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Review: Ballistic Endo Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810

Ballistic Endo Case Holster Clip
By Alicia Erlich on 16 Oct 2011 02:51 pm EDT

Contest: Win a Free Ballistic Endo Case for your BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810. Leave a single comment to this post for your chance to win!

To be honest, I'm brutal on my BlackBerrys. They've been dropped in the street and bounced off all kinds of floors. Needless to say I've gone through quite a few since owning the Torch 9800 probably because I am a chronic klutz and hate using pocketbooks. it's a horrible combination but I prefer having my device holstered on my hip then packed away in a bag. While it makes my load lighter it increases the chance of serious injury to my BB. So I went for the case/holster combo.

The Ballistic Endo Case for the Torch 9800/9810 is a tough, durable case that when paired with the holster offers maximum protection for your device. Unlike other cases that use small tabs to adhere to the Torch's slider, this case uses a unique glide rail system. What this means is that it connects to itself, not your device. It's sturdier than other cases whose top cover easily pops off during regular use.

Also, and this could just be me, but I'm always breaking off the tabs that secure the top piece in place. Even though this falls off too, there's nothing to break off and it hasn't cracked yet. I don't have to request a warranty replacement or purchase another case just to replace the broken part. The glide rails are a little stiff (gotta snap it open quick) but I see how this keeps the mechanism safe from wear and tear.

While on one hand the case itself is strong and protects against drops and scratches, the holster needs improvement. I've used other holsters before and none of them are as weak as this. It has nothing to do with the strength of the holster but with the hinge that locks in the device. It barely clears the top which causes even the slightest amount of pressure to knock the device out of the belt clip. I don't forsee it lasting after repeated use. 

It adds a bit of heft to the device which all heavy duty cases tend to do. Unlike the Otterbox Commuter Series Case, the back is not sticky or slippery so it stays in your hand with a firm grip. There are openings for all the ports which is great because it prevents it from being too tight but also lets in dust and dirt. I have small fingers and the right convenience key feels a little awkward being partially blocked by the side rails. 

The one thing I asbolutely adore is that there is NO FREEZING. I repeat, this case will not lock up, freeze, or otherwise jam up your device requiring multiple battery pulls to fix. While other cases, like the Seidio Innocase Active, can be too tight and press on the lock button or keyboard this is snug without the hassle. Definitely a huge plus in my book and one I'm sure you'll apprecicate.


  • Glide rail design - makes for easy removal / protects top cover from breaking
  • Firm, non-slip grip due to textured back
  • Easy access to all ports including charger
  • Sleep magnet in holster
  • Strong, durable case
  • Custom fit case that isn't too tight
  • Does not freeze device


  • Clip is weak
  • Boxy design
  • Ports not flush because of rails / no covers
  • Textured bumps need getting used to


Case 4/5 
Holster 3/5 
ShopCrackBerry average rating 3/5


All in all this is a pretty solid case. It has a polycarbonate internal skeleton and is not flimsy at all, so no worries about it shattering into a million pieces when dropped. After a few drop tests (more than what you see above), there was only minimal damage to one corner. Not bad if you ask me. It withstood repeated drops on the ground without cracking or breaking. While it's a little thick around the keyboad it's worth it just for the glide rails alone. This is a great case to add to your collection and one of the top heavy duty cases I've used so far. If they would just improve the holster this would be perfect. 

You can purchase the Ballistic Endo case for just $29.95 (regularly $34.99) at ShopCrackBerry.com.  

Contest: To win a Ballistic Endo case just leave a comment to this post and let us know why you need this case to protect your Torch 9800/9810. Contest ends tonight at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment.

More information / purchase Ballistic Endo Case for Torch 9800/9810

More Photos of the Ballistic Endo Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810

Ballistic Endo Case


Ballistic Endo Case Textured Back


Ballistic Endo Case Holster 




So it's supposed to fall apart when dropped?


After reading the rest of the comments here, no one else but you and I noticed that. I would stay clear of this case after seeing it fall apart like that.

The Consigliere

That's the FIRST thing I noticed, I thought this was a video of how this case wasn't any good because it kept popping off, guess I was wrong! Great, so the case holds up, too bad after it popped off the Torch went sliding across the concrete, lol. So your case stays scratch free when dropped but your $500 phone looks like hell? Awesome.


seriously. I am floored that there are so many comments and yet this seems to not even pop into so many peoples minds. This junk case falls apart every time. Your phone will get damaged once it is ejected from the case!!! This case is awful. The video does not address this.


one of the things that sucks about owning a Torch is that most cases end up poping off on impact. I think there were 1 or 2 cases mentioned in the forums where the top and bottom lock to prevent that.

Mr Bigs

How the Hell is this considered good ? This is the same experience I had with Seidio on my Storm. The best type of protection is a case that slides on from top to bottom in two pieces and not front to back. The woman in this video need to get smacked for this B.S !!!!


I've had the Otterbox Commuter Series on my Torch 9800 since February and the bottom piece has NEVER popped off when dropped. I work in construction, hence why I needed a durable case that would protect my phone when dropped not if dropped, and even the top piece has only popped off once and that was on the 2nd bounce. How the entire case popping off can be considered "good" is beyond me.


I've been wanting a new case for my naked torch!


I need a case, I can't stop dropping my Torch and I have some small scratch marks on it now :(


Please chose me :) I need one. :)


i just bought one, but a backup wouldn't hurt. count me in


I'd love to get this case~


Nice case, it looks pretty strong


Hey CB! I got a new 9810 (Love!) And gave my 'old' 9800 (with cases) to my daughter. I would be thrilled to win a case for my (white) 9810. Please, please, please choose me!! Thanks much!!


Please enter me for this drawing.


i need a new case like that


Pretty sure my white 9800 will attract black 9800's wearing this sleek case, she'd be hard to scratch upon ;)


My friend has a 9810. She could use this case haha


i think id be worried if the case keeps popping off and the torch lands face (screen first) on the ground. ouch.


Looks great. Hope I get it


Would be great to win...thanks!


Had my 9800 since Apr and on third Otterbox need something different would love one please


Im too clumsy at times when I cant be!
My torch has gone through better days.


My torch needs the case badly..especially my kids drop it


I'd sure take one, Ive been dropping my new 9810 already, dont want it to look like my 9800, it literally had chunks missing out of the besel.


I would love this for my 9810....I hate that the tabs break off my cover tops. This sounds
Ike just what I need!


I used Otter box, currently on my 3rd case. Would like to try this one as apparently the choice I made isn't working too well. Think its almost time for another new case.


Wow, this is so cool. Amazing what people can think of. Absolutly love it. Will have to find myself one of these! A white one would look great on my white 9800. Thanks for the info / ad!
BB Regards,
Danel ;-)


i feel like I'm due ;)


I SO need this case!!!


Pick me!!!!!! My 9800 needs protection.


there isnt a case yet that can keep that top cover on for the torch i'll try it still


Yes please. I need that for my 9800


Cool... Please pick me... my 9810 needs some clothes for protection


Hi, I wrote this on my 9800!


My 8 momth old Torch is beginning to show scratches Want to prevent new ones from showing up


looks bad azz for my 9810


I have tried several cases for my Torch,this looks like the ultimate case for protection for my baby.I would love to slap this case on my BB permenantly to keep it safe.Thanks


Just a heads up, it's definitely not. If anything, go with the agf case


Be carefull of what cases like these due to your phone when dust gets inside. It acts like sand paper and will scratch the protected surfaces of your phone that the case covers. Especially in the front. So unless it has a rubber or velvet texture on the inside you will be very disappointed when you take the case off for the first time and see how badly it scratched the phone's chrome parts. It also losens the slider so when you take the case off you may have more "wiggle" in the slider. Not saying for sure that this brand will do that but the expensive one I bought did.


Huh... 9810's in the mail. I sold my 9800 a while ago, cases and such included, so this would be nice. I guess... haha. Thanks guys


Ooh I gotta have this! Please Crackberry, pick me!! Thanks and good luck to everyone!


I chipped the corner of mine. I could do with one of these to prevent further damage.


I could definitely use this case as I'm always dropping stuff.


I could use this case!

Good luck everyone! :)


I still recommend the Seidio clip holster over all others. It's solid and it fits the 9800/9810 perfectly. It's the 3rd clip holster of theirs I've used and they've all been great.

(Don't enter me in the contest. I'm now rocking with a Bold 9900.)


That does not look like a very good case - you drop it, falls off, then your phone lands face flat onto the concrete once it falls out of the case...?

Theres cases that will protect far better (Otterbox)


Thanks. And, yes, I'd like one.


this would be great for my brother's phone!


I would love one. Thank you.


Already dropped my 9800 a few times, scratching it up a bit. Would like to keep my upcoming 9810 safe from day one.


Help me keep mine safe


I really really need one!


I need a new case for mine, the Innocase is getting worn in a few spots.


Guys.. i need it!!!!!!!


Wouldn't mind getting this one.

Steven Friedmann

I'd love to win the Endo case fir my 9810!


I need a new case.. that's it! :p


I wouldn't mind one of theses please


Count me in, always up for a free case!!


I need a cover in the worst way....


Would love one for my Torch 9800. I need the casing as i do alot of sports and am constantly hammering it. I need something sturdy that can withstand the punishment of either dropping or being thrown around in the gym bag.


that would be perfect for my torch


I need this case! Looks 'dog proof' and that is what i need - my last leather case was way too chewable... :-(


Much nicer than the commuter, choose me please.


Pick me. Kind of obvious why people need this... to protect their torch.


Just got my phone, need to dress it!


Great demo. Now that is a reason to get one.


I have been looking for something like this that really does hold my Torch and I've spent enough money on ones online that don't fit right when I get them.


Would love the case. My wife keeps breaking all of the ones we buy.


What happened to the claims of the top bezel of the case not falling off because of the rails? Wouldn't it be funny if I got the case? I don't even want it. Cmon crackberry!


I would love this !!! I have the GRT, and the regular ENDO and both are fantastic!!! I like this one however because it is all black.. Thanks cb !!!

the brother

I have been desperately looking for a clip case solution for my 9810! I always thought there should be a way to adapt newer style berries to a form factor similar to my 7360 or 8700r devices. Those ones were indestructable!

Thanks for this great contest!


Would really like to win this case for my new 9810


I have a white 9810 and love it!

Having this case would protect from everyday accidents, we all have accidents so I could really use one.


I will be getting the 9810 from T-mobile as soon as it hits on November 9, which the day before my birthday. This case would make a nice birthday present.


Seidio makes quality cases- I could really dress up my naked 9810


Need one for my Torch 9810


Count me in, would love to win a case :)


meeeee. ive had my 9810 for 3 days and dropped it twice already


i am always dropping my new BB(9810) and the BB pouch has been able to keep it safe but, i don't know for how long


i need a case for my 9800 since i have been walking around with my 9800 in fath that, nothing bad will happen to my beloved BB


Though I don't own the 9800, I've owned sliders in the past and it is impossible to find a case which doesn't pop off when dropped. Which is why after having owned a slider, I would never go back. Candybar/slab is the only way to go for me.


what better way would there be for me to protewct mty 9810? other than this? thast why i want one


Exactly what I need for my new 9810.


Want. After one drop with my phone in an Otterbox case, the back and front cover cracked and was unusable. I'd love to try this one.


Would take a new one for my Torch! Thanks!


i just simply like this case. i have an otterbox for now and this will be a good compliment to my otterbox for my 9800


I just broke my cheap case and I would love to have a durable case to protect my phone.

Wireless Gadget

Balistic Endo case = Armor

Sorry Otterbox, it's better than your 9800 case, I know, I have the AGF variant from HiTFAR


This is the case I've been looking for. I've been after an old school style holster that doesn't use a clip and the durability just makes it better!


I need decent case like this. I have been kept dropping the Torch and my phone has bunch of streches on the edges...;; Save me from my clumsiness!


id like one dont have case for my torch 9800 :(


it look like a good case i like the video especially with it beeing done one then one time


Nice! I think I need this! Previously I've done horrible things to my BB ;p


Otterbox was only good for so long, I could use a better case.


Considering how the case seemed to afford the BlackBerry absolutely NO PROTECTION, I'd say the reviewer was overly generous. The case just fell apart on impact and the device ended up contacting the ground regardless. 0/5. Sorry...


I need a case, pick me please!


I don't have a Torch, but if I did, this would the LAST case I'd get for it...I'd be more apt to watch out for my surroundings then get this case.


F*@k that !! If my blackberry bold 9930 got scratched after the crappy case, I would cry !!!
OtterBox all the way for everything.


I know I need and deserve this case more than anyone else posting. I have the regular agf case and it failed me and my torch. After 3mths. So obviously I was to rough or clumsy and need the more advance case for the new torch that I will have to get. Besides maybe only 2 other posters have made a case for why they need it. So go ahead and send it my way. ;)


I would like to be a winner, because I never win anything.


IT is good to have this one on my torch 9810's


I need the case so my new 9810 wont break when the wife throws it at me. Im not sure but i may be in an abusive relationship, the case would make everything better.


save my bbm from breaking.


I could use a case for my 9810.


Thank u crackberry.. :)


Count me in! I could use a case for my naked Torch! Thanks CB for having the contest!


I been trying to find a case that offers the best protection, but also a good fit. I would love to win this one to try a new case especially one with a top piece the doesn't mess with the slide mechanism.


I'd love to have this case. :D


CrackBerry Newbie for ever


I had my otterbox since I purchased it but after like a few weeks I dropped it and one of the clip parts broke, smh. I've done a good job not dropping it but I'd rather be safe than sorry


Nice. I use the Barely There case, and has nicks from a time I dropped it on the tile at home. Also, the first Barely There case top broke after carrying my phone in my pocket. I could not use the 9800 BB leather case any more once I put the the other cover.


I need this case for my 9800 because I am on the go all the time for work, not just juggling my phone, but a playbook and a laptop for work. My torch is my life line and want to keep it safe and secure. This would be ideal, a stylish looking case with the protect all in one. Way to Ballistic!!


Enough protection for a slider phone


I'm not posting this comment to win this case. I do not want to win it.
The case falls apart, on concrete, every time. When the phone gets off the case, and flies horizontally.. it is still susceptible to scratches.

Granted the phone itself doesn't break. But aren't cases supposed to guard the phones from scratch marks as well?


There isn't much protection out there. I would love it for my 9800.


I need one to stop one of my 4 kids getting to my phone and dropping it, so this would be fantastic for me!


My Torch already has nicks and dings and at the rate my kids are going it'll be splattered soon - save my Torch!


great review. good luck to all.


Nice hope i can win one of these


i want this case!! please hook me up


I am still looking out for a nice cover.


want one. had a few drops already, thanks God, caught my torch by foot (not actually caught, but definitely lowered the drop height).


yes please..............Sent from my 9810


It looks to be not a good protection but Free is always welcome


This would be better than the body glove case I have now. good luck all.


would love to win one,need to save what's left of my torch,it falls too often and i have some scratches here and there!


i would like to have one. please....


i have a torch 9800. and i really want this. pick me please!!!


My Wife needs this really badm. Her Torch has taken way too many spills.


I would like a case with holster that has. Sleeper mag so I can keep my bb in mint condition :)


Looks great! I want one yesterday!


Just got a White 9810 this weekend. Would love a case like this for it.


I could so use this for my Torch 9810...please!!!!


i'm on my fifth case between the 9800 & 9810. in less than a year.
1. mobi - red
4 incipio

keep breaking the top snap on

Need a new one to prevent dings & scratches on the new 9810..



Looks very nice.....Good luck!!


I'de like to have it because...well, because I actually haven't it :)
Count me in, please :)

the gup

I have returned 3 different cases and maybe this one will do the trick!!! so please pick me and I hope this will be my last case.


My Torch needs protection!


Even taking into consideration the case is supposed to fall apart., I would still like one for my fancy white 9810. I am planning on getting the Invisible Shield put on my phone as soon as possible to maintain it's appearance.

At first I thought the design was well implemented. Having the case fall apart exerts excess energy which prevents the Torch itself from absorbing the entire impact. The fact that your Torch ends up flying several feet away from you upon impact has me skeptical.

I believe it will be a great case nonetheless. I am careful with my tech and don't forsee to many "accidental" discharges.


I would love this case for my 9800 as I have dropped my a few times!


As I look at this I see it would also solve my issue with my phone sliding out of my jackt pocket and I can't find it down in the seat of my car. Help me. I soo need this case


I just recently dropped mine so I guess a new case is in order (my old one broke recently...not from that drop either...I just didn't get around to replacing it yet. Hope I win.

mohawk apple

The wife could use this ;-)


i really could use one of those


Nice case, my lady could use this.


This would be perfect for me. I drop my torch 9810 more times than I can remember.


i can use one of these for my ego


very nice case, it's useful to protect my Torch


Thanks for the review, and the contest.


My current case pops off when i drop my phone (waay too often). Amazingly, the phone is still in great condition. I think enough of the impact making the case pop is absorbed to protect the phone itself from catastrophic impact.


WE need a very good protective cover for the Torch 9800 because it is used in all kinds of environments


Blackberry's are pretty tough, but a case can only help. Would love to have one.


This is a great device. I want one for my Torch, whether free or by purchase.


dropped my phone from a 4 story balcony twice, i need a case like this


Well I will just say I need this because it can only save my phone from getting broken again and again.


could this prevent a major damage on the internal parts? shock proof cases sometimes fail to protect the inner parts from impacts