Review: BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9900/9930

Extra Battery Charging Bundle for the Bold 9900/9930
By ObiGeorge on 31 Dec 2011 02:44 pm EST

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I finally got myself a Bold 9900 a few weeks ago, and to my surprise (as with many others) the battery life didn't stand up to what I am used to with BlackBerry. On the plus side, BlackBerry users can always carry an extra battery and swap it out when necessary. But sometimes just getting an extra battery isn't enough. You would have to charge both batteries via your BlackBerry, and that could be time consuming and annoying. And frankly, I am too lazy for that. So instead of just grabbing an extra battery, I decided to go with the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle, which includes a standalone battery charger. It was a wise decision.

In the Box

Charging Bundle ContentsAs you would expect, this bundle comes with a standard JM1 battery and charging case. But as a nice added bonus, it also comes with a Micro-USB Y-Cable, allowing you too charge 2 devices from one cord. This, to me, makes the purchase worthwhile. I set it up next to my bed, where I normally charge my BlackBerry. And there is no need to take up anymore precious outlets to charge both my BlackBerry and my spare battery. One cord charges both, simultaneously. May not seem like a huge deal, but it makes my life easier, and supports my laziness.

Other Accessories to Compliment the Bundle

Charging Bundle and DockAs I said, I use this charging bundle at next to my bed where I normally charge my BlackBerry. But I have found it equally as useful at my desk, paired with my BlackBerry Bold 9000 Charging Pod. I am probably in my office more than my bed, and together they make for a perfect charging combo. Maybe I will just buy another charging bundle and keep one at both my bed, and my desk.

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Final Thoughts

Charging Bundle for the Bold 9900/9930Overall, this is a great buy for those who feel that their 9900 just doesn't hold enough charge, or for those like me, who are deathly afraid of their BlackBerry running out of juice. The included Y-Cable makes charging 2 batteries very convenient, and a great way to ensure your BlackBerry has plenty of power for the upcoming day(s).


  • Ease of use
  • High quality materials
  • Micro-USB Y-Cable included
  • Comes with OEM JM1 battery
  • Very convenient

Not So Awesome

  • Seems to only charge battery to 95%
  • Y-Cable could be a bit more flexible

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Reader comments

Review: BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9900/9930


ok im typing this on my playbook hehehe, anyways it would helpnme to have a second battery on me because we know the 9900 battery drains quickly and im tired of going out like i did for new years and dropping my phone to 2g to conserve battery juice for pics and new years msgs because being on 2g sucks for speed just to conserve battery. having the j series, i can have 2 batteries charged and not drop to 2g ever again!


I'd keep this by my bedside table with one end hooked to my charging pod and the other charging my spare battery so I wouldn't have to worry about charging until the next night when I go to bed.

This is something that would be great. I never seem to be able to make the day on a charge with my usage.

How would I use it? Let me think... :) Perhaps sitting on my desk, and charging my 9900 and the spare battery, because when I am on the move, and have no chance to charge, my 9900 after 8 hours is dead-empty :(

This would be great for me because I travel a lot and I use my phone heavily; an extended battery would be nice.

This accessory would make my life much easier. I would use it when traveling with work and family. It would be great at conferences that are out of town where you normally need to charge at least once during the day. I often work late into the night and it would be great for that as well. Not having to "manage" my one battery would be just one less thing I would have to worry about! Happy New Year!!!

I would really enjoy having the back up battery! I could have a fully charged battery in my suitcase and no longer need to pray for working power outlets on planes!

I have found a need to be able to charge both the phone and extra battery at the same time. this would work out very well.

My sister, like me, also has a 9900 and I would really like to give this to her since she uses her phone constantly and always forgets to charge it.

I would use this charging bundle all the time. I use my phone so much that it barely last's me half the day :(. I don't always like bringing my wall charger because If I am out and don't have my bag or there is no outlet, then I'm screwed. My phone will die and that is not good.

Perfect example: For New Years, I went to Niagara Falls (Canada, Ontario) all day to spend with my family. My phone died and I was phone-less for hours. I could not call anybody and could not charge my phone until I got home (3:30 am). When I charged it, all my messages came at once and holy hell.. That was crazy!

Coming from a 9700 the 9900's battery will only last a fraction of the time. I have found myself several times with a dead battery in the early evening. I want this bad!

The Y cable with the bundle is great! I surely could use this at night. My school campus is in a fringe area and that eats up my battery. With this bundle I can swap batteries at school and then charge the swapped out battery at the same time I charge my device, while sleeping.

i would use it on my desk one plugged in to my 9850 cradle and the other to the battery charger. nice to be able to charge battery without using the phone

This is perfect! I travel a lot (with long 12-14 hour work days) and the only thing that can save me from a dead BB is this :-) Pick me

I too have a 9900 and am surprised the battery doesn't last as long as the 9810 I just swapped out for this. I just purchased the car charger through CrackBerry and debated about getting an extra battery. I opted not to get the spare battery given the fact that Christmas just wiped me out. My 9900 could REALLY use this charging bundle.

I would do the same I have a great set up on my desk so I would use the charging dock with it so it looks profesional and awesome right on my desk.

I manage a small outsourcing company, that said, I always look for ways to integrate my work systems to my blackberry. And running apps sure drains hell lot of power to your battery. Having this would surely help (especially when your glued to your bb and momentum is building to finish your work). End goal: run the company operations using blackberry while your at the beach. Selfish that I am. lol

I could really use this to keep my 9930 charged at all times. I hope I win. Thanks for the chance and Happy New Year!!

I have a 9930 and my GF has a 9850 an extra battery and chargier would help us rotate through batteries amongst each other and not have to worry about a dead battery.

I spend a lot of time in hotels. This would be great to have my heavy day of use in meetings and then be able to switch to the battery that I just charged that day for use at night...yup that would make life easier....


I used to have so many spare batteries for my 9700 which I also used with my 9780 and when I got my 9900 I was so upset it was a different battery and gave all my spare batteries to my friends. This product would be perfect for me!

I want this so bad. It makes the battery life much more acceptable and I can once again tout my 9900 without the need of carrying a charger and praying for a wall outlet.

and from the looks of it, it can charge other devices as well?! =O ! (and I have many micro usb thingermaboppers)

no price in the review - useless

clicking a link to the product which for some stupid reason redirects to the canadian crackberry store. - useless

I would use the extra battery constantly. As someone who works in politics, but loves a Blackberry phone, its tough to make continuous phone calls and text messages on the Bold 9900 without having it run out of battery quickly. An extra battery would come in very handy.

I would use it everyday and be able to remain on the move instead of tethered to a power outlet!

I would love this to help keep me going all day long, especially when I'm camping with my girl guides and may not have access to power for the weekend.

This extra battery bundle would be great for me at work. I don't always have access to an electrical outlet. With this, I could always have juice in my phone and another battery on the charger.

I wouldn't be constantly need to charge my battery everywhere i go and keep an extra wire in my car in case i need the charger somewhere else..

I got me a 9930 for christmas and this would be perfect for it. Plus, my wife keeps stealing my charger for her droid..

everytime i need to charge my battery, i tend to be reluctant to move away from the charging point, since the charger is the phone and i cannot get away from my phone. with this charging case, i can leave my depleted battery charging and still be able to move around with my phone.

This is probably the most important accessory to own. As a new 9930 owner, I am shocked that my battery wont make it all day so I need to have a charging cable at home, at work, in the car, ... OR I could get one of these! Problem solved...If I don't win it, I'll save my pennies!

This is a great accessory. I'd probably use it the same way that Obi posted by placing it on the desk along with the 9900 charging pod. It would also put an end to my habit of constantly checking battery levels throughout the day!

is it over? ;) My battery died and phone couldn't charge in time to post this by Sun Jan 1 midnight ...

if only I had this charging bundle, I would never miss any contest deadlines!

(in all seriousness, this is perfect for the road warrior who is constantly making calls, etc. you can carry this with your laptop and plug it in, charging your phone and/or spare battery while not on a call for example. Nothing hurts more than being on the road and finding out you're disconnected from the world because BB couldn't make a phone w/ a long lasting enough battery)

My Bold 9900 along with my Playbook could benefit from the extra charge!!! And I can use the extra time reading

It'd be a great product for me because I am addicted to my phone, take a lot of pictures, am on Twitter constantly, and generally kill my Bold 9900 battery after 6 hours or so. This would help me get through the nights and days without a charger in my pocket.

I use voice recorder and movies to maintain the integrity of the written notes taken at my many meetings attended daily. Not having to stress over battery availabliity, will keep my thoughts focused on the comments @ hand and will be a major life-saver throuought my hectic day,

Being able to recharge a low battery without losing connectivity would releive a lot of stress, the kind I have when only working with a single battery.

I hope I win this multi-charge unit, 'cuz it will keep my BB productivity maxed and I can focus more on the incredible tools and help-mates to make this my most productive BB phone ever.

i could totally use that since i travel a lot thats would be perfect to me so i dont have to run out of battery all the time