Review: BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9900/9930

Extra Battery Charging Bundle for the Bold 9900/9930
By ObiGeorge on 31 Dec 2011 02:44 pm EST

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I finally got myself a Bold 9900 a few weeks ago, and to my surprise (as with many others) the battery life didn't stand up to what I am used to with BlackBerry. On the plus side, BlackBerry users can always carry an extra battery and swap it out when necessary. But sometimes just getting an extra battery isn't enough. You would have to charge both batteries via your BlackBerry, and that could be time consuming and annoying. And frankly, I am too lazy for that. So instead of just grabbing an extra battery, I decided to go with the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle, which includes a standalone battery charger. It was a wise decision.

In the Box

Charging Bundle ContentsAs you would expect, this bundle comes with a standard JM1 battery and charging case. But as a nice added bonus, it also comes with a Micro-USB Y-Cable, allowing you too charge 2 devices from one cord. This, to me, makes the purchase worthwhile. I set it up next to my bed, where I normally charge my BlackBerry. And there is no need to take up anymore precious outlets to charge both my BlackBerry and my spare battery. One cord charges both, simultaneously. May not seem like a huge deal, but it makes my life easier, and supports my laziness.

Other Accessories to Compliment the Bundle

Charging Bundle and DockAs I said, I use this charging bundle at next to my bed where I normally charge my BlackBerry. But I have found it equally as useful at my desk, paired with my BlackBerry Bold 9000 Charging Pod. I am probably in my office more than my bed, and together they make for a perfect charging combo. Maybe I will just buy another charging bundle and keep one at both my bed, and my desk.

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Final Thoughts

Charging Bundle for the Bold 9900/9930Overall, this is a great buy for those who feel that their 9900 just doesn't hold enough charge, or for those like me, who are deathly afraid of their BlackBerry running out of juice. The included Y-Cable makes charging 2 batteries very convenient, and a great way to ensure your BlackBerry has plenty of power for the upcoming day(s).


  • Ease of use
  • High quality materials
  • Micro-USB Y-Cable included
  • Comes with OEM JM1 battery
  • Very convenient

Not So Awesome

  • Seems to only charge battery to 95%
  • Y-Cable could be a bit more flexible

More information and purchase of the 99xx Charging Bundle

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Reader comments

Review: BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9900/9930



I would hook up one end to my charging pod and one end to the battery charger. OEM accesories ftw! Happy New Year

My blackberry 9900 battery life is not good and i have been trying to find a way to increase my battery but having no luck. I would love to use this as it seems to be the perfect procedure to charge two batteries at once and would be used all day everyday!

This would be the perfect addition to my 9930, and I can't remember the last time winning anything anywear so please pick me! :)

Boldly sent from my 9930

this would be perfect for me as since my BB is always tethered to my PB, I need the ability to recharge once a day, this would take away the worry of a dead battery....would love to win this.

I'm a HUGE texting and music freak. This would be awesome to have cuz my battery drains pretty quickly cuz i almost always have my headphones in while texting!

This is exactly what I need at home, on my desk, getting me through the final hours of the day - extra juice!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!!

My battery life on my Bold 9930 (and Torch 9850) don't really last long that well. Especially for my Torch being my personal phone, and my 9930 being a work phone. But my 9930 lasts for about 11 hours (Emails, Facebook, BBM, and conference calls) and I don't always have the chance to charge my Bold. So this charging bundle would really be a great gift for me! So, count me in!

Thanks CB! :)

looks like a great help when you really need that extra 5 mins of life in ur phone. for example when youre out without access to a outlet.

This would be great for me when I'm on the road on the weekends, away from my family, without access to an outlet to charge my Bold. I can't make it an entire day w/o charging, so winning would be outstanding!

i'm usually not at a place for long to be able to charge my phone constantly, having this will let me keep an extra battery for me to replace when needed.

I wonder how many people that complain about battery life are still using the stock OS? Battery life has improved dramatically. However, I use my 9900 to give internet to others (OS7.1 is amazing) in this one room we always have meetings in (which also happens to be a wifi dead zone) and that does tend to eat the battery. This bundle would mean we could get through our 3-hour weekly meetings with internet for all. Hooray!

I have two batteries for my 9800 and its a pain to make sure they are both charged for sure. What a time saver this device is!! :)

This would be perfect to keep my Blackberry Playbook on line with extended battery life for the Blackberry Bridge!

I use my phone and Playbook all day, I am a Field Tech and am on the road with both my Blackbeery phone and Playbook

I would keep the extra battery juiced up so I could grab it on days when I'll be away from the charger for an extended period of time.

my 9930 isnt too bad on battery life, Im very careful to shut down progs Im not using. Still an extra charged battery is always a good idea.

i manage an AT&T store so it would be nice knowing that i have extra power when i work a double and still have enough power to last me while i go out later that night. also the ease of chargeing both batteries makes this more then worth buying.

extra battery with a y cable is genius! being able to not run out of juice just when I get separated from my buddies on the slopes would be quite nice as well :D

I would LOVE to have this, I often am away from a charger for an extended period of time at work and an extended battery is a must! Plus, being able to charge 2 batts at once is an added bonus!

I would use it every day at work so I am powered up all the time when I bridge my 9900 to my Playbook! Happy New Year!

I'm sure that I'm not going to wing this charger, couse I'm from Mexico. But i want to know how much does it cost?. I really need it!!! NOW

I travel alot for work, it would be great to have an extra battery and charger on the go, so I dot have to worry about my low battery when im somewhere I can charge.

Seeing as I'm now rolling with the thinnest BlackBerry ever which, unfortunately, sports one of the most inferior BlackBerry batteries ever, I could always have a fully-charged battery with this device. I would use it to always stay in touch with my peeps. This is a great idea for a contest giveaway!

My Blackberry 9900 is so great that use it all the time, and pair it with my playbook to check out Crackberry. More battery means more blackberry fun!

As I am on the road a lot, I would stick it into an outlet in the trunk of my car and know that I would always have a spare with me wherever I go. This would be a perfect setup for me.

Cool item. Would love to have to keep at my desk so I can grab and go on those days when I am stuck in client meetings all day and not at my desk with my 9900 in its charging pod, which unfortunately is often.

I need this in my life... please don't let me switch to an iPhone, this will save my battery woes... =P

i live in an older home with only 1 outlet in the bedroom. i use the top one for the space heater because again an older home with horsehair plaster leaks heat so its cheaper to heat the bedroom all night with the electric heater than waste oil. the bottom plug is for the 1 berry charger that i share with the wife. we can only charge 1 phone at a time on the charger while in the bedroom so i set my alarm for 3am so i can pull her phone off the charger and put mine on so we can both have a full battery in the morning.

this would make my sleeping habits and schedule a lot better.

This would be awesome for those long trips, lots of calls, and not enough time to plug in the phone! :)

Bold 9900 is the first blackberry I have get that had this issue i.e. potentially running out of juice before the day ends. I am a heavy user and I travel a lot. On roaming you will rapidly realize that you are running out of power and what is better than having an extra battery in you pocket.
This accessory is great as it will sit next to my pod and when the battery is charged I will keep it in my pocket yep I like the fact that the battery charging case can be also used as a case to transport. From there I will never be afraid to run out of juice ! thanks !

I LOVE my 9900. I use it for work AND personal purposes. However, my phone doesn't seem to last till the end of business day. I truly need this, thanks guys! You're awesome!

I would use this so that I could finally enjoy the speeds of 4G on my network! I am currently running on EDGE on such a sophisticated device. I was on EDGE when I had my Curve 8310, I need that 4G for my 9900!. Please CrackBerry pick me!!!!! #BlackBerryTeam4Life!

I use the same model for my 9860. it uses the same battery and it works great. I could use another one when I upgrade my other phone.

i could sooo use this! my battery is always dead by dinner. would keep it by the bed and be fully charged in the morn!

This would save me the headache and drama of my girlfriend bitchin
g about the electric bill every month! I am only at her place on the weekends and she swears because i am constantly charging my bold 9900, her bill has gone up! Please save me from this constant arguement!

How sweet would it be to finally play the games I want, bbm/text as much as I please and listen to music whenever I want? I always have to refrain from using my phone to get me through the day and having a sweet phone like this just isn't fair. Not to mention it'd be nice to have a working phone when I actually need it haha.

If I win I would have give it to my son! I got the 9900 for myself on boxing day and he some how claimed it to be his own! How do you say no to an 11 year old?
Sent from my 9810

Perfect for the road warrior with a non-road-warrior-worthy Bold. This should be in the box with the phone. But since it's not, winning one would be great. Count me in.

this product is great because you can save lots of time by charging your phone and the extra battery at the same time

ha everybody would love this :)

me too of course - does it count for other regions as well ? ;)

but i solve it with one battery at the moment but at least two chargers ;)

one at work and one at home plus i have one micro usb cable always carrying with me (not always but very often)

and loading my bold every minute i get the chance to do it.

ten minutes loading get me one up to two hour

***written with my playbook***
(I really know why i love my qwwetz bb so much ;) )

My 9900's battery life is definitely not on par with my previous devices'. Also, because it uses a different battery than the 9700 and 9000, I don't have a bunch of ready spares laying around. This would be very useful to me.

Happy New Year!

Keeping my 9930 charged is always a challenge. An extra battery and the charger with Y cable would be perfect.

Setting up for the million plus ppl and my batt is runnin low! Granted I won't get it before the ball drops, but I may use it to set up 2013 if I am not on bb 10 by then...!

I would love, love, love to win the charger bundle! I not only would uase it at home I would more than likely take it to work with me. It will help until I can get a high capacity battery.

This would compliment my charging pod quite nicely, I would use the same setup your using. Between wi-fi, bluetooth, and just everyday use, a single battery just doesn't cut it with the 9900, I'm used to plugging in wherever I go, but this would sure make my life a lot easier! Hook me up!!!

I travel a lot and really hit my BlackBerry hard when I'm on the road. The extra battery would help make sure I get through the day, and the y-cable would let me carry fewer extra chargers with me in my bag.

My battery life on 9860 don't really last long that well. Especially for my Torch being my personal phone, and my 9860 being a work phone. But my 9860 la@sts for about 9 hours (Emails, Facebook, BBM, and conference calls) and I don't always have the chance to charge my monza. So this charging bundle would really be a great gift for me! So, count me in!

If work sends me off again, this would be perfect, as I would be abroad for two to three months at a time.

Besides charging a phone and a battery, could this charge a phone and a Playbook?

Can the Playbook's charger be used before the Y to rapid charge?

Oh my bold so desperately needs this!!! My battery can't make it through a whole day at work unless I can get in the dock for a charge. I need the extra battery and charger!

This is just what I need! When I'm at work, my battery drains horribly b/c of the signal in the building! I have to charge my phone repeatedly! This package would be a GREAT gift and would be highly appreciated!

This would be perfect for when I go fishing/camping. I wouldn't have to conserve my battery to get it to last me a couple days.

Would love to have one of these! I've been watching the Boxing Week sales for the price to come down but sadly, no luck. \this would be a definite asset to keep at home by the bed. Perfect to swap to a fresh battery when I come home from work.

This bundle would ensure that I could surf Crackberry non stop and not have to ever worry about battery juice.

I make my living on the water and don't have access to power. An extra battery and a way to charge it would be comforting when it's getting dark and the motor won't start...

I'd include it with my 9900 for sale. Sorry guys, I'm jumping ship! Please don't start a discussion here about that. The thread is for the contest.

would love to have this, always great to have a spare battery(when i actually buy a 9900! fingers crossed soon) would be so convenient. leave it plugged into the comp and always have a source for charging and syncing. hate having my device tethered so just use the fully charged spare and be free!!

This is a very useful product for those who are hard on batteries. I do wish it was available as just the charger, without an extra battery. Highly recommended, especially since it comes right from RIM themselves!

This has to be the most wonderful accessory ever made for the Bold 9900! Please enter me in the contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well first things first..........i got nothing for chrismas........and having one of the loneliest and cpappiest new years ever ever....... and my bold 9900 dies every 4-6 hours i usally have to chrage it twice of even 3 times a day....... i just wish i could buy this i dont have a money..... hope i win <3 god bless

Oh Oh Pick Me Pick Me Oh Oh

I have been using 2 batteries since my office burned down this week - having to work remote - its a pain to charge the battery - pull it and stick the other dead one in and charge that one...... it would be so much easier.... what a way to end 2011 . . . . .

I'm happily maintaining two batteries for my 9780, charge one during the day and the other during the night, swap them out when needed.

Sure, my phone's battery cover is probably going to wear out more than others, but at least I'm not running out of juice any time soon and always have a backup.

Supper deal, now I could actually go on a hiking trip without the worry of my battery being depleted before I had made the round trip.

My 9930 is great but my battery life is terrible. I could use the J series charger bundle to finish out the day. Thanks

oooohhhh gimme gimme gimme
i need this like a kid with asthma needs his puffer
....... i have asthma

Would love one of these for my new 9930! I do a lot of work and need my phone to constantly be kept in touch with and it's the ultimate communcation device so this charger bundle would be great to have (:

I would use this battery to help my phone get through a long day of school. Usually with web-surfing/note-taking along with email and bbm my phone is in the red by 3pm. It would also help with my new playbook that will be bridged to my 9900. Thanks!

I can use this to charge not only my phone, but even use it as an extending battery for my playbook! Always wanted to have an external battery source of some sort.

Would love to have an extra battery. Cause my usb port broke 2 weeks ago and I need to use an external battery charger every time I want to charge so an extra battery is a must. If I don't win I'll have to buy.

I like all other 9900 users need one of these... Please pick me! I'm tired of constantly charging this thing!

Having a VZW 9930 and running on this bad network, always switching from 3g to 1x eats my battery alive. it would be nice to know what this phone is REALLY capable of with a decent amount of juice...and besides with the Y charger laziness is part of the fun!

I always get my BB accesories from crackberry, so this will be added to my collection of great products from them. For my lifestyle, this charger would definately simply my life a little when it comes to charging my phone and the spare battery. Being a college student, I'm always in and out, doing my papers or homework on the go on my BB, so I tend to lose juice very easily. So this charger would be perfect to use in the dorm and in between classes or before going out; its a peace of mind knowing that if my battery is low or about to die, that I have one waiting that is already charged and ready to go! :)

This would be a much needed addition as I run multiple emails and overseas transaction through my Blackberry 9930 on a daily bases. This would make life that much more simple. On that note happy new year!

Would love to have this while travelling. Could keep me connected without having to worry about being without my 9930.

I want this so I can maintain continuous web surfing and music listening, after winning I would then place the second battery in a holster on my side and become the faster battery switcher in all of North America.....

When I go on long trips I would love to have two spare batteries charged fully so I can always access!

i would love to have a shot on gettin this one coz really i cant go back on the iphone and androids. the bold 9900 is the best blackberry i owed hands down but the battery is really killing me specially when im working =( im an new york state EMT and i need the battery for my 12 hrs shift! hopefully i get or not....great review =) happy new year!

I'm lucky to make it home with any battery left at all. I would leave it right by my bed where I charge my 9900 each night. That way I can fall asleep reading.

Battery life of my 9900 isn't as horrible as I'd feared, but it still isn't what I was hoping for after the stellar performance of my 9700. Pick me please!

I desperately need this for my home and office. Reception is horrible both places. I have 3 batteries but it is hard to get them all charged quickly. Winning this would be heaven. Hope my luck is good in 2012.

After receiving an extra battery as part of the warranty exchange, I can take it out the drawer and charge it with this! My battery life sucks with both batteries. Obviously a phone issue...I need this!

I would use this bundle to be sure I had a charged battery all the time. I use my 9900 for work and the battery runs down quick.

This will definitely come in handy next semester of college when I have 8 hour days, not including the bus ride to and from campus.

It would really help me out a lot! Really sucks having to charge the battery while it's in the phone. This charger looks sick!

since im a heavy bb user and have teathering(mobile hotspot) on at all times and constant use of bluetooth and the horrible battery life of the 9900\30 i will use this to have multiple batteries charged and ready for use at all times

I really need this for my 9900. I have an extra batt but need the external charger to charge both at the same time. I really hope I can win this.

I'd like to have one just so when I don't have to keep my 9900 connected to my car charger every time I get in it.

i was thinking of buying one of these.
having one on my nightstand would get me through the day without problem.

please let me win.

Pick me!!!

This would keep me on the move thru the hours of conference calls several times a week!!

My bold 9900 battery life sucks, especially when you go to dental school from 8-5 everyday and then have to go to study at the library till 10, this would make my life a bit easier !

This would be perfect. My battery is nearly dead by the end of the day and I don't always have enough time to charge it before I go out for the night. Unfortuantely there have been many times when my poor Bold has been useless on my nights out.

I bought 2 spare batteries from and it is a pain to charge them, I would love this Accessory!!!!

Although my Bold 9900 has a good battery, this would PERFECT for my travels! Never would go dead! :) Happy New Year!

becausw im taking the time out of my new years jam to stress how important battery life on my 99 is, come on bb bold 2012!

I can't imagine not wanting this! I have an extra battery & charger that I keep in my car for the 9000. I would love to do the same for my soon to be new 9900!!

I'm a pretty heavy user on my 9900. As this charges two at a time, I can take both with me when I'm out and pop in a fully juiced battery while the one I'm using gets low. My signal is always low which drains the battery even more.

I love my 9900, best phone ever; however, the battery life suckkks! I get ~10hr battery life and have a 2 hour roundtrip commute every weekday -- thus my phone shuts off on my way home if i dont recharge it before then. I would have an awesome new year rockin this J series charger so as to always have two charged batteries and a lot less reliance upon USB cords, car chargers and wall chargers.

I would really love to get this please! :D My 9900 always dies in the middle of the day, and it would be sooo awesome to get it for free, since it's not even available in my country.

My battery lasts only until 5 which is great for business but horrible for my personal life! I would love this.

I have had a great battery experience with my 9930, but I have OCD about always having emergency battery life. I do keep a spare battery with me now, but when I switch out the dead battery for the replacement, I'm left with a dead back up until I can charge the current back to 100%, then replace with dead battery and charge that one back to 100% all through my phone. With this charging bundle I would always have one battery in phone, one fully charged back up with me (in a fitted protected case), and one at home already fully charged for the next day. I would never have to worry about a dead Bold again.

Vehicle kicked the bucket and phone battery drained while still working and waiting for lift. Extra battery would have been great.

I would use this on my trips! I'm always traveling and using the GPS on my phone. This will definitely come in handy!

I would have it by my bedside every night while charging my phone AND I would take the whole bundle along with me throghout the day just to be on the safe side.

Yeehaaa, I got bb chargers placed almost everywere! This charger would allow me to recharge a second battery without modifying my setup :) great stuff!

I would love to win this because the battery life is bad on my 9900 and it limits me from using my phone to it's maximum potential without blowing the battery off! Thanks CB!

Working 2 Shifts makes having a spare battery for my 9930 a necessity, this would make life much more convenient in keeping my spare battery charged

this would make my life easier... a lot easier. i have long working days and i find myself running out of juice on my 9900 pretty often lately.

This is perfect! As a nursing working mom my phone really only charges for a few hours because it's also used for work (clearly), as a baby log (nursing, changes, act) and also for my everyday twitter junky self. Needless to say my phone rarely gets a break and is dead far to often.

really how manytimesdo you have to post to actually win something? anyways, Happy new year crackberry and #bebold in 2012

What power user couldn't use this? I often need to carry my charger to plug in throughout the day. This would fix this for me.

Would love to get this and give to my girlfriend who always end up with a dead battery. This way, we can always be in touch! :)

i changed from bold 9780 to 9900 and i am very heavy bb user. with the 9780 i use to charge only at night before sleeping but with the 9900 the battery hardly lasts for the day and most of my time i am out of the office so charging my bb is not an option an extra battery that can be charged simultaneously with my phone is exactly what i need

wow, this would be amazing to win!! im currently suffering of a device that wont last one whole business day, i keep all my connections on and it simply drains my battery! i keep the vzw on (obviuosly), keep the wifi on since i gave up my unlimited data since upgrading to my bold9930 (had storm2 9550) and since im in and out of wifi networks it doeant make sense to be disabling then enabling it, and i keep my bluetooth always on so the playbook and/or allerta inpusle smartwatch stay as you see im always suffering from a drained device. if i win this device, i'll keep it on my nightstand so it can have the batt charger and the 9930 cradle always connected and charge over nighr. during the day i'll simply take the 9930 w/ batt case + batt ready to replace the drained battery. please hook me up crackberry!!!

HI I work on the road and I use my BB for email, conference calls, regular calls txt, when I am running around between customers and meetings, my battery drains fairly quickly on my 9900, bummer!! SO I am always looking for a place to plugin to charge!!
So having this, I would plug it in overnight when i go bed and have enough juice to carry me over till I get home with no issues.

Thanks for the opportunity Crackberry!!

Oh I REALLY need this for my 9900!!! Battery life drives me insane sometimes! RIM made a good device, but they opted for crappy battery life. Arg....

I run out of juice so fast with my 9930, this bundle would relieve a lot of stress during each frantic day at work!

I would use this regularly.
My battery doesn't last me through a day in the office and I often have to rely on a USB cable to charge up my 9900 constantly.
This would help to reduce my reliance on my charger mid-day through my work day

It is very convenient for me cos my 9900 battery is so weak,i must charge it every 12h so i want this.Thanks so much !

I could definitely use the 9900 charging bundle. If I start work early in the day and wish to listen to any music during the day while working I will arrive home on fumes. If I don't go home after work or spend enough time in the car to give her a decent charge, she won't make it until the wee hours.

Without this charging bundle there is no way my 9900 would make it through a day. It hasn't managed it yet. This is pretty much a necessity in order to use this phone. Plus, it is a pretty generous contest from CrackBerry!

pls give it to me! My Bold is running out of juice daily and i can't get one her in germany, because shipping alone would be 45$ to my place :(

doesn't matter if 9900 has a poor battery life. it's an awesome device and i love it! and this kit would really make it better!

Always need a spare battery for my 9900. Great phone but needs a little bit more juice for the day. This will keep me ready for the whole day!

my 9900 battery is not even lasting till 8pm a night! i would love to have this new charger bundle! happy new year!

i would use this product Daily !!! BB Power User ! and a Full Charge lasts me less than a third of my day : ( Never Won anything before ! this would be a good 1st prize : ) Hook me up CB team !!! im on here everyday

i would leave them at work, charge both batteries and use them till next day. alternating between the 2

i am a firefighter on the 24 hour shift. this bundle would be great to ensure that i have my bb to use all day long in the field!

I would use this in place of my generic extra battery charger, which sometimes breaks at the contacts and I have to solder it to fix it....

Perfect New Years gift. Thanks CB! I would use it so that I don't have to charge my Torch 9860 by early evening.

... i have the wall charger at home.. i'd leave the standalone charger in the office with one (of three) of my spare batteries.. hence i have power wherever I go...

Well one of my new year resolutions was to get my Bold 9930...check! This year is all about keeping things as simple as possible, so why do I need one? Because I have a blackberry bold would I use it? In a very bold way!!! Happy new year to all...∞

I would use it to keep my BB 9930 running longer!!
Well, well, well, will my 9930 battery problems be solved with this charging bundle???
Hope so! Thanks CrackBerry! Happy New Year!!

Wow, the Y cable would rock as I use my PlayBook charger for my Bold 9900 as well so this would allow me to be sure to never be out of battery on both devices.

I've been watching this accessory ever since I got my new 9900 but it's a little out of my budget for the moment, been trying to catch a deal, but have yet to find one so winning it would rock!