Review: Baby GO! for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 29 Jun 2010 09:15 am EDT
Baby GO!

Baby GO! is a safe child entertainment/educational application for your BlackBerry. They’re so cute! Their eyes twinkle when they spot a new and exciting thing. The look of absolute joy emblazoned across their drooling little faces, as they get their new toy in their hands, is so adorable. Am I talking about a baby or a BlackBerry user? Both actually. It seems as though the BlackBerry screen just catches a child’s eyes and won’t let go- they’re compelled to touch it. In the past, I’ve installed all types of media for our son when he was younger. The fear of drool/water damage was always in the back of my mind, so we usually held the BlackBerry for him. Now that he’s older, it’s time for him to be more interactive with the BlackBerry. While drool is no longer a factor, I worried about him changing or deleting items or worse- accidently emailing Kevin and saying “ejtna4lt4nrdfgbsdf,m.gnet3”.

Baby GO! provides your child with hours of entertainment. They are taught letters, numbers and animals, without having access to any other BlackBerry functions. It’s great to have when in a pinch; I’ve seen it used while in line for a sale. Anyone with a child in their lives should check this out.

About Baby GO!

About Baby GO! Baby GO! was developed by Zeebu Mobile; who has developed two versions of the application; the free Baby Go! and the premium Super Baby GO! (we’ll go over that later). They also have Peek-a-Go, which is a peek-a-boo type game. Baby GO is currently in version 1.1.10 and has a file size of 460.4kb. The application requires you to download activities for the child to use, so the application actually goes beyond the file size.

Baby GO! download activity
prepare for fun

The application will definitely attract youngsters with its bright colours and brilliant design. Baby GO is aimed towards newborns to 2 years old (though older kids seem to like it). Parents do need to set up Baby GO before handing their BlackBerry over. In order to get out of the applications play mode, you need to set up a deactivation key sequence (with the ability to add passwords or an email address). You can also block incoming calls, so your child doesn’t hang up on your boss.

Baby GO! options
options menu
Baby GO! activity list
List of free and premium activities

The main screen grants access to child activities. If you click on activities, you are given a list to browse through. Once you have downloaded some, another button named Quick Play is generated; allowing you to quickly load the last played activity. Each activity will indicate if it’s available on both versions of Baby Go, or just the premium one. Here’s what’s available so far:

On Both Baby GO! and Super Baby GO!

  • Letter Blocks (International English and US English)
  • Winter Holiday Fun
  • Number Blocks

On Super Baby GO! only

  • Fun Numbers
  • Alphabet Zoo
  • Phonetics

In activity mode, the majority of your keyboard brings the game to life. If I, I mean my son, was playing Alphabet Zoo, he could bring up animals on the screen with a press of a button. He can press G for giraffe, L for lion and so on. Random animals are generated by pressing the following keys; Space, Sym, Enter, Delete, “0”, Call Control buttons, Menu, Back, Mute/Standby and even the convenience keys. The alt and shift keys are left out for some reason and the volume keys still control the audio.

Baby GO! Alphabet Zoo
Alphabet Zoo

I can already see the BlackBerry addiction take hold, even at such a young age. I’m so proud! He can learn with us and take part of the Blundell BlackBerry world.


Baby Go and Super Baby GO are both great family applications. Some other baby apps play music or display dancing colours, where this one truly educates and entertains. If you are one to have a lot of applications on your BlackBerry, be careful how many activities you download, as some range between 300kb to 600kb each. Baby Go is free, where Super Baby Go is available for $5.99 in BlackBerry App World. English, Spanish and French are all supported.


  • Wonderfully designed activities
  • Clear audio
  • Will entertain again and again


  • Each activity has a file size nearly as big as the app itself.

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Review: Baby GO! for BlackBerry Smartphones


Got this app on my curve... It works wonders when we are stuck in traffic. My kids Love itm I give this app 10 out of 10

My daughter loves this program and its great for in the car. The only problem I have now is her chewing on my phone and drooling all over it. :)

Does this App cover you if your Child drops your phone out of the car window or dunks it in their cereal :) -Blackberrys not for kids ^^"

Great review, thanks!

One clarification: Downloaded activities can be big, but if like most people you have an SD card in your BB, the activities will be stored there by default to keep more space free for your apps.

Anthony Rizk
CTO - Zeebu Mobile

Funny how I just scroll to the bottom first to see what the dollar damage is first. I'll stick with DVR and on demand and books and toys. Next thing you know my kids will end up being more addicted to my BB then I am, and that is NOT good.

Ewww. I would never lettle a dirty little human child touch my BlackBerry! I'd rarher they play with a piece of crumpled up paper.

I had it on both my storm 1 and storm 2. It seemed to work better on the S1. I had some issues with my S2 that I thought were related to BabyGo (but were NOT) so right now it is not on my phone. But my kids love it, even my 6 year old will ask to "play" it.

I've used these Baby Go apps with my daughter when I just need to distract her for a few minutes in the store or in the car. Works wonders. Although I don't know if I'd say "hours" of entertainment - more like 15-20 min - but my daughter is 2 so maybe a little old to be distracted for too long.

Thank you for this thorough review, Ryan. My wife and I have talked about downloading (and purchasing) it but have yet to do so... Your review may have turned that decision-corner for us!

I let my 1 year old play with my Blackberry 9700.

He knows how to open up babby go and plays with the letters and numbers.

What's with all these people letting children play with BB devices? Would you just as soon let them "toy" with the Hubble controls?!

Yes, I agree with the others who've stated that they don't let their children use their Blackberry. I'm the same way. No way in the world do I let them touch it. For one, if I need to--I don't know--use the phone?--I don't want to have any problems with that, or with my missing incoming calls. For another, I like to teach respect of property & that kids don't have free range of other people's stuff.

It would be nice, for such situations, to have a cheaper "phone-less" Blackberry that you could buy on the cheap for such occasions as these--something for the children to mess with, but without hurting your own phone, and without them goofing up and (say) calling 911 because they run out of fruitie pops.

Maybe a Blackberry 8300/Curve on Craigslist for $40 or something along those lines? (if you can find that sort of deal). Or, maybe buy an old Palm Pilot & load games on that for them to use. But as for me lending any kid my main phone--not a chance. Play with your own stuff.

You people value your f*&^#n phones more than your children?!?!

I am not saying that this is then end all be all of a childs education or entertainment, but come on its a phone! We are talking about your children.

No wonder our children are growing up the way they are, parents valuing a phone over their kids. Why dont you just leave them home all day to their own vices while you all go to your important self serving jobs.

Almost makes me ashamed to say I own a blackberry and might get stereotyped with the likes of you all.

I have sacrificed a lot of the items/things that I like to do because I love my child! I have a $20000 motorcylce sitting at home that my wife and I used to ride every weekend I have ridden it maybe 5 times in the 16 months that my daughter has been alive. But that is what you do as parents, you make sacrifices.

Idiots! It is stated right in the review that you have to set it up, and enable a certain key sequence to get out of the game mode, plus you can block incoming calls.

Is there really a phone call more important to you people then your kids are. Wake up and welcome to parenthood

(Feeeeg) I wouldn't say those of us who don't want our children touching our Blackberry devices don't love our children, or that we love our children less than our smartphones. I'd say it's a reflection of our philosophy that children are to respect other people's property, including their parents, and that parents want to maintain some sense of order in their world.

As a PDA device as well as a phone, my Blackberry contains important information--the phone & account numbers regarding our Chevron automobile towing, social security numbers of the kids, phone & account numbers for paying the electric bill, etc. Call me "selfish" if you want, but I kind of like order being maintained to where when I need these things, and don't want to miss a phone call, I'm not up to the whims of a 3 year old rug-rat playing "Dora Goes for a Wee-Wee in the Park" on *my* smartphone.

While I understand that your phone may have lots of important and personal information in it that info should also be on your pc backed up. You can still maintain plenty of order while allowing your children to utilize what may be a fun and educational device.

I have all of my Media on my BB and every now and then I allow my 16 month old daughter to hold it while it is playing music. She understands that she cannot have it all the time, and only gets it when I want her to. That is maintaining order. The child is yours, and when you say no, they need to understand no.

When you had a child you gave up everything that you used to label as "yours". IMHO.

All I am saying is that it sounded as if people on here would rather have their children watched all day by a nanny, and have no contact with them then let them play with a phone.

(Feeeg) I respectfully disagree again, although not with ALL of it. It is true that your device should be backed-up to the PC, but *not* because a child is using the phone. It should be because of ACCIDENTS that could happen (losing it, dropping it in the lake etc), not from letting a child touch it.

The child can utilize some OTHER device that is fun & educational, it's not going to be my phone. In the same way, they sleep in their own bed--no "co-sleeping," not even when there are thunderstorms or they're sick. I may go in their room awhile & comfort them for a time, but they're not sleeping in the same room with me.

You are right about one thing--when you say no, they should know it & hop-skip right to it. No fussing allowed about it, either.

No, I did NOT give up everything that was labeled as "mine." Some things, sure, but not everything. They have their own toys to play with & have no business messing with my stuff. I have activities which I still do that have nothing to do with them, those activities involve belongings to an extent, & I don't want them touching them. They like to, for example, dig up dirt in the yard. Almost anywhere in the yard, that's allowed--but NOT on the area where I play basketball. That's my space, and it's off-limits. The rest of the yard is plenty big enough, I still need my own space. Violate that, and I'll ban any digging in the dirt throughout the ENTIRE yard.

In general, I don't want my children watched all day by a nanny, I want to spend time with them. On the other hand if I'm stuck at home the ENTIRE day and what I'd like to be doing is something that they can't (bicycling for 8 miles in the heat, for instance), then I may have someone watch them for AWHILE anyway so I can go do my own thing. When I return, we'll be a family again. No harm in any of that, I think.


Would be cool to support other languages (like Greek).

Great for when we're out and about. Yes, I let my kids (5 and 3) play games on my phone...and its how I teach them to take care of things.

And they don't get to play for long. It's a good way to pass some brief time keep them entertained for 5 or 10 minutes.

My only grip is the key combo to exit the app sometimes doesn't work on Storm2.

I have used this app many times, and after about 3 mins, it freezes up and I have to do a battery pull. The kids love it... for a few minutes.

Any future plans to fix this?

Thanks for all the great feedback.

We are currently working on the freezing issue. If you've encountered the freezing issue, please launch the application, click on Feedback and send us a note.

BabyGO! flashcards is coming this week. Check out a sneak peek at our upcoming application for kids:

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