Review: BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

BlueAnt Q2 Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset
By Alicia Erlich on 14 Mar 2011 01:04 pm EDT
One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headsets. Read on for details.

No so long ago Bluetooth headsets were big, bulky, and frequently fell off your ear. They've certainly come a long way since then. With the plethora of headsets flooding the market, it all comes down to reliability, sound quality, music streaming, and features offered. BlueAnt makes sure to pack their products with the latest technology and quality materials. It's no wonder they decided to introduce the Q2 Smart Bluetooth to their lineup of voice-controlled headsets.

Initial Impressions

BlueAnt Q2 - What's in the box

At first glance, the Q2 is extremely lightweight and looks nothing like its predecessor the Q1. Its design resembles the Jawbone but without the thickness. BlueAnt revamped the design and placed a screen mesh protector along the front rather than the original's solid look. This is all part of its new wind noise reduction technology. Best part is you can remove the ear hook and wear in-the-ear by switching the ear buds.

BlueAnt Q2

Upon closer inspection, the volume buttons are a tad small and the power button is awkwardly placed. If you have small fingers and long fingernails you'll be able to use it. Otherwise I recommend turning on the headset before wearing.

BlueAnt Q2 volume buttons

BlueAnt Q2 power button

Sound Quality 

The Q2 includes Voice Isolation and Wind Armour technology to reduce background noise even in extreme wind conditions (up to 22mph). Since I can't recreate a storm in my living room, I found a wind tunnel in a mall parking lot. Now while voices on both ends were clear, the whoosh of the wind could be heard along with the audio being slightly muffled. The muffled noise carried over inside as well even when streaming music. This isn't exactly up par with the noise-cancelling abilities of my Jawbone or Motorola HX1 and was standard at best. Clarity and loudness did improve at home away from the noisy crowd.


I'm not a fan of in-the ear headsets and the pain they inflict. However, even after wearing for over four hours I barely felt it. Unlike other headsets that easily fall off, I was amazed at how it stayed in place without getting tangled in my hair.

Voice Control 

After using the Q2 for the past couple of weeks utilizing the voice controls has its benefits. Drivers can appreciate all of the built in commands to keep them focused on the road without looking at their device. Need to check your headset battery? Just press the button and say "Check Battery." Want to answer or ignore an incoming call without pressing a button? Simply say "Answer" or "Ignore."

My favorite feature has to be its caller-id ability. It uses Text to Speech (TTS) technology to announce who's calling (name or number) without ever having to pick up your device. How does it do it? The Q2 downloads your entire contact list and stores up to 2,000 phone numbers per paired device. Bad news is, if you make changes you'll need to perform an update. Good news is, simply press the button and say "Update Phonebook." It is interesting and sometimes funny just how the computerized voice pronounces the names.

Finally, new to the Q2 is that it provides access to Microsoft's Bing-411 service by voicing a command at the prompt. You'll have access to movies, news, traffic, weather, etc. Now that's something your ordinary headset won't do. Although, I do think remembering all these voice commands might be difficult.

Summary of Specs 

  • Coverage up to 33 feet
  • Up to 5 hrs talk time, Up to 100 hrs standby time
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, A2DP Audio Streaming
  • Multipoint Capable (Pair to multiple devices at a time)
  • Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Voice Control, Voice Dial, Voice Answer 


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Downloads contacts to announce the names of incoming callers
  • Firmware is upgradeable
  • Simply Connect Technology for easy pairing 


  • Audio is muffled on higher volume settings in crowded areas
  • No mute button - only minimum volume
  • Phone commands & A2DP (music streaming) only works on the first device connected


If you're looking for a reliable device that will perform, you can't go wrong with this BlueAnt Bluetooth headset. Faults aside, I love that it picks up my voice (NY accent included) without the need for shouting and repeating. It actually gets it right the first time. In terms of comfort, voice control, and multipoint features, this headset can't be beat.

More information/purchase the BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

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Reader comments

Review: BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset



So, going by what the sub title of the post is "One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these." i could win the bluetooth or the Car??? lol...

Shopcrackberry doesn't sell cars, although I'm sure if we did we'd give one of those away as well.

Shoftiel37, This is the 2nd time that you've posted my thoughts! (last time was during the live podcast)...

Sign me up for the free bluetooth...

I love blue ant. Started with the V1 and Q1 but volume was terrible on my Bold with it but worked fine on other devices but would love to grab a Q2

I refuse to have to pick up my device to answer the phone while driving, so I will obviously use the Q2 in my car to stay safe!

I would defnitely use this while driving. It will make talking and driving so much safer and convenient.

Well since driving and talking on the phone has now become illegal(don't know why)jk. This device would definitely be suited for me for when I'm on the road. I've been meaning to get one actually, I just tend procrastinate. But yes PICK ME!!!!

I have a Jabra Extreme, Very cool though, but it looks cheap, if I'll be chosen, I'll ditch my Jabra since for this bluetooth headset, I'll be using this headset when I'm driving and coding websites.

Blueant products look very cool and they have nice features. I wouldn't mind having one.


I would probably use it everywhere I go with my phone but would be especially useful while driving since they seem to be cracking down on the whole "talking while driving" in NYC.

Gotta be honest, I'm still using speakerphone when I drive. This would hopefully put that to an end. You could be saving lives by giving me this. :)

I would mostly use mine during my commute home. I have an older plantronics that is showing its age.

Simply put I would where it while Im driving!
Right now I have my Blackberry storm clipped on to my car's sun visor for hands free answering..... and no I did not forget to put calling in there all I do is answer lol!!!

I currently amd using a V1 Blueant headset on my Storm 2 and I love it. This head set is tough. I ran it it through the washer and dryer by accident with it still clipped to my jean pocket and it still works!!
I would definatly love to get a new Blue Ant Q2 headset.

Simply put I would where it while Im driving!
Right now I have my Blackberry storm clipped on to my car's sun visor for hands free answering..... and no I did not forget to put calling in there all I do is answer lol!!!

I'm not super-impressed with the BlueAnt Z9i I have right now because it does tend to fall off and doesn't stream music. With a new BT headset, I would be set for long dog walks without having to wear cabled headphones. As a side benefit, I imagine it is pretty useful for driving too. Then my wife can have my old BlueAnt!

I would use this while mountain biking to talk and listen to music so I wouldn't have to risk yanking my blackberry out of my pocket wearing normal headphones during jumps. I'd also use it while driving.

Since its illegal to drive and talk on the phone on some federal bases, using this at work woud be great for me!

This is the bluetooth i have been looking for! i would use it wherever i go (school, work, visiting relatives) and i would use it all the time! i don't have a bluetooth so i just use my Bold 9650's speaker as i drive (bad i know lol). I would use it whenever my mom makes those urgent calls to pick up my siblings while im driving which happens quite often actually.

I do an average of 300 miles a week and working as an engineer the calls never stop coming in. I normally return incoming calls only when i get to my destination (even the important calls) as ther's a strict "no phone calls without headset usage" where i live. With this headset i won't have to worry about nothing no more. Not a single call will be missed either. Smoother way of working.. Pleas pick me!

I love BlueAnt! I have a z9i that is still working but would LOVE to upgrade to this! I would use it EVERYWHERE and all the time...and give my wife my z9i! :D

I've resisted getting a bluetoothh, until now. This one looks great. I'm a Lieutenant with the Fire Department and sometimes we need to call dispatch on the way to an emergency call and a regular cell phone is hard to hear with sirens and other noise. This might be the answer. Crossing my fingers here that you choose me.

I live in Mass and my girlfriend lives 4.5 hours away in NJ and I'm constantly driving out there to see her. It'd make my life a lil easier going to see her every other weekend if I had this bluetooth.

I just "misplaced" my Jawbone set and won't be getting it back. I could sure use a replacement. I switch cars back & forth with my wife and daughter, so I use one every day. Using an old cheapo for now.

I would use it a fair bit. I have a stereo set right now which is powerful but uncomfortable so I rarely use it anymore. I've been thinking about buying a new one but can't justify the cost when I already have one.

The facility I work at is on top of a larger hill, us city folk call it a mountain, and while nice in the summer time the wind is always blowing. It makes it hard enough to use my blackberry directly and impossible to hear on a bluetooth. Maybe the Q2 is up for a challenge?

I would use this while at work as there is nothing worse than trying to answer the phone while working on a ladder. Hey and also on the drive home.

I would use it from within a local jail to call a lawyer :) haha or maybe from a local strip club because I wouldn't be able to hold my phone to my head for some odd reason. Maybe I would use it on the crapper because I don't want to soil my phone, could get messy you know. Or perhaps I could use it to call looking for jobs because trying to come up with comedic funny excuses isn't my calling.

I've give it to my Dad, a hard working BB abusing Hockey Coach and Entrepreneur so he could drive safely to and from practices and games for once!

I'd use it in two ways:

1 - In my car, obviously, since I have to be able to pick up the phone at all times while on the job.

2 - Back in my office, I have an old Cardo Bluetooth adapter for 2.5mm plugs. Using the multipoint feature, I could have both my cell and desk phone connected to my headset at the same time.

What do you think? :)

I guess you could use it almost anywhere anytime...but I would like to see if it would work while riding my bike. I'm a cyclist and I keep my BlackBerry in my saddle bag. I've missed important calls in the past because I couldn't hear my phone. This might just be the answer!

I would use this sharp looking bluetooth headset everywhere. Walking in the airport, in restaurants, in the bathroom, at the dinner table, in my car, at the mall - you can really never look bad with a cool Bluetooth headset hanging our of your ear! Even if I am not on the phone, I will talk to myself and try to look really important and busy.

Everywhere! Driving for sure, but apart from that, since i wont be holding the phone to my head, itll help reduce the radiation i inflict on myself. And also, itll be so convenient not to go till the device everytime it rings.

I use headsets constantly. On the road, in the office, on the go. People think I'm talking to myself all the time. I've owned 10+ headsets and currently have (and have lost) the jawbone icon. I'd love to have a reliable headset with all those voice commands.

Really can't see the point! Great for driving, but then why would you want to talk to someone while you drive. Downside is music playback, we want stereo, so a second headset or even a cable that will attach to the device that has a speaker on the other end for the other ear.

Pretty much use it only on the drive to work......i think its stupid to wear a handsfree headset in the mall

Being in an LDR means I also have a very close relationship with my phone - so a headset like this would be used every day while driving, doing stuff around my apartment, etc. Pick me, please!

And I will use it in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
They are so good, so good, you see!

So I will use them in a box.
And I will use them with a fox.
And I will use them in a house.
And I will use them with a mouse.
And I will use them here and there.
Say! I will use them ANYWHERE!

Blue Ant and Crackberry rocks!

I do an average of 300 miles a week and working as an engineer the calls never stop coming in. I normally return incoming calls only when i get to my destination (even the important calls) as ther's a strict "no phone calls without headset usage" where i live. With this headset i won't have to worry about nothing no more. Not a single call will be missed either. Smoother way of working.. Please pick me!

I spend half my work day on the phone walking around my office. It'd be amazing to finally have a quality bluetooth headset that allows me to converse clearly while actually getting work done!

I cant think of just one place I would use this BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset.

It's practical to have in your ear while you drive, or just out doing your regular day to day activities. Very practical to have an ear piece instead of having to constantly take your phone out.

Pick me so I can use this while on a crowded elevator. Make people think i am talking to the voices in my head.

Would be awesome if I could win this as my Blueant V1 just died yesterday and shopping for a new bluetooth

I have never used a bluetooth headset, but this would be great when I bike to work. Instead of stopping on the side and missing the call every time, now all I have to do is pull over and answer it!!!

I would love to use this in my car on my drive to and from work. I currently use an old fashion wired type headset. Thank you!

This one definitely looks nice, I would use it going to an from work and when I have to go to locations where I have to call in for them to open the locked gate.

I live in montreal where u cannot use ur phone and drive. Im always on the road and using my phone. I've been reluctant on buying a bkuetooth. But I would use this for work. While driving in the car. Even @ home when I'm cleaning and tiding up the house I usually am on the phone it would help a lot to have ahands free.

I'm always on the road, so I would use this set to answer phone call in my car without risking myself to be caught by a cop. They are always looking for drivers who answer their phones without a headset and don't park in the nearest available place. Also, the voice instructions and caller id would let me know who is calling me and answering without keeping my eyes off the road

I'd use this during my morning & afternoon commutes. I have to travel through several cities that have a cell phone ban so the Q2 would really help out!!!

Cell phone use and driving a manual transmission car don't mix well for me. This would be useful everytime I get behind the wheel.

I (and my wife for that matter) would use this all the time cleaning house, working in the yard, taking kids to the park and in the car. Of course we're responsible citizens;)

I volunteer for our local emergency support services and need a devise like this as I respond to local emergencies. Need to gather current info on the way to the emergency. Our area is totally hands free now. Thanks.

I'd use this every time I have to be hands-free... in the car, walking to and from home/office, in the office. And whenever I feel like being lazy and not using my hands!

ok read it . How will i use it ? well with my cell phone like everybodyelse.
can't use it to heat up my pot pie for lunch!
can't use it to wash my car which needs it very badly
can't use it to brake up with my stupid girl friend (is she my girl friend if she won't go out with me?)
can't use it to go to work for me.
so I guess i will use it for what it was made to do:)
p.s. i sang a song to crackberry in the comment section in another post

wow !! impressive intense review !!!

id love one 2 take calls while im driving or riding my bike on my way to college...

give this student his first bluetooth headset.. =)

I would love to use this while I am outside working on projects now that the weather is warming up. I hope I win!

I commute an hour each way to work every day. The BlueAnt seems like the perfect way to save the lives of everyone I pass on the highway on my way to work :).

Where wouldn't I use it? The Jabra that came with my device fell off my head the first time I went jogging. Another issue is having to repeat myself constantly so people can hear me. People say I sound "tinny".
Finding the right earpiece is difficult. I can go by reviews, but it's not until I use it that I can really decide if it's going to work for me.

That looks sexy. I'd use it in the car, when I drive to and from work. So useful, since cops here are cracking down on non hands free talking and driving.

Driving is a lot of my time, so been with lots of cables is confusing and dangerous, this will be a solve problem

I need a new one as I accidently broke my last one and am now unemployed and can't afford another one right now. I do allot of driving and use it most then.

My girlfriend commutes 140 miles per day. If she had this headset we could have mood-setting conversations while she's on the way home. I'm aching to win this headset.

SWEET!!! i was just thinking i need 2 check into a new 'tooth :D...this seems 2 be perfect for when im working in the lab

Sounds like a great headset, a few minor quirks like them all. I have the Jawbone which Works great would like to check out the new and improved headsetby Blueant

I love Blueant, and I just put my other bluetooth in the laundry so I could really use one for driving.

Where wouldnt i uses these?
When my phone is running low on batteries i could leaver the device charging and still be able to walk around the room. This would be awesome.

pick me pick me, i will use this allllll day because i drive an ambulance and need to have a bluetooth and my old one broke and i cant be flying to the hospital while i have the phone in my hand, just think if you were in my ambulance, would u want me on a blue tooth or without one ? >=D

I need a new bluetooth as mine is a POS that I got for free with my originaly Curve 8320. I still use that in my car while driving, but it flops around all over the place while on my ear!!!

I would use this behind the wheel ONLY. I get so tired of seeing morons wearing them in the grocery store, etc. Their friends should be telling them how ridiculous they look.

I would use it all the time when I talk. At home and especially when I'm driving. We must use a handsfree device in Ontario.

I'd love a new headset. Nothing worked like the our old scala-500s in the convertible.

Have a good one.

Oh, where wouldn't I use it?! Definitely in the car, but even more when I'm traveling for business, with both my BB and my netbook for Skype calls. It looks absolutely perfect!

i would use this bluetooth while i'm driving! it's time for an upgrade and this would be a great one to get! please pick me:D

This lil' guy would be jammed in my ear southbound I-15 just before the Primm, NV exit on my way to SoCal. Since Cali has its cell phone law, I still need to be able to access my BlackBerry safely during those long road trips.


Weekend getaways from Sin City would be my use (and of course drives to/from work on the 215 here in Vegas as well).

Thank you for the review Alicia and thank you for the contest. =)

Recently got my car broken into and they took my headset. Would love to win, great contest CB!

I would use it when I drive. The biggest problem I find with bluetooth headsets is losing them because of the size.

Would love to get this. Would be very handy for daily conversartions in my car, or at the airport with all of the background noise.

On my motorcycle. I usually ride to get away from the world but sometimes I still need a way for someone to keep in touch.

i would love to replace the scala-500 i bought back in the day for my old moto razr, its kinda big and the sound quality is "not so good"

i use my BT headset all the time, especially driving to onsite service calls, or while i'm elbow deep in a printer and really cant hold my phone.

Yes, please! This would be very helpful because where I live, they banned the use of handheld electronic devices while driving.

This would be perfect for my wife. She complains other are too heavy and to uncomfortable and fall off. She could use this.

I'm going to use the Q2 I hopefully win primarily in my car, and of course anywhere else I need to keep my hands free and my phone out of harm's way... like doing work around the house and other general contract work.

This would be great for my 8 hours a day I spend in my car with half the time being spent on the phone

I have the Q1 and love it. I've worn it all day, while driving and walking around, and it's so comfortable I've almost forgot I was wearing it until it announces an incoming call. I also have Vlingo, so I rarely have to touch my phone. If the Q2 is improved, it's got to be Da Bomb! Sure would like to have one.

Blueant always makes good stuff.

Wish it was cheaper so I could afford one so hopefully I'd win haha. I use it in the car whenever I absolutley need to; regardless, I would rather avoid usage of bluetooths while driving!

I'd love one of these. I drive pretty much all day (service tech) and not only is it becoming difficult to stay connected with my customers but it is also now against the law here to talk on your phone without a handsfree device. To get this BT headset would be awesome!

If i win one I'll have it on during all waking hours everywhere. No more blasted cords or crooked neck syndrome. Complete hands free Blackberry experience all day, at work & at play. Enough said.

This would be nice to win.. I'm still using a plantronics 320.. I use it a ridiculous amount and am due for an upgrade.. Its with me just about 24/7 for work and streaming pandora on my late night walks through town..

I really dislike putting my BB to my ear, so while I'd be using it for driving, I'd also be using it all the time regardless of what I'm doing.

I would love to have one since I drive all day and having a voice activated bluetooth would be ideal for safety and a pure hands free enviroment.

i like to use my bluetooth in the car. I'm interested in the voice activation features. I haven't had one bluetooth with this feature.

I'd be using the Q2 on the way to work, on the way home, driving while working, working in the yard, working in the shop at home....probably not while sleeping or showering. ;-)

In my line of work, I spend my days doing surveillance, or travelling to/from training presentations or lectures which I am facilitating. With hands-free laws on the books, a bluetooth unit is absolutely necessary. I am looking to replace the unit I have with an upgrade, and this looks like quite the upgrade from what I have now. I'd love to be able to try one of these out. Thanks.

I commute to work every day on the freeway and through winding country roads passed several Wineries. I definitely need to be paying attention to the road, in Wine Country California. I've been in a head-on with a person coming from a Winery on a nice Saturday afternoon. The voice control feature sounds like I would use it a lot. Thank You CB

Great new review, we appreciate the information from Crackberry. I would use this to speak with my clients as am on the road 4-5 days/week. Very nice to hear it is so comfortable, that is the limiting factor with Bluetooth earpieces.

I would use it everywhere I go! I would even call people up just so I could us it. I'd wear it in class, at home, work, church, in the car(obviously) I might wear it to sleep, but idk cuz it might break if I sleep on it. But yea I'd wear it everywhere and everywhen :P

I would use it everywhere I go! I would even call people up just so I could use it. I'd wear it in class, at home, work, church, in the car(obviously) I might wear it to sleep, but idk cuz it might break if I sleep on it. But yea I'd wear it everywhere and everywhen :P

That's perfect. I would use this driving and would never have to glance at my phone to see who's calling. I could really use one of these.

When I win my BlueAnt Q2, I'll be sporting it this spring and summer while cruising down the highway in our new RV. I'll be able to enjoy the scenery while staying in touch with the digital world

I drive at minimum 500 km a week, and my car's bluetooth can be paired with one phone less then I use, so it would be a perfect match to my Bold when in the car. Then I have a habit of walking around my office when on the phone. Here it would come handy as well:)

I love the idea of having the headset read incoming caller information. I'm on the road a lot (and run my own business), so having as much information as possible when calls come in is a good thing. Anything to help keep eyes on the road is much safer than trying to pay attention to the screen, even if it is just to answer a phone call! :)

Nice!!! Looks really cool. I would use it for work cos I'm constantly on the move and sometimes having a phone to my ear while multitasking is frustrating. Definitely while driving.

I would use the Q2 daily, when driving and since I've recently started my own business it would come in handy when I need to keep my hands free.

Listen to music...really? I would used this to keep in touch with the fam; at home doing chores all day or out driving/errands all day.

his would be a great win.....I would use it everywhere since my holster is falling apart.