have your phone search for it. Then it tells you to type in 0000 and pair the device to your phone. Even the most technically challenged won't have a problem understanding what to do.


I only needed to do this process once and each time my phone was in range, it connected automatically to the ST3.

Calls were automatically routed from my BlackBerry 8220 and my 8320 right to the ST3 each time I was in the car.

One very cool feature is that the ST3 will say the phone number of the caller - so you can decide whether to accept or reject the call. The ST3 also supports address book transfers - but this feature did not work on either one of my BlackBerry devices. If it did work, the text to speech feature would announce the name of the caller -not just the number.

Holding the "green" button for 1 second activated Voice Command on my phone and I could voice dial quite easily.

The ST3 can contain pairing information for up to five different phones which can make things quite interesting if more than one person in the car gets a call - but it is a nice feature, especially when there are multiple drivers of a car.

Sound Quality

All the features in the world are terrific - but if your callers can't hear you well or if they come in muffled on the speakerphone - the features don't really matter that much.
Fortunately, that was a non-issue with the ST3. BlueAnt's web site attributes the remarkable sound quality to the integration of the cutting edge Clear Voice Capture (CVC) Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, providing truly superior sound. Well, whatever it is - they are right. This was simply the clearest and most powerful Bluetooth speakerphone I have tested and it costs half as much as some that don't perform nearly as well!

Callers were loud and clear coming through the Speakerphone - so loud that I had to turn down the volume on several occasions. The DSP technology worked great as callers on the other end said they did not hear anything but my voice coming through - not the wind and not the radio. I found that I could speak at a much reduced volume and be heard very clearly.

Bang for the Buck

The BlueAnt ST3 is an good value. At $109.95 it is a fraction of the cost of many higher priced systems that can't compete in sound quality. It may not have all the additional features and bells and whistles - but when you get down to it - it is call quality that is key in a device like this.

Overall Conclusions

The ST3 bested the Supertooth light which sells for $79.95 It also bested speakerphones costing twice as much. It is easy to pair, easy to use, attractive and amazingly clear and powerful - what more could you want in a Bluetooth Speakerphone.

Summary: Blueant Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Speakerphone


  • Great sound
  • easy to use
  • affordable


  • None to speak of


  • Design and Function: 5/5
  • Aesthetics: 4.5/5
  • Sound Quality: 5/5
  • Ease of Use: 5/5



Air Force One

This looks like a must have. The voice answer is badass!


Have had many different bluetooth devices but this is one of the best. Clear sound, easy to operate and reliable. get one!


I got one of these right after it came out. I love the fact that it announces the caller's name from the transferred address book contacts. Only issue I have is that for me the voice answering does not work reliably. Despite this I'm pleased and would recommend this to others.


... do you put it into your car? How big is it?


You hang it on your car visor with the included clip. The device is about as wide and thick as the Curve and about an inch longer.

I own one of these devices and it is hands down the best bluetooth unit I have ever used.

This device is capable of pairing with up to eight devices but it can only connect to one at a time.

If your like me and carry two phones with you at all times, it can be a pain to only be able to connect one at a time.

Still a must buy.


I was more looking for some bluetooth device incl. FM Transmitter etc.


I am hard of hearing and thus need something extra loud. The fact that it finds the best station for you (and stays there so I can program one of my station presets to it) and plays through my stereo effortlessly makes it an excellent device. The calls are incredibly clear as well and I have never had anyone complain about it to me.


Is definitely the way for you to go. I am on the road quite a lot and invariably run into areas with little or no radio coverage. I love that the Motorola can play from my mp3 files over my radio. The Motorola also announces the phone number so that you can answer or reject a call. You can get the volume quite loud (warning: my husband says that there is a bit of an echo on the other end when I have both the device AND the radio volume turned up really loud)


I just bought the older version a month ago. Wish I'd known this was coming out. While the older version works great, I constantly forget to turn it off when I leave the car which means it doesn't pair up again when I return.

Think BlueAnt will exchange it for me? :)


I have this in my car. I wouldn't be without one. So much better than any headset type unit. I haven't tried uploading my address book but you are supposed to be able to do.


You claim no Cons yet you were unable to get the address book feature to work with any of your BB devices. I'd say that is a huge Con. I get many calls during the day where I would not recognize the phone number but would recognize the name. I use a Blue Parrot headset and find that I almost always pick up my phone to see who is calling before accepting the call. This sounds like a really great unit and I'd probably buy one today but not being able to use the address book feature with a BB is something to ponder before purchasing. It might end up being a deal killer for me.


I have uploaded the phone book for 3 Blackberries (2 Curves and an 8820) to this device with no problems at all. It doesn't work through the automatic setup because the Blackberry phones don't support it, but it's very simple to upload the phone book by kicking off the process manually through the Blackberry menu on the phone. (1.Turn Bluetooth on and connect to the device. 2.Go into Bluetooth options and highlight BlueAnt ST3. 3. Click the menu button and click on "Transfer Address Book.) Works like a charm.


Thanks for clarifying the address book upload issue. The review implied that it could not be done. I think I'll go ahead and get one.


I have it and I like it.
It will not channel your mp3 player and will not play back you phone in your car speakers but works great otherwise.
I was worried about the magnets holding it on my visor, but after over six months of use it has never fallen off.
I dont talk alot on the phone in the car so I cannot really speak of the battery life.
Price might be a bit high for some but it sure beats having that "cockroach" stuck to your ear!


I have owned this device since it came out last year and love it. Easy to use, clear sound, great location in a loud car. Really nothing to not like about it as far as features go.

What was said was correct about the address book, but the instructions tell you how to go through it. If you have a large address book on your BB give it time, but it tells you the progress usually in 20s.(It voice announces how many have been uploaded.)I could not get it to accept my phone book from the Old edition Curve (8300) but works fine with the Storm I have.

The battery life on it is great, even with constant use and forgetting to turn it off.

I love the automatic re-pairing when you go into a store and come back out. It works off the vibration of the door or something like that.

Price is not bad for what you get.


Over the years I have tried many handsfree speaker kits and I was farily happy with Jabra products but they wer just so-so, then I saw the Supertooth 3 and thought I would give it a try. I am greatly impressed with the battery life, quick connect features, and above all this is the 1st handsfree that has clear and loud volume. I change cars alot and this easy to move between vehicles (they give you 2 clips) and having mini USB charge capability it's easy to charge off your PC, 12V, or phone charger. I give it 5 STARS*****!


I purchased this to work with my Blackberry Storm and have had most of my customers complain that the call quality is very poor. They can hear their voice echo back to them and they prefer that I use my bluetooth earpiece instead or the phone directly. I have the volume turned down on both the phone and the supertooth with no change on the customers end. Sound quality is fine on my end except that I have had mixed results dialing by voice dial and I think it is because of this unit since I have less problems with my bluetooth earpiece.
I was really hoping this unit would live up to the specs.
I would not recommend this product to anyone


I purchased this to work with my Blackberry Storm and have had most of my customers complain that the call quality is very poor. They can hear their voice echo back to them and they prefer that I use my bluetooth earpiece instead or the phone directly. I have the volume turned down on both the phone and the supertooth with no change on the customers end. Sound quality is fine on my end except that I have had mixed results dialing by voice dial and I think it is because of this unit since I have less problems with my bluetooth earpiece.
I was really hoping this unit would live up to the specs.
I would not recommend this product to anyone unless this unit is defective by chance.


Just pick one of these up today. Sound is great both on my side and the callers side. No feed back @ all. Pairs up perfectly with my 8830WE and forced my phonebook as someone else mentioned & its working great! Highly recommend the Supertooth 3 to anyone in the market. Another great thing is the battery life, just leave it on and when you get back into your car / truck you are paired back up and ready to be hands free! Also comes with AC power cable for charging and cigarette lighter cable. A++++ Killer Product!


We have two of the units in our office and overall are pleased with performance versus other systems. The speaker phone is generally good and is able to filter out extraneous noise. I have used in the convertible up to 30 to 35 mph and still had decent talk and listen. A true benefit of this system is that it is truly a portable speaker/conferencing system. We can use it in the car, hotel room, or in a meeting to replace a cellphones speakerphone. That feature alone makes it more worthwhile than comparable headphone systems.

Positives: speaker size, battery life, online paired directory, voice calling
Negative: pairing is somewhat problematic at times, especially with the new Storm.


I'm hearing that there are some issues with the Storm and this unit.

If you bought this and pair it with a Storm, please reply to this post with your experiences.

Also, I have a huge # of contacts in my Storm - 5000+ - are there any limitations to the number of contacts that the unit can receive from phone?


I've had my ST3 for about a week now paired with a Moto Q Global and it is great. Everything in the review is bang on. My address list was loaded into the ST3 automatically and voice dialing is a snap. When I first get into my truck, my ST3 tells me that is connecting to my phone. After that, in and out of my truck, I'm always connected. The sound quality -- at both ends -- is terrific. I have no regrets getting the ST3 and I'll let my OnStar telephone service run out.


This DOES NOT store all your contacts. It is limited to about 1,900. If you are a business user like me, in sales, with a database of suppliers and customers on your phone in excess of 2,000 - DO NOT buty this product if you hope to use the voice ID feature for your conacts.

It also has some VERY ANNOYING and non-intuative features. Sorry - don't want to go into it right now!