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Review: BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

BlueAnt Q2 Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset
By Alicia Erlich on 14 Mar 2011 01:04 pm EDT
One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headsets. Read on for details.

No so long ago Bluetooth headsets were big, bulky, and frequently fell off your ear. They've certainly come a long way since then. With the plethora of headsets flooding the market, it all comes down to reliability, sound quality, music streaming, and features offered. BlueAnt makes sure to pack their products with the latest technology and quality materials. It's no wonder they decided to introduce the Q2 Smart Bluetooth to their lineup of voice-controlled headsets.

Initial Impressions

BlueAnt Q2 - What's in the box

At first glance, the Q2 is extremely lightweight and looks nothing like its predecessor the Q1. Its design resembles the Jawbone but without the thickness. BlueAnt revamped the design and placed a screen mesh protector along the front rather than the original's solid look. This is all part of its new wind noise reduction technology. Best part is you can remove the ear hook and wear in-the-ear by switching the ear buds.

BlueAnt Q2

Upon closer inspection, the volume buttons are a tad small and the power button is awkwardly placed. If you have small fingers and long fingernails you'll be able to use it. Otherwise I recommend turning on the headset before wearing.

BlueAnt Q2 volume buttons

BlueAnt Q2 power button

Sound Quality 

The Q2 includes Voice Isolation and Wind Armour technology to reduce background noise even in extreme wind conditions (up to 22mph). Since I can't recreate a storm in my living room, I found a wind tunnel in a mall parking lot. Now while voices on both ends were clear, the whoosh of the wind could be heard along with the audio being slightly muffled. The muffled noise carried over inside as well even when streaming music. This isn't exactly up par with the noise-cancelling abilities of my Jawbone or Motorola HX1 and was standard at best. Clarity and loudness did improve at home away from the noisy crowd.


I'm not a fan of in-the ear headsets and the pain they inflict. However, even after wearing for over four hours I barely felt it. Unlike other headsets that easily fall off, I was amazed at how it stayed in place without getting tangled in my hair.

Voice Control 

After using the Q2 for the past couple of weeks utilizing the voice controls has its benefits. Drivers can appreciate all of the built in commands to keep them focused on the road without looking at their device. Need to check your headset battery? Just press the button and say "Check Battery." Want to answer or ignore an incoming call without pressing a button? Simply say "Answer" or "Ignore."

My favorite feature has to be its caller-id ability. It uses Text to Speech (TTS) technology to announce who's calling (name or number) without ever having to pick up your device. How does it do it? The Q2 downloads your entire contact list and stores up to 2,000 phone numbers per paired device. Bad news is, if you make changes you'll need to perform an update. Good news is, simply press the button and say "Update Phonebook." It is interesting and sometimes funny just how the computerized voice pronounces the names.

Finally, new to the Q2 is that it provides access to Microsoft's Bing-411 service by voicing a command at the prompt. You'll have access to movies, news, traffic, weather, etc. Now that's something your ordinary headset won't do. Although, I do think remembering all these voice commands might be difficult.

Summary of Specs 

  • Coverage up to 33 feet
  • Up to 5 hrs talk time, Up to 100 hrs standby time
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, A2DP Audio Streaming
  • Multipoint Capable (Pair to multiple devices at a time)
  • Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Voice Control, Voice Dial, Voice Answer 


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Downloads contacts to announce the names of incoming callers
  • Firmware is upgradeable
  • Simply Connect Technology for easy pairing 


  • Audio is muffled on higher volume settings in crowded areas
  • No mute button - only minimum volume
  • Phone commands & A2DP (music streaming) only works on the first device connected


If you're looking for a reliable device that will perform, you can't go wrong with this BlueAnt Bluetooth headset. Faults aside, I love that it picks up my voice (NY accent included) without the need for shouting and repeating. It actually gets it right the first time. In terms of comfort, voice control, and multipoint features, this headset can't be beat.

More information/purchase the BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from ShopCrackBerry.com? Just leave a comment to this article and tell us where and when you'd use your BlueAnt Q2 bluetooth headset. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will get this shipped direct from ShopCrackBerry.com.  



My home has dead spots..so I will be using this at home where I can keep the phone somewhere and walk around the house talking into the headset..


Where I'm from, driving and talking on the phone without a bluetooth is illegal. So not only does the BlueAnt bluetooth save me from accidents... but from tickets as well !


I work on the ultimate of a nanny state: an Air Force base. I will use it there.


been looking at the blueant before. pretty cool looking.


Have used this bluetooth, superb sound quality.


I'd def use this when I'm driving also when I need to use BBM while talking on the phone. Also use it when I'm playing online on my ps3.


Pretty much anywhere i use the phone, I have one that I use now that I simply hate, big and bulky and doesnt work all that well. This would be a welcome relief.


Looks cool. Send on this way! :D


since the bluetooth i have is junk i could realy use a new one .pick me!!!!


I would use it to replace the BlueAnt that was stolen from me a few months ago!


State laws say I need one. I would love to win one so I can stop trying to figure out which one to get.


I would use it in the car and while im walking to go to my lectures since my hads are always full


Boy do I need one of these !!!


I could use an update in my headset. I'll take one, please.


Hi I have the V1! Blue Ants are Great!! I would use it on my drive to and from work!!



Id love it so I could just leave my phone at my desk and walk around talking to people. Also itd probably be pretty helpful when pwning noobs in Black Ops


I'd use it everywhere and anywhere! Have the Z9(love it) and this would be a welcome improvement.


I'm a truck driver and use the phone a lot. I have not found a small Bluetooth headset that can be heard over the noise of my truck and that does block the background noise. After trial and error I purchased a Silverado over the head Bluetooth with a boom mike. It is big and gets in the way. I would like to try the BLUEANT one out to see if it can stand up the the grind of a big rig but I'm afraid it wont stand up.


This would be a great addition to my Torch


Most mornings my daughter and I talk while we are each driving to work in different provinces. Seems as though a BlueAnt Q2 would make the drive much more enjoyable. I would be spared the task of digging out my Blackberry headset, untangling it and hooking it up.


I would use it in my car while driving. In my opinion that's what these are great for. Also while playing video games.


I would love to be able to win this!!!


I would defnitely use this while driving. It will make talking and driving so much safer and convenient.


I would like to try it also


I'd love one of these for driving to/from work.


very nice headset...i'd love one...


I would use this on my commute home to talk to my wife and son.


I would use it in my car. In NY, u can only have hands free. I need something that wouldn't hurt my ear like some and be dependable.


I need a replacement for BB HS-700. Noise reduction is awful. Please help me.


Elegant by design - must have bluetooth device !!


Would love to win this one! I'd use when driving my Jeep on the turnpike and in and around town, where it's illegal to use phones unless using one 'handsfree'.


I'd use this headset while catching up with my (long-distance) boyfriend during my drive to and from work every day :)


This BlueAnt headset is exactly what I need!!!


awesome giveaway. I can really use this while driving, count me in


This would be great. My first bluetooth. I would use it on my drive to work and avoid driving violations. You would save me a lot of money. Thanks.


Of course I will win it...I just spent big bucks on the Jawbone Era!


I have the Blueant T1 and this would serve as a secondary or backup device if I need it or forget it at home!


I'd use this everywhere and every time I get a call or want to listen to music. Come on pick me!!


if this is good wind noise reduction then it would be great for me. i work on telephone poles all day in whatever weather new england brings. its not safe to talk on a phone while up there but i havent found a headset good enough to use. this looks like a good one.
please this would be awesome for me!


I'd wear it in the car, have a longer commute now on a busier highway, could sure use this!

Jake Storm

All the time, everywhere.
Blueant rocks!!!!


I'd wear this in the vehicle to stay legal. I haven't found one I like quite yet so I'm just ignoring my phone as I drive. I wouldn't mind being able to talk on the phone when I drive again, though.


I drive a lot for my job, and have to make calls during the road sometimes. Until recently the stock wired headset did the trick, until my dog chewed through the wires recently. It seems all the decent bluetooths cost well over 80 dollars. This would be perfect for me.


This would be fantastic for my commute to work. I like to call ahead to have an idea of the day's activity; this would help!


I'd where it at work as well as gaming (PS3)


this would be great sitting in traffic on my hour+ commute to and from work each day.


great sounding devvice!
i would use this at work, while driving and at home. i LOVE bluetooth headsets!
please pick me CB team!


I badly wanna win this as it will put an end to the driving tickets I receive for using my phone while driving.....:)


Cool. I could use a new one. Using an old, and I mean old, Moto BT - it is heavy man.


I will use this great bluetooth headset at work- I fly jet planes.


I've really got to get lucky on this one. Choose me!!


I'm between a plantornics voyager pro or this BlueAnt Q2, I would use this headset mainly because of it's voice command and caller id since most of the time I'm driving from one point and another. This woul help me a lot. And I lost my premiumd Blackberry headphones, and my bose headphones sometimes get in my way while moving, wireless is nedeed over here :D

The Consigliere

This would be perfect as I'm about to be a new dad! Having this would really make things easier for me that's for sure.


I would use it in my car and when out and about.


I have a Bold 9700 on the Telus Network. Unfortunately, my new employer is on the Bell Network and wants me to have a company BlackBerry instead of covering the cost of my personal one. I began with carrying one on each hip like John Wayne, but that looked too damn goofy. So here I am, walking around with my personal one strapped to my hip and my work one in my chest pocket. The problem is that my Motorola H670 can only pair with one phone or the other and unfortunately my carear has me needing my work phone on 24/7. That being said, the Multipoint technology in the BlueAnt Q2 would cure what ails me.


Big BlueAnt Fan ! Would love to try this one.


Working in Construction, having to answer call after call and working at the same time. would be nice to have something hands free.. Good Luck Everyone.


I would use it while driving! I do that a lot


looks good.. i need one when im driving

BB Musketeers

I would use it while driving or when I'm at outdoor events, or when I know I'll need a hands free device.


I spend a lot of time on the road with my job working for a concert production company. During all the driving i am normally talking to clients and family to help pass the hours on the road until we get to our next show. So it would allow me to do this hands free for the most part and be safe at the same time.


perfect for driving on the road


very nice Headset,...would use it with my BB 9700 while driving of course, but mostly would use it in the office....would be just amazing!!


I have the BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth Headset and I must say It is one of the best bluetooth headphones I had. I would love to win this Blueant Q2 headset. Awesome Crackberry thanks a lot


I already use my BlueAnt S2 for driving. This ear piece would be a great companion for out and about.


I would use this on the drive to and from work because it is illegal to talk on the phone without a headset while driving here.


I've been shopping this device and the Jawbone ICON, getting the BlueAnt for free would definitely make my decision easier! I'd use mine primarily at work where I use my hands so it's difficult to hold a phone, but I'd love the caller ID announce feature while I'm driving!


I'm on my BB all day for work, whether in the car or in the office. My old bluetooth's battery lasts about 30 minutes now. It would be great to win one from CB.


Find myself a BT USB dongle and pair it with my pc?


I frequently use my headset while driving, but occasionally have a need for it in the store to check at home to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.


this would be great for the car


Would use in my vehicle.


I would like to have one.


Being a regular driver and a frequent BB user, I would definately be using this headset everywhere. Driving, walking and almost everywhere else. This is particularly so for such a good looking headset. :)


Using it to replace my Jabra headset while driving :)


This looks like a well quality made and comfortable Bluetooth. I would use it mostly, when driving for that hand free driving experience. Thank you and I wish i win one.


The BlueAnt would be of great benefit in the car of course...driving to and from work...


One of these days I will win SOMETHING from you guys and ladies....I do hope it is the earpiece


I;d use it while im driving cause its against the law to to hold any handheld device and use while im on the computer cause I can multitask like that!


I would use it while driving to and from work.


The question is not where and when I would use it, but rather where and when I wouldn't.

1) not in the shower
2) not while I am sleeping

umm that's about it...rest of the time it will be glued to my ear!!

thanks for the contest


Contract up on phone in a week would be nice to have new bluetooth to go with new phone


nice looking headset


I have a home office and the Q2 would allow me the freedom to move about my home without having to carry my phone around or race through the house to avoid missing a phone call. I would also use it in my car.


Where I live, it is illegal to use handheld electronic devices while driving. I will definitely use this.


I currently manage 35 stores and would love to use this to answer the many many calls I get all day all night. My current bluetooth headset has stopped pairing and was in the process of researching for a new one.....Would love it if I had this awesome bluetooth! Thanks!!!


It would keep me and the people around me safe (driving, walking) thanks CB


I would use this in the car on the way home from work. I am a fire dispatcher who is on call often and this would be handy to be able to take care of business while on the road.


Got my dad a blueant speakerphone. The features are amazing


Looks like a good one. I would use in on my construction sites and in my car while going from job to job

mig 007

I would love a good quality bluetooth headset that I can use on the go and while driving. Hopefully I'll win this one ;)


this is cool. i would use it to talk on the phone. in the car. but not on the car. maybe in the house to. so i would not have to get off the couch. blueant Q2. nice.


I loved my old bluetooth headset until it ended up in the dishwater since it was so ill fitting. A new one the fits well without being uncomfortable would be a godsend. All of the voice features make it sounds Even better! I'd love this thing for when I'm driving, getting ready at home or doing chores (as long as it stays out of the sink!) I hope I can win!


Ikd use it on my way to school. It's a 45 Minute drive each way, so a lot of time for talking and as it's forbidden to handle a phone while driving, but allowed to use a headset, this one little things seems just right for me.



I need this for the times I need to take a business call on the golf course. :-) Holding the phone to your ear while taking a shot is just too difficult.


The worst buletooth even, changed mine 3 times and now the 3rd one is bad - I can't talk when the phone is in my pocket. I feel so bad that I spend my money on that thing.


would be awesome to use this bluetooth in cities or regions that require hands free driving or face a ticket.


I would use the BlueAnt while driving through the insane Atlanta traffic and at my son's baseball games where the crowd noise makes regular cell phone use almost impossible.


looks really nice! i would use it in the car to and from college, mainly in the afternoon when my friends are actually awake haha


This would work well when I'm out of the office at my kids' baseball games.


Pick me please! :-) I would use it in my truck, I do a lot of traveling for work, and my old Jabra kinda, well, sucks.


I'm on the road alot, and this would be a lot more handy than the wired set that comes with the phone! I'd love one.


Wow looks like that's what u what to have. I know I would


this blue looks n sounds great. it can be a good use if i had one since i don't currently own one.


I would use this in my car every day driving back and forth to work to be legal and also use it at the gym of course. ;)


I'm on the road for at least 4 hours a day. This would definitely save me from getting tickets when i need to use me phone. Thanks!


I have been using and abusing my Bluetooth ever since the orginal (bulky) grey piece came out a couple years ago. I am constantly on the go, and these ear pieces have really saved my life (in more ways than one). Safty First!


Small, Sleek Super. its good.


great small size, now i can take calls while driving


I'm ashamed to say I'm still using my Jabra BT-200. This unit will get me caught up with the times! :-)


This will come in handy during my commute rather than having to use the speaker phone.


I would replace my Blueant z9i with this headset. I use my bluetooth headset to take almost all my calls as I would rather not hold my phone against my head. I assume that the bluetooth transmitter is slightly less likely to interfere with the operation of my brain :-)


As a Chef for a fraternity this would be in my ear all day! I would never miss another call for a "to-go box" again. Great Prize, hope to win


I would love to use this while driving!! Much safer!


First of all, I'll use it to listen to the Crackberry podcast.

The rechargeable battery in my current headset is beginning to show its age and it can't be replaced, so it is time for a new headset.

It needs to be A2DP. (I currently have the Complete Woodstock Project and the Complete Monterey Pop project on my Blackberry.)

I subscribe to 6 TWIT Podcasts, 5 NPR podcasts, and the Crackberry podcast and miscellaneous others.

Oh, yeah, The Blackberry is a phone, isn't it. I use it for phone calls.


I would use this in my car for sure but in my office as wel in order to work "hands free" and wander a bit !


Thank you Crackberry for this opportunity! Happy Birthday!!!
If I had the BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset I would use it in my house all the time, and outside in my yard, as I live 5 minutes from the Canadian border and don't get a good signal in my house or outside. I currently velcro my phone to the window where I get 3G signal, and then connect to my bluetooth so I can talk without disconnect or dropped calls in my house. I use my Blackberry to tether for internet too, so when I get a call I can talk on the Bluetooth headset, and continue on using the internet tethered. My BB 9700 (T-Mobile) is the best phone I've ever had, it doesn't skip a beat, and the BlueAnt T1 that I currently use is an awesome product as well!


I'd use it ALL THE TIME. Hate holding small cell phones up to my ear while talking.


Man this looks nice!! Now that I am divorced...not by my choice...I would use this safely everyday to and from work to be hands free. Furthermore, I would use it while driving my Jeep while out looking for great places in the woods to do my survival camping trips. (maybe thats why she divorced me...didnt like the woods and camping?? :))


Big fan of the BlueAnt line of wireless bluetooth products. Have had the X5, z9, z9i, Supertooth 2 among other BlueAnt products. Even got my brother hooked on the z9i. Too bad someone snatched his z9i. If I win it, I will definitely retire my z9i to him so he can regain the joy of using bluetooth.


I'd be using this everywhere! Even at home since my home phone is bluetooth ready!


the bluetooth would really help when having two blackberries and to have two bluetooth, it would help sooo much. give it to me


Whoa!!! This would be great for when I'm riding my bicycle!!! Please chose me!!!
Thank You!


I would use this everyday while driving 4+ hours a day and to listen to music while I work.


Good onya Mate. Love the BlueAnt products! hooroo...


i would use this everyday because I drive 4+ hours a day for work, and I would stream music while working


i would use this everyday because I drive 4+ hours a day for work, and I would stream music while working


I need a new bluetooth horribly. My commute consists of a lot of stop and go traffic...especially on my drive home.

I currently have an old headset that hurts my ear after only a few minutes. I think it's time for an upgrade.


I work as a CSR for a coffee company and drive a cube van all day. I need a bluetooth for work while driving. I been trying to use the ear plug ones that connect to the phone with a wire and it is terrible!


I’ve wanted to replace my current Bluetooth headset for some time now because of the way it fits my small ears. Though it has excellent sound quality and noise cancellation, it’s not as comfortable as I would like because of the way the back part is designed. I first saw the Blue Ant Q2 maybe a couple of months ago and after looking at the design and reading MANY reviews, decided it was the one I wanted to have as a primary headset (the current one would be relegated to “back-up”). Thank you for a great review and wonderful web site!


I'll use my bluetooth headset when I'm driving my car. Cheers.


ME ME pick me....lol. u guy's are GREAT...


I am a road warrior in sales and coaching. Their is a bluetooth in my ear from 6am till about 7pm daily...I would love to have a comfortable one!


I would definitely use it on my long car rides tutoring...


i love these things while playing online. i haaaaate having to take my hands off the controller and mess up my k to d ratio!


i'd obviously use it in the car...hands free all the way!


Only using it will justify getting rid of my Plantronics 925. Hopefully it will work with a BB 9800


New legislation now makes it necessary to use a handsfree device for the car. This sounds like it would do the trick just fine...it would replace my old motorola.


Im a girl and Im always on my phone but I dont have a bluetooth!
I cant do my drive to and from school everyday without being on my phone Crackberry please hook me up!!!


Would love to own this one! I've gone through 20+ bluetooth headsets with not luck. Also I drive 6000km per month and need it for working handsfree when I do my stops along the way. My latest is the Jawbone Icon, but the fit is too lose or two tight depending on the earpiece. Jawbone can't get it right I wonder if BlueAnt can?


Great looking bluetooth!
I hope you choose me.


I would love this blueant. I use an older version, a visor mount one, but would love this version.


With new laws coming about handsfree calling, This will solve the problem


Oh for the love of all that is holy.... Pick me.... I could really use this... :)


Like several of the others, I've put off buying a bluetooth headset - they have all seemed rather clunky and cumbersome, or have been far too expensive. This one looks like it has possibilities. It's hard to say whether driving or working backstage would be the most used location.


I would love a magnificent quality bblue ant Q2 BLUETOOTH. I'm always on the go and would love the ease of utilizing a small and comfortable earpiece as mentioned. I know the text to speech option is a keeper. Please include me in the contest. Thanks a Zillion!!


I'll use it on my journeys, and also at home for long work calls...


I'd use it making non-power deals in my beat to hell old ford pick up while heading to the mountains for some biking.


For in the car most definitely. Hands-free driving is a must around here. I'd also use it at home as I do most of my phone calls while making dinner.


I almost always use a headset when I talk on the phone. So I would use it ALL THE TIME.


I'd use it in my car while on conference calls.


I'd love to have this! I just got a new job so will be moving out of new york soon. I have to start driving again, after 6 years of not owning a car. This would be a great thing for me to have for handsfree car safety!


i work in telecom operations so i would use it while talking to TAC 3 and doing an activity on the platform.


cool. i'd like to win one of these so i can use in the car.


I really need this headset. I drive 30 miles each way to and from work. I hate holding my phone in my hand if I get a call. This great headset will let me answer a phone call and keep both hands on the steering wheel where they belong.


The BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset would work great while driving back and forth work - everyone knows how dangerous it is to operate a phone on the road, even if it is just hunting for the answer key to pick up a call!


I'd use this while policing the streets for bad guys on my 9550.


A must have!!! Traveling 2 hrs a day means for safe driving!!! :)


- in the car while driving
- and while i'm multitasking @ home


My old BlueTooth headset has finally passed on. I use it all the time; during the commute (on the train or in the car), when I am walking or have to ready papers. Having at least some wind reduction would be a definite asset too. thanks CB


Would love to win this and use in the car!


This would be another great addition to my 9700.


I love Blue Ant! I use my bluetooth everywhere and that's where I would use this one. You guys rock!


I would probably use this everywhere while driving or in metro or walking towards uni or just plain traveling. since I have got so addicted to my bb...;)


Blueant makes one of the best bluetooth headsets I currently own the BlueAnt Q1 headset and it is awesome Iw ould love to have this BlueAnt Q2

thanks CrackBerry and BlueAnt you guys are awesome


I would use everywhere.


I can haz? In the car for sure.


Looks cool. I would use this while driving to and from work, no need to pick up the phone.


This would be awesome. Working in construction, would be very useful, especially since recieving calls all day and trying to organize work at the same time. I need a bluetooth, never really knew which one to choose. Good Luck to All!!!

Renegade 44

I'd love to have another bluetooth. I havnet had one in over a year and my daughter used to give me heck about it because I always the phone and the bluetooth. A2DP will allow me to listen to the music i want in my car. The last BT I bought was from Big Lots for $10.00 It didnt last long.

Black Ice

I have the Q2 and if you have an Android ( I have the 3D ) and I have a Blackberry Bold both are from Sprint and that headset will pick up noise like you wouldn't believe! The Android is the worst the Bold comes in at second. The wind armor is a joke I have been outside the wind was not 22 mph I can assure you of that and all I got was complaints.
I drive a big rig and many times I get complaints about the noise in the cab, heck I even called blueant and let them listen to that 80 dollar gimmick and the girl asked that I turn off the headset and speak into the phone. I have been through two of them including that junk called the Q1 and it has an echo sound to the person I am talking too. In other words they can hear themselves.
Blueant has a warranty and i will take advantage of it for the Q1 the other is going back to Best Buy I am buying something else.
Also here's another tip. If you have a 3D like I do forget the Motorola ( Sorry I forget the name model number) but it is square when you fold it, it will make people mad when you use it they will say you sound over modulated.
So far the uncomfortable plantronics pro seems to be the best but it makes your ear stand out and I'm sure over time that ear may become permanently deformed because the unit is so big.
I have a jabra and it is half-moon shaped and it does ok sometimes it is comfortable but it picks up noise many times but it is middle of the road for comfort and performance.
I had the jawbone too the icon and the other small twin and it reduces noise 100% but it sucks when it comes to listening to others talk to you.
Good luck on finding a small yet high performance unit.