Quick Review: BHive Tasks 4.0

By Alicia Erlich on 18 Nov 2011 11:40 am EST

My day job mandates that I be productive and organize my bosses to the best of my ability. While I may be able to keep track of their to-dos and schedule, when it comes to my own, however, I'm literally a mess. This stems all the way back to college when I was known as the post-it note queen by my roommate. I just couldn't bring myself to use an organizer which gathered dust in the corner. I'd put them everywhere: on the TV, on the wall, and even on my laptop. Same goes at work too, stickies everywhere including on the case of my beloved BlackBerry. I realized I needed to wean myself off my paper addiction and to go cold turkey I decided to check out BHive Tasks by High Velocity IT Inc. 

BHive Tasks is a productivity application available for BlackBerry smartphones that enhances and works in conjunction with the native Task app (it will not work if you deleted the app for more memory). It allows you to create and customize tasks a number of ways and is available for most devices running OS 4.2 and higher. Let's just take a look at a few of the many features included.


BHive startup screen

When you first look at BHive it sports a clean, simple and user-friendly interface. It is divided into four tabs: Due, Category, Priority, and Status. This allows you to easily locate and filter through your tasks without having to scroll through each and every one. In addition, you can configure the startup screen to open on any one of these tabs.


BHive synchronization 

If you add a task or create a new category in BHive it pops up in BlackBerry tasks and vice versa. All of the required fields are duplicated in this application so you still have your categories, recurrence options, reminders, etc. This means if you're like my boss and syncs his Tasks with Outlook they'll port over as well. It also means tasks are viewable on your PlayBook.

Mass updates and tasks creation

BHive Mass tasks creation 

BHive goes one step further by allowing you to modify and create multiple tasks at a time. For instance you can input reminders for all of your bills or a bunch of items at once. You will need to go through each one if there are different due dates though. In addition, you can select all of your tasks at once and modify their category or folder without painstakingly opening each one.


BHive shortcuts 

One of the things I really love about this program are the shortcuts. Without a doubt it is one of the best features of this application and what drew me to it in the first place. Not only are shortcut keys embedded into the program but even when entering a new task. Using their own form of shorthand you can enter in the due date, reminders, priority and folder name automatically when you hit enter.

BHive Autopopulate 


  • Universal search by name or keyword
  • Assign multiple categories to a task
  • Change font size
  • Import / export tasks via email to share or backup
  • Synchronization - Task Application / Outlook
  • Import emails / text messages / calendar entries as one task or one task per line


  • Price $8.99
  • No option to view tasks in calendar
  • No duplicate task option only create multiple similar ones


Average rating 4.5/5 stars in Blackberry App World 

BHive Tasks is a top notch productivity tool that seamlessly integrates with your native tasks applications to not only deliver much needed functionality but reduces the number of steps when entering or filtering through tasks as well. It helps me stay on top of things without resorting to my post-it note madness. Before, I used to introduce my to-do methods as organized chaos. With this app I'm leaning towards a little more organized and a lot less chaos. Now I have no excuse for my laziness. It's just the thing for those of us who need better organizational skills.

You can pick up BHive Tasks 4.0 at BlackBerry App World for $8.99 and a free trial is available. For a limited time it's currently on sale for $4.99. 

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Reader comments

Quick Review: BHive Tasks 4.0


I'm using build-in Tasks app. Serves my purpose for the most part but I wish RIM added more functionality to it.

Lets say you needed an app to list your grocery list and check them off while you shop would this be the one to use?

I use it every day. super app. Much better then the built in task app, I can look ahead 5 months with a few clicks and the interface is so much better with everything listed in one screen.
its worth 8.99 but on sale now for 4.99 its a must have.

I was using RoleCall tasks for my blackberry 9780 when I came across this app last week. I use my bb9780 to manage my daily tasks every day so I've looked at and bought a lot of task apps. This app is the best task app I've ever come across. The user interface is very simple to use and looks great.
The app is very fast and syncs to my outlook tasks so when I go back to the laptop, the tasks are all updated.
You can create multiple tasks very, very quickly and its an awesome feature as there are times when I want to get everything out of my head and into separate tasks and this is an easy way to do it.
Its also very easy to sort the tasks by date, priority, and even keywords (so for eg. I an look at only all the calls I have to make in a day by searching the word 'calls'!
I give this app 5 stars and its well worth the $8.99 although its a no brainer at $4.99, the price today...

Last thing is.. Please build this app for the Playbook!!! :)
I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Please checkout BHive Tasks for BB10, which will be available just in time for the BB10 launch. It's a complete redesign for BB10.